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  • Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate

    Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate



    I am Irene Winter, during my past life as Lily winter I lost my parents and my one and only little brother...God being graciously granted me another chance to live with my family even though it's inside a novel called ' Who is the Villainess?' And even in this life, The Winter family is destined to doom but not anymore...This time fate has to lose against me Is what I thought but....what's with the sudden turn of events!!! "Bedisa" His Holiness granted me a middle name himself!!! "Do you really think the second prince is romantic....then how about me?" The crown prince said with a flirtatious smirk on his face. "Ha Don't you dare lay a finger on her!!" my brother who was supposed to be a weakling said in an aggressive tone. "So was I the Villainess?" the female lead aka Violet asked me in a cold voice unlike her kind personality "Don't you understand my feelings!" the second prince Alferd said as he kissed the back of my hand. "I just want it too much.." the villainess Rose asked me with teary eyes. This is so unlike the novel what the hell is happening???? "My Lady Do you really think the book had a happy ending?" His Holiness asked me leaving me speechless. Will I really be able to change my fate as well as their's or will we all be covered in bloodshed just like the original novel... Want to know more! Read about my story Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate It's my first-ever original novel so it might be lacking but still, I will keep trying so please keep supporting me! ● Updates everyday at 3pm (IST) So don't forget to keep this on your collection~*THE COVER IS NOT OWNED BY ME! ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST!"

  • Diego & Irene

    Diego & Irene



    Aku hanya seorang gadis malang. Hidupku itu sangat keras, dan semua itu dimulai saat aku diculik oleh penjahat. Mereka membawaku ke New York dan aku tiba-tiba terbangun dengan keadaan sudah berada di negara gemerlap itu, tepatnya disebuah klub. Ternyata aku dijadikan budak, seorang wanita pemuas nafsu, alias jalang. Mereka menjual tubuhku. Aku sangat menderita, terutama saat malam itu. Dimana seorang pria berhasil menjamah tubuhku dan mengambil keperawananku.

  • Irene Max

    Irene Max


    Irene Max, an ordinary girl who was oblivious to the fact that she was carrying the power of Exylus on her shoulders.Exylus a planet full of high technology and...magic. Lu Jinyu a guy from a different planet full of secrets which leads to bigger ones.Irene was just a normal girl till her whole world came crashing what if the people she knew were actually completely different people. And where she thought was home isn't actually home? Maybe she's in the villains den.Irene Max will she save the world or will she destroy it...“Hey should we get the ship going?"”Ha, any time now c'mon she's waiting and you know she is very impatient..."

  • Deceptive Irene

    Deceptive Irene

    At the age of 8, Loraine lost her parents to a car accident. She survived with her twin brother as they seek refuge in the forest after being chased by people who want them dead. They got separated from each other as they ran. Before being rescued by a stranger Loraine witnessed the supposed death of her brother. Years after, she comes back as Irene to pay back the family who destroyed her life and took everything away from her.

  • Irene O. Basilio Jr.

    Irene O. Basilio Jr.




  • Irene L'Excitation Holographique

    Irene L'Excitation Holographique


  • The Story of Lady Irene

    The Story of Lady Irene

  • I like you Irene.

    I like you Irene.

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    I just got home but why is this girl with me.Oh i just remembered this girl is my partner in my project.I think her name is? Isen? Ien? Irene.Yeah, Her name is Irene my partner in my project i don't know why our teacher partner me up with her.I mean i'm just a nobody i usually read books in the library so,WHY IS THE TOP OF OUR CLASS MY PARTNER?!?!?!Credits to the owner of the Picture.

  • I love you, irene

    I love you, irene

  • Irene's diary

    Irene's diary

    "I can't believe my brother betrayed me . He was my all, I looked up to him, I adored him, how could my brother do this to me." After their parents died, Irene's world came crashing down, barely a teenager she was left with her big brother Victor who had to struggle to feed the both of them. But one terrible mistake he made and her whole life fell apart.In a cold, wicked brutal world only one thing kept her afloat and that is writing in her diary

  • Irene's Hiraya

    Irene's Hiraya

  • PRIME IREN : Hilang

    PRIME IREN : Hilang


    Iren Scott, gadis 20 tahun itu jatuh dari helikopter sekolahnya di suatu pulau yang tak diketahui karena diserang oleh penduduk suku primitif.Karena tugas penelitian sekolahnya, Iren kehilangan kontak dari semua orang terdekatnya, termasuk Balen dan juga Orangtuanya.Dari lubuk hati Iren, dirinya bersyukur karena ia masih bisa bernafas diantara orang-orang suku yang terlihat tak bersahabat. Sampai dia bertemu Max, lelaki yang membuat hari-hari Iren menjadi lebih cerah, meskipun dia tidak menjamin hidup Iren bisa kembali seperti sedia kala.

  • Irene’s journey through magic

    Irene’s journey through magic

    Irene was the saint of battle she had cleansed evil from her world for many years she never expected that the warlord would be her final battle that lead to the end of her world. Please read the first chapter before deciding to pass over it I don’t know how much I will be updating but as long as a few people show interest I will be glad to continue.

  • The Way I Remember You

    The Way I Remember You

    Set in a Philippine high school in the early 2000s, the story is voiced by the introverted, socially awkward, and mystery-loving Irene Sebastian. The story starts on her first day in high school and looking back, she had no idea she would be meeting a girl who was going to change her world unexpectedly.Day by day, Irene was finding herself getting drawn to her classmate, Yana. Slowly, consumingly, where would these feelings take her?From solving mysteries to beating bad guys, from making friends to falling in love, Irene had no choice but to face her fears. She was discovering new things the only way she knew how. Especially now that a girl had captured her heart.

  • Dark desire: Getting his revenge

    Dark desire: Getting his revenge



    Denis, a businessman and lord of the hidden underworld army, faced the cruel reality of betrayal when both his friend and fiancée sought to deliver him into the hands of his enemies. Devising a plan to trap his so-called friend (Mark) thinking that he was merely selling information… exposing him to his adversaries , but little did he know… his very life would soon be in danger… they were hasting to commit coldblooded murder and by the time he found out, it was too late. Above all, he was truly crushed learning that his fiancée, Irene, had plotted against him with the rivals seeking his demise. So having survived the near death experience, Denis returns with a vengeance to dominate… to claim what rightfully belongs to him and retaliate with no mercy on those that wanted him dead. He thought it would be easy, but too many forces were involved, including those from an unknown magical realm… Would he be able to escape death once more? Or will this be his final straw*****I am not a native English speaker and may have errors in terms of grammar.The story is still in editing. You are much welcome to help with the editing Oooh before I forget, the book has Mature content. Read at your own decisionThank you for your supportThe cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner

  • Please, Love Me.

    Please, Love Me.


    Irene Dulcina Aphelion. The name that I had been given by the Aphelion family. I was the charity case that the Aphelion family took in. It would be wrong to call me their daughter. This is my third marriage, the other two having failed for reasons out of my control, all due to the Aphelion's heir's obsession with me. I am to be wed to Carlise Deluca Evander. A notorious sis-con who is known to love his sister more than himself. Oddly enough, for some odd reason, I feel as though I have seen this before. As if, this is a plot of some book that I know of. Either way, Carlise Deluca is strong enough to protect me from the Aphelion heir. To save me, I need to beg, "Please, Love Me!"





    Irene, a 20 -year -old college student got a scholarship to a very established college where rich people usually go. Raised by a poor but loving father and having to face her stepmother’s hatred, her life was never easy when she was also bullied in college. Until one day she met the young founder -AKA- one of the college’s board members. Victor, 28 years old man who is a very successful young entrepreneur, actually a famous young mafia leader in the underworld. He done a clean job in the eyes of the world to cover his dark side. One day when he visit one of the college that he invested he encounter Irene who get bullied in front of his eyes. Even people don’t know his dark side the gossip here and there just enough making people to avoid him. “She’s mine. No one except me should touch her.” He announce his prey with a smirk. Her beautiful face makes him fall in love at the first sight but the way he love, don't really understand by the girl at all. But, apart from his success he tries very hard to escape from the shadow of his father, the big mafia boss himself who is cruel and doesn’t even care to do all sorts of dirty things just to get success. One day, his father finally 'accepted' his request to be out from family registration and given him a final task (his mafia family tradition) by 'killing' someone that get in the way of his. Victor agreed without even blinking. He used to get his hands dirty after all. After carrying out his duties he finally realizes that the family he killed was Irene’s family. With a faltering hand, he now fell into a pit of remorse. Luckily Irene wasn't there then. He promises himself to take care of the girl from his own father. "Marry me!" Victor said. Irene just kept quiet. She watched the man standing in front of her with eyes still swollen from crying. "Don't you want to get revenge to everyone who made you suffer? I can make you strong and not looking pitiful like this anymore. But you have to marry me." Without much thought because Irene’s mind was already tied to the word ‘revenge’ she took Victor’s hand that night and now become the mafia’s wife. "I swear. Everyone who made me suffer will face the consequences. If I can't find you in this life, I will find you in my next life!" Irene would never be the same person again. And that's just the beginning ...

  • Infatuated with my Ex-wife

    Infatuated with my Ex-wife

    "Divorce settlement, sign it!"After five years of marriage, her husband ruthlessly threw her a divorce settlement, just because his lover, Celine, was pregnant with his child.Irene was tolerant in every way, but in the end, her husband drove her out of the house and she lost her baby either.So Irene began to regret. He didn't love her at all for the five-year marriage. "Well, Edward, I agree to divorce, and I will not contact you anymore."She left with the divorce settlement signed and ended this heartless marriage drama.However, this time, he refused to let go and chased Irene instead. "Mrs. Wilson, this time, it's my turn to chase you!"

  • Billionaire Daughter's Nanny

    Billionaire Daughter's Nanny

    Magical Realism ROMANCE COMEDY URBAN

    He's so different from the other guys she had spent the night with. He gave her more than her normal pay and the sex was just too good. Is it because he's so good looking? She never enjoyed having sex with different men and sometimes cry while they were at it but this is just different. Wait" She heard the man said. She stopped and turned to look at him. "Take this" He said stretching what seems like a business card to her. She walked to him but didn't take it. "You want me to be your personal sex partner? No!" Irene shook her head. "Don't think I'm doing this cause i enjoy doing it. It's just because i don't have a choice!" She added,tears building up in her eyes. She always hate the fact that she cries easily. "Hey! You should listen to what i have for you before jumping into conclusion" The man said calmly. "I don't want anything from you, i know you paid me more than you're supposed to but i..." Irene was saying but stopped when she heard the man's next word. "I need a nanny for my daughter and i want you to apply for it" He said leaving her in three seconds shock. A nanny? For his daughter? He has a child already? Wow! Who would want a sex worker as a nanny for his daughter? This sounds crazy! Find out in this intriguing story. Tighten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride with me.