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  • The builders of Italy

    The builders of Italy

    Rosalina Scott lost her brother shortly after she clocks 18. Having no other choice,she moves in with her bestfriend Alexa who secretly wants Rosa for her brother. Why can Alexa probably want that?.She is definetely hiding something.Two years later Rosalina has a pre degree in Architectural design.of course she was going to follow her brother footstep.She and Alexa moves to Spain for Alexa buisness and the oncoming Coronation that is going to take place.What will happen when she has a chance encounter with a stranger at the event and learning that he works for'The builders of Italy'. Ever heard of them? Well they happen to be the most leading brand.Name it.Rosa being the person she is follows after the guy and ended up landing an employment.There she meets Jacob a dashing god like colleague who claims to be from England but of course it is all a lie.Follow them on a rollercoaster of love or could it be that Rosa's feelings for him wasn't reciprocated. It cant be right?What happens when the people she trust the most betrays her?What if her brother murderer is closer than she expects?Who are really the builders of Italy? Was her brother actually an engineer or is everything just a misapprehension for her?Why does the Italian Mafia keep surfacing?I bet you will be shocked.

  • Prodigy of Italy

    Prodigy of Italy


    Money =Funny We Go Lambi

  • The tale of Italy Club

    The tale of Italy Club


    Italia terbagi dalam dua dunia yaitu dunia manusia dan dunia club.Dunia paralel dimana banyak orang disana memiliki kemampuan khusus yg disebut potensi kehidupan.Untuk bisa bertahan hidup seorang Club membutuhkan sumber tenaga untuk bisa mendapatkan kekuatan.Lazio dan teman-temannya merupakan anak-anak terpilih yg mendapatkan kekuatan tersebut untuk menjaga perdamaian liga dunia.seiring perjalanan waktu banyak orang jahat yg mulai menyalahgunakan kekuatan yg mereka miliki, alhasil banyak kekacauan terjadi dimana-mana dan menimbulkan kerusuhan di Italia.Berhasilkah Lazio dkk menyelamatkan Italia dari kehancuran...



    this novel is about Emirl who joined to Italy Mafia to avenge her grandfather but it took a turn she fell in love with the boss

  • My Supermodel Wife (For Sale!)

    My Supermodel Wife (For Sale!)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    My dream will come true! Soon I will be arriving in Italy and appearing at the Milan Fashion Show! My photos will be published in all fashion magazines around the world! In the end, all my sacrifices and hard work will not be in vain! But why my dream become a nightmare!? Daddy suddenly invited me to meet a young CEO who was really arrogant. He said, for the sake of my family's business, I will become his future wife of the young CEO! I don't want to marry him! I don't even know, and don’t love him, but now I have to sacrifice my dream to become his housewife!? What about my dream? Are my efforts and sacrifices in vain? What does the world's most arrogant CEO want? Does he think money can buy love?

  • Amara - Reunion

    Amara - Reunion



    A college senior goes on a vacation to Italy with her classmates and her world flips upside down when she dies and wakes up as an immortal. Seraphina can't go back to London where everyone thinks she is dead, yet her existence is not common among immortals either. She is the first of her kind and many would kill to find out how her adopted father managed to grant her eternal life. Join Seraphina in her journey of finding out who she became as she drifts between accepting her new fantastic reality and dealing with her past. --- This is Book 1 in the series "Amara" where you get to join Seraphina in her journey of accepting her immortality. FL is strong, smart and she does not depend on ML. Expect drama, mystery, and romance in a modern-fantasy setting. If you are under age 18 or sensitive to adult content, I suggest you skip this novel. --- Excerpt from the novel... I stepped on the threshold and the clamor quieted down in one quick wave that swept through the classroom as people stared at me and spoke in whispers. Those were my classmates, the ones that degraded me due to my poor background, but now things are different. I met their eyes with confidence and there I saw him, behind the last desk on the right, that is made for two. He was looking at his phone and ignoring two women who talked to him. The time replaced his boyish features with mature ones, and he became the handsome man who must be the cause of many wet dreams. The lack of noise got his attention. It took him a second to spot me, and the world faded at the moment our eyes met. The magic between us was the same as I remember, but stronger. Probably because we are not kids anymore. Now we are grownups and trying to label this feeling that engulfed me as anything other than attraction laced with lust, would be denying the obvious. Damn! I thought that by coming to this reunion I will be able to get over my infatuation that stems from my dreams. I was confident that I will realize he was never mine, to begin with. It was just a teenage crush that should have died with my mortal self. But as his endlessly blue eyes bore into mine, I was unable to resist the aching need to get closer. Oh, boy... I am in trouble. Aren't I? --- Connect with me. Facebook: Discord: Instagram: --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone - The Alpha's Bride - The Supreme Alpha (Book 2 in Amara series)

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    Jsjhzhshshhdhshhshsuiajhsjshiurfjhefmljf did and s all Italy Kanpur st

  • The Italian God

    The Italian God



    “I said,  go" I warn her. She scoffed and cursed in Russian under her breath. But made her way to the door. "It was nice meeting you" she addressed Maya who I think passed out. I walked to the pole and started untying her hands. I did it slowly so I wouldn't hurt her already bleeding fingers. She is going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow. I caught her before she fell and her face contracted in pain. My suit had blood on it as well, not that I cared. I carried her against my chest looking at her face. Her hair was a different kind of red. God I fucked up big time, she will definitely kill me. I walked with her in my arms out of the basement. "Oh god" I hear, I walked in to the living room. It was filled with Aria and some of her friends, also Enzo and Alessio, who was shaking his head at me when he saw Maya. "Who is she" I hear the girls whispering "Call the doctor" I tell them carrying her upstairs to my room. I sat at the corner of my room with a drink in my hand. With a clean fresh suit. I stared at her unmoving body on my bed, she looks so small on it. The doctor came and checked her body, she had bruised all over her body, a small concussion and her ribs were bruised. Veronica might have went over board this time. He cleaned her cuts and left a ton of medicine she has to take for the pain. He also attached a drip to her cause she was dehydrated. I cleaned her with wet towels and changed her filthy clothes. I was so thankful she didn't wake up, I didn't know how she would react to me seeing her naked. I noticed small cuts and scars on her upper thigh. She also had old ligature marks on her wrists. Something happened to her and I was going to find out what. I put her in one of my shirt and let her sleep. I had to chance into a new suit, my other one was covered in her blood. And I was meant to be at a party very soon. I had to make sure every gun and anything that can be used as a weapon was taking out of my room, I don't want her hurting anyone or me. And I know when she wakes up, she is going to want to kill me. I don't know what to do with her now and I couldn't let her go, she's seen too much. CIA agent Maya Reed is undercover in a mission In Italy, for the past 3 months. When her partner gets killed and all hell breaks loose. She gets kidnapped by the most power Mafia boss in Italy. She tries to escape still having faith that the Americans are looking for her. Not knowing they think she died. Lorenzo … Cold. Ruthless. Killer. I am respected and feared by all. I wasn’t put on this earth to love or be loved. I was put to be a killer, to be feared. When I find a strange girl in my club , killing two of my best costumers. I don’t let her live out of compassion. She’s a trinket, my plaything.

  • Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons

    Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons



    This novel is currently on pause. It doesn't mean that is finished or that it will never see another chapter. Since it need a hard editing rework, I will now focus on my New Novel "My Demon Pet System", participating in WSA 2K21. I sincerely hope you loyal readers will show your support by voting it and helping it climb the rankings. I aspire to edit BoAP soon, letting you know more about Dag's adventures. _________________SYNOPSIS_________________Millions of years in the future, the Sun collapsed, and the existence of the human race on Earth was about to end.Yet, the arrival of the Xis, an omnipotent alien race, saved the human from mass extinction and forced them to live under the surface of the airless, dying planet.Their act wasn't selfless though. The Xis forced the human race to atone for their sins against the Earth by sending them on a journey to explore their ancient bloodlines.They created an artificial solar system with a planet for each of the ancient pantheons, and divided the remains of the human race according to their ancestors.Dag, an earthling kid, is about to undergo the test of his bloodline through an alien machine called "Temporum".The Temporum would send him to the Viking planet, where he will discover an eerie connection with the ancient Gods and learn to wield part of their power. However, he will soon find out that his bloodline hides far more than that...6 pantheons 6 destination planets A multitude of Gods and supernatural powers.One destiny to fulfill.P.S. This is my first novel. Comments and feedbacks are very welcome. I'm from Italy, so I'm constantly improving my writing skills.Good reading!----------------------------------------Weekly Milestone Goals: 800 Power Stones --> +1 Bonus Chapter 1K Power Stones --> +2 Bonus Chapters 2K Power Stones --> +3 Bonus Chapters ----------------------------------------Support me on ko-fi: Join my Discord: @immanioripse_authorFacebook: @immanioripseCover credits: Cosmas

  • Istri Supermodel (For Sale!)

    Istri Supermodel (For Sale!)

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE


    Impianku sebentar lagi jadi kenyataan! Tidak lama lagi aku akan tiba di Itali dan tampil di Milan Fashion Show! Foto-fotoku akan dimuat di semua majalah fashion di seluruh dunia!Akhirnya, semua pengorbanan dan kerja kerasku nggak bakal sia-sia!Tapi kenapa impianku justru jadi mimpi buruk!? Ayah tiba-tiba mengajakku untuk bertemu seorang CEO muda yang sombong bukan main. Katanya, untuk kelancaran usaha keluargaku, aku mulai sekarang jadi calon istri CEO itu!Aku tidak mau menikahinya! Kenal saja tidak, apalagi sampai cinta, tapi sekarang aku harus mengorbankan impianku demi jadi ibu rumah tangga!?Bagaimana dengan impianku? Apa usaha dan pengorbananku sia-sia? Apa maunya CEO paling sombong sedunia ini? Apa dia pikir uang bisa membeli cintaku?******************************************Halo pembaca baik hati, terimakasih sudah membaca Istri Supermodel (For Sale!)Untuk tetap update Istri Supermodel dan cerita-ceritaku yang lain, bisa follow facebook dan instagramku ya! FB: @renatawordsmithTerimakasih pembaca baik hati, Happy reading ^^

  • Candy Of A Mafia Leader

    Candy Of A Mafia Leader



    James Harristian, aka James Belgenza, is the mafia leader of Daga Nero, a splinter group of the oldest famous mafia families in Naples. Despite of his powerful ruler of the town who controlled the underground weapon industry in Europe, James was also an owner of a successful high-tech motor company in the world. One day, James was deceived in a scam dinner had by his mistress. It was strived to kill him, but somehow, he escaped. Being trapped in gunshots with his enemy, a flower girl saves James' life from his shameful miserable dying. Delilah is a flower girl who runs a small flower shop in an alley in Naples, Italy. She thought innocently by helping James to get to the hospital without wondering who James Belgenza was. When James has another chance to breathe, he does not feel grateful to his savior unless to kidnaps her. Unfortunately, Delilah turns out to be a guaranty of her father's debt, which fleeced off unable to pay. Therefore, James intentionally kept Delilah in his mansion and added more debts to confine her forever. What will happen when the debt is only a plot to kill James and Delilah is a pawn? Meanwhile, James falls for Delilah, who tried hard to pay her unpaid debt. Read it to find how Delilah wants to leave James, but he traps her into love. *** "W-What do you want?" Delilah asked as she was caged in the wall by James. "I want to see the girl who saved me. Do you know who I am?" James sharply gazed up at Delilah's blue eyes. Delilah innocently shook her head to him. "From now on, call me, Mr. J." WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • You're Just One Kiss

    You're Just One Kiss



    YOU'RE JUST ONE KISS (The Protector 1) Angeline accepted the invitation of her friend Odette to attend the masquerade party before returning to Italy. It all started with a glass of margarita, and she woke up naked next to the man in one of the yacht's cabins. But that one night paid off. She is pregnant. Despite her condition, Jacob, the brother of her former best friend and the only grandson of her grandmother's wealthy best friend, chose to marry her but explicitly said in name only. Each searing kiss with her husband revives the intimate moments she had with the man who fathered her twin boys. She belongs to the vampire lineage but married a shapeshifter wolf, the enemy of her kind. Will she accept Mallory's love when she discovers that Jacob belongs to the heritage of the wolf? With the turmoil brewing around the Vampire race, will she join the powerful group of handsome Mallory, the oldest vampires against the Vampire Council headed by Andre’s group that raised her fraternal twin, Ethan? READERS, follow me through with the female powerful vampire witch protagonist whose weakness is only one, her beloved, against vampires, witches, and wolves! And HIS weakness? Her, kissing him.



    Contemporary Romance ACTION MYSTERY SCARY KILLER


    Beautiful Italy, the perfect place for a honeymoon... right? Destiny joins the tour group held by Bianca. But she isnt the only one. With serial killer Kore hidden amongst them, and finally a dead body, how will Destiny and Bianca escape. Detective Chiara Caruso, Constantine and Journalist Antonio, are hot on the trail....or are they? Is she Kore? Who's real and who is the imposter...? How do you run from someone you can't see?

  • I Became The Mafia Lord's Assistant

    I Became The Mafia Lord's Assistant


    Does LOVE really has the power to change a person's perspective? Love is the most wonderful thing in this world, love can give you so much life, love can make people sad and happy, can give you strength and courage. But love can also make you gone mad and crazy, it will destroy you, it will ruin everything about you, sometimes, it will kill you inside. Our hearts, even if it is broken from a million pieces, it would still beat the same again, it would still be able to love again, whole-heartedly. But to Rayzel Faith Fuentes, LOVE is a mess! Boys are a living stupids. They will do anything to get your attention, they will do anything to make you fall in love and when you do, they will suddenly leave you behind after getting what they want. She hated every man in this planet ever since her dad left their family for another woman and hated them most when the first guy he fell in love with whom she risk her heart eventually left her without a single word. She cursed every man and didn't want to be involve in any form of relationship towards them anymore. She kept her heart guarded and not let anyone enter even a single beat of it. A tragedy once again happened to her family, her sister from different mother was killed right before her eyes, by a man that they don't recognize and only the tattoo on his neck is her only lead. She is aiming for a revenge! But her heart suddenly skipped the moment she saw a very familiar face, at the night of their Class Reunion. It's been 10 years since she last saw this face that once became her world. But her life was upended when she was kidnapped by a Mafia that are enemies of him and discovered later on that he is a Mafia Lord, the strongest and wealthiest of all Mafias back in Italy. He was no longer the man who she once knew. Every Mafia members were after to something, The heart of Cleopatra. It was broken into pieces and was scattered all over the world...Some of the pieces was now in the hand of other Mafias and wealthy people around the world and most of its part were hidden by Scott Alfonzo's ancestors. Which was left to him by his father and was hidden somewhere that only him knew. He is the Mafia Lord and she became his assistant with a heart as hard as stone. Little did he know, she is good with knives and blades...she can dance with it perfectly, she is and excellent sword woman. She is a woman but is strong enough to assist him with his Mafia works. She can fight as much as he does, she is smart as much as he does but she doesn't love him as much as he does... or is she? Will they create a second chance upon knowing that they both changed into someone they never expected them to be? Will she keep her chained heart guarded after their sudden encounter? [WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS!! OPEN-MINDEDNESS IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED.]

  • The Mafia king

    The Mafia king

    Daniele, Gianni, Armani, Santino Robustelli are the sons of Valerio Robustelli A well known business man in Italy with many contacts Gianni is set to take over his fathers business with his at enty o the only catch is he has to find a wife. He has just the girl in mind Alora Benson who he met almost eight years ago when they moved to the U.K. they were good friends well a lot more than good friends she was his first love but due to family circumstances his family had to leave and move back to Italy. Now he’s back in the U.K to find her and take her back to Italy with him for their wedding. He has no idea of his Italian life of what his family were they were ordinary people to her, will she realise that he is intact the Mafia king and their marriage will seal a lot of business deals within the Mafia circle.

  • Overcoming the Odds

    Overcoming the Odds

    Paulo Romani a young boy from small town of Italy who is ambitious and passionate about football. He decides to achieve his dream of becoming a professional football player and follow the footsteps of childhood hero Diego Sanchez who was the star player of Parma CF and lead them to win their 11th Italian league "Lega d'italia".Paulo wants achieve his goal but he has overcome many odds in his journey to become the next footballing legend like Diego Sanchez.

  • Love and Deceit

    Love and Deceit



    What are the odds that a young man at the mercy of peasantry living for survival, would come to be the most affluent Hotel owner in one of the biggest cities in Italy? ____________________________________Meet Santo Martini: A poor young man from Sarco Paraceno who finds himself in Palermo. His initial plans of getting a regular job at a restaurant get thwarted the moment he accidentally witnesses the death of the famous owner of the grandest hotel in Palermo —'Hotel Magnífico'. He makes a pact with death and in return, gets all the luxury and fame he always dreamed of. But with a mission to complete and a faceless mafia lord on his track, will he be able to cheat death for so long? Stay tuned with me as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the ominous death of the actual owner of the Magnífico. While, we observe Santo journey through the routes of deep-rooted secrets, brutality, life threats, guilt, love, and deceit, to attain the zenith of mouth-watery luxury and stability. Cover art not mine. [Temp. cover]

  • Gabriella's Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

    Gabriella's Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance


    They said life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. I think that’s bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I love fairy tales. I’m a bibliophile. In fact, I read about a hundred books a year. And in my life? I don’t marry my prince charming. I have to marry the big bad wolf. I’m not Cinderella. I don’t have evil sisters or a broken family. Actually, I grew up privileged in a home in New York and travel a few times a year—mostly to Italy, and other times to different countries. I get what I want—most of the time, anyway. But that’s just how it is when you’re the daughter of New York’s Italian crime boss: Don Alessandro De Luca. Sounds like I'm a modern-day princess, don't I? But the truth is, in our world, I’m not free to do a lot of things. And the men in my life shield me from the family business. I get it. I can understand why that is. Restrictions keep me and my family safe. But it gets frustrating how they don’t think I can handle it. And now, I’m shackled to something I don’t have control over—unless I want my family endangered. I have to marry the grandson of the Morelli Family—our rival family who had been after my father’s seat for years. I would rather die than end up with the enemy. But everything changed in the blink of an eye. My prince charming died because of them. Now, I can’t escape it. Now, the only choice I have left is to marry the villain to save my family. So how can my life be a fairy tale when I’m living in a nightmare? **Gabriella's Hellfire is Book 2 of The De Luca Mafia Series** _______________ This is my first published work that is written in first person P.O.V. Don't forget to follow all my socials for exclusive content, private insights on the characters, and other fun stuff that won't be posted in Webnovel. go to: _______________ Other works: •Serendipity - A Chance Encounter (Complete-Ongoing revision) •Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress •Gael's Naughty Angela: A Mafia Prince Romance (Book 1 of The De Luca Mafia Series) _______________ *Licensed cover _______________

  • Fire & Vice: Burning Beauty

    Fire & Vice: Burning Beauty

    Hi, my name is Nikita Slater and I'm the International Bestselling author of The Queens series, Fire & Vice series, The Sanctuary series, Driven Hearts series and several standalone novels. I've loved the written word my entire life and am an avid reader, as well as a writer. I live, eat and breathe books and I'm always working on something new! ​ I live on the beautiful Canadian prairies with my son and crazy awesome dog. I have an unholy affinity for books (especially dark romance), wine, pets and anything chocolate. Despite some of the darker themes in my books (which are pure fun and fantasy), I am a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non-gender specific persons. When I'm not writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, I love to help others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work. Loving the man is easy, loving the mob boss is the most terrifying thing Maria has ever done. Five years ago, Maria was happy until the unexpected and violent death of her fiancé shattered her world. Now she’s on the run and afraid for her life. Just as she starts to believe she’s safe, she meets Niccolo DeLuca and finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail. Through a legacy of brutality and blood, Nic carved a place for himself among the fiercest mobsters in Italy. Now, in America, unhindered by the old Sicilian code, his unique brand of terror makes him the brutal king of his criminal underworld. His enemies make a very big mistake when they decide to use the beautiful Latina against him. Nic will take the woman and wreak bloody vengeance on everything in his path.