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  • Jack


    A young man accused of a crime he did not commit has to start his life all over again. Upon his release, he starts experiencing weird dreams and visions of the world he lives in ending in a sea of flames. Is this real? Or is this just the effects of being homeless and ultimately lost?

  • Jack of Arts

    Jack of Arts



    A/N : Alt Title - Jack of Entertainment Title : Jack of ArtsSynopsis:Tayaw is a talented musician who never got to fulfill his potential. After losing his purpose in an unfulfilled life full of regrets; he is given the chance to go back in time and do everything over again.Along with a mysterious gift and an unclear mission, Tayaw starts a new life, this time making his mark to the world."Tayaw is a once in a hundred years musical artist! I just wish he was born in my generation"- Buddy Rich, two-time Gramophone Award winner"I admit he's a good musician, but he's an author first and foremost. He is changing the world of literature for the better."- Helena Paddington, Outcault Prize for Fiction winner, Sohlman Prize for Literature winner."Despite being a musician and an author, he is to me, the greatest blessing to the film industry. This is his era."- Heo Dong-jun, two-time Academy Award winner for Best Director and three-time nominee."I don't like him. Why does he use actors who didn't train and grind on the stage? He says he doesn't like my acting? What the hell does the kid know about acting? I've won awards for f*cks sake!"- Merrell Street, five-time Academy Award winner for Best Actor, three-time Toby Award winner for Best Actor.---------------A ground work for a novel idea in the future.---------------English is not my first language so excuse my limited vocabulary and bad grammar. thanks

  • the Jack

    the Jack

  • Erratic Jack

    Erratic Jack

    In the twenty-first century, the world changed forever. A massive, alien ship materialized in Earth's outer orbit, releasing two waves of energy throughout the solar system. These were the Shifts. Living things everywhere mutated, transforming into monsters of legend or gained magical, body-altering effects. Dragons, unicorns, vampires, werewolves, and countless other fantasy creatures from popular fiction were formed from once ordinary life. At the same time, those humans who didn't mutate gained magic which didn't change their bodies but instead allowed them to change the world around them. Now, over a decade later the self-named Kaiser Burns makes a living as a mercenary Jack, committing almost any deed for the right price. Rather than try to describe this story with any specific genre, I'll simply state that it combines many genres like fantasy, sci-fi, and whatnot. This is on hiatus right now, I may eventually return to work on it but it won't be anytime soon.

  • Jack Dagger

    Jack Dagger

    Jack is a man who is a mystery to many including himself. Unknown of origin and punished for crimes he doesn’t remember. He enlists in a special operations unit that deals with the paranormal.

  • White Jack

    White Jack



    In the year 2063, the entire world has made great progress in science and has discovered new habitable planets for mankind. During this era of science, an urban legend by the name of White Jack is famous among the youth. Little did they know that this urban legend may lead to the eradication of the humankind.

  • Mystery of Jack

    Mystery of Jack


    Magic, supernatural beings, and animals lurking in the shadows. Everything, including celestial creatures and horrors, is a mystery. shadows that beguile your very nature and push your worries to the surface. Divination, spells, and artifacts that were sung and utilized left an indelible mark on the human mind. This mystery has wandered into this world, yet only a few are aware of its existence. Everything remains untold, or perhaps it is preferable to keep the truth secret and continue to live in the lies that the great entities from whom we seek rescue provide a sense of control over reality. Humans are supposed to be afraid of the unknown, but when knowing is terrifying, ignorance is bliss. This is a fascinating piece of fiction, I'll take you on a voyage into the depths of your imagination, telling you of the mysteries of faith. Characters, places, and things mentioned in the novel are all made up.

  • Jack (Incompleta)

    Jack (Incompleta)


    Ésta novela se encuentra disponible también en wattpad hasta el capítulo 44.Jack tendrá que pasar por muchos obstáculos. Demasiados. En el camino de la vida, se encontrará sorpresas, armará rompecabezas que pueden hacer de su vida la peor o la mejor. Aunque llega un momento en que el destino decide por él, lo que será su cada día.

  • jack the necromancer

    jack the necromancer

  • jack of all

    jack of all

    a story to see a young boy grow up and master everything lets leave the rest a suprise

  • lili and Jack

    lili and Jack

  • Black jack

    Black jack

    This is the story about our main protagonist the Grim Reaper otherwise known as Black Jack who is a mass murderer. We will get to know Black Jack a further date into the novel, we will know his personality and thoughts and actions throughout the year

  • Love Jack

    Love Jack

  • Peter jack

    Peter jack

  • JACK the KING

    JACK the KING


    HUH WHAT! are you f.... kidding me I'm born poor?! for that stupid god of luck to make me this way I will sue you to the court of gods when i meet you! oh well this is also a good start, FROM RAGS TO RICHES!!! opening god panel -Jack Kinsmith race: human age-1 lvl-0 attack/strength-0.4 speed-0.5 defense-0.6 inteligence-870 hp-5 mana-### tittle: traveler affinity: null100% resistance: basic heat- 100% innate ability: ->[rank2] learner 2%- effect: faster learning additional effect: mana and intelligence acquisition -upgraded from rank 1memorized- [upgrade requirement not met] ->[rank5] adaptation -cell evolution effect: 70%debuff effectivity for the first time and immunity for the second time. {level 5 spells bellow} -upgraded from rank 3 adept- [upgrade possible] -the cover photo is not mine -->using it for now cuz i cant upload the one i have at home contact me in discord :D => https://discord.gg/AVDwmmC

  • jack storeys

    jack storeys

  • Jack Dahnan

    Jack Dahnan

  • Unknown Jack

    Unknown Jack

  • Jack Stone

    Jack Stone

  • Jack the Slayer

    Jack the Slayer


    I'd never thought my twin, Lilian, would have done this.But she did-and doesn't seem to realise the danger she'd just gotten herself into. In fact, I think she's obsessed. On this guy called Jack. What in the WORLD is Kate supposed to do when her twin Lilian is smitten with a guy who looks devastatingly like Prince Charming, but is as lethal as Jack the Ripper??? Kate's answer: Protect Lilian by pretending to be her. But is that even going to work? Read on to find out!You can also read this on my Wattpad account, the same title and username.All rights reserved