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  • Family Secrets

    Family Secrets


    A Student athlete by day, a trained assassin at night. Witness Vaughn as she embarks on a dangerous yet thrilling journey of being a skilled assassin, and the daughter of one of the skilled man behind all the crimes around their city. What secrets are still waiting to be unveiled?

  • life of jae

    life of jae

    being the leader of the companyit's great I mean it's the opportunity to to have that, by the grace of God.so, I would like my leaders to us youth. thank you for the opportunity.

  • She Called Me "Om Jae"

    She Called Me "Om Jae"

    warning 21+ (Mohon bijak dalam membaca)Namaku Bara Atmaja, 45 tahun.Kehidupanku sempurna, punya istri setia, anak yang pintar, pun kekayaan yang membuat iri banyak orang.Dikelilingi banyak wanita cantik, dunia gemerlap dan mereguk cinta semalam adalah hal biasa bagiku. Mereka menyebutnya kenikmatan semu.Hingga suatu hari, semua berubah tanpa terduga.Saat aku bertemu dengan istri dari sahabat lamaku. Mereka datang tiba-tiba, menjadi bagian dari kehidupanku yang penuh warna.Dia hanya perempuan biasa, bahkan terlalu biasa jika dibandingkan dengan sekumpulan bunga di sekelilingku. Tapi entah kenapa, hati ini selalu bergetar saat melihat senyum dari perempuan yang kelopak matanya kerap basah itu. Ada sesuatu yang tak pernah kurasakan sebelumnya.Dia memanggilku, "Om Jae"

  • Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee

    Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee



    Moon Young Jae’s homophobic family considered him a disgrace and held his freedom in their clutch. Even with being obedient, he was not free from their abuse. Young Jae was almost blinded and crippled by his father when he stood up for himself for the first time. Left to bleed and die, luckily, he did have a family who wanted to save him. It was twin cousins, who were disowned long before him, who saved him. Sad and hopeless, Young Jae became curious when he met his cousins’ friend, who understood him better than anyone, even without words. Curiosity got the best of him, and he ended by handing his heart, love and soul over a plater as a price. Slowly, Young Jae fell in love with everything about and around Min Jun and eventually fell for the man. Calculative Wang Min Jun entered Young Jae’s life accidentally. He challenged Young Jae's belief with a warm smile and flipped Young Jae’s world upside down. Min Jun read Young Jae like an open book. He planned to get over the little crush he had on his seniors' cousin brother but failed miserably. Min Jun did not like the often-visited ‘frown’ between those beautiful eyebrows and even the always singing of ‘sigh’ through those sinful lips. Min Jun made it his mission to change it only to fall for everything about Young Jae. Wang Min Jun carried his share of baggage, but he was well-prepared to meet the demons from the past head-on. But Young Jae became a mess whenever his past demons decided to pay a visit. He realised he did not have to face anything alone as he has a wonderful boyfriend who cherishes everything about him. Both faced their past demons and trauma together. When a person betrayed by a family fell in love with a person who holds his family above everything, sparks flew, and hearts soared in happiness. Will their story has a harmonious bell, or would it be a sea of misery? Teaser: Files were shattered all over Min Jun’s bed, and his laptop was placed on the bedside table. It chimed once in a while, indicating a new email for him to check. The work was piling more and more as he was diligently finishing it. Young Jae walked into his boyfriend’s bedroom to witness his handsome lover working hard. "Jun Jun! Are you busy?" Even though Young Jae did not want to disturb his lover, he knew he needed some help to impress his boss. "Never for you, love. Tell you what you need?" Min Jun did not lift his head from the file he was going through, but the warmth in his voice reached Young Jae's heart without fail. "Do you have a minute to help me in reviewing my monthly internship report? I have to present to our boss tomorrow morning." Young Jae pouted as he asked. Min Ju looked at his adorable tokki and smiled mischievously. "You are brave, asking your superior to help you sneakily. I can't do it for free. I need a huge bribe to help you. What are you planning to offer?" "Be serious. You have too much work to do." Young Jae chided his shameless boyfriend, who never failed to seize every opportunity to make him moan and groan as he takes him to the pleasurable heaven. "Exactly. I have too much work to do. If I am taking my time to help you, I need something in return. Something so tempting that I don’t mind cramping lots of things later." Min Jun smiled like a devil he was as he grabbed Young Jae towards him. The little rabbit who fell into the cunning wolf's lap did not even get a chance to protest as he was devoured breathlessly. Young Jae forgot why he entered the wolf's lair altogether. Min Jun pushed the files away to make space for his little rabbit to lay down comfortably. Young Jae’s report was long forgotten as a treacherous hand started to caress him again under the shirt as a sinful sound filled the room. P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH BDSM. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord: https://discord.gg/jSQxjwPV5s

  • The story of Kim hua-jae

    The story of Kim hua-jae

    About a girl whose life is upside down with no one to turn to at school she's known as the weird girl until one her life takes a turn for the better

  • My Professor: I am his naughty slave

    My Professor: I am his naughty slave



    {Mature Content} "You look hot as always, sir." Yoo Na says flashing the other a sweet but teasing smile, she has been trying to gain his attention, all that was ever needed for her. Yoo Na, a sweet and lovely girl who went through bully and abuse ending up as a weak fragile girl, she has been trying to mend her broken and miserable life. She had lived her life twice before she ended up with suicide, she chooses to give up because she had no will to live. But that was not what was planned for her, she came back once, twice just to end up the same but now in her third chance, she is gifted with a huge surge of confidence and courage to win over her love and to become happy. "Just shut up!" Shin Jae whisper-yells being aware of the surrounding he was -in the school premises. Shin Jae was a guy who was about 6 years older than her and her professor. By nature, he had grown up being confined within with only his false demeanor erupting off. He was the teacher everyone feared, who would approach and piss off a cold rude person. "I will never!" Yoo Na says giggling to herself as she walks away to her class. Yoo Na was among the person to hate him for what he was on the surface but in her past two life, this very cold bastard she thought became her savior and her knight in white armor. And hence, he was her first love. He was her unrequited love, why? Because he had someone else in his broken heart which she was trying hard to win. "Remember who owns you." Shin Jae says through his muffled voice as he runs to her grabbing her arms and pulling her towards the corner which probably would get them into shadows, away from the sight of people. "You." She says happily but her smiles fade away when he says, "And put this in your mind, you are nothing but a slave to me." He walks away leaving that bitter smile on her face, she was used to hearing those words. "I know... but I am making you mine. My everything." Join me on the rollercoaster of these two characters who had been fighting with their life to go on, to be happy, to be loved. I promise fun and fun along the way but I need your help with that. Please read the story and be my companion through, I would love to hear from you all, and please do drop your views. If you want to talk to me then join me in discord, my account is Asin1961# Instagram: Author_asin13 I hope you would love to follow me for updates! The cover is from interest and I edited it with the help of my friends. Credits to the one who deserves. :) As this book is participating in WSA 2021, guys I would appreciate it if you all would support me, please!

  • CEO Idol Unrestrained: Kim Hyun Jae

    CEO Idol Unrestrained: Kim Hyun Jae

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY TEEN

    Sarcastic, revengeful and frank — the three words that describe CEO of Black Hole Ent., Kim Hyun Jae the best.Once, there was a rumor spread around regarding him being gay. The media turned at him and the netizens visited his house everyday with rotten eggs and tomatoes in hand.How did he retaliate? No, he didn't scheme and plot a nice face-slapping plan — he was... too stupid for that, according to his personal assistant. Instead, he wore three layers of raincoats and brough out with him as many buckets of rotten eggs and tomatoes he could carry."Want to bombard me with rotten eggs and tomatoes? Hmph! I'll do the same to you then!"When the netizens shamelessly reported this to the police, he took out a hidden camera that recorded the netizens' endless days of bashing and asked, "If they can do it, so can I. You think I am easy to bully? Try again! Don't wait till I make you go bankrupt and then buy all your puppies so that you have at least a few hundred bucks enough to live!"* DISCLAIMER: The book cover used DOES NOT belong to me. I will keep in mind to change it once I have my own cover prepared.

  • I Love U Uncle Jae

    I Love U Uncle Jae

    Fantasi dari timur ROMANCE

    Renjun jatuh cinta pada seorang pria berumur 32 tahun yang sudah memiliki istri juga dua orang anak berumur 17.Dan ini adalah first love renjun :')miris sekali

  • innocence ♡ 2jae / 2young

    innocence ♡ 2jae / 2young

    Realistic Fiction R18 BL KPOP

    his innocence gave me a lot of things. lust. love. and guilt.{poorly edited}

  • High in pursuit: Another Story

    High in pursuit: Another Story


    This is High in Pursuit: Another StoryKang Jae Woon is the youngest prosecutor in his department. With his handsome appearance, outstanding achievement, and powerful family background, he is being admired and envied at the same time by many people.One day, his best friend, Han Ryan is murdered by a serial killer and Jae Woon felt his world is crumbling down. Due to his excessive sadness, Jae Woon drowns himself in alcohol at his house, alone. He drunk and snacking food until his body suddenly convulsed in an allergic reaction."Shit! Who the fuck put almonds in my snack?! I clearly remind the salesgirl to not put any almond in my baggage! Damn it! Where is my medicine?!"As he groping around in agony, searching for his precious medicine, Jae Woon felt his body plopped on the bed as his consciousness faded and darkness is embracing his body.How miserable. To think I would die because of a stupid almond...Ryan will be laughing when he heard this.------"Wake up, you pig!" A harsh voice is jolted him away from his sleeping state. At the same time, his body is being drenched by a bucket of smelly water. "Since you're a pig, you didn't mind to bathe in poop, right?"Mocking waves of laughter are resounding in the dark, small room. Three boys and one girl are looking down at him with disgusted expressions plastered on their faces. One of the boys is holding an empty bucket."Eww...so disgusting!" The cute girl said in an arrogant tone. "Fatty, it's time to do your chores! Wake up or I will ask my mother to whip your body again!"Jae Woon is dumbfounded.Wha...? Where is he? No, no, no. Where is this? Who are these pompous brats?! How dare they throw...Jae Woon suddenly felt that something is wrong with his body. He had difficulty moving around and he felt extremely sluggish.What the fuck is this?!Since when his slender and sturdy body changed into a piggy in just one night?!This is a work of fiction.Just so you know, the cover photo is not mine.



  • Fulfilling Life of an Urban Time Manipulator

    Fulfilling Life of an Urban Time Manipulator



    " The most beautiful and best player is his lover"" The most beautiful and famous streamer is his lover"" The most beautiful and top of the list killer is his lover"" The most beautiful and successful businesswoman is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy cosplayer is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy milf is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy gilf is his lover" ......... ......... .......... " And who is he"" The only man worthy of all of them""What the f..."••••••••••The fulfilling life of a man having a little bit of time flow changing power. 2-4 chapters/week.If you have any ideas for the future then write them in the comments/review section. I'll consider them seriously. The world is a parallel world almost identical to earth. But here the legal age for conscientious sex is 14+. Words from a great man, " You bookmarked this?? Ah! I see, you're a man of culture as well"* Kiss and Groping only.** Snake and Kitty involved, no insertion.*** Full Thrust.English is readable, some grammatical mistakes can be pointed out so be sure to tell me if there's any. 《《IMPORTANT - Wallpaper is from His women's University Manhwa so if the writer ( Jae Hwan Baek ) want me to take down the wallpaper then please comment and I'll remove it ASAP. Please don't report.》》

  • Rujaeta



    Rujaeta alias Jaeta atau Jae penyanyi muda berbakat dengan wajah begitu tampan yang membuatnya mudah mendapat popularitas dan digilai banyak orang. Debut dari sebuah perusahaan musik besar dengan image bak pangeran tampan milik publik, tentu memiliki resiko harus mematuhi berbagai peraturan demi mempertahankan ketenarannya di dunia entertainment yang keras, terutama dalam hal asmara.Jaeta yang merasa passion nya memang dalam hal musik santai saja menghadapi berbagai konsekuensi ini, namun semuanya terasa berbeda saat ia mulai mengenal seorang desainer muda, Anala Dara Mahaprana. Lahir menjadi anak bungsu kesayangan di keluarga membuat mereka sama-sama memiliki karakter keras kepala. Bagaimana kisah Jaeta dan Anala menghadapi segala permasalahan tak terduga yang menimpa mereka setelah mereka menyadari perasaan satu sama lain?

  • L̶o̶v̶e̶ Save Me Detective (BOYLOVE)

    L̶o̶v̶e̶ Save Me Detective (BOYLOVE)



    23 year old Jae Ji Sung is an unassuming café server in the city of Busan. One typical Thursday afternoon, Jae obliviously has an encounter with the most wanted man in South Korea, Jubal Kim Seon. When Jae rejects Jubal’s lustful advancements, Jubal takes action by killing Jae’s dear friend and framing him for the murder in attempt to coerce Jae to his side. As news breaks out of Jae’s supposed heinous crime, Jae’s family and friends unflinchingly turn against him. With no one left to vouch for his innocence, Jae considers seeking out Jubal in order to avoid a life sentence.However, after running into chief detective Yejun Cha Min, Jae has faith that his dreadful fate can be avoided. **I do NOT own the artwork on the book cover. The credit of the beautiful art goes to the artist. Message me if you want the image removed!**{ Uploads 3 Days a Week }Instagram: belovedwriter_TikTok: beloved_writerTwitter: _belovedwriter_

  • Becoming A K-pop Idol

    Becoming A K-pop Idol



    Kim Min-jae always dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol. He tried everything: taking acting and dance classes, becoming better at singing and rapping etc.He had been a trainee, but got eliminated in one of the yearly evalutions.Why?He wasn't good at anything a k-pop idol should be good at. The only reason why he became a trainee is because he never gave up on his training.One night, he looked up to the stars."Give me a chance to fulfill all my dreams"

  • My Little Chinese Lover

    My Little Chinese Lover


    Wang Chen a 15yr old child star in China was called down to Korea for an Idol Trainee Audition by an all time famous Idol Entertainment Company. He was immediately accepted and put into their new upcoming debut group. Chen then encounters 17 new trainees who were gonna be his teammates in the future, finds them very chaotic but still great people, already falling for their charms. One of the trainees captures his attention the most named Lee Jihun, the youngest being just 14yrs old and resembled a hamster according to Chen. On confrontation they had apparently met before in China when they were just 10-11yrs old. Who would have thought these lost friends would meet in such a way!!They grew closer to becoming best friends, then having crushes on each other, by practicing together for becoming Idols. They had their misunderstandings but having feelings for Chen, Jihun confessed first not wanting to lose his one and only best friend with whom he fell in love with, right after their groups debut!! Thus, they started dating with the support of their other 16 teammates. They were divided into 3 sub units NEO 35, NEO U and NEO FREE under the group NEO. Chen and Jihun were placed together in NEO FREE along with Mark, Ren, Jino, Hajoon and Jae. A group for the youngest members of NEO.Let's see how the two youngest members of NEO fall for each other. Curious for the reaction of their other 17 teammates? Their company? Their fans? The media? Their parents? Also many other side couples which include their other teammates!!

  • Metamorfosa Cinta

    Metamorfosa Cinta



    Mereka telah membuat janji untuk bertemu dan menjalin hubungan yang lebih serius. Mereka begitu yakin bahwa 2 tahun itu adalah waktu yang sangat singkat. Mereka akan menjaga hati mereka untuk memenuhi janji itu. Jika salah satu mengingkari, mereka berjanji tidak akan menanyakan alasan apapun dari salah satu yang ingkar. Janji antar dua sejoli, Namira dan Jaelani. Dua tahun berlalu begitu cepat. Janji dari dua tahun yang lalu itu kini adalah waktunya. Pertemuan di tempat awal mereka bertemu dulu. Namun, salah satu telah mengingkari janji. Namira tidak datang saat itu, meninggalkan Jaelani yang menunggu dalam kesendirian. Entah siapa yang salah. Yang jelas, seterusnya mereka akan hidup dalam kesalahpahaman. Tak ada yang mau minta maaf lebih dulu. Jaelani juga tak berani menanyakan kenapa Namira tidak datang memenuhi janji. Mereka sudah bahagia dengan kehidupan yang mereka pilih masing-masing. Namun, pertemuan kembali setelah beberapa tahun membuat perasaan cinta mereka kembali membuncah. Di saat itu juga sifat buaya Jaelani muncul. Dia ingin memiliki lagi Namira, tanpa menyakiti istrinya? Dapatkan Kang Jae menentukan pilihan yang tepat?

  • True Mate (BL)

    True Mate (BL)


    The true blood fell to his knees and cried freely. Truthfully, he was not okay. His heart hurt like hell. His fated one rejected him, and the wolf he had come to care for had less than a week to live. The zeta ran through the trees as fast as his feet would take him, not stopping when twigs and stones cut his feet or branches assaulted his body. He had one thought on his mind: to escape. He did not even stop when a giant black wolf leaped in front of him. He had to get away. He had to get free. Fated mates have loved and been a constant theme since the beginning of the world of wolves. But what happens when two wolves who are not fated fall in love? Follow Jae and Syri on their journey to find freedom and the power to defend. This is a boys' love omegaverse story with a twist! True Mate is a mature book and contains violence, gore, and sexual content. I hope you enjoy the story. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to leave them as comments, and I will respond ASAP :) Happy Reading

  • ¡Amame otra vez, esposa!

    ¡Amame otra vez, esposa!


    Las segundas oportunidades no son regalos que podemos reclamar en las tiendas minoristas. No hay botones de reinicio. No hay controles para deshacer todo.Para Min Jae, simplemente se acabó el juego. Ya era demasiado tarde cuando se dio cuenta de todo.¿Hay alguna forma de que pueda arreglar las cosas otra vez?ADVERTENCIA: Esta novela lleva un tema delicado. Involucra problemas críticos que algunos de ustedes pueden no estar de acuerdo, LEA A SU PROPIO RIESGO.Nota: No soy dueño de los gráficos en la portada. Todos los créditos para la foto pertenecen al creador.  Orientación de los padres sugerida. Autor:beryellaTraductor: Maru

  • Film Empress Wants To Be Remembered!

    Film Empress Wants To Be Remembered!


    Armed with an unforthcoming and narcissistic system and two lifetime's worth of knowledge, Su Qingtang aims to fix the bug in a novel world to finally give the male lead the happiness he deserves. After the author's plotholes leave the original world plot in shambles. At first, followed the dog blood [melodramatic] plot of provoking the female lead and meeting an early demise, but with little to no rewards. After seeing the light of being rebirthed for the second time she decides to live life the way she want to.She decides to live her dreams she had carried from her original world. Leaving her mark on the world! She's already died before what there to be afraid of? But what's this? Loyal hubby: Su Qingtang is mine!Daughter-con Jiang Shu: Scram! Qing-er is mineHer fans: Qing-er belongs to her fireflies {her fans}!Arrogant Ping-Pong: Remove your filthy paws off the master I have, although reluctantly, accepted! This bunny young master will not have you trying to steal her! Thy system was distressed. "Host, you can't just ignore the main mission like this!"