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  • Naomi Jefferson

    Naomi Jefferson

  • Lily Jefferson

    Lily Jefferson

    Please read Amy Black First

  • Sugar Dating with CEO

    Sugar Dating with CEO


    Kalea Orlin Lovaata is a poor girl who just lives with her mother, who is an alcoholic and has a mental illness. Her life is tormented just because her face is so similar to that of her mother's ex-husband, who cheated on her 11 years ago and left them both. No matter how much work she does, she still can't cover all her current needs. Because she was desperate, it occurred to Kalea to ask her college friend who was famous for a myriad of rumors following her. "The job is really easy, you just need to accompany someone shopping or something. Quickly, a large amount of money will enter your account." "Really?" "Yeah, I'll arrange a meeting with him if you agree." Without thinking, Kalea agreed. But, she doesn't know, that the job that awaits is being a sugar baby for CEO, Arthur Jefferson. She must satisfy the man's desires, including giving up her honor for the sake of a meager sum of money. Will she still accept the dirty work? Follow Kalea's life journey in Sugar Dating with CEO!

  • Ace-High Royal Flush

    Ace-High Royal Flush

    Jefferson Sebring wined and dined, charmed and cajoled, and lured and seduced handsome men into his bed. However, he never wanted to keep one longer than a few dates or a few months. He had his work with the CIA and his duties to his family, and with those and his men, he was content. That was, until Ludovic Rivenhall.<br><br>First Ludo squired Jefferson’s sister Portia around town, then fell into Jefferson's bed as so many others had. But Ludo wanted more than a same time next year type of relationship; he wanted to stay in Jefferson’s life, and Jefferson found he was willing to allow it as long as they both still wanted it.<br><br>Years later, they both still wanted each other -- but men didn't marry men. Or did they, in this new world they had survived to see?




    Kyra (25) happens to be a royal princess got rejected and hated by her people, reasons beings that she's a hybrid of a vampire slave and a royal Alpha king. A thousand years ago, before the birth of Kyra, a curse was laid upon the werewolf and vampire's race by a vengeful werewolf witch, whose only child was killed by the vampires. She prayed for a perpetual enmity to reign between the two races, and any child born to these two races will bear the weight of her curse. Kyra, became an outcast to both races since none of them accepted her as their own, for she spelled doom. The moment she came of age, Kyra's life became filled with thorns as she found out she was mated to both a Vampire and a werewolf. Logan Grayback (30) A powerful and rich Shape shifter and Alpha, who is greatly feared in the werewolf world, for he is ruthless and kills without a reason. To top it all, he's Mateless and will not be allowed to lead as Alpha until he finds his mate. Ryder Jefferson (150) A ruthless vampire king, who killed for a living, he hates the werewolves and never hesitates to kill them when they come in contact with him. Ryder does not believe in finding a mate, for he could get as many women as he wants. What will become of Kyra when she's mated to not just two different kinds, but enemies of each other. Will they ever accept her, knowing she's cursed? Let's find out what will happen to Kyra and her destined mates.

  • Scp Foundation: the d- class with a system.

    Scp Foundation: the d- class with a system.


    Michael “Mike” Jefferson is a d-class framed for murder against his wife finds himself working as a d-class in the Scp Foundation, his life is living hell until he gains a system thanks to an anomalous object, a system that grants him supernatural skills and change his physical status. Watch as our hero survives this terrible nightmare thanks to his new found powers.

  • Hubungan Sugar Dating dengan CEO

    Hubungan Sugar Dating dengan CEO


    Kalea Orlin Lovaata adalah gadis malang yang hanya tinggal bersama ibunya seorang pecandu alkohol dan memiliki penyakit mental. Hidupnya tersiksa hanya karena wajahnya begitu mirip dengan sang mantan suami yang selingkuh 11 tahun lalu dan meninggalkan mereka berdua dengan tega. Berapa pun pekerjaan yang ia lakukan tetap saja tak bisa menutupi segala kebutuhan hidupnya saat ini. Karena sudah putus asa, terbesit pikiran Kalea untuk bertanya pada teman kampusnya yang terkenal karena segudang rumor mengikutinya. “Pekerjaannya sangat mudah, kau hanya perlu menemani seseorang berbelanja atau semacamnya. Dengan cepat uang akan masuk ke rekeningmu dalam jumlah besar.” “Sungguh?” “Ya, akan ku atur pertemuanmu dengannya jika kau setuju.” Tanpa pikir Panjang Kalea menyanggupinya. Namun, ia tidak tahu bahwa pekerjaan yang menanti adalah menjadi seorang sugar baby untuk pengusaha muda, Arthur Jefferson. Di mana ia harus memuaskan hasrat pria itu, termasuk melepaskan kehormatannya demi sebuah materi semata. Akankah ia tetap menerima pekerjaan kotor itu? Ikuti perjalanan hidup Kalea di Hubungan Sugar Dating dengan CEO!

  • Dark Matter (Unknown Origins Book One)

    Dark Matter (Unknown Origins Book One)

    A student on a school camping trip gets possessed by an unknown creature; giving him special abilities and forcing him to do it's bidding – thus bringing a devastating threat to the camp and its surroundings.Has an elusive evil truly returned?Can the possessed student find a way to regain full control?And what is the origin and motives of the creature?Dive into a world of ignorance, mysteries, and thrills as the Unknown Origins series unfolds

  • Reconnect


    In this book filled with passion, romance, excitement and so much more. We learn who Renae is on a deeper level and how she struggles to survive with mental health from losing her father, Jarrod, in prison to her abusive mother and even losing her best friend to a losing battle of depression. In the beginning of the book she reunites with her father in a new school where her father is the headmaster. Her mother, Lisa, continues to try and ruin her life after Renae leaves her for school till they finally lock her in the schools prison. Renae struggles to figure out the difference between her soulmates and her twin flame and who her heart truly belongs to. You learn and love the five souls that have to break the eternal curse put on mankind which consist of Renaes first true love Eros, her twin flame Adam, her best friend Tyler, her older brother Jefferson and she herself, who is the strongest witch the world has ever known as the last and final soul. Before they break the curse, Renae and her twin flame get married in Hawaii where they learn she is actually the goddess of Empathy Elea. Shortly after the wedding they have twins and have to say goodbye after they grow eight weeks. They go to Italy where the curse had been enacted at the beginning of time on earth itself. However at the top you meet a goddess who simply wishes the world to burn and die off on its own. You're left heart broken and wondering how Renae will save Eros and everyone else from the murderous grip of this goddess who claims to be Aphrodite but Adam and Tyler knows exactly who she is. All of the unanswered questions of Reconnect are answered in its sequel Reconnections.

  • Dark Matter (Unknown Origins Book One)

    Dark Matter (Unknown Origins Book One)

    Horror&Thriller ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Jason is trapped with a creature in his head forcing him to do his biddingWill he be able to control it or will he watch it tear his world apart piece by piece

  • The Yandere That Took My Heart

    The Yandere That Took My Heart


  • Reborn with power

    Reborn with power


    You are to be introduced to Eli Han a character that many would label as a lost cause. He enjoys sleep more than anything and prefers silence to the constant yapping of people. He is a guy that prefers to be lazy than active, will always take the shortest route if the other wasn't interesting enough. This all changes with his death however and now must get accustomed to a new world, new dangers and gifted power. "Ohh... what?" "Did I miss something?" "His father is a God?"To be more precise he is the God of war.

  • MAGE: Sacred Borns Next Generation

    MAGE: Sacred Borns Next Generation

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY MAGIC TEEN

  • Ewanq


    Magical Realism ROMANCE TAGALOG

  • You win or you lose

    You win or you lose

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    Story based on real events about a boy who is in love and does not know how to confess his feelings because every time he sees her he is short of breath and the words do not come out correctly he will have to hide his feelings but a few events will change his life and it will give you the necessary courage to declare yourself because in this life. IT IS TO WIN OR LOSE with that he has the necessary value and also thanks to the advice of his friend that he has given him every day and takes the risk of doing it and having that opportunity with the girl with whom he has been in love for months just that It is what he most wants on that occasion to have the opportunity to make the girl happy, although he knows that due to the age difference he will not know how others will react if they find out, he only has to do the aforementioned win or lose.

  • Two lives one body

    Two lives one body


    Hatano Eari is one of the leading female models in the industry. Her beauty is said to take your breath away and her voice is said to be as smooth as silk.her fragile and smooth skin has captivated people under her spell. But none knows the secret of this beauty queen because the she isn't really a she but a he.How does a guy get in such an awkward position?

  • Rorzuoka. I ended up in a game world.

    Rorzuoka. I ended up in a game world.


    Saburo Reiji was a man in his 20s with a passion for gaming. He won a key to a game in development by one of the biggest gaming companies, however he didn't plan to find himself transported into the game its self.Now he has to deal with the new environment, encounter obstacles and survive long enough to find his way out or will he even be able to find his way out?



    La historia nos narra el encuentro de Chloe Johnston, una chica triste con un pasado perturbador y Luka Kozlov, un chico de buenos modales, sociable y con pensamientos de suicidarse. Ambos conocen su primer amor y la tristeza que este trae. ¿Quién salvará a quién? El libro contiene palabras vulgares en varios puntos, más en las historias de Chloe ya que ese es su lenguaje habitual. Pero se que entenderán sus malos modales.La historia contará con 24 capítulos.

  • Werewolf Soul Mate

    Werewolf Soul Mate

  • Future work

    Future work