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  • goodnight | park jimin

    goodnight | park jimin

    Teen BTS

    "why did you say goodnight when you meant to say was goodbye?" in which a girl says her final last words. lowercase intended.



  • Busan Brothers - JIMIN | JK

    Busan Brothers - JIMIN | JK

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE BTS

    Promises kept her going ButPain shattered her world.One makes love to her and the other sets her on fire.Sometimes the heart knows what the eyes can't see. It's not what you see-that matters. It's about a journey of choices which would lead you to The One.***********************************Warning* This book contains smut and sensitive scenes.

  • Life Goes On ||Park Jimin ff || Jimin × Reader

    Life Goes On ||Park Jimin ff || Jimin × Reader


  • Mr. Jimin

    Mr. Jimin

  • My Savior 
Park Jimin fanfiction

    My Savior Park Jimin fanfiction

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 SMUT BTS

    Kim Y/N is an introvert she's kind sweet but little arrogant but she has a many difficulties in life that she left hopes to live.Park Jimin the Heavenly Handsome Rich and kind caring person the hottest guy ever he likes to live the life to fullest and do what his heart please.Jimin "Are you insane, why do you want to take your life"Y/N "Leave me alone, i have nothing to live for"What if they both crossed each others path when he becomes the "Saviour" of Y/N, Jimin lost himself in her when he saved her life he wants her to be his forever and get obsessed by her but what happened when he also become her reason to live and she fall in love with him she also gets obsessed by him she wants him all to herself because of her insecurities & lack of affection & love in her life.Y/N "You've become my reason to live 'MY SAVIOUR' " _______________________________________Jimin "Babygirl !! what do you want."Y/N "---"Jimin "Say it baby what do you want, cause i want you don't you want me too."Y/N "Jimin-ah i want you i want your love, heart, soul, body all for myself i want you to be mine."Jimin: "That's it baby. "This story contains Triggering and lots of Mature Contents.Read it on your own risk.As I said it is a before this book is hella smutty so I suggest you all to re-think before proceeding. I know it's not good but still I have to warn you all so that you can't complaint about it afterwards. This is my first time writting a story so please forgive my mistakes and grammer cause maybe there are many of them.Thank You !!




    *COMPLETED* UNDER SERIOUS EDITING Betrayed by a close family member, Jimin loose his place as a Prince in Hangul sea. Unfortunately he is punished and thrown into a portal which took him to another dimension 'land' lucky for him he found people who love him and a mate keeping his secret, many bad things happen which make him go back in the deep wiping his loved one's memories and separating with his lover. In the deep he finally gets revenge but his condition is not good which makes him go back to land realizing later it was because he was expecting, which reunited the lovers... VOL2 RETURN OF THE MERMAN PRINCE Giving birth to twins was a blessing but also the start of their suffering. The merkraid appears on land and curse one of the twins who later had to separate inorder to be safe and Jimin and Jungkook taking separate paths..... misery and pain, suffering...........the two separated twins and the two lovers seems to be on the verge of giving up, until one of the twins decides to find out about his lost twin when he heard rumors...... will the two unite again?.......... Will the jikook ship sail again?...... Let's find out more in the book........

  • My Feelings For You, Park Jimin (my childhood friend)

    My Feelings For You, Park Jimin (my childhood friend)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE BTS

    its been a lot of years since meetin her childhood friend. she meets him finally but is scared to meet him as she's worried if he'd remember her. They eventually meet and face problems in between. To find out what they were and how they overcome it, tune in!

  • life with park jimin

    life with park jimin



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

    Y/n a normal girl who works in a company with a handsome boss Park Jimin a bestie Kim Jisoo and the other employees will experience alot of things in the upcoming days of her life. She lost her mom *her dad's bitter truth (find out in the story)*her bestie is a liar ..how?All she wants is to be happy!!She's sensitive She's mentally upset She's getting depressed She's becoming like a lifeless person She wants to be loved to feel special and know her importence but someone wants to ruin her happiness and snatch it from her and her everything from her.Jimin a loyal boss of his company respects each and every employee of his company someone made him dark took his soul with them he lost his happiness and became aggressive a really aggressive person!He found his true love but someone wants to snatch it from him!He helped her!He rescued her!He scolded her!He yelled on her!But he still loved her!Got stuck in an elevator together?How this goes ? Find out in the story!This is not the end.....



    Park jimin adalah cowok terkeren dan tertampan yang pernah gue lihat. Tapi gue paling eneq kalau liat mukanya, pengen muntah gitu. Jimin juga majikan gue. Gimana rasanya punya majikan ganteng ya? Apes banget.

  • merry jimin

    merry jimin

  • Boda Forzada (Park Jimin x Reader)

    Boda Forzada (Park Jimin x Reader)

    Romance de fantasía ROMANCE COMEDY

  • love at first sight ...park jimin

    love at first sight ...park jimin

    Start of lovely lovestory at first sight in between idol n his fangirl..love never ends between two pure souls☺️☺️

  • jimin ff(my secret vampire lover)

    jimin ff(my secret vampire lover)

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Your a girl who has gone thourgh a lot of crazy things.But meeting vampires that's the least thing you thought was crazy.But there just one In particular that attract you....PARK JIMIN

  • Toxic(Jimin Park Fanfic)

    Toxic(Jimin Park Fanfic)

    Kaori Lee Is an 18 year old spoiled daughter of an doctor and a clothes designer. After a bad break up and a move to North Korea she promises herself that she'll never date again until she falls into the liking of Park Jimin. Will she escape his grasp or be sucked in ?

  • Waves | Park Jimin BTS

    Waves | Park Jimin BTS


    "Kebenarannya terletak diantara matahari dan bulan dikala senja." -Waves | Beella Kim Menceritakan tentang seorang mahasiswi semester dua bernama Kim Nara yang sedang berlibur bersama sahabatnya (Jung Yoora) ke Pulau Sirenia. Liburan mereka sangat 'normal' dan menyenangkan hingga pada suatu sore Nara menolong seorang pria tenggelam di dermaga yang membuat hidupnya berubah.

  • Jimin & Jungkook Playfully Buddies

    Jimin & Jungkook Playfully Buddies

  • Crescendo's love jimin

    Crescendo's love jimin

  • Jimin FanFic <3!

    Jimin FanFic <3!

    For Army(s)..... #BTS