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  • Hello, Joey

    Hello, Joey


  • Mysteries of Joey Drew Studios

    Mysteries of Joey Drew Studios

    Willow had always had a weird chill down his spine everytime he walked past that old studio. He never knew why, that was until his friends decided to make him face his own very fear. There he met what caused his anxiety. What happens after that you may ask.. well only time will tell...Read to find out... if you dare...

  • Snowed In: Bar and Joey

    Snowed In: Bar and Joey

    A January blizzard causes havoc in the small town of Frozentoe, Pennsylvania. Best friends, Joey Redd and Kel Foxford, become stranded in the wicked storm and check in at the strangest bed and breakfast ever, The Foreboding Castle. Joey meets a diverse lot of guests at the castle: Vivian Vampe, a famous B-rated Hollywood actress; the bizarre Colonel MacCarmichael and his male pet, Dash Hound; and the sexy stud and adult entertainment star, Magnum Ride.<br><br>When Kel takes a fancy to Magnum and the two vanish into a nearby bedroom to keep warm together, Joey is left to his own devices. In due time he learns of the castle's ghosts and secret passageways. He also begins to melt for the castle's owner, the handsome and alluring Bar Moore.<br><br>But Joey’s attraction and heated feelings for Bar come on far too strong and quick. Will these strong emotions leave him with a broken heart? Or will he give his heart to Bar? Can their sudden relationship survive the terrorizing blizzard?

  • Joey Birlem gay fanfic

    Joey Birlem gay fanfic

  • Joey - My Life

    Joey - My Life

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Joey an innocent vulnerable girl,takes you around the story about her life and how she fought through at the rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods. It should not be used in any manner whatsoever. If this book is seen,read or reported in anyway whatsoever,the imposter will be sued and also face serious punishments. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at and

  • Your Grave Joey

    Your Grave Joey

    Sci-fi Romance SURVIVAL BETRAYAL

    Sharlee's life turns upside down when her only friend disappears on his wedding night, leaving no trace behind. While Sharlee goes on a journey to find him, she crosses path with a truth that is far worse than she had ever imagined

  • My Little Joey

    My Little Joey


    He was a short tail behind her backShe was his favourite storyteller Years of friendship turns him into her tremendous shelter, who is then leaving her alone...Joey has always adored Cia, the very beloved childhood best friend of his. But situations have forced him to leave her behind for something that likely sounds like forever to Cia.And returning to his hometown after years pumps his heart faster than ever.He misses Cia, all the time, with all of his heart.And Cia as well has been waiting for her childhood playmate to be on her side, once again..Let's walk their friendship journey, all the looking back at funny and silly circumstances, all the sweet moments, and the continuing relationship of the youngsters..I hope you enjoy it

  • Joey, Lorence and Miguel

    Joey, Lorence and Miguel


    [Under Revision and still on going]"Kung hindi ba sya nangako, pwede pa maging tayo?"- Lorence

  • The Invincible Corruption Manual

    The Invincible Corruption Manual



    Synopsis: A strange dark entity approaches the milky way galaxy. A new era was about to begin and it would choose the fateful one. Joey always thought that he was unlucky and hopeless. From an early age, he was brought up by the church and ended up adopted by a couple. From then on, his life became not so easy. Poor in studies, abused by his parents. One day after school, he was hit by a car after saving an old man. "Am I going to die like this? " He thought. Then the old man suddenly hit his forehead with a strange stone. ------------------------------------------------------ # OP Mc # Lots of new unlimited action packs. You will enjoy them. # Harems, you will love it. But, my main theme is action and comedy. # It is a Xianxia novel. ------------------------------------- #Corruption in the title, corruption: what is it? is it a good thing or a bad thing? No, we all are looking in the wrong way. Corruption is everything. Everything, we see, touch, smell, and feels, is corrupt. It is neither a good nor bad thing after all. It is just our limited point of view that we see the Corruption Dao as a bad thing. hmm, life is also another law of corruption Dao after all. But, it was like two faces of the same coin, one path is the way of righteousness and the other the evil path..... Let's see which path the MC will choose in the later part. If you want to know more please feel free to comment to me. --------------------------------------------- Joined me here #The novel cover is not really mine. Please contact me if the owner wants to talk about this issue.@here

  • My Phoenix System: Rise Of Joey Grey

    My Phoenix System: Rise Of Joey Grey


    "By the great flames I shall rise from the ashes."Joey never believed he could change his life. He never imaged one day he could rewrite his destiny. But here it is, the solution to all his pain and struggles. The tool that would help him live the life he deserved. Or so he thought.[ Congratulations, Host. You have unlocked the Phoenix Genes System ]Filled with greed and a never ending thirst for power, human economy broke into chaos. War broke out. War between the humans and the werewolves, and the werewolves were winning.Extensive research was done to create a race of perfect humans to help in the war. After years of trial and error, they finally succeeded. They labelled the perfect humans as Improved, creature far superior to regular humans in everyway, possessing special abilities.The results were far better than expected. The Improved were able to turn the tides of the war in the snap of a finger.But in a second finger snap, the tides changed once again.The werewolves had an ace up their sleeves, leading to the two sides signing a peace treaty. Neither side interfered with the other's affairs for a long time.Joey Grey, a sixteen year old boy, born with a low Improved Power Level, has been bullied all his life. Going to military school, he wished his life would change for the better, at least better than how it was before. What Joey didn't realize was...his wish came true.With the power to alter his destiny, Joey lives and grows his powers, to one day get back at everyone that treated him like shit.With the help of his friends and allies, that dream slowly turns into a reality.Hey author here. This is my first book. Please give it a try. The book is about an MC who tries to live a stress free life. Only going after those that hurt him or the people he care about. Chapter Update: 1 chapter/week. Unless I'm sick or super busy. Shit happens.Chapter Length: 2500 - 3000 wordsIf you have any questions or problems with the book, please don't hesitate to ask. I will try my best to implement your ideas into the book. I want to write a book my readers will enjoy. I am open to all points of view. But I'm not perfect. If there's a part of the book you don't like you can always skip or drop the book entirely. Your choice. For those who push forward, thank you for your patience and endurance. It will be well rewarded as the story trickles on.If you like the book then help support it by voting and leaving a comment. Happy New year!P.S. Some chapters will be way longer than others.

  • Monologue Of Joey From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    Monologue Of Joey From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  • aracely,Vanessa, Phillip,joey, Selena, Desiree,Pedro,

    aracely,Vanessa, Phillip,joey, Selena, Desiree,Pedro,

  • Love Trap by Hot Model

    Love Trap by Hot Model



    Story 18+ Ketika seorang Laksamana jatuh hati, saat itulah dia akan selalu melindungi kekasih hatinya. Hatinya jatuh kepada Cleopatra, si gadis cantik yang dia temui di kampus secara tak sengaja, dia jugalah yang akhirnya membuat Cleopatra menjadi seorang model. "Aku tak akan pernah melepaskanmu, Sayang." Laksamana berdiri di hadapan Cleo yang tengah menutupi tubuhnya berbalut bikini dengan bathrobe untuk pemotretan. "Aku tetap akan melanjutkan pemotretan ini demi mempertahankan karir modelku," kekeuh Cleo lantas berjalan menuju ruang pemotretan dan mulai melepaskan jubah handuknya. Cleopatra Senja, gadis yang memiliki mimpi menjadi model terkenal. Dia hanya gadis yatim piatu yang tengah menghadapi kesulitan karena hidup kekurangan, tapi dia memiliki semangat besar untuk menjadi bintang. Sampai akhirnya Cleo bisa menjadi salah satu model andalan Joey Entertainment. Giordano Laksamana Samudera, pria posesif, dan bersikap bossy itu mampu mengalihkan perhatian mahasiswa sekaligus model cantik, Cleopatra Senja. Pertemuan yang memiliki makna mendalam, serta hati Laksa yang sudah terpaku pada Senja meninggalkan tanda tanya. Baca juga MY RIVAL, MY FIANCE buat yang suka cerita ringan plus remaja hihihi Ada satu masa lalu kelam milik Cleo yang hanya diketahui oleh Laksamana. Saat Cleo harus merangkak dalam karirnya, mampukah Cleopatra bangkit dari masa lalunya?

  • Emperor of Poker

    Emperor of Poker



    "To outplay a man in poker is to own him in mind, wallet, and soul." - Joey Fiore, World Series of Poker champion.Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire overnight? It was the start of the poker boom and that was the dream of millions of poker players all over the world. All types of geniuses, gamblers, and hustlers flocked to poker rooms with ambitions of making it big. Follow Joey, a teenager with the special ability of an empath, as he rises to challenge the greatest poker players in existence.Empath: someone with the abnormal ability to experience the thoughts and emotions of others. (*This is a real life ability.)*Like other sports or game novels, you don’t need to understand poker to enjoy this novel. It’s written in a reader-friendly manner. While I’ll introduce poker basics at a gradual pace in the background, the focus will be on thrilling competitions and dramatic aspects that everyone can relate to.If you'd like to support the author, please donate to Paypal:

  • Across 9 Skies

    Across 9 Skies



    "I was never afraid of death then and I won't start now, when were both in hell I'll kill you again" Joey said with bloodshot eyes and blood running down his weapon.Joey Wells is a 15-year-old butcher who was forced to take the sky warrior tournament after his uncle left him with nothing but a book from his father, he has been unknowingly training under his Uncle for years and was finally old enough to take part in hopes of a better life as sky warrior, little does Joey know that the Sky warrior tournament is just the beginning of a journey of what was supposed to be his fast way to success but instead a cruel a predetermined fate that was decided before he was born.




    My name is Joey, a traverser, and my mother is the aunt of one of the four emperors! But now he’s only sixteen. As for who is the old man? this……As the eldest son of the Charlotte family, my mother went to be a pirate, and I also gained the family system and directly bound to the Charlotte family.You can be promoted by developing your family and cultivating members!Or even a cross-dimensional family battle?Under his own training, Snug fights the red dog! Smoky dismissed Kaido! Cree single challenge the country! Kata Kuri crushes the white beard!As for mom? One person swiped Karp, Warring States, and Zefa!“No way! No way! Is there anyone in this era who thinks that one person’s power can change the situation of the battle?”_________________________Thanks To MTLNovel

  • Trucker and Pup

    Trucker and Pup

    For months, office worker Kevin Lawrence has carried a torch for Joey Goldman, head driver at the haulage company where they both work. One rainy night, Kevin slips and falls on a patch of motor oil and Joey is there to catch him.<br><br>Despite being damaged both emotionally and physically from previous relationships, Kevin is helplessly drawn to the dominant trucker. Joey’s muscles and rugged good looks means he never has trouble finding men to take to bed. But no man has managed to get under his skin ... until Kevin.<br><br>Life for Joey soon becomes complicated. He isn’t out to his family, but feels an increasing need to be Kevin’s Sir -- to love, protect and guide his submissive lover.<br><br>Can Joey and Kevin make the journey together, or will outside forces and internal fears cause them to travel in opposite directions?

  • Reversed Psychology

    Reversed Psychology


    In a fantasy world where nothing is as it seems Davey, Rowan, Zachary, and Joey all must solve problems and find their way through the darkest of times. Will the ones closest to them become their betrayers? Will best friends become enemies? Will enemies join forces? Will they realize the corruption in their own kingdom? What’s really happening? Read to find out.

  • In love with my highschool rapist
      from hate to love

    In love with my highschool rapist from hate to love

    Magical Realism ORDINARY

    I was raped in highschool by none other than my crush and his friends, from I vowed to take revenge from them, but instead I fell in love with them. it was Monday like and like every other Monday",I stayed in the library to hide from kristen and his friends stewart, randy, Micheal. I had a crush on them.actually I had fantasies about them fucking me. and I actually got what I wanted but in a different way. I felt humiliated, they had taken photo and videos of them fucking me in the bathroom floor. I knew there was nothing I could do since they were rich, and had develop this hate for them.