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  • Jumping frogs

    Jumping frogs


    A frog jumps real high

  • Jumping into the shadows

    Jumping into the shadows

  • jumping cat

    jumping cat

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE


  • Jumping through the multiverse

    Jumping through the multiverse

    Video Games COMEDY ISEKAI

    Yo I got bored and decided to make this don’t expect much but don’t expect little I’m dat boi so you already know

  • Jumping Through The Multiverse

    Jumping Through The Multiverse

    Sci-fi ACTION

    Jake is a thief who is caught by the cops and given a chance for freedom by cooperating with them, and almost immediately begins to regret doing so.

  • Jumping Into Deep Waters

    Jumping Into Deep Waters

  • Jumping in the puddle: the Wanderer Daniel

    Jumping in the puddle: the Wanderer Daniel


    the story will come back soon with the release of the rewrite I finally finished and news about the jumping in the puddle project a good man will die, while a scourge lives for millennia, what about someone who was immortal since the day he was born? Daniel Z. Specter was born with a famous affliction, that strikes the children of powerful cultivators. with no choice, his family "sealed" his ability to cultivate to save his life, but doing so was not without side effects. join Daniel in his adventure in the universe, in his exploitation of entire civilizations, and in his insane obsession with fishing for some reasons I haven't thought of yet the story may be a little slow at the start, it wasn't a brilliant idea to start from the day of his birth since it required a lot of time skip to make him grow, but I still like it as it is and decided to keep going forward

  • The Case of Jumping Jack

    The Case of Jumping Jack


    Thirty years ago the two founders of the Rose and Raven Society disappeared while investigating a mysterious stranger called the Jumping Jack, a fiend whose mechanical teeth, glowing orange eyes, and fiery breath had been terrorizing young ladies in the city. The Jumping Jack also disappeared not long after the founders. Now, it's 1922 and Horacio (H.W.) Wolveridge and his neurotic partner, Davor Nikolic, have been tasked to solve the case of the Jumping Jack since sightings of the man have resurfaced. A loner, Horacio is loath to have a partner, especially one such as Davor, who is afraid of dust and runs from every errant noise. However, Davor is a brilliant inventor and scientist, something Horacio finds useful. Together, they must work past their differences and find out who the Jumping Jack is and what happened to the founders so many years ago.

  • World jumping with my friend

    World jumping with my friend


    a man gets reincarnated with his friend with a world jumping abilitie

  • JUMP!


    Realistic Fiction REINCARNATION BL

    Growing up in a family where music is forbidden, Keith has always disliked his dead brother. He thought his brother was a coward by committing suicide a day to his debut causing the family to Hate music Or so he thought.

  • Jump!!


  • Jump


    Isso é apenas eu colocando alguns desejos, copiando e colando vantagens de jumpchains.Então não é para um humano ler

  • Hitman with a Badass System

    Hitman with a Badass System



    Have you ever thought about having a cool system at your disposal? What would you do if you suddenly received a system that can help you achieve anything? Would you go save the innocents and damsels in distress or use it for your own advantage? This is the story of a normal human (well, not very normal) who crossed over to another world with such a system under his command. But the question is, who’s controlling who? Is the system under his command or the other way around? What was the origin of this system? Why did it choose him? What’s waiting for him in the future? A hero is only as good as his villain? So who is the villain for our hero? Lots of questions right? Jump right into the book and see the answers for yourselves.Anti Hero with a Symbiote System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/anti-hero-with-a-symbiote-system_23401860706535005discord link: https://discord.gg/xWacJDwazfJoin my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!!

  • King Kolt and his Jumping Knight

    King Kolt and his Jumping Knight


    [BL] Kolt ;AdlerKing Colt was exploded with equipment by a booster who appeared out of nowhere, which is a strange shame! The wind howls from the high tower.Kolt sends an offline message to the graying gunsmith's avatar. He said: Where are you, I want to come to you.

  • The Long-awaited Mr Han

    The Long-awaited Mr Han

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION


    "Take me in, I'll do anything you want me to!" In her previous life, Lu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step-sister and an asshole. After being released from prison, the only thing that greets her is her mother's tombstone. Seeing the asshole and bitch getting happily along together like one big family with her birth father and step-mother, she sets out to die together with the asshole and her step-sister in fiery flames. The moment she opens her eyes again, she finds herself back on the very day she was framed. Resolutely jumping out the window and climbing next door, she seeks refuge from the man occupying the room there. But who would have guessed that the man is the brilliant hunk she has always admired from afar in her past life? She vows to rub her eyes clean and be more discerning of people. She wants to make everyone who owed her in the past to pay her back! "Young Master Han, can you let me hug your other arm too?" "Actually, I have one more, do you want it?" "…"

  • Ms. Doctor Divine

    Ms. Doctor Divine


    Gu Chaoyan is the eldest daughter of the Gu Family, yet the least favorite one. She is mostly despised and belittled by everyone around, only because she isn't pretty. Left alone in her shabby Qiong Pavilion, she survives hard with her only friend, the maid, Qing, and expects to marry Prince Lu Jiming whom she adores deeply. However, the Prince betrays her and even drives her into jumping into a lake to kill her. Fortunately, Gu Chaoyan survives and gets reborn, with the soul of an agent from the 21st century. From that moment on, Gu Chaoyan becomes someone totally different. She is no longer weak, clinging or naïve. She uses her knowledge through medicine and makes herself pretty and slender. She also strikes back at those who bullied and looked down on her. Moreorover, she successfully attracts Lord Huai, the beloved child of the King and Queen. They develop a relationship with each other and help each other throughout their lives. In this way, she not only manages to take revenge but also gains a high-level social status of herself as well as a dear love for her life a second time.

  • I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

    I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible



    "Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

  • Edge Jump

    Edge Jump

    Brett Rocha retired from pro-hockey while still at the top of his game. Co-owner of a chain of restaurants and an inherited ice skating academy, he seems to have it all. Despite his fame, wealth, and good fortune, though, Brett suddenly finds himself painfully alone.<br><br>Ex-Olympic figure skating star Rylan Hennessy transitioned to professional ice dancing with Celia, Brett’s sister and Rylan’s lifelong partner on the ice. Then tragedy strikes, and Rylan’s world is turned upside down, too.<br><br>With the unexpected death of Celia, Brett and Rylan are drawn together through their mutual grief. Their bond strengthens when Brett introduces Rylan to BDSM, a lifestyle Rylan has never experienced before. While the mystery of Celia’s murder still needs to be solved, a second tragedy threatens to tear them apart.<br><br>Will their relationship survive, or will love be enough to see them through this life altering, harrowing change?

  • Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce

    Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce



    Shen Yan insisted on marrying this Fu Hang even at the risk of being abandoned by her family and relatives. She thought that after three years, she would be able to melt the ice in his heart. However, when this man detained her and forced her to kneel in front of his family to confess to mistakes she never committed, Shen Yan realized that this man's heart was made of ice. When she fell into the water alongside her elder sister-in-law, Lin Xing, Fu Hang jumped down at the first moment and saved Lin Xing. He carried Lin Xing to the hospital while Shen Yan, who did not know how to swim, could only wait for the guard to save her. The child in Lin Xing's stomach could not survive the ordeal and she had a miscarriage. Fu Hang brought Shen Yan to his family without any explanation and asked her to kneel and admit her mistake. His eyes under his sharp brows were piercingly ruthless as if he stabbed a knife into Shen Yan's heart. "After Big Brother passed away, he only left a child behind. You shouldn't have killed this child!" "I didn't do it. She jumped down herself!" "What are you waiting for? Kneel and admit your mistake!" Three years into her marriage, Shen Yan was convinced that even a dog was more valuable than her in the Fu family, what more Lin Xing who Fu Hang really loved. Right before one of her kneecaps was about to land on the ground, Fu Hang still thought that Shen Yan would admit to her mistake. Little did he expect Shen Yan to slowly straighten up and said, "Fu Hang, let's divorce. I'll just pretend that I fed the past three years to the dogs. Nobody is worth wasting my youth on after this!" Therefore, Shen Yan decided to return home and accept her inheritance that was worth hundreds of billions. A glorious life awaited!

  • (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!

    (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!



    Transmigrated to be a Homewrecker?! Bai Yunyu was a sunny, nineteen years old who just got his first role as a small actor. However, a small unfortunate step on the road almost costed him his life! A strange, orange pupa shaped robot called Homewrecker System appeared in front of him and saved his life. It forced Yunyu to jump into many worlds to complete the task to be a Homewrecker between the main couple to save the world! Yunyu is a serious student, his objective is to save the world! But the target of each world seems to be attracted to him in some weird way. Yunyu: System! I feel like they fall in love with me easily, am I too handsome to handle? Pupa: No, you are just cheap. ***** Hi! ForeverPupa here! ^u^)/ This is a BL (Boys Love) Quick Transmigration novel with many worlds! There will be many weird setups for us to discover! Please expect: - 1v1 main ship. - Comedy and Angst blended into one! - Smut, Smut, and SMUTT! - PLOT TWIST. PS: This book is original and exclusive book in Webnovel. If you're reading this in another site. Please support author by reading it in the official site. Thank you. **** Cover is not mine, credit to the artist. **** Check my other novel! BL novels: - Homewrecker System - Werewolf Prince is My New Pet! - Gardenia of Blooming Desire (Completed) FL novels - Class Villainess - Rent A Boyfriend (Completed) ML novels: - Mutant Farmer in the Apocalyse ** Discord: https://discord.gg/ma4b7RahN2 Instagram: @foreverpupa