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  • sonia kareena

    sonia kareena

  • Confessed to the Wrong Alpha

    Confessed to the Wrong Alpha


    Layla got drunk one night and mistakenly confessed her love to the wrong Alpha- Hunter Cross-the school's well-known hades alpha from the Black Lilies pack. The worst of it all, he agreed to date her which made it hard to take back her words, too scared of what he would do to her. So, having no choice at all, she strikes a deal with Hunter to only give their accidental relationship a three-month trial period. If they both work out, they'll continue to date for as long as they like but if they turn out incompatible, they'll split after the probationary period. Their relationship prospers into an almost unbreakable bond. Nevertheless, the happy times came to an end, when a Beta, Kareena, Hunter's previous lover, revealed Layla's web of lies from the moment of confession which was supposed to be declared to Gian, the Skull's alpha. Determined to win back the trust that she lost, Layla blindly fell into a trap laid by Kareena who told her that Hunter wants reconciliation. She unintentionally brought herself into the den of beasts which may cost her life if she will not get away in time...

  • Happy Love Story

    Happy Love Story

  • Beginning of love

    Beginning of love

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