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  • Proteus | Bakugou Katsuki

    Proteus | Bakugou Katsuki


    Kimura Sayuri died before her fated death. Bakugou Katsuki did not die before his fated death. And now they had to share his body and learn what it meant to be a hero that everyone needed. If they don't find out Bakugou's newfound abilities, that it.((NO ROMANCE))

  • _hanahaki : katsuki bakugou

    _hanahaki : katsuki bakugou

    Teen MHA BNHA

    ineffable — too great or extreme to be expressed in words. in which you, an anime loving, average-graded introvert, are somehow teleported into the one universe you had been watching your whole life. bakugou x fem!reader¡ explicit language, female pronouns ![ I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE BNHA CHARACTERS ] tobiiou

  • sunrise / bakugou katsuki.

    sunrise / bakugou katsuki.

    in which bakugou and y/n are friends with benefits. with maybe a little bit of feelings, too.— female reader.— smut / nsfw.

  • Jealous Katsuki X Reader

    Jealous Katsuki X Reader

  • Fiery Love| Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

    Fiery Love| Katsuki Bakugo x Reader


    When you witness a murder of your family in front of you, you run to your friend izuku's house, which starts a story of romance and action.

  • Make me Sway 
(Katsuki X Ochako)

    Make me Sway (Katsuki X Ochako)

  • O Que Tem De Errado? Katsuki...?!

    O Que Tem De Errado? Katsuki...?!

    O que iria acontecer se vissem quem é o verdadeiro Garoto Explosivo? Bakugou normalmente é irritado, todos sabem disso, mas aqui vamos falar de um Bakugou que as vezes demonstra nem que seja um pouco os sentimentos, um Bakugou que sofreu, e se tornou fraco por dentro, mas nunca ninguém soube... Qual seria a reação deles... Se descobrissem e conhecessem o Verdadeiro Katsuki? -----------------PRIMEIRO DE TUDO!!!Essa fanfic foi originalmente criada POR MIM no Wattpad, então peço que não venham dizer que eu copiei a fanfic. Obrigado por sua atenção.Essa fanfic é uma criação totalmente minha, sem ajuda nenhuma feita no acúmulo do tédio, ou seja... Me desculpem se não é o que esperavam ou que seja ruim (Se é que alguém vai ler isso ;-;), Cada inspiração que eu tomar provavelmente eu irei dar créditos a fanfic ou colocarei o vídeo no capítulo se esse for o caso, não se preocupem, qualquer coisa me avisem(Isso é um 'AU= Universo Alternativo, então claro que muitas coisas não vão ser iguais!)

  • Blasty Boy and the Cute Extra // A Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader

    Blasty Boy and the Cute Extra // A Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader

  • A old love becomes new

 Bakugou katsuki X male reader

    A old love becomes new Bakugou katsuki X male reader


  • The Day I fell inlove...(Katsuki Bakugou x Mizuki Yokai)

    The Day I fell inlove...(Katsuki Bakugou x Mizuki Yokai)

  • An old love comes back.

A bakugou katsuki x female reader fanfiction

    An old love comes back. A bakugou katsuki x female reader fanfiction


    You and izuku midoriya are non-Identical twins. You were born with a powerful quirk which immediately made your mother super over protective same as your brother and his childhood best friend katsuki bakugou.definitely got swearing in!

  • BNHA Omegaverse

    BNHA Omegaverse

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 ALPHA

    In this story we follow a little wanna be hero Omega named Izuku Midoriya... He has inherited Allmight (Best hero in Japan) quirk a year ago after he revealed to be a quirkless omega as well... He entered UA last year with his Bestfriend/Bully Katsuki Bakugo who is an alpha and even if he doesn't show it, is deeply in love with Izuku... A year passed and he was hidding as a Beta and even made friends, he met an Alpha named Todoroki and Kirishima.. He made friends with betas, one of them being a hidden omega as well... As he starts his second year, the alphas he met acted differently, they all had fell for him and wanted him as their mate... Little did they know he wasn't the beta he said he was... Who will win his heart? Who will lose the love fight? Tune in to see it all happen!!!

  • The Promise I Made.
☆Smut in some chapters☆

    The Promise I Made. -BakuDeku- ☆Smut in some chapters☆

  • The Sage of blood and darkness

    The Sage of blood and darkness


    Kaal who is nothing but servant and mastermind of bully young master had his world turned upside down when his young master is killed just before he gets to use the earned beast soul to awaken good enough talent to be valued by family enough so he can have his own servantHe has the mantra of life first , power second and riches third which makes his personality selfish and calculating which leads him to different road from the rest. To seek power in the world where might makes right he finds himself being trained into killing machine forcefully against his wish of radiating golden hue and becoming a hero liked by everyone . so even if no one from darker side has found ways to become something great he hopes to be oneWe hope he can become someone great with some luck and plot armor and readers hope he can become some one who can become someone great without plot armor but with ability of seer and well described scenario building lets see which comes true as the story develops

  • The Heaven-defying System

    The Heaven-defying System


    Being an orphan at a young age, Jiyuna was Adopted by her abusive uncle and treacherous cousin that annoyed her to hell. Having endured so much, one day she finally had enough savings to run away after high school. Later on she became a famous robotics programmer and inventor. But at the prime of her life, due to unfortunate events, she was drowned to death by an explosion caused by hijackers. And instead of finding herself in heaven, she woke up to find a beautiful pale woman smiling at her, while there was a pair of chubby and pale baby hands in front of her, and a gently flickering . . . . .. . . fishtail?

  • The Mystery Mark

    The Mystery Mark

    Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Imagine being born with a rare mark. This mark give supernatural powers to the user. Abilities can be anything imaginable, they could give you super strength, abilitys to fly control fire, control darkness, demons, and other things. A boy named Katski might have more than just a normal power. Read to found out just what it means!

  • The Alpha's Mates

    The Alpha's Mates

    Blake is the alpha wolf of her pack. Jackson is a beta from a neighboring pack. When Jackson's father gives him to Blake's pack for protection the two have an unexpected meeting. When Blake and Jackson's parents plan to attack the pack, the two mates will have to work together to protect the pack. Will the accept their fate and be together or will they drift apart?

  • Mystical


    About a fantasy world where there mysteries that still need to be unfold. The main character will have an adventure and search the knowledge they need to get a better understanding of the world.

  • The Bully's Fiancé

    The Bully's Fiancé

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 BL

    Roman Smith is a constant victim of bullying by the school's Mr. Popular, Adrian Young. When they find out they are to be married to one another, they refuse, forcing their parents to send them to another country for a month to bond. Will they learn to get along or will their month be a conflict filled one?

  • Macabre Smiles.

    Macabre Smiles.

    Fantasía ROMANCE

    Sonrisas Macabras; ¿No lo has visto? Todo a tu alrededor son sonrisas falsas y macabras, es como vivir en una película de terror, con un miedo eterno al saber que en cualquier momento te arrebatarán la vida. ¿Puedes saber qué es peor? Tenerle fobia al solo hecho de morir, que es algo totalmente natural, ¿Quién no puede tenerle miedo a morir? Ahora agrégale una fobia a las personas, a las sonrisas...observalas detalladamente, son sonrisas macabras...