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  • The kidnapping

    The kidnapping

  • A Kidnapping

    A Kidnapping

    Horror&Thriller ROMANCE KIDNAP

    Willow has finally started her life in the big city. Little does she know that she’s being watched by someone. She discovers this and she’s in danger. Find out what happens to Willow in A Kidnapping.

  • Boring Kidnapping

    Boring Kidnapping

    Guy gets kidnapped, while at a family dinner, and just wants to listen to his music

  • Kidnapping Shawn

    Kidnapping Shawn

    When me and my two crazy drunk friends decide to kidnap our favorite singer named Shawn, we never thought this could bring such drama, romance, and action into our lives. Will I end up Kidnapping the world famous singer? Or will he end up Kidnapping my heart?

  • The Kidnapped Bride

    The Kidnapped Bride



    “Who the hell are you!? What are you doing in my room?” Jennifer shouted when she saw the man sneaking inside her room out of nowhere, just a few minutes before the wedding.  Gun was pointed in her direction, straight into her heart with horror evident on her stunned face. A smirk landed on the man's face when he answered back, “You have two options, Ms. Jennifer, either you die at this point or...escape with me!”  ….. Jennifer Taylor, freshly graduated, was ready to be thrown into an unhappy marriage with the Mafia King of their state, Lucas Smith. Everyone concluded that the man fell for her beauty and mind but nothing was true. No matter how much others tried to convince her but her heart never melted. On the wedding day, she was all ready to execute her plan but suddenly, a mysterious man appeared inside her room, threatening to kill her.  Who is he? She is clueless but all she can do is to follow his lead and the adventure he is giving her, to safeguard herself from those who are waiting to take undue advantage out of her. But later in her life, she discovers that whom she considered a threat all along, was her helping hand who tagged along for a very long period. Moreover, with this stranger, she walks on the path of unveiling all the truths that were hidden deep in the grave. … *SneakPeak* The man came near her, with a towel wrapped around his abdomen. But her eyes flew to his abs, those perfect figured abs… A dangerous smirk passed by his lips when he asked, "Like what you see, Ms. Taylor?"  Realization drew over her when he caught her lingering gaze on his upper naked body. "What?! No! And don't you have any kind of shame? You're standing in front of an unmarried girl!"  "So what? I heard that girls get attracted to men who have good physique. You know it isn't difficult to accept that you like it.." he was still shamelessly provoking her. "You!! I'm stuck with a shameless pervert for sure! Go and wear something before I hit you with my hands!" Jennifer was burning in the pit of anger but at the same time, her cheeks burned red.  At last, as per her wish, he wore the bathrobe and turned around to come to main point, "What do you wish to ask?" "Tell me who changed my bridal dress?" Jennifer asked with a straight face, but Javier didn't look shocked. "Do you see anyone else in this house? If your pretty eyes can, let me know." "Except you, obviously no one else," Jennifer answered in a hurry, but then her eyes turned wide when she realized what she just spoke in front of him. Javier laughed at her innocent expressions, "Bingo! There you have your answer. Who would have changed your clothes except me?" ***** •18+ MATURE CONTENT- BE ALERTED •The cover's rights are reserved to the original creator.  •You can follow me on  Instagram- amaira_knight   Discord- Amaira_Knight#1314 ***** My Other works-  High School: Way to Forever My Clever wife is Sweet Support Author by adding the book into your library and please do give it a try! Thank you so much :)

  • Kidnapping Ariana

    Kidnapping Ariana

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    18+ content, read it on your own risk To the outside world, i was just a Foster kid Arianna who worked hard and now had a well paying job... So normal, nothing extraordinary but they didn't know the darkness of my world because i hid it well. You can never know a thing about me which i don't want you to know.He thought he kidnapped me because he just could and wanted to, to the world he is The Mr. Kite who can do whatever the fuck he wants but he doesn't know i m the master mind of this game he will never know who i m unless i want him to. He thinks he is my dark Knight and i m the damsel in distress. I m the fucking Queen wearing the skin of the sweet innocent damsel. My hands were bound to the bed. My clothes were gone. There was not any sheet on my naked body. It has been twenty minutes since i gained consciousness but i m pretending to be unconscious, i already know my surrounding but the reason why i am still pretending is because i know he is waiting and he is getting anxious. In a few minutes, he will have to cancel his meeting and when he will cancel it i will open my eyes on my own terms. Suddenly, i feel a hand on my left boob he is massaging it and then his hand moves to my right boob he gives the same service to it. Sex has never been my weakness, he can do what he wants right now he will be so indulge in it, the game would be long gone out of his hands and all the cards will be owned by me. His other hand now moves to my vagina he plays with it and starts fingering me. He is in his own mind right now. His two fingers are doing the same thing for several minutes in and out, in and out. Then he takes out his phone and start texting i know he is cancelling his meeting and soon when he is busy with me again. I open my eyes and play my role of damsel in distress. And let him believe he is owning me with the sex but its the other way around and now i let myself feel and soon the orgasm comes and playing my innocent role perfectly i start weeping and see him with so much hate in my eyes from a girl who feel violated that i seem real to my own self. He clean my tears with his thumb and his other hand is still inside me, he starts moving those fingers again inside me and brings his lips to mine and he literally devours me he pushes his tongue inside my mouth at the same time add another finger to his ongoing assault on my down he starts fucking me mercilessly with his fingers. I m so over whelmed and then he use his other hand to pinch my nipples hard and a fucking tsunami of orgasm comes to me i lost all my senses in it then he breaks the kiss takes out his fingers and lick them clean and mischievously smiles to me then he comes so near me his hot breath is on my neck he says in my ear i own you. It sends a thrill to my body but i know its just after effect of orgasm. We are physically attracted but noone will ever own me but in front of him i play my role and show him fear in my eyes but inside is laughing at his stupidity because he doesn't know what's coming...

  • Kidnapping Lana

    Kidnapping Lana


    Rocky is a bastard for kidnapping her, Does she really deserve him?

  • Kidnapping Clarice

    Kidnapping Clarice


    Clarice, a grand daughter of the famous billionaire, and the daughter of the most known mafia in NYC, Lorenzo Russo. unknown of her real identity she was living her life with her abusive grand parents. Delilah is an 17 years old but unfortunately acts like 5 years old, reason is still unknown, what happen when she gets kidnapped?Roman, an orphan who only know that her mother left her in the orphanage and her name is Claudia. Roman a typical example of bad boy, runs away from his orphanage, but doesn't gets a perfect job to earn money, getting forced by a Vampire he had no option than kidnapping a weird teenager— Clarice.__"If you want your granddaughter back then bring $2000" in a low tone Roman said in the phone, but before he could get any answer from the other line he got hitted by a smack."what the heck?!" "They are more rich than you ever thought, you idiot! make it $3000 or more!" said Clarice.

  • Kidnapping him

    Kidnapping him

  • Kidnapping The Kidnapper

    Kidnapping The Kidnapper


    A story in which two girls almost get kidnapped, tricked with their favorite boy-band. After a while of being deluded, the girls' sight opens and they see through the nice boy that offers to take them to a One Direction concert, but thanks to the karate skills one the girls has, she manages to kidnap their kidnapper.What happens when she starts feeling sympathy for the kidnapper that she kidnapped? Will he show her his true self or fool her into believing he's a good person?

  • The best Kidnapping

    The best Kidnapping

  • Kidnapping My kidnapper

    Kidnapping My kidnapper


    Rosinta Tengku is a bank accountant who gets kidnapped and held hostage by a Japanese gang after they rob the bank she works .In a turn of events she manages to escape but later realizes she’s in a foreign country and her only hope of getting home is Katsuo Hun Inoue,a gang member who she ends up holding as her hostage and who is coincidentally the son of the most dangerous mafia boss in Japan ,will she be able to get back home?

  • Kidnapped by the Italian Mafia

    Kidnapped by the Italian Mafia



    Do you ever wonder what your life will be like when you cross paths with your arch nemesis? Yes? Well buckle up, it’s a wild ride.Katarina Montenegro is what everyone would simply call spoiled. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and a custom Tiffany’s diamond tiara on her head. She was referred to as The Spanish Princess by everyone who knew of her existence, and she revelled in the nickname. She was young, cunning, and powerful. There was nothing Katarina wanted that she didn’t have. On the other hand, Marco DiBiancci was known by everyone as The Emperor Lynx, due to his ability to see through deception as easily as he could breathe. Unlike Katarina, who lived a mainly pampered life, Marco was raised by a strict father who wanted him to be in the front lines of the job since he was fourteen years old. He had spent his years getting his hands dirty and washing them again. He was young, strong, and powerful. There was nothing Marco wanted that he didn’t take for himself. The common ground? They were both set to inherit their father’s thrones as King and Queen of their respective organised crime kingdoms. The problem? Marco wanted Katarina, or more importantly, he wanted what she was set to lay claim on. Even though the two had never met, Marco was determined to get his hands on her by all means necessary, and that’s how we’re here.This is how I, Katarina Montenegro, was kidnapped by the Italian mafia.[WARNING: highly foul language and mature themes]

  • A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World

    A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant. Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny square in front of the restaurant. Even demons have to bring their own stools… But it is such a strange restaurant that has long lines outside every day. Elves are stuffing kebabs, paying no mind to their manners; giant dragons are sitting around a hot pot, strainers in their hands; demons are eating nice-looking dango… "There's no other place on this continent where you can find food like that! The boss here is a genius!" a customer provides such a review. Then, he gives a furtive look at the door. "Also, don't you think of kidnapping the boss away or dine-and-dashing, or you will suffer a tragic death." "Eat, pay, or you will be beaten to death." says a cute little girl in her childish voice as she trots forward. A five-meter tall dragon shivers when it meets her eyes.

  • Kidnapping The Mafia Boss 101

    Kidnapping The Mafia Boss 101

    Teen MAFIA

    When Ezra's brother goes missing and the police visibly are ignoring the case, she is hell bent on finding him, or at least his corpse, no matter what. After days of hunting around the shady part of the city, she is shocked to hear about her brother's involvement in the Mafia, but still determined. Fate plays Ezra into a very, very fail proof plan - Kidnapping The Mafia Boss (note the sarcasm). -----“Your brother... is not who you think he is.”“What do you mean?”“Trust me, darling, some things are better left unsaid. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.”

  • A Hero’s Guide to Basic Kidnapping

    A Hero’s Guide to Basic Kidnapping


    Adrielle Frostfire was a hero in high demand. She never really understood why, seeing as she hates people and is only really good at killing things. Hence, Adrielle is surprised to hear about her new job… to save a princess from a neighbouring kingdom. No dragons, no monsters. Not even a little bit of maiming. But that’s not the only strange thing about this job. No, the most strange part is how it turned from returning a kidnapped princess safely home to Adrielle running away with said princess, all the while trying not to get herself executed. Truly, things hadn’t exactly gone according to plan.

  • Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire

    Kidnapped by a Dragon Billionaire



    This is a modern love story with a fantasy twist involving dragon shapeshifters and demons! Zi Mei was poor and desperate with loansharks after her to settle debts her father had racked up that she could never repay. Thorin is a 3,000-year-old dragon shapeshifter who kidnapped her and offered her millions to be his mistress and to bear him heirs. She had to choose between being sold off as a prostitute by the loansharks or becoming this handsome dragon shapeshifter's mistress and baby making slave. So, Zi Mei signed the contract to become his mistress. She found herself falling in love with the sexy handsome dragon but he remained aloof towards her. Will he ever love her back or is she destined to suffer unrequited love while sleeping with him every night? Unknown to Zi Mei, demons are plotting to get rid of Thorin. Now, the demons saw a chance of getting to Thorin through Zi Mei. Will they succeed in their nefarious plot to shift the delicate balance between dark and light? Will Thorin be able to save Zi Mei? Will they finally be a real couple instead of a contracted couple only to produce heirs? Read on to find out what happens in this modern love story with a fantasy twist. Gorgeous art & cover design by JeiJandee. Warning: There will be R18 steamy mature content in the later chapters. There will also be sweet, funny moments between Thorin and Zi Mei. If you like this story, you may also like my other ongoing work on another dragon shapeshifter from the Sea Jade clan: A Dragon & Her Yoga Teacher It has a strong female dragon lead and a hot yoga teacher whom she seduced. ******BONUS******** 50 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 power stones = 2 bonus chapters 200 power stones = 4 bonus chapters ****EXTRAS**** 50 summoning pens = 1 special chapter release (side story that’s related to main story) 100 summoning pens = 2 special chapter release (Thorin’s viewpoint) *Update once every two days*




    "Excuse me what does that mean?” I asked angrily. The angry sexy bird said smirking: "That means we are going to kidnap you tonight. Oh I mean right now" What will happen when a high school girl is kidnapped by a pack of werewolves for a reason which will turn her normal life upside down taking her into a strange world of passion, thrill and fear.



    Teen ROMANCE

    Obsession over BLACK... Basically a smut.. cum and enjoy

  • The kidnapped

    The kidnapped