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  • kingdom building

    kingdom building


    Alexander reincarnate to fantasy world who the original body owner fallen to a complicate plot of the royal court force to a remote barren lands with a force to be wife.(No harem) Author thoughts: Hello guys am just doing this for fun, I love kingdom building novel but am bored of the smart guys build guns and just Goomba stump the world so Am taking my spin in this magically world with guns not being op you know one musket cant kill a wizard but have army with guns can and beat the medieval army too make sense but what stopping a task force of op wizard and knight just killing the mc just like the hero killing the demon king foreshadowing who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , so am leading this story to more behind the scene planning no just get guns cannon surprise everyone become overlord, no more of that, this mc is one with hidden identity and Focus more one the different player reacting to the mc shenanigan and not just sand bags to get beaten up, they should ability to be able to reach their position ONE LAST thing I don't know where am going with this so I hope to leave lots of review of where you thing I should go with the story.

  • Building The Ultimate Fantasy

    Building The Ultimate Fantasy


    A young man sat on a chair and looked out at the ocean. With one wisp of Spirit Qi, he could point anywhere on this vast and expansive world, pointing at any place that didn’t look right. Someone once became the last one to wield a knife that could decapitate huge dragons and bathed in dragons’ blood. Someone once loved treating others to chicken soup, so he kept nine phoenixes in his backyard. Someone once sat lazily on the top of mountains as his words flooded river banks, and his qi could hold a million soldiers back. Someone once moved mountains and shifted hills with just one brush, his paintings so captivating it could enchant immortals and deities. That year, the warmth of spring made the flowers bloom. They were merely an ordinary butcher, a bookworm, a chicken farmer and a poor artist. This is the story of how a Low Level Martial World Continent was transformed into the Ultimate Fantasy Universe.

  • A Guide to Kingdom Building ( Me Reincarnated 365 x)

    A Guide to Kingdom Building ( Me Reincarnated 365 x)



    Servus 132-X is not new to the reincarnation cycle, in fact this is his 365th incarnation! In the past, he has been a subject of songs and legends, being incarnated as a king, a knight or a mage that sire the birth of many nations and civilizations. In this timeline, he, unfortunately, lost all of his innate abilities and skills. Now born as a slave, he must work his way to get his freedom and rise, to create a nation on the new world he's been born in. Prepare yourself for an action-packed, world-building experience filled with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and most importantly magic! Be ready for a ground-breaking World Building experience!

  • Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

    Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!



    A Young woman dies on her trip to Japan in the most anticlimactic way possible, buried by a pile of manga, light novels, and even lewd doujin after an earthquake. In her last moments, all the wishes she has suddenly become reality and materialize in all sorts of Special Abilities before she finds herself reincarnated into a corpse! Wait... Why is the corpse not moving? No matter how much she tries, it doesn't move, she's not even a zombie or something! Wait... Why is she stuck with the unmoving corpse? The corpse is actually not part of her anymore! Wait... Why is she not a physical being? Her hands are translucent, and so is her entire "new" body! "Ah... I am a ghost?!" Accompany Maria as she survives as a ghost in a brand new and unwelcoming world, raises her own skeleton as her friend, and seeks the truth behind her second life’s death and how exactly she turned into a ghost. Not only will she have Phantasmal Powers and Dark Magic, but even the ability to raise her own Undead Army! Will anything be able to stand before her path for revenge? Over 100000 words (100 Chapters) available for free! Daily Chapters Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week Join My Discord:

  • Kingdom Building 101

    Kingdom Building 101


    Shirogane Akio was living a fulfilling life on earth when suddenly he was purposely killed by a goddess and dragged to another worldNow in the body of a viscount half-elf Louis Vale Heathers he aim to be a king———Update schedule: Whenever I feel like itCover source: waifu labs

  • Reborn with Kingdom Building System

    Reborn with Kingdom Building System


    One day Sadaf was completing his class assignment about how to govern a country or state. While researching material, he accidently died and get chance to reborn with the kingdom building system. And his unknown adventure is my story.

  • building a kingdom

    building a kingdom

    do you like kingdom building novels. do you like novels with video game stats and mad loot. do you like books that have a mc thats not a bitch then this might be for you

  • Tower Defense/Kingdom Building

    Tower Defense/Kingdom Building


    The day is always the same as ever the wind-wave the hair awaken by this fresh breeze. A man walks toward a direction with no return. He smiles with joy and wonder of what this day will be. Only for him to stumble upon a danger that will change his life or be the end of him.Looking in the sky” If only destiny did not put me in here. I should have lived a little bit longer” He thought and exhales the air from his lungs and eyes wide open.The end of his very beginning is a new start to a world of dreams. Many have followed but few are chosen. His morals must change because it is just the start of everything.Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture.I will take it down just say it.

  • Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom

    Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom



    No Time For Men When My Revenge Is Brewing! Thrown into a loveless marriage with a monster, guilty of being born in the warring era; she was left empty-handed. Era, an enticing beauty with valorant soul. Yet her shattered heart, clouded by hatred, she desired something more. Vidor, the enraged powerful tyrant with a curse. Light emerged in his hell- life in the unimaginably painful way. *********** "Stay away from me!" Era screamed at the top of her lungs as her feet found their lining in retreating backwards till she hit the wall. DEAD END! A soft chuckle resounded in the poorly lit room followed by a bone-chilling voice that seemed to make one's knees buckle upon hearing it. "And why should I? Or have you forgotten that your parents willingly gave you to me to spare their sorry lives and that of your people?" Sobs! Sniffs! "They may have, but it was a sacrifice I chose to pay." "Great. I love that boldness little rabbit, but you belong to me now and that includes all of you." His dark onyx eyes roamed over her body lustfully as his tongue stylishly slid out of his mouths licking his lower lips before covering the little gap between them. "Every inch of you." "NEVER! I... HATE... YOU, MONSTER!!" “Hahaha… Until then. I would wait till the day you beg and want me, my little rabbit." ************* MATURE CONTENT! Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Cover edited by PayalSinghRajput Discord server: http// Instagram: felixlesah Discord: BaeVida#7167 Ko-fi:

  • Transmigrated In A Beast World: I Just Want To Build My Kingdom, Not Mate

    Transmigrated In A Beast World: I Just Want To Build My Kingdom, Not Mate



    After an accident, the interning surgeon, Qiao Mo, transmigrated to the beastmen world and was forcefully brought back to the tribe by a huge, snow-white wolf! What? The wild beasts in this world can take human form, and the beastmen are all muscular and extraordinarily handsome? Moreover, this was a matriarchal society where the females were allowed to have multiple male partners? The handsome and burly wolfman gave her two choices. First, become his mate and give birth to his cubs. Second, resist desperately and become a barbeque for tonight's bonfire banquet. Qiao Mo said, "I'm still young, I really don't want to mate! Can you wait for me for two years?" The wolf king smelled her scent and said, "You're already in heat; you're not young anymore." Qiao Mo sobbed as she clutched her sanitary pad tightly. Why must she transmigrate when her period was here? Why was having her period synonymous with being in heat, and why must she mate? Why were they treating her like an animal? Later on, Qiao Mo also discovered that the food eaten by beast-people seemed to only consist of roast meat without even a hint of salt. 'It's all right, I'll help you salt your food! Besides that, I'll also satisfy your appetite with Chinese food!' Qiao Mo also realized that the beastmen feared getting hurt and was extremely careful when hunting because injuries were almost certain to lead to death. 'It's alright, I'm a surgeon! Although I'm only an intern, minor illnesses and injuries are nothing to me! Occasionally, I'm willing to undergo major surgeries too!' Qiao Mo also realized that the beastmen often starved to death in winter. 'It's alright, I'll teach you how to preserve food! I'll teach you how to grow food and put animals into captivity!' Yet, eventually, Qiao Mo found herself at her limits. The proud and powerful white wolf, the cold and ruthless poisonous snake, the noble and cold lion… After filling their stomachs with food and drinks, after their tribes started to grow stronger, they kept blocking the entrance to her door every night and asked to mate with her!

  • RE: Inception [A Kingdom Building Progressive Fantasy]

    RE: Inception [A Kingdom Building Progressive Fantasy]


    "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." What a brilliant line, isn't it? Tim was a boy who had nothing to worry about. A happy family, a nice childhood. What's more to ask? But one day, everything changed. He lost everything in the blink of an eye. The only thing left for him were the memories and dreams of the past. Trying to cope up with the loss, he cut all ties with the outside world and became a shut-in, having no one left to call his own or to rely upon. There was nothing left for him in this world, but still he lived and soon found a purpose in his life, which lead him to create something that could change the world. And on the very day when his dream project was about to come to the light, he lost his life, trying to save a little girl from an unfortunate accident. "Will I ever be remembered...? I wish... someone would." These were the last word Tim mumbled before his conscious faded into darkness. But his life didn't end there, as he is transmigrated into the body of an arrogant, worthless Duke's son in some unknown land with no memories about who is or any idea about where he is. In an era of political turmoil and civil strife, the Duke's son is forced to prove his worth for inheriting the title. Will he be able to accept the new reality and prove himself by leading this country into a prosperous future? Or will he cease to the pressure of his past and lose everything once more? --------------- --------------- Note: You can read 10 Chapters ahead in Patreon. Link - English is not my first language. I hope you will be kind enough to forgive my mistakes.

  • Building my Kingdom

    Building my Kingdom


    Follow the story of a pervert as he become the king of the worldWARNING: +18 Content!!!! including, incest and some extreme stuff possibly, and NO NTRinspired by many H-novel and fanfic and etc... if there is someone who can draw the character please doUpdates depends of the reviews and rank of the story

  • Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    A story of Asagi Mikumi being transported to another fantasy world with the floating Kingdom that she bought in her idle game.She was transported due to a message from the system and when she agreed to it she was transported in another world as her game avatar Asagi, now she is the owner of her own bought floating Kingdom and at the same time the queen of the said kingdom.Follow Asagi on how will she fare in another world with her own floating Kingdom that she bought in her game store for her idle game and her as it's Queen.

  • The kingdom building system in the apocalypse

    The kingdom building system in the apocalypse


    My gets reincarnated and he gets a system it gives him the power to give people power get power for himself and build fortresses ofc for a price...

  • Reborn in naruto with a kingdom building system

    Reborn in naruto with a kingdom building system

  • Kingdom's Bloodline

    Kingdom's Bloodline



    A lowly child beggar, a noble prince, a monster viewed as the enemy of the entire world. If you possess all three identities at the same time, which identity would you choose to help you earn a better ending? Thales did not have the answer. He only knew that he came to a different and magnificent world, and he had to face a future that was as difficult to handle as a nightmare. The glorious Empire had already been destroyed for one thousand years, the dying royal family suffered many problems, the legendary sacred battle had plenty of conspiracies, the divided world was in chaos. But Thales had nothing. The only thing he had left was an unswerving determination to preserve his own identity, bravery which would allow him to survive in a perilous situation, and a belief that he would never submit to principles he did not believe. “A King does not gain respect by virtue of his bloodline. The bloodline's glory rests on the deeds of the King.” Darkness will baptize light. Fire will create true steel. The forbidden prince’s story starts here.

  • My New Life in the Kingdom of Wolves

    My New Life in the Kingdom of Wolves


    Eighteen year old Addie hates her life. She's been in a wheelchair since she was a little girl. She's felt like a burden on her family and dreams of a life like the ones she's only read about. So, when she finds herself reborn in another world with all the memories of her previous life, she embraces this new opportunity. She's finally healthy, she's finally strong. She can finally feel alive. However, when she's thirteen a debt is incurred that may change her new life forever. One that they won't know the repercussions of until she once again turns eighteen. When that debt is called upon, and the payment must be made, Addie finds herself living in the Kingdom of the Werewolves. She must now figure out how to get home and why her new life is different than that of all the other humans in this world. And on top of that, she has found herself in the sight of the Werewolf King. What is it that he wants from her? What is it that he has planned when he summons her to the castle and forces her to live there? Follow along with Addie as she learns how to navigate in this new world of hers and as she discovers just what it is that makes her different from all the rest. ************ WARNINGS ************ ADULT LANGUAGE SUGGESTIVE SITUATIONS SLAVERY VIOLENCE NOTE THE COVER ART IS NOT MY OWN ALL CHARACTERS AND SITUATIONS IN THIS STORY ARE COMPLETELY FICTIONAL AND ARE WORKS WRITTEN BY DENI CHANCE. THIS BOOK IS SOLELY POSTED ON WEBNOVEL AND CHEREADS AND SHOULD NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ELSE. Contact me at any of the following-,,,

  • Kingdom-building game fantasy.

    Kingdom-building game fantasy.

    A kingdom-building game neet and yakuza member, committing seppuku, was launched into a new world, king of his new country Graymane, Economic strife, rebellions, wars, watch as Souma rules his kingdom, peacefully or tyrannically maybe both?

  • The Bride of The Hexodar Kingdom

    The Bride of The Hexodar Kingdom



    Prince Aerus Horbin was a prince that was the sole heir of the Hexodar Kingdom. The kingdom was located on the Hexa, a planet that was in the galaxy IC 1101, the largest galaxy in the universe. He had Bler energy that covered his entire body. It caused him never to be able to feel lust in his entire life, either in women or in men. As the sole heir, Prince Aerus was obliged by his father to have children. Otherwise, the Hexodar Kingdom would fall on their distant relative who was very greedy. All the women on the Hexa had been invited to the Hexodar Kingdom to arouse Prince Aerus' lust, but they all failed. Until finally King Artesun, the father of Prince Aerus, ordered his son to explore the galaxies in the universe to find his bride or mate. The bride was the one who would be able to awaken the Mirah energy in Prince Aerus' body so that he could become men in general. Prince Aerus' exploration always never found any result. Until finally he felt the awakening of his lust when the plane he was riding, flying above the earth's atmosphere. Prince Aerus decided to land, following the pull of his Mirah ​​energy. Until finally he found a girl who was fallen asleep in her room. Her name was Lia. When the parts of his body became increasingly uncontrollable, Prince Aerus finally knew that he had found his bride. But another problem came. Even though he had slept with Lia before, but she couldn't get pregnant. It turned out that mixed marriages between the Elfagos race and the human race could not easily produce offspring. If Prince Aerus wanted to have a child from Lia, then he must be able to make Lia fell in love with him first.NOTE: Prince Aerus has a very abusive and rough attitude at the beginning until he will madly in love with Lia. If you don't like hate becoming a love story, then this story is not a cup of your coffee. You better don't read it if you have a problem with this character or this kind of story. Enjoy

  • Building A Kingdom with A Gacha System

    Building A Kingdom with A Gacha System



    Kameron, a teenage boy is killed tragically with the girl he was starting to love. As he gains a second chance at life he also gets a Gacha system to help him along the way. Surprisingly this system wants him to create a completely new Kingdom, a domain that is entirely up to him to control and manipulate. Hello, Zero here... this is just a book I’m writing for the contest for fun. Do I expect this to take off? No. I am just doing my own thing as original as can be. I have plans for this story but it probably won’t get that far. Give this story a review and you can be as tough as you want on me but please be aware that I am human and I have feelings.Silver tier winner of WPC #156