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  • Reader x Kirishima

    Reader x Kirishima

  • Anzendenai ( kirishima x reader) Bnha fanfiction

    Anzendenai ( kirishima x reader) Bnha fanfiction

  • Destiny
(oc x kirishima)

    Destiny (oc x kirishima)

    Teen BNHA

    Just a story of how two girls got into UA and how atleast one of them mightbe met the love of her life?

  • MHA Kirishima x Cheyenne

    MHA Kirishima x Cheyenne

  • Inked Heart -Mafia!Kirishima x GN!Reader-

    Inked Heart -Mafia!Kirishima x GN!Reader-

  • BNHA Omegaverse

    BNHA Omegaverse

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 ALPHA

    In this story we follow a little wanna be hero Omega named Izuku Midoriya... He has inherited Allmight (Best hero in Japan) quirk a year ago after he revealed to be a quirkless omega as well... He entered UA last year with his Bestfriend/Bully Katsuki Bakugo who is an alpha and even if he doesn't show it, is deeply in love with Izuku... A year passed and he was hidding as a Beta and even made friends, he met an Alpha named Todoroki and Kirishima.. He made friends with betas, one of them being a hidden omega as well... As he starts his second year, the alphas he met acted differently, they all had fell for him and wanted him as their mate... Little did they know he wasn't the beta he said he was... Who will win his heart? Who will lose the love fight? Tune in to see it all happen!!!

  • The Japanese Businessman

    The Japanese Businessman


    Haru Salvador, aspiring fashion designer and assistant of the most capable chief editor of the most popular fashion magazine life was about to change. It all started when he met the handsome japanese model and business man Zen Kirishima. What would happen when an secret of Zen comes in light which could spin Haru's upside down. His life will be changed like never before. And to make things worst there bond is tested in many steps. Will their bond be able to overcome this test or destroy them?

  • A Heart To Heal (BL)

    A Heart To Heal (BL)


    COMPLETED on Wattpad: @ ShigiWritesCover Art: ShigiWritesStory: ShigiWrites _______________________________ (Patience)Kirishima Yuto x Shinji Nagisa [Main story/ Cover Art ] Love that had begun sparking between a victim of domestic abuse and his ex brother-in-law. (Purity) Ryu Jaehwan x Nakanishi Aki Romance between a shy barista with many secrets and a basketball coach who had been scouting him out. _______________________________ For further reference, chapters with the label (PA) are about Yuto and Nagisa and (PU)are about Jaehwan and Aki.

  • When The Time Comes

    When The Time Comes

    It all started on that tragic day 15 years ago. Kirishima Akane had somehow managed to put the happenings of her near-death experience that day behind and move on with life- settling into college life and blissfully planning a birthday-date with her closest friend. Little did she know that she'd just conveniently... cease to exist?Petrified, she watched as the life she had lived thus far got taken away from her- no- as she got taken away from her life.Everything had started on that tragic day 15 years ago....or had everything ended that day?

  • Noire


    After being entombed for almost half a millenium, a young girl named Tsukihime was awakened by a family of three on one of their scavenging trips. Since then, she lived with them, only a few among the descendants of the survivors of the almost world-ending Luna Catastrophe. Her memories still blurry due to unknown circumstances, and her foster family desperately hiding her unique powers from the two warring factions that now struggle to conquer the Earth, Tsukihime searched for a purpose of her newfound life. A relic of the past, she longed for answers that seemed to be always out of her reach. But with a definitive turn of events, all of that will change.

  • My Boom Boom Boy

    My Boom Boom Boy

    Teen ROMANCE

  • Which path?

    Which path?

  • The Attack!

    The Attack!

  • amazing .
amazing .
no words to explain . 
just amazing .

    amazing . amazing . no words to explain . just amazing .

  • Gigi's Puppy

    Gigi's Puppy

  • My Hero’s Love Me!

    My Hero’s Love Me!

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 HAREM

    A somewhat slow burn romance novel AU of shoto x Izuku x bakugou x kirishima

  • Hero or Villain/The secret

    Hero or Villain/The secret

    Zero a young man who recently got into U.A will he have the love of his life back or will he be taking away by kirishima? or will he get together with momo?? stay tuneddd

  • KiriTodoBakuDeku omegaverse

    KiriTodoBakuDeku omegaverse

    Kirishima is an alpha, Bakugou is an alpha, Todoroki is an alpha, Midoriya is an omega. Izuku's real father in this story happens to be All Might. And All Might is Izuku's real dad in this story only. So don't yell at me for making All Might Izuku's dad it is a fanfiction and I know Izuku's dad is Hisashi Midoriya.

  • Honey Flavor: Days with You

    Honey Flavor: Days with You

    Akane was only six when her parents were killed and was burn to death. She is the only one who survive. Her grandfather, Hiro Somei, a heir of most well-respected yakuza, took her in and raise her. Her grandfather set an arranged marriage for her with Inoue Kirishima. Akane went to China to move in with her fiance.

  • Explosive love

    Explosive love


    Everyone knows Bakugou Katsuki. Top of his class, an amazing quirk, and mostly for his temper. No one except Kirishima could deal with him but even he couldn't compare to Bakugou. At least until y/n comes to school halfway. Competitions to the only thing Bakugou and Y/n will have, that's for sure.Credit to the creator of the cover.