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  • Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist

    Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist



    "Set up all of these hundred items for tomorrow's auction." The lady ordered as she took a seat on her golden throne. "But Miss Li, why do you want to auction off so many things?" "What kind of stupid question is that? Isn't it obvious? I need more money, so auction them all and help me get more money." The Lady said with a shrug. "But Master, you are already a Billionaire. Why you need more money?" The Little Furball asked in confusion. "When you have an entire army of sups, needy familiars and spirit beasts, thousands of disciples and most importantly FIVE SOULMATES AND A BOND MATE to feed and provide for, you will know the answer." "But...b-but all your mates are rich too! They can easily provide for you and others." The furball tried to get through his master's firm decision. "So? I want to be richer and provide for them. Do you have any problem?" "Of course not master!" ****** She, a 21st-century woman, was the leader of a Supernatural Clan and also one of the most important members of the Supernatural Council. Only at the age of 28, she was one of the most powerful mages in the world. But on a mission against rogue vampires, she died and woke up in the body of an orphan who had a body of trash. She realized that she transmigrated in an ancient world where people cultivated some sort of spiritual energy. In this world power meant everything. So, she decided to get powerful and due to some miracle, she was still able to use her magic. It's a journey of a female mage who shocked everyone with her talents and unseen & unheard powers. But just like every story, this one also had a fun part which came in the name of Five hot as hell male leads...! ********** This story is meant to be a Reverse Harem Transmigration romance with mature content. If you guys don't like such things then you can ignore this one. Happy reading!! ********** The credits for the book cover go to its original owner. I just downloaded it from Pinterest and edited it...!! *** My other ongoing novels: #The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers #The Vampire Empress: Blood Queen & Her Kings #Farm Cultivation: I got reincarnated as the wife of two ghosts

  • I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce


    She was born into an affluent family, but she was swapped at birth and got a different life. She grew up in a village. Just as she got the opportunity to transform her life, it got taken from her, and she was forced into a marriage to trade for a marriage for her mentally-challenged big brother. In the end, she died tragically. Gu Yan thought that if she could be reborn, she would make those who had bullied and insulted her regret everything! After being reborn with a superpower, her life became quite different. “With both the medical skill and the superpower, wastrels, shiver for me!” “Also you, handsome boy, I saved your life; shouldn’t you pledge to marry me?” Lu Ye smiled naughtily. “Of course. Just tell me, Yanyan, how many times do you want me to pledge per night?”

  • Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

    Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle


    The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news. "Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci's sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!" "Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same condominium. They are confirmed to be staying together." "Screw off, these blind bastards. He's my biological father!" Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. "Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law." Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

  • Wish of a Lazy Otaku

    Wish of a Lazy Otaku

    Mc unexpectedly got into a very funny accident during a mission and died then reincarnated in this new wonderful world.Before reincarnating he met a very beautiful goddess who unexpectedly took him as a student under his one wish which the goddess decided to grant him.He learnt various kinds of things under goddess teachings and spent 1000 years practising them by heart under her watch.Mc wisely used those years to learn everything he can handle and was sure he would need them.So that's how he got the knowledge to become Op quickly with a bonus as an eternal companion, Aashi.After reincarnating in this world he started to fulfil his dreams one by one like having a big family with multiple beautiful and capable wives, and along the way conquering multiple realms.After fulfilling most of his desires he sat in a peaceful home and said, "Now I can say for sure, my wish as a lazy otaku has been fulfilled. I remember I haven't seen the new anime, my lovely wives, do any of you want to watch this anime together with me as I starting so hurry up otherwise, you will miss it."Disclaimer: This is the story of Lazy Otaku who got the chance to fulfil his long-cherished wish.So come join our 1000year old otaku soul, in his journey to be horne..cough...I mean a journey to conquer countless realms and how he makes the strongest & largest family in all the realms.

  • Maxed Out My Passive Skill Due to My Laziness

    Maxed Out My Passive Skill Due to My Laziness

    Video Games MAGIC


    A fully immersive game known as “Game of Gods” had swept the world by storm. It was an online game about elves, magical beasts, and gods, and players could choose to play as one of the vast selection of classes and skills. As soon as Occam logged into the game, he was rewarded with a 10x point system. Since he was too lazy to move around in the game using various active skills, he decided to pour all of his points into the passive skills. He fully leveled a ton of passive skills that could allow him to defeat a boss without even moving, skills such as Counter Attack, Sacrifice, Stun, Evasion, Magic Damage Nullifier, and more. When the players witnessed how Occam defeat his foes, they all had the same reaction. “What the hell? He doesn’t have to move and he’s literally a God!”

  • Superstars of Tomorrow

    Superstars of Tomorrow



    "Every time background music plays in my head, I feel like there is nothing to be afraid of." —Fang Zhao Toward the end of the apocalyptic period, Fang Zhao lost his life. However, instead of dying, he found himself 500 years later in the body of a young and aspiring composer who shared the same name. Having received a second chance at life, Fang Zhao sets out to achieve the previous owner's dreams. Armed with the experience of living through an apocalyptic age and his profession as a composer before that period, Fang Zhao uses his talent, wits, and knowledge to make his mark in the entertainment industry of the future.

  • Lazy Cultivator Wants to be Lazy

    Lazy Cultivator Wants to be Lazy


    A lazy cultivation master has lived for a long time and decides to go into closed cultivation. When she finally goes through her breakthrough she sees her alternate universe life. She remembers a story she read in that life that is similar to the life she lives now. She realizes that those books were talking about the world she lives in. In the story, the main character was a stud horse who had a harem of 5 women. He traveled around the world, trying to grow stronger so that he could defeat the great evil boss that was being unsealed. She was apparently his golden master that helped him whenever he was in trouble, and during the last volume, she dies protecting them from that evil boss. She had actually double suicided with the evil boss. It was theorized by the fans that she was secretly in love with the stud horse, but due to being his master, she could only protect him from afar. But… she doesn't actually remember that kid??? When the hell did she pick up a disciple?!? Who is that weird fucker who is stalking her?!?! Now that she’s actually thinking about it, it never actually said in the book that she was that little bastard’s master. She just saw him whenever she was on one of her walks and decided to help because he wouldn’t leave her alone. Wait, didn’t that mean that little shit was actually stalking her?! Did he want her in his harem or something?!? Aw, hell no!!! She just wanted to relax. Why is it so hard to relax in this life? She just wanted to take a nap. Leave her alone already, ah!A stud-horse and his harem of strangely strong girls, two little spirit creatures, a puppy-like man that’s following her everywhere and so many more. Don’t even get her started on the situations these fools try to drag her into. She just wants to take a nap! Leave her alone and take your problems with you!!! (Note: This is not a serious story. I'm just doing this for fun.)

  • Rich Brat: Sweet revenge of a Lazy Princess

    Rich Brat: Sweet revenge of a Lazy Princess



    What would you do when you are attending a high class reception in a sleak suit and suddenly a girl in ripped jean and hoodie approaches you??? What do you do when she ends up dragging you out of there?? What do you say when she confesses to you just few hours after you guys met???This is a story of a very bold straight forward female and a completely baffled, swept away male.This is actually a story with a male Cinderella and a female knight in shining armour. Just without the missing shoes... 15 minutes later, Charan’s car came to a standstill outside a multistory apartment complex. But Shreya did not get down right away. Rather she turned towards Charan and said, “I… I… I was told I was way too straight forward that it leaves them baffled some times. So don’t complain that I did not warn you.”Then she paused and took a deep breath. She then looked at Charan and said without batting her eyes, “I like you. So if you are single and you are okay with me I would like it if we could hang out and get to know each other.”“…” Charan’s brain froze. You call that a warning!!!!“So yea… uhm… here is my number.” She said and took the pen from his pocket and wrote down her number on his palm and got down from the car.* The cover is not my property. I made sure the signature is there but i have no idea who did it. I just got it from pinterest.

  • The Protagonist

    The Protagonist

    How would you know if the true protagonist is ms. Zache

  • Not the Protagonist

    Not the Protagonist

    Fantasy ISEKAI

  • Kill The Protagonist

    Kill The Protagonist

    Bored of all the average looking male leads who somehow get a harem and become OP?Well allow me to introduce. Jin Yagami, a 16 year old boy who hates cliché!What happens if one day he dies while trying NOT to be a hero.Follow his journey of restoring the Universe to how it was meant to be before all these good for nothing protagonists had their way with it.

  • the lazy

    the lazy


    too lazy to write....

  • A lazy

    A lazy

  • I got reincarnated as a main protagonist in a mob protagonist novel

    I got reincarnated as a main protagonist in a mob protagonist novel


    Everyone wants to be a main character,right? suddenly becoming famous and getting any girl you like. beating up bad guys and saving heroines. ...but I'm not even a bit happy,even though I got transmigrated as a main character of an action and romance novel....but it's a mob protagonist novel where the main character gets reincarnated as "Alex Turner" a mob character but with his knowledge of future he becomes invincible. meanwhile the actual protagonist "james usher" who is a justice maniac becomes the main villain and soon gets defeated by Alex. the girls of his harem also leaves him. and now I'm in a body of that very person...but I'm not gonna be a moron . I will survive!!!

  • Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere  Lovers

    Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers



    The world of the novels is filled with countless fantasies, it’s a way for people to escape away from reality into their little world hidden deep inside from others.There are countless protagonists and antagonists and various supporting roles that spice up things here and there, but what if suddenly you are forced and dragged to one against your will.Elandor was one such successful person, but who kidnapped him?Will he be able to find the answers he seeks while he sets out on his journey filled with countless surprises.[No NTR, no rape, no paedophilia, but includes slight netori]Participating in wpc 294 harem genre category.

  • Murder the Protagonist!

    Murder the Protagonist!

    Our MC who hated isekai protagonist with ridiculously strong powers, has a mission now. To transmigrate into different worlds to kill protagonist. (novel inspired by another webnovel which only has 4 to 6 chapters, so I restarted it, in my own way.)

  • How To Not Be A Protagonist

    How To Not Be A Protagonist


    "One should avoid troubles as much as possible. And the best way to avoid trouble is to avoid troublemakers."This was the principle that Ryan followed.He never considered himself the protagonist of his life who could overcome any difficulties and become the strongest person in the world.All he wanted was a trouble-free life.Saving a damsel in distress,Face-slapping young masters,Killing endless enemies one after the other,All these things were too much troublesome.But you never get everything you desire. No matter how hard he tried, trouble always came knocking at his door.

  • Fake Protagonist

    Fake Protagonist


    Am I really the one you love? Am I really the one you want to be with? Do you still see me as your forever? W-why?

  • Befriend The Protagonist

    Befriend The Protagonist

  • The Protagonist (On Going)

    The Protagonist (On Going)