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  • The Hell Games

    The Hell Games

    Samaira loves Devyansh. He resorts to black magic and devil worship. A teacher by profession, he had everything, name, fame, riches...all that he needed except the one. What was the one he was searching for? Nobody knew except a few. They formed his core group of confides. His world, a creation of his deception and black magic housed her for a long time, leaving her with many questions unanswered. He did not have any weapon to kill but he still managed to damage her mind, body and reputation beyond any repair. By deception, he created a bad world for her. A world full of greed, lust, anger, betting, prostitution, penchant for gold and foul smell. A magical world of illusions inhabited by tantric practices and other-worldly norms.Waiting for her release from the magical den, she is cribbed, cabined and confined. It is no peaceful place but a haven contaminated with all things bad and abound with negative energies. Samaira has travelled past dimensions of time and space for a purpose - to lead her life with the anti-social elements of the Universe. Who are these anti-social elements? How will she lead her life with them? What do they want from her? Will they succeed?Was she an ordinary mortal or an Incarnation?

  • Royal Flames

    Royal Flames


    In the busy city of Manhattan lived a twenty-eight-year-old Martha Edmunds. She worked at the Liston Hospital as one of its top neurosurgeons. She was successful and beautiful. She had a nice house and a car. A boyfriend every woman dreamt of. To the human eye, Martha had it all and was living the American dream.But how far could the human eye see?Not far enough to know who and what she really was. Not far enough to know beneath her normal life lived a once upon a time a pureblooded hybrid princess.A princess who was cast out from her royalty and forced to leave her home at 18.For ten long years, Princess Blaise Vivian Edmonton lived a different life from her past.Where she'd concealed her true self and taken up a new. Walking and living amongst humans unnoticed.But the past never goes away. Does it?It lurks in the shadows and catches onto you when you least expected.Blaise's world is changed completely when she is condemned to marry into a life of misery to save Eldovania, her birth home. Even as an outcast, she is Eldovania's only hope at its brink of ruins. Still, getting married to the feared and powerful tribrid, Lord Keith Leon Valerian of Valeria was just the tip of the ice. Blaise discovers she wields a long-lost power of the Phoenix. A power the supernatural world believed lost. A curse to all those who wielded it before her with a mysterious tie to the Valerians.Blaise's entire world is about to be set aflame by a lost and forgotten love tale. Behind it hides mysteries she's yet to uncover. One elliptic night reveals a past she doesn't recognize. A whole new world she isn't ready for. But ready or not, the flames have already erupted and there's nothing she can do to stifle it.

  • I Am Ethan's

    I Am Ethan's

    I have lived the pain of facing the isolation of failure after Saawariya. It was the toughest time of my life. Suddenly everyone disappeared, and that included the people who had worked with me on Saawariya for two years. Because of the suffering, I began to get seriously interested in the subject of mercy killing. I began to read up as much as possible on the subject. My research showed that mercy killing was prohibited by law in many countries including India . Almost a year of studying the super-sensitive subject, I concluded that every human being should have the right to die with dignity. The pain and suffering and the dignity with which I bore them prompted me to make a film on mercy killing."—Sanjay Leela Bhansali speaking about the film in an interview with Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) [3]

  • Defeat The Alpha King

    Defeat The Alpha King


    Leela, the Princess of the Kingdom of Transylvania lost her brother Cyrus Gremory in a lethal attack of King Drake, the ruler of Wolfotopiya. She also lost her parents and also her state. She became stateless and became inadequate for all. So she pledges to take revenge on Drake. She disguised herself and waited for the best movement to act. But suddenly she meets a boy named Luffy. He promised Leela that he takes her side. Can Luffy and Leela defeat The Alpha King?Updates on every TUESDAY!!!

  • AssHoles


    Ciencia ficción ROMANCE SCARY

    Peter es un adolescente sociópata, Daniela una niña insegura que lo ama a morir, ambos llevan una terrible Relación la cual será puesta a prueba más que nunca cuando un sádico monstruo planea un bizarro plan en la tierra...¡Leela y No te arrepentirás, Si gustas ver algo diferente esta es tu historia!

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