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  • Realm of Myths and Legends

    Realm of Myths and Legends



    Jin, a hardcore gamer who still lives with his mom at the age of 24. He could never hold down a steady job since graduating, his girlfriend since high school dumped him for his best friend and he's constantly getting beat up by a group of local gang members. His dad left him and his mom when he became rich from the lottery and got a new family, one free of debt and burdens as he called it. His mom works 3 jobs to keep everything from falling apart, except for herself slowly. One day on his way home with the very first and new fully immersive VRMMORPG called Realm of Myths and Legends or RML for short, he died from a hit and run car accident. RML was advertised as the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG, allowing for players with skill sets in the real world, like sword training, martial arts, archery or reaction time, to benefit in the game itself! Though Jin died and at that moment a soul from another world crossed over into his body and inherited his memories. The man known as Izroth once hailed as the greatest cultivator in the seven realms, soul reincarnates into the modern world year 20xx in the body of Jin. "What are all these strange memories flowing into my mind..? I've been to all seven realms and have never seen one like this. Earth is it?" "M-My cultivation..! It's back to nothing! This body is so weak and spiritual essence here is scarce. But my soul strength is untainted." "I'll make right all the wrongs that have been done to you, your revenge shall come." "It's called a video game? I'll play it! Since you've given me this body even though it wasn't planned, I'll accomplish your goal of becoming #1." "So sects here are called guilds... I'll make the strongest one there is!" "Ha? World greatest gamer? Don't think you can bully me and not pay the price!" Action, Adventure, Betrayals, Romance, Revenge. Join Izroth on his journey to become the #1 player and create the #1 guild in RML! ----------------------------------------- Check out and support their work! Lots of great artwork! Discord: https://discord.gg/W6N9MZk Contact Me: DaoistZenFeng@gmail.com

  • Legend of Swordsman

    Legend of Swordsman

    Eastern Fantasy ACTION ADVENTURE


    Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew into a peerless genius from an ordinary practitioner. With a sword in hand, no one is his match. Using his extraordinary Sword Principle, he killed all his opponents and eventually became number one Sword Master from time immemorial.

  • Legend of Legends

    Legend of Legends


    The world is in a state of panic.Every Friday, thousands of people in the world fall under a sudden deep sleep which for some reason causes their bodies to become immune to physical damage and is soon followed by those very people falling into a coma, unknown to the world as to when they will awake again.Junhyuk Lee is just an average guy on his way to a job interview. However, his interview happens to be on a Friday and on his way there he suffers an accident that changes his life.He finds the answers that everyone has been looking for, but, in exchange, he is thrown into a world where his life is always in peril. Living side by side with death.He has to fight and kill, to save himself and, possibly, the rest of humanity.Follow Junhyuk as he treads on the path of becoming a Legend amongst Legends.**A licensed novel from Munpia**---Editor Views - By Ekdud:Legend of Legend is a novel based on the battle arena games such as LoL, dota and others like it. Countless number of lifeforms of different races from multiple dimensions and worlds are brought into the ‘Valley of Death’ where they start off as minions and where a small percentage of them unlock abilities.Those who are able to unlock all 3 abilities, as well as the final ultimate ability, are able to become ‘Heroes’, the game characters we would be playing.It is an extremely interesting novel because instead of viewing from the angle of the main focus of the game, the novel takes a different approach as the viewpoint is shifted towards the lackeys on the side. There are other ‘Heroes’ by the main character throughout the story as well where the allied Heroes are helping him and the enemy Heroes trying to kill him.Also, the entire story is not entirely situated in the ‘Valley of Death’, the main character also has issues in his real life. The main character will have to deal and adapt as he switches back and forth between the ‘Valley of Death’ and the real-life world.

  • My Harem of Legends

    My Harem of Legends



    He was the strongest man alive in Argoth. But from a bit of an accident, he was given the chance to transmigrate without losing his soul to the heavens. What shall he do now? As a non-leveling mage in a world where leveling is everything, he must thrive to survive the stronger beings... But one of his stats seems to be leveled to the max. His handsomeness. As a wildly handsome boy, he snatches every woman’s heart and shows the world that even a non-leveling mage can handle the world... But what if he manages to snatch the most powerful woman’s heart? [Despite the Harem... The plot is massive in the book. So anyone who enjoys a good plot can enjoy this novel too :3] Tags: #Harem #KingdomBuilding #MultipleProtagonists #Romance #Comedy #Overpowered (Not MC) #reincarnation #magic #system Volume 1: Looking at myself, but... Not from a double sided mirror. When he searches the world that was built up by himself, he finds himself looking at the suffering of his own people under his nose. And worst of all, he finds himself falling for one of the women he hated, one of the leaders who runs the most effective conspiracies against his own castle. But he died? How is he not dead? He’s transmigrated... And what was happening? He begins to search about this mystery but the struggle for a lower class human to even get past the castle walls is too much... (Caution: MC has a trash personality at first but will change in time :> People change. Also, the story is a little slow on progress. Try reading 30 chapters at least, before dropping it!) [By the way guys... I recommend you skip from chapter 59 - 73 because all those chapters were a bit rushed. I can’t edit the story completely because there will be plot holes then. Sorry... I will try editing these chapters later on. HONESTLY THEY SUCK) *** Author’s system, [Hit on those votes if u want more chapters and works from this author. Let’s reach the bloody top!] Follow me on Instagram for the latest news: @the_real_dark_fox Discord Server link: https://discord.gg/c6g4sVtx9g My other works, > I’m an OP Glitch!

  • League of Legends: League of Unknowns

    League of Legends: League of Unknowns


    When a national athlete of China laughs at the concept of being able to win a gold medal in video gaming, what a pro-gamer like yourself ought to do is take your size-42 shoe and measure it against his pretty face! When parents, relatives, friends, and all the rest of society scoff at pro-gaming and say it’s not a real job… what else can you do but hold true to your passion for the competitive multiplayer scene, and resolutely turn away from their doubts! Have you ever thought that it could actually become an official event during the Olympics, perhaps within the next four years—a game of split-second reactions and seamless teamwork between five-man squads, the ultimate test of reflexes and finesse, in an arena where players compete with all their heart and soul… This is e-sports! Let the champions roar ‘Demacia!’ and rock the world to its foundations!

  • Mobile Legends: History of Legends

    Mobile Legends: History of Legends

    A new Nightmare will unfold to the heroes of the land of dawn with a quick snapped.... Soon you'll find out in Book 2

  • Legends.../,,...



    n.P/S: This novel is pure fiction. And in this novel, I will insert many different novel scenarios that I have already read so don't complain to me later.This novel is purely to satisfy my own curiosity and use my time to do something That is this novel is basically for my Timepass.

  • Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth

    Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth



    The Earth has changed, having a different history than we know. Two massive empires hold sway over her destiny. The Empire of Heaven and the Albion Empire; It is an era of great technological advancements, and the mysterious power of Qi. The six great powers of the heavens empire lead and pioneer advancement in martial arts the likes which has never been seen. Bringing about great prosperity and peace as the world thrived under the shadow of the great knights and mages of Albion, and the protection given by The Shaolin temple, the Emei sect, the Beggars sect, The Tang sect, the Imperial guards, and the Wudang sect. A young man prepares to live his destiny and find his path in this world of cultivation. The halls and temples of the wudang sect call to him as he goes there in search of power and for his future. But war and darkness hangs on the Horizon, threatening everything he has come to love and cherish, and even though he tries to be strong, there's always something or someone aiming to bring him down.

  • Werewolf Legends Return

    Werewolf Legends Return



    Creating legend one after another with the white werewolf.He will create his own story in a world where anyone can be selfish and greedy. He will have the harem that will help him rise to the top, where he once was.The white werewolf that will be feared in the gaming world and the hidden mystery world. Now that the White Wolf returned, he decided not to return to his throne and just enjoy the pleasure of life or maybe he would but in secret.The novel is about a free world that would be full of adventures and action. WARNING: THE CHAPTERS OF THIS NOVEL HAVE OVER 1,500 WORDS AT THE LATER CHAPTERS WILL BE LOWER.WARNING: THERE WILL BE A LOT OF WRONG SPELLING AND GRAMMAR SO DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH IN THIS NOVEL ( EDITING )WARNING: THE EARLY CHAPTERS WILL NOT BE FOCUSED ON GAMING BUT LIFESTYLE STORIES AND HISTORY FIRSTWARNING: GIVE MY NOVEL SOME TIME TO DEVELOP AND DECIDE AT THAT TIME AT LEAST AT CHAPTER 100 THANKS.This novel is not planned and only my imagination and my knowledge are applied so don't compare my beginner novel to othersalso don't ever-ever compare it to the real world or you're just making yourself look a foolMore importantly, the cover photo is not mine if the owner doesn't want it I can always gladly remove it.

  • Milky Legends (English)

    Milky Legends (English)



    A Space Explorer, Anami Nina. Carrying out her duties as one of the Master Legends from Planet Herby to find the Creator's existence and The Godmote, a God's heirloom. Expose the rottenness of the ESDA and the Cosmos Government that deceived the Universe. Will Nina succeed? The story begins with the rescue of their comrades who seem to have been caught on Planet Guldish. Which is controlled by the ESDA Organization...

  • Heroes of the Legends

    Heroes of the Legends


    Three friends who were making their way back home found themselves in a wild situation where they got summoned to another world and each one of them reacted differently when they learned about their whereabouts A story full of Love , Hate , Lust and Betrayal of a three friends who roam this new world that is filled with adventures and dangers as they look for their way back home What choices do our young Heroes will make and where do these choices lead them to? *This work contain adult contents* *Chapters with heavy adult scenes would be tagged as [R18] * ***** Please support the work by adding it to your collection and vote using your power stones, leaving a comment or a review is hugely appreciated by me Thanks for reading my work and I hope you enjoy it

  • Legends among Legends it's a myth

    Legends among Legends it's a myth


    We, are too tired of being Strongest that's why we sealed our power to have fun for being powerless.

  • Mythic Legends

    Mythic Legends


    In the year 2045 the world has been taken over by gamers. Sam, a 25 year old American man, has spent his career years as a beta tester for Infinite Games, a gaming company at the top of the gaming world. With the release of the latest and only VR game, Mythic Legends, around the corner, Sam decides to leave behind his game testing career to fully focus on making a name for himself in this new game. His goal? Being the number 1 player in the world. The problem? He has noticed something strange about the hype of this game, there have been issues with the VR technology that have been ignored. But none of that will shake his determination. Little does he know that this game will soon become very real...

  • Legends Never Dies (The Twins Legends)

    Legends Never Dies (The Twins Legends)


    Do you believe in Reincarnation? Transmigration? If so, Did you ever wonder what you were like in your previous life? Did you ever wonder what kind of person are you? Were you a criminal, a successful one or just neet? In this novel, you will witness the life of two person who always carve their names in history wherever world they were tossed into. The life of a person who remember all the lives they live so far. They experience being royalty, a criminal, poor, wealthy, hero, loser and a genius. In there 12th life, they died as a hero and become a legend. They died as Wilhelmina, the Invincible Sword Saint and Teucer, The Bow Saint. In their 13th life, they died due to the unexpected event while doing their latest experiment, they died as a geniuses who change the world. As Blaize, The Genius Mathematician and Allisa, The Genius Scientists. These two people are bound by red string of faith. Once in their life, they were enemy, rival, frenemy, a friend, best friend, siblings, childhood friend but never a lover. They wonder why they never saw the other party as a romantic interest despite knowing each other all there lives but that doesnt matter. After for who knows how long. They finally got reborn again. In the world where they were twins. In a world where they will wrote a New Legends and a world where they met their lovers! Yes, lovers. They werent aware of it yet but they would make a harem full of beauties and Handsome Men. Join them as they start there light adventure in there 14th life!

  • Legends Rise

    Legends Rise

    Video Games CAMPUS ESPORTS

    Tang Li Ming's life has been full of half-hearted attempts and failures. Although he performed flawlessly in class and his homework, when it came time to execute, he wouldn't be able to.After receiving news that it would be unlikely for him to move on to college, he decides to run away from home. He uses his remaining savings from his part time job to fly to the California in the United States to see his favorite team compete in the one thing he actually enjoyed: Legends Rise.The story follows his adventures as he matures throughout his life and career as a professional gamer.You can contact me through twitch.tv/snipetress or on my discord!

  • Master of Legends

    Master of Legends



    This is the story of the one who one day reached the pinnacle, a level that few dared to step on, but in the process lost everything that was most important to him!Taken by the loss, he destroys everything and everyone, surrendering himself to madness, but when the revenge is done, what is left? Nothing!In the midst of the void, he begs for someone to grant him death, and when it is to be granted, a flash of light appears and.... everything begins again!====================For all readers, I've been telling you that I'm Brazilian and not very good in English, and I use Google Translator, just giving some small basic proofreading and then sending it, if you find errors, please comment that I'll almost always be watching and trying to fix it as soon as possible!=====================The cover is not mine and I could not get in touch with her creator, if you are him and don't want me to use your art, please send an email to me: lichgod101@gmail.com

  • Legends and Gods

    Legends and Gods


  • Hindu Legends

    Hindu Legends

  • The Celestial Legends (A Mobile Legends Fanfiction)

    The Celestial Legends (A Mobile Legends Fanfiction)

  • Godslayer's Legend

    Godslayer's Legend



    Check out my other story from my profile; 'System of the Reincarnated Hero'.◇ ◇ ◇For billions of years, the gods have stood atop most universes, some being benevolent, while others being malevolent.Suddenly, there was a prophecy.One that foretold the birth of a certain being.The child of a god, born to put an end to the gods.Would the gods really let such a being exist in peace?Obviously Not.Would that being really let the gods mess up his life without retaliation?Definitely Not.This is a telling of that being’s story, as he rises up to fight against the gods who wish to end him, and as he discovers the other powerful entities and horrors that lurk in the vast cosmos.◇ ◇ ◇WARNING: THE EARLIER CHAPTERS OF THIS STORY ARE CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN ◇ ◇ ◇Discord Link : https://discord.gg/5QH26WPsZM◇ ◇ ◇Support Me: https://ko-fi.com/michae_l◇ ◇ ◇Although many may think this story begins on a high note, worry not, things would flow normally soon after.I'm new to writing so I hope you all would support me on this journey.I'm hoping for your review on what you think about the book.Constructive criticisms are allowed too.Credits to the Image Artist.If the image is yours and you do not want me using itKindly DM◇ ◇ ◇DISCLAIMER!This novel is a work of fiction and though it draws inspiration from historical places and events, it is by no means meant to be a realistic representation of any current or historical events, places cultures, or people.The story may contain themes and events that may be disturbing to some people and if you are "triggered" by pretty much anything at all, It may not be suitable for you as I will not limit myself in terms of themes, events, or topics while writing.◇ ◇ ◇(Alternative SynopsisThe gods have been the rulers of most universes for billions of years, some being benevolent while some being malevolent. When there’s suddenly a prophecy about the coming of a being who can potentially bring an end to their rule, There’s no way they’ll let such a being exist. This is the story of that being as he rises up to fight against the gods who wish to end him and discovers other powerful entities and horrors that lurk in the cosmos.)

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