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  • A Big Shot’s Woman Is Wild and Fierce

    A Big Shot’s Woman Is Wild and Fierce

    Urban BIGSHOT


    The Geng family announced to the upper-class society of Bing City that their adoptive daughter was not who they thought she was. They did this because she tried to become more successful by networking her way up. In the end, they kicked her out of the family. The Geng family's first daughter was multi-talented, gentle, and one of the most famous ladies in Bing City. On the other hand, their adoptive daughter, Wen Xin, was talentless, unsuccessful, and utterly inferior to their first daughter. After leaving the Geng family, Wen Xin started on her new journey. She became a miracle doctor who helped Madam Mu in Jing City, a grand prize winner in a piano competition, a master-level composer, and the owner of the largest comprehensive laboratory of Physics and Biology... Her multiple identities were revealed one after another, and news about her kept going viral. She was showing those who looked down on her that they had gotten her all wrong. "Look! That's the woman who wouldn't leave my idol alone..." "Sorry, but I'm already in a relationship!" One day, her jealous significant other couldn't take it anymore. He stopped acting cold and wrapped his arm around her waist. "When are you going to announce who I am?" he asked in a soft voice while his gaze shifted downward.

  • Hope: The Beast Mistress

    Hope: The Beast Mistress



    [Completed] Days after Hope saved her village from a terrifying monster, she is ripped from her forest home by the vicious Lord Drake. Her special ability to tame animals makes her the perfect candidate to resolve his problem. The essence of the most powerful and cruel dragon resides inside him. But Hope is not lost! Before long, Hope finds herself intrigued by Drake. She doesn't know who is more ruthless, the man or the dragon. Will she be able to tame the Fire Dragon? Or will taming the man prove to be even harder? Drake is an exiled prince and a monster with a beast inside of him. Finding someone wild and bold who can wreak havoc in his life was something he never thought possible. Will he be able to cope with his new feelings? Buckle up for a violent roller coaster of romance, humor, wild animals, and wilder humans. WPC#173 - Bronze Tier Winner ----- Excerpt He sat up from his throne and walked down the steps towards Hope. At her threat, Drake grabbed her neck and pushed her onto the wall with the full intensity of his power. His face was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her cheeks. Lime crumbled beneath Drake's sharp nails as Hope heard his husky and threatening voice. "I will see this beast and how it fares in the arena. If you can't survive, then so be it, but I would prefer you alive so I can tame you." Drake's eyes were glowing, and the murderous feeling stirring toward her was weighing heavy on Hope's chest, leaving her breathless. Or was his hand on her neck? She glared into his eyes defiantly. "The real question is who will be tamed and who will be the tamer." ----- Warning! Mature content. Discord: My website: New Book: Bloody Full Moon Credit for the cover goes to its rightful owner.

  • Lime Ridge

    Lime Ridge


  • Limes and lemons

    Limes and lemons

  • waterlilies and limes

    waterlilies and limes


    After Amal’s sister Elizabeth’s murder Amal vows vengeance on all who were involved and rains bloody execution on them

  • Lime Lemon Life

    Lime Lemon Life

    A woman seeking to protect her young child discovers dark secrets from the past that will endanger her family.

  • Caught in the Lime Light.

    Caught in the Lime Light.


    Two people fall in love at first sight only for fate to separate them after a one night stand. 5 years later Robert and Emma meet again only to be thrust into a world of misunderstandings and media tryst which threatens to expose their history together and much more.For Robert his stardom, fame and career is a t stake while Emma who is a successful business woman has a secret of her own in the form of a little dumpling who is a carbon copy of Robert. What will Emma do when Robert suddenly decides to move in with her? Will she let Robert find out about her little dumpling? Will she let him see and understand the woman she is or will she hide herself and everything that is important to her?So many questions follow to find out the answers......

  • Edric Blight and Lime

    Edric Blight and Lime

    Edric Blight sees a new kid at Hexside and decides to become friends with him. But what happens when Edric start to maybe have feelings for the new kid.

  • Code name: Lime Green

    Code name: Lime Green

    Join Lime Green in his journey to protect the weak and enlighten the blind. Witness the breathtaking moments that take place in Crayolla and uncover the secrets that each and every chromati hides. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Lime-Bearing Lemon Tree

    Lime-Bearing Lemon Tree


    A boy wanted to marry someone from the same clan as his, but he wasn't allowed to.

  • Falling for my fiance's forsaken brother
 :In forced marriage

    Falling for my fiance's forsaken brother :In forced marriage


    " Is Mr Black having morning sickness?" " Bring me lemon no lime juice" Leon said " Right away Sir" " Young master Black should I call the doctor?" Zed asked. Such kind of love! he was actually feeling all that instead of his pregnant wife. ******* She wants to divorce him but why? because he kissed her?' "what is this?" His cold voice asked sternly. " It a court letter madam has filed a divorce and would like to cooperate if not to meet her in court" Ken said calmly despite feeling the heat coming from the boiling man. Gold could already feel the incoming headache, now what was Lai doing? he thought inwardly. This brought him three days ago. **** He was sitting on the couch in the living room with stern look as Lai didn't come home and it was already late past midnight. Her red sport car entered inside the mansion twenty minutes later on and with a dramatic entrance. Even the guards were left off guard with the way she stopped her car. Curiously everyone had their eyes on the door waiting for her, the butler swallowed his saliva as he could foresee the fight between his boss and madam. " Lai..." Gold called out angrily as he was extremely irritated. " Why are you so late?" He asked but again she ignored him. This time he didn't let go and grabbed her shoulders to get her attention. " I'm talking to you Lai!" Gold said furiously to her annoyance. " And I don't want to talk to take your #@@#*# hands off me" Lai swear and pushed his hands away. " You are drunk!, " Gold said more like affirm with disbelief. " Yeah I just got wasted myself why you wanna kill me?" Lai was so daring right now but he wasn't surprised she had always been since he knew her. " Article, two, four, five and seven violeted" he reminded her. " And you f##$ing kissed me without my consent who cares about the articles or the rules now" Lai said angrily and now he got the reason of her acting this way, She was angry and so he was, though he was tongue tied for a moment but still had that serious angry look. She had wasted herself, risk her life and even swear in front of his face violet all the rules listed. Lai could careless what he said or does from now on so she went to her bed and fall on it without care. Due to excessive alcohol she immediately fall asleep. It was just a kiss why was she acting like he took her life? he thought It took him few minutes just watching her sleep soundly before talking. " I'm sorry..." He said regretfully a very foreign word for him yet he said it with so much regret. " I'm sorry in advance because I don't regret kissing you Lai and I don't think I ever will," Gold said softly his fingers tracing her cheek gently to her annoyance. She was irritated even in her deep sleep was he that detestable to her? He thought inwardly and smiled at his pathetic state. Looking at her slightly parted lips which were now slightly red he sighed! he really was not okay. That night he didn't sleep in the same room as her and it had been so for three days now. He had thought she needed space who knew she would go extra miles to file a divorce!. That was so unexpected to him. ---------- The story is fictional No rape, definitely happy ending The book is about stories of couple with different life experience and past learning how to love and trust again. Emilia ( FL) and Leon ( ML) while my favorite couple Lai and Gold's story is later on developed. please read this book to know the amazing journey of the two,

  • The Systems Challenge

    The Systems Challenge


    In a world that is aware of other worlds and systems, a reality show was created to have participants receive a system and face challenges. All for the entertainment of the world's that cam view it.All participants have no idea about other worlds actually existing, let alone something like this going on.Elmo is a young man who had been shopping when he was chosen to take part in this challenge. Part of him is intrigued by the idea of the challenges, but most of him would rather just go home. If only that was an option.The following are the main challenges in order in the story:Challenge #1: defeating the starting dungeonChallenge #2: prevent the assassination of the kingChallenge #3: defeat the fire dragonChallenge #4:Challenge #5:There will be no graphic descriptions of any mature content. When such material will appear, it will either be lime or just glossed over.I'm writing this as I go along.I you have any suggestions or thoughts I'd be happy to hear them.Extra chapters are available and will be put up when the next chapter would go up as well. The following are the requirement totals that I would need to reach to add any extra chapters.25 power stones - 1 extra chapter50 power stones - 1 extra chapter100 power stones - 1 extra chapterCover art is AI generated

  • The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin .

    The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin .


    [NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK!!!]Author - Coffee LimeSian Verte, the continent’s greatest assassin.After being betrayed by his older brother he trusted his entire life, he meets a miserable end.‘If I was given one more life, I will live it differently.’A life where I would serve no one but myself, where I could accomplish everything on my own.That’s how my second life came to be. No longer will the shadow Sian Verte, who lived for others, exist anymore.This life I’m rewriting, I will accomplish everything for myself!

  • 18+ oneshots

    18+ oneshots

    gay lemons homo limes fanfics

  • The CEO and His Little Bunny

    The CEO and His Little Bunny


    Feng LiMei was sold to Kuang Fu’s Black Sky Organization when her father couldn’t pay his outstanding debt. She spent five years hating all of them, hiding it behind an obedient facade, diligently following orders while learning how to become a top rated assassin.When she found the right moment to escape she didn’t hesitate seizing the opportunity. Since she relocated to Pushong City all LiMei wants to do is lead a quiet life, eat well, work, sit around reading mangas.Unfortunately, she saved a man from certain death shortly after she arrived peaking his interest, followed by a chance encounter with a handsome doctor who wants to make LiMei’s heart his alone. Her fate in Pushong City becomes entangled with three powerful men and a dangerous man she once called friend from her past. A quiet life? This little bunny will try her best…

  • One Night Stand: Lost Forever In His Bed

    One Night Stand: Lost Forever In His Bed


    "You will forever be in my bed!" Su Limei is a petite young lady with everything perfect, She is the youngest of the Su family who was sent to a prestigious family for a night on behalf of her sister, Su Lin who was to get engaged to the Eldest Master of the Mo Family. Things go awry after that night and Su Limei is sent abroad after a couple of incidents. Terrible incidents. After three years, Limei returns to her country but this time, she is not the innocent lady she used to be. She is a complete woman with a past and with a bright future as a budding actress in her new found home. And now, she has goals and people whom she needs to have her revenge on.

  • hot love and secrets

    hot love and secrets


    ⚠️warning ⚠️⚠️Please tell me if I should keep writing.⚠️Lime is a nerd that has no friends and his mom and dad I always-on business trips. And he has a secret that he can't tell anyone, Mike is a jock that has the school wrapped around his finger. But nobody knows that his dad has anger issues and a mother that committed suicide. He also has a secret,What will happen when Mike and Lime find out they have something in common? Find out




    Dead brain , Dead heart Miseries bound , heart rises . Pain cannot be stopped when Love's involved . Souls intertwined , a new story begins .______________ Kai Lixing and Kai Liming.... This story is mainly about two sisters . The Kai couple always longed for a child . As their final prayers were answered , the couples were blessed with Kai Lixing and Liming . As the eldest , Kai Lixing was tall , slim and was blessed with a perfect model figure . As a child , she often got pampered alot due to her beauty and cuteness . She grew up in the spotlight as a confident yet arrogant young lady . With her superstar boyfriend , Seo Jinhoo beside her , she lives the life of a queen . Kai Liming , on the other hand was the exact opposite of her sister , Kai Lixing .She often lived on her own lonely and dull world . She was a little bit plump and always felt suffocated in the spotlight . Often ignored by their parents due to Kai Lixing's presence . All Kai Liming ever wanted was to live a simple life with her boyfriend Feng Tianyi [ not until she gets rejected by him ] Betrayed , Liming longs to live the light of her sister . Know how it feels with all the spotlight and attention . She finds it as an impossible dream until she wakes up one morning .Strangely enough , she's in a bed with a man beside her . You pervert !!!! she turns to teach that hooligan a lesson only to find it was Seo Jinhoo , Kai Lixing's boyfriend ." What the hell !!!! " In the next room adjacent to theirs , they hear someone scream out in shock ."" FU*K !!!!!!!!!"""

  • Eleanor: The Villainess Detective

    Eleanor: The Villainess Detective


    Lime is a former detective turned writer. Everybody loves her written works. It was all going smoothly when one uneventful night she came across an accident which transported her to another world, the question is - was she the only one?

  • MINE...



    Beth is a loner,she doesn't have many friends nor does she want them, she never wanted to be the poplar girl and preferred to stay out of the lime light ,but when the kids from the school with the worst reputation comes to her school then shes going to get lots of attention and all from luke the boy with the worst reputation.