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  • Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

    Shrewd wife of Lin brothers



    I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for opposite gender ? I will make him pour honey from his mouth .A stupid and childish man ? see how he flirts like a womanizer with me .A gentle scholar , cough he ain't gentle with me on bed A shy introvert ?see him become a wolf in sheep's clothing .Su Wan - a thirty years old divorced woman who was cheated on by her husband and step sister , spends a night drinking alcohol all the while watching how her ex husband and step sister makes a joke of themselves ." ahhh !You bastard ! You slag man you think this old lady won't have a man anymore ???Not only this great aunty will have a man ! I will have five men ! One to sleep ! two to roll and three to pamper !! " Amidst her alcohol intake she passes out only to find her self transmigrated over to a small village in ancient China and that too on her wedding day with The five Lin brothers !-Cover not mine email at to have it removed ( i edited it )

  • The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.

    The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.



    WARNING; This is my first novel and I might caused a few or more grammatical issues, there are over 70 free chapters to read on and decide to continue or not, so please refrain from being toxic or abusive, if you are correcting my problems or the issues you spot I will gladly appreciate it, for those who are in for the story, you are welcome to read."Luo  Wei,  an  orphan,  grew  up  as  an  assassin,  rising  to  the  top  of  the  black  market  as  the  'Ice Queen.' Her  boyfriend  betrayed  her  by  giving  her  a  necklace  with  a  GPS  tracking  device. She  is  finally  cornered  and  killed  after  hiding  and  running  through  bullets,  and  everyone  she  offended  is  after  her  life.After  death,  she  awakens  in  another  body,  her  soul  awakens  in  a  weak,  meek,  and  sadist  girl,  a  mother  of  triplets.She  made  the  decision  to  live  a  clean  life,  to  work  for  power,  and  to  stand  tall  in  the  tallest  pyramid. She  accepts  her  life  as  a  mother  but  is  unconcerned  about  her  husband  because  he  is  unconcerned  about past Luo  Wei  or  the  children. ******************************************** "Oohh this one? he is your new daddy, we are getting married tomorrow, everyone was astonished, because they knew she was Bai Lin's wife and those kids were his. "Hahaha Mommy, does he have enough money? We don't want poor daddies!! Lin Wei said out loudly. " Mommy look at how you have scared your future husband, he is sweating profusely." Huang said sarcastically. Luo Wei stretched her long legs and placed them on the table. she laid back on the couch comfortably, Huang massaged her shoulders while Wei Wei and Hong watching her. "Humphhh!! What do you know, he is just astonished by my beauty, what do you say fiance?" she smiled sweetly at him. Ling Jun nodded faster faster he was really scared. Everyone else could see the situation ain't good. "Hong, look that's your CEO, greet him politely." Luo Wei instructed. "Hellooo Mr. CEO we meet again," Hong greeted him politely. When Zhu Chang heard that, the anger he was simmering down, rose up, and banged at the table. "Who are showing off to stupid kid, not even your dad acknowledges you, you are a mere donation of sperms, you think you can order me around?" Zhu Chang talked out angrily. The kids were furious, anger was bubbling, his eyes turned red, Hong turned to look at his mom, he saw her nod. "Just don't kill we are civilized people." Luo Wei said smiling but her eyes turned. "Mommy can we make the Zhu Corporation bankrupt?" Wei Wei was smiling but that smile was terrorizing cold and ruthless. She was evil compared to the two brothers. Hong and Zhu Chang started fighting, they were 50/50, then he overpowered him, subdued him, gave him several beating. They could hear bones break. Their heart chilled. Hong pulled out a gun and pressed it on his head. "I want to hear you say those words again." Hong demanded coldly, he was really ruthless. Ling Jun couldn't move because he was already scared earlier, the others had seen the little Lolita girl, wiping her gun. they stayed sitting. If they moved they would aggravate the situation. "Alright my boy that's enough, don't kill, don't kill, I don't have time to clean up the mess. Ming Xie call an ambulance. Zhu Chang by tomorrow evening if I don't see the another 10% added. I will make the Zhu Corporation bankrupt by midnight." Luo Wei spoke those words coldly. Zhu Chang then realized what kind of a mess he is in, he was too impulsive.

  • Lin Zhenren

    Lin Zhenren


    Death is a mysterious thing.I never experienced anything even after sending thousands of people to their death.But after my wife's death, I experienced it. I got the know what the sadness and grief you would feel at the Death of your loved one.I cried silently every night with my wife's photo in my hand. The thought of killing myself appeared in my mind countless times but I need to repent and pay for what I did, and I did repent. I lived till my body broke down.I took my last breaths beside the grave of my wife while telling her about the success of our children.But Fate had other plans other for me.I reincarnated in another world or universe, the Immortal Realm.My family had a deep love and care for me, but I felt nothing.The strongest person in the immortal realm as someone who had transcended the Long River of Time. He would live as long as Heaven and even more.Hope rose in my heart. If someone could become this strong then it would be possible to revive someone right?Becoming Stronger. That becomes my goal.But Fate becomes cruel to me. I was born a cripple, someone who can't sense Heaven and Earth Energy in the Environment.I was condemned by everyone.But everything changed. One of the lower worlds that I was searching through turned out to be similar to a novel that I read with my wife.With that, I decided to steal the luck and fate of the protagonist and become strong.I want to Revive her and present all the realms under her feet.I will do that.-------------I don't own the cover the credits belong to the owner. If the owner wants me to remove it, just comment. I will do it ASAP.

  • Lin Journey

    Lin Journey

    This is a long awaited Journey of Lin to travel the vast world of 300 realms! Be it God, Demons and Aliens. They will kneel before our MC. " Kekeke, I will slay the heavens I will sing a song to Kill Giants! But be afraid of I, Lin will make you know NightMare! CHARACTER LIN - MAIN CHARCTER Fin Shushe - UGLY FAT WIFE OF MAIN GoDDLike - EMPEROR OF DARKNESS AnarchyZ - FROZEN EVIL KING KocTuK - DUAL WEILDER DEVIL HighSelf - SKILL OF GOD ROCKSTAR - HEAVENLY KING Luzbel - IMMORTAL GOD OF DEATH GoTita - 2ND WIFE OF BOJILOV BOJILOV - WAR SOREVEIGN UGLY- - 1ST WIFE OF BOJILOV xFactor - CROWN PRINCE OF NARNIA District - LORD ASSASSINS





  • Superstar Lin

    Superstar Lin


    "This time I will become the Best actor and noone can stop me". Follow the adventure of Lin Mu as he return to past and try to become the best actor in the industry.

  • Lin mei

    Lin mei

    Contemporary Romance REINCARNATION BEAUTY

    After her books were plagiarized and she got insulted while trying to seek justice. Lin Mei stumbles upon a comic with no title and just 5 chapters and the other pages were blank. After reading the first five pages and turning to the next page she was mysteriously pulled into the comic and the only way out was to give the book a happy ending.Key words:transmigration,beauty,love flaunting,food and candies.....Read to enjoy.Please this is my first novel. Rate and thank you.

  • Lin chengben

    Lin chengben

  • Srey lin

    Srey lin

  • Diary Lin

    Diary Lin

  • The Great Lin

    The Great Lin

    History MYSTERY

    Is a king the Supreme?... is he having no fear? Let see it with your own imagination... let's enjoy a... tale of pain..a tale of love and . Everything.

  • Lin yùn

    Lin yùn

    Magical Realism R18

  • Nita Jeong Lin

    Nita Jeong Lin

  • Rise of Lin Feng

    Rise of Lin Feng

    Lin Feng even though being born into a rich family was living his life based on hard work and modesty but his life of contentment fell apart when he turned 13 and his parents died in a freak accident.Exiled and killed by his own "family" even at death's door Lin Feng doesn't accepts his fate."Coveting the things my parents built!""Getting rid of me! so i can't take what's rightfully mine""FUCK!! this fate! i swear.....I WILL NEVER LOSE ANYTHING AGAIN!!!" but sadly even though the young master's resolve was strong his body gives in and he goes into his sleep.but perhaps fate has something different in store for the his mother's necklace starts shining blue before he completely closes his eyes."an interesting kid" Tags: Action, Harem, Battle Academy, System(Update status will be told in the chapters)

  • Tales Of Lin Yun

    Tales Of Lin Yun

    After experiencing eight reincarnations he was finally back home.

  • Legends of Yun lin

    Legends of Yun lin


    _________________Summary__________________After one hundred of thousand years later The supreme emperor Yun lin who was recovering his injury which was cause by a vicious monster beast who was born from the blackhole and recovering his injury in the core of the enery source of huxina universe woke up and found him in the womb.He though,"Am i reincarnated after sleeping so many years,how this could be?Is my body has been destroyed ?"After 17 years later, "wake up!!!!! Linn'er,you have to go to the spirit awaking hall today. Did you forgot?",Qin lin said to her son Yun lin Yun lin while rubbing his eyes and said to her mother,Qin lin,"ummmmm,just a minute,mother.""Whatttttt!!!!!!" lin'er has not awakened his martial spirit till now and what about his elementals? Hadn't it awakened also till now",Yun lin's father tong lin shouted in shock.......................Chen lin sighed and told to his eldest son tong lin ,"I knew it already it already.why don't you want to consider that lin'er has no martial spirit and he has no spirit root in his body.I also can't believe this but we have to Accept the truth Tong'er.please come down,my son""Father, h-o-w can I accept this!" said yun lin father to Yun lin grandpa,Chen lin who was ................(This is my first time to write a novel,he he and stay tuned with this novel plz)

  • Rebirth of Lin ling

    Rebirth of Lin ling

    Lin Ling was a young girl who was madly in love with Huang Fu who was the 7th prince of Zong country . she was so blinded in love that at the end she lost all the dearest people in her life .......they were killed ,she wants revenge her family .but before she could take her revenge them she lost her life. she was killed. fate was playing its game.. she was given a second chance can she change her life?can she save her dearest ones in this life? COVER FROM PINTEREST !

  • sakura untuk lin

    sakura untuk lin

    Lin adalah gadis yang selalu menyempatkan liburannya untuk menjaga sang nenek yang sudah tua, tapi semenjak ibunya meninggal, Lin baru mengunjungi neneknya dua tahun setelah kematian ibu. namun pada saat bersamaan Lin bertemu dengan seorang pria yang tampan dan baik tapi lelaki itu menyimpan banyak rahasia di balik sikap ramahnya yang menyenangkan, membuat Lin mencintainya dalam waktu yang sangat singkat, bagaimana kah Kisa cinta itu akan tetap utuh dikala keduanya akan selalu berpisah.




    In the Divine Realm, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. A young man stumbles upon this mystery object, opening a whole new world to him. His name is Lin Ming, and this is his road of martial arts.