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  • The Biography of Lonny Quartz

    The Biography of Lonny Quartz


    Kayden Butler had an ordinary life for a guy born in deep space. Like most of the human race today, He had never stepped foot on any planet, that is until he was old enough to contribute to society. His very first part time job as a resource hunter, He got to visit the cesspool known as old earth. Uninhabitable to human life now, where only out laws and scavengers roam. The place that humans had once called home is now a barren shell of its former self. There Kayden's life was changed forever. In the ruins of a world that had paid a terrible prices Kayden found the record of a man named Lonny Quartz changed Kayden's Life forever.

  • Confinement


    Zane is cursed. A magical creature trapped in the body of a human man. As hard as he tries to hate mortals, he cannot deny that he feels a strange connection to a certain woman… Sera has been alone her entire life. She is a young social worker who spends her days attempting to heal her broken city. She is destined to an arranged marriage, a life and social status she cannot seem to fit into. Lonny, her fiancé, who has just been released from prison, is hoping to win Sera's heart back, despite all the pain he caused her. Zane is bitter, jaded, and has given up on finding his way back to himself. Until Sera, the only one who can see Zane's true form, stumbles into his life. When Sera pledges to help Zane break his curse, the two are plunged into a dangerous, fantastical adventure that will teach them the sacrifice of self-acceptance, the heartache of true love, and what it ultimately means…to be human. Confinement is created by Emily Dinova, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Evie

    Evie Carlos Mal Jay Uma Harry Gil Dizzy Audrey Jane Lonnie Ben Doug

  • Can't Be His

    Can't Be His

    Exterminator Lonnie “Roach” Raines and ice skater Alexi Summerville have been friends and roommates for years, but they’ve never taken their relationship to the next level.<br><br>When Alexi’s coach wants him to train for the World Championship in another state, Roach is forced to examine his feelings before he loses Alexi, possibly for good.



    Fantasy ADVENTURE

  • The Tale of Karojin Mirakisa

    The Tale of Karojin Mirakisa

  • Sweetheart Gangster Princess

    Sweetheart Gangster Princess

    Lily Foster moves to a small town- Belldale- and picks a few fights. Only to find out she's become the prize in a 'whose dick is bigger' kind of fight. Will, she beat them both, or become a prize? Or maybe fall in love? With one of them, or someone else? Or maybe, her greatest secret will become her greatest burden. She might spill the beans about Storef Noline, a.k.a. Lonnie Foster, and how they're connected.She knows too much about this life to be any normal girl.

  • Sirens Blue

    Sirens Blue


    Coralia Steele, the mother/queen of the sirens/mermaids. Hector Steele, father/husband to Coralia and their children. He is a co-leader of a small community of humans. Zero, brother of Coralia and leader of a small community of humans. Lonnie Rowe, ex lover/father of Coralia and one of her children. He is also a vicious pirate. Nixie, is the oldest of Coralia’s children. She is the daughter/slave of Lonnie. She is shy and keeps to herself. Allure Steele, is the second oldest of Coralia. She is a sweet an intelligent siren. Marlin Steele, is the only son/siren of Coralia. He says what’s on his mind while also being loyal to his family. Brooklyn Steele, is the youngest of Coralia. She is bright and beautiful. Jamie Bright, a human boy that is in love with Brooklyn. He protects her no matter the case and is always wanting to be the hero. Natsuko, is one of the last neko race left. He is very pervy. He doesn’t care to what he says but he doesn’t let a woman be hurt. Spikes, is part of a bandit group of rogue humans. His brother Striker, who is a tough/vulgar boy.

  • And Good Will to All

    And Good Will to All

    It's the middle of a very cold December, and Charlie Mayburn is in desperate need of a seasonal night manager at his self-storage facility. When he comes across a résumé from his childhood sweetheart, Lonnie "Mack" McDaniel, he’s beyond surprised. Mack left right after high school, determined to see the world and abandoning both Charlie and their small town for greener pastures. So what’s he doing back twenty years later?<br><br>As he's desperate and Mack is the most qualified applicant, Charlie hires him on the spot, along with leasing him a ten-by-ten unit. Mack does good work, but something’s off about him. He's very secretive, often bedraggled, and has holes in his well-worn shoes. Definitely not the clean-cut Mack Charlie grew up with.<br><br>When Charlie discovers, quite by accident, that Mack has been living in the storage unit he rented -- in the middle of winter -- he takes matters in hand. He offers Mack a place to stay, no strings attached. It takes some doing, but Charlie finally gets Mack to tell him how he ended up homeless. The tale almost breaks his heart, but Charlie is determined to take care of his long lost friend, no matter what.<br><br>Perhaps this Christmas, both men can find their way through old hurts and forge a new beginning, with good will for all.

  • Love for the Holidays Box Set

    Love for the Holidays Box Set

    Seven of J.D. Walker's best-selling holiday gay romance stories in one box set! Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>And Good Will to All:</strong> When Lonnie “Mack” McDaniel returns to town after twenty years, Charles “Charlie” Mayburn is stunned. But he overlooks their past -- and the love he still feels -- and hires Mack for a job at his self storage facility. Charlie senses that Mack is hiding something, and finally discovers he’s homeless. Will the offer of a home be enough to heal Mack and let Charlie back into his heart—to stay, this time?<br><br><strong>Boyfriend Countdown:</strong> Milo Slowiak doesn’t do relationships, hence his little black book. Nelson Agnew, a frequent buddy in Milo’s bed, has been fine with that, too, until Christmas Day, when he changes the rules. Now, Nelson wants a relationship, and Milo has until New Year's Day to make his decision. Milo is upset, but he can’t erase the feeling that he could be missing out on something good. Should he take the leap?<br><br><strong>Grateful for You:</strong> Jared Gillespie left home five years ago because his boyfriend, Walt Schneider cheated on him. With a woman. What he doesn't realize is that Walt, the man he still loves was trying to tell him something, which Jared figures out after his mother convinces him to come home for Thanksgiving. Harsh truths are revealed and second chances become possible. Something to be grateful for.<br><br><strong>Of Love and Feather Boas:</strong> Zachary Bodine can’t seem to move on from the betrayal of his ex, Maddox five years ago on Halloween. Lucius 'Lucille' Lombardi, a gorgeous drag queen is determined to change that. The plan? A few home-cooked meals, kisses, and Dinah Washington. When a surprise visitor appears on Halloween night, Zachary has to choose: let the past rule his life, or don a feather boa and grab hold of Lucius.<br><br><strong>Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch:</strong> Paulie Hajek loves weddings and enjoys working for a wedding planner. What isn’t enjoyable is dealing with the wedding planner’s brother, Van Tremaine on a daily basis. Paulie’s heart was broken by Van a year ago because he wouldn’t commit to something permanent. But now, Van is up to something, and Paulie’s not sure if it will end up being everything he’s always wanted, or a disaster.<br><br><strong>The Hippie Whisperer:</strong> Carl Neilson meets his match in Ben Brooker, an artist with questionable fashion sense and a garish hairstyle. Ben calls things as he sees them, including the way Carl uses his college-aged son Chester as a crutch. The truth is hard to take, but it forces Carl to look at himself in a new way. And in the end, a willingness to find love in unexpected places might be enough, in spite of it all.<br><br><strong>A Hippie Independence Day:</strong> Carl Neilson and Benjamin “Ben” Brooker are total opposites, but they’ve made it work for over a year. Carl has made great strides in letting his son Chester live his own life, though he’s still being stubborn about getting rid of the Hawaiian shirts. This Independence Day, Ben will stop at nothing to get Carl to open up to him, and maybe make some fireworks of their own, in the process.

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