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  • Lost



    Zaria Smith was in love with her childhood playmate, Elian Anderson who was six years her senior, since forever.Now adult Zaria finally got her wish fulfilled. She was married to her one and only knight! But fate had other plans. The boy she loved from beginning had changed. He hated her. She did everything to please him, but all she got was disappointment in return. When she at last, decided to let him go, he smirked cruelly and said: "Never think about leaving me again. I will never let you go."

  • Lost


    A girl who is so used to keeping everything to herself finally breaks. Who's going to save her when she gives up? Who's going to be there for her when she pushes everyone away? What will she do when someone actually stays?

  • LosT



    Leo is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys tell you in their own point of views how they met, but by a horrible chance.Can Andy teach Leo to love again? To move away from his messed up past and move on. With him. Well let's see...There is swear words in this story and intermite action and maybe smut later on. Also each chapter is quite long. Hope you enjoy!

  • LOST


    what do you know about spaceor humanityor maybe the worldwhat are the thing you know about it?.....if you don't have nothing, what do you do?fight?escape?or death?humanity leap toward the space, black technology governs all and A.I became the ideal secretary but nothing change as the human became more lazy and more unreasonableslaves, illegal or drugs all of it is the human doing so what about changing it all





    We cooked the breakfast in peace and tranquillity, so focused on the process to not even chit-chat in between. Or probably it was just me, too gone in the process of cooking to notice his stare on me."Hikari...""Yeah?" I don't look up from the bowl I'm mixing batter in, until I feel his presence right behind me. His hands began crawling up my arms, I let go of the bowl, and he turns me around."Yes Taehyung?" a smirk forms on the corner of his lips and a shiver goes down my spine, this couldn't be good."Up."Up? What could that possibly mean? Then it strikes me, I feel his hands wrapping around my waist, he wants me to sit on the kitchen counter.So I jump instinctively. I bit my lip out of habit, while he spreads my legs and walks forward, leaving no space between us. "Unbutton my shirt." I was hesitant but my hands followed his demands unwilling to upset him. My fingers were trembling against his buttons, his constant gaze upon me following each action of mine rendered me diffident.God why won't my hands stay calm, I strived hard to unbutton his fourth button when his hands engulfed mine and I bit my lip as he made me look up at him."My turn." My eyes widened on realisation as his hands swiftly reached the hem of my shirt.He leisurely unbuttoned my shirt, his eyes never leaving my face, he was absorbing every bit of my bashfulness, every reaction I made. I felt a chill across my chest, and that's when I noticed that he was done with his task."I love your sub nature." I like his dominant side too, but at times he was too intimidating for me to bare with."Kiss me." I gulped and reached for his lips, and to my surprise he stepped backwards and giggled."Kiss me Hikari." I jumped off the counter and reached to kiss his lips yet again but he stood straight, he was too tall for me to reach without him bending down."I can't...." I shrugged at his unusual demand to which he was being uncooperative."Disobeying me, are you?" He expression switched to a daunting one, and I blinked in response and shook my head."But I don't see you following my instructions?" I gulp as he advances towards me..__________ Hikari Yi is a girl of a grim, fatalistic world, the love of a family was never one of her assets. Away from the fallen realm of her father’s menacing territory, she leads an independent life. Little did she know the world she was running away from, was advancing towards her at a pace faster than she was travelling at. Hikari admires a world famous boy band, the ORIONS, consisting of seven members. She somehow receives an offer to look after them as a manager or a caretaker. As unexpected as it looks, it isn't. The more time she spends around them, she grows infatuated with one of the seven. Are the feelings mutual? Is he the one to fill the void of solicitude in her life? Overtime, mysteries unfold, what was Hikari's past? What other plans does she have for the boyband she adore? What secrets has she locked? As it is, it isn’t just her. The Orions, too, have got their own darkness to unravel. ____________________________________ -"Tell me once you again that you love me" -"Reassure me once more that you'll stay forever, that you won't leave me alone." -"Who are you.. No... What are you exactly?" -"I want you Hikari. Now." -"Is that how you talk to your boss?" -"Your clothes are see-through" -"Yakuzas are the most feared mob group" -“This world won’t let us be.” ____________________________________ It's an enthralling, mystery, romance, action thriller. It has everything you've been looking for. High school romance? Office heated relations? Eternal love? Mafia? demons? Vampires? Boys? Best friends? Family? Action? Suspense? It's all there, read to indulge in the roller-coaster adventure!

  • The Lost Asteroids

    The Lost Asteroids



    [Check out My new Novel, "Temporal Pearls"]Earth, the year 2063. Technology has stagnated after reaching a certain threshold. There were a lot of breakthroughs in innovation and inventions, but nothing groundbreaking enough that will send scientists crazy. In that situation, a strange phenomenon starts to appear from different parts of the world: Unique children born with Special Ability. And finally, Scientists went CRAZY like never before!!! *** Bala, our MC, was born bearing a Unique Ability. An ability that he did not completely understand. At the age of fifteen, he was first kidnapped by a group of Mysterious Witches. After he managed to escape, a few years later he was kidnapped again by one of the most Powerful Organisations in the world. In the Organisation's Research Facility, he met with others like him, with ability. From the Facility, Bala learned about an impending doom encroaching toward Earth. Unfortunately, for Bala, the World Authority (World Government) thinks he has one of the few Abilities require to stop the Calamity. And it might lead to their death to do so. To save his life, a game of chase began between him, and almost every Country and All-powerful Organisations in the world! If that is not enough a group of Ancient Sorcerers and Witches also wants a piece of him too! Will he be able to save himself from the terrible fate of being a sacrifice to save Earth? Maybe not!!!! ******************************* Discord https://discord.gg/CbfPyXgAuV

  • When We Lost

    When We Lost


    Karena kesalahan besar yang dilakukan Theo, pernikahannya dengan Arin harus berakhir. Namun tanpa mereka ketahui, kesalahan besar itu hanyalah rencana jahat yang diperbuat sekretarisnya, Hanna.Rencana itu harus dihentikan. Tapi, bagaimana caranya?

  • Unknowingly Lost

    Unknowingly Lost



    Lucas is a CEO vampire who works at a vampire-based corporation where only a handful of humans are aware of their existence. Sara's delectable scent, amongst the human employees, attracted his attention. As a member of vampire aristocrats, Lucas held a Blood Red Party and invited Sara to be the Guest of Honour, omitting the fact that she will be the main course for him. Lucas became obsessed with the taste of her blood and wanted to keep her near for a fresh supply of blood. His attempt to seduce her failed miserably. As he tries to continuously deceive her, Sara finally fell in love without knowing he's the predator and Lucas unknowingly fell into his own trap. From prey to love, he was not sure when it all started. Both never experience love. Both never understood love. Join these two as they slowly explore their feelings and embrace what comes their way. Take a back seat and read how they come to accept each other in their life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER : The cover does not belong to me. The rights go to the original artist. Please contact me if you wish for it to be taken down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • The Lost Love

    The Lost Love


    Banyak orang bilang, hubungan yang berada dalam status long distance (jarak jauh) yang konon selalu menjadi suatu ancaman hubungan akan mudah berakhir, namun nyatanya tidak semua benar demikian. Lalu bagaimana hubungan itu akan berjalan dengan akhir yang indah, setelah bertaburan dengan kata-kata manis, kepercayaan, kejujuran dalam waktu yang begitu sangat panjang? Jika nyatanya dua sejoli yang kini sedang menjalani hubungan itu tengah memiliki perbedaan keyakinan yang begitu kuat sebagai makhluk yang beragama. Mencoba untuk melawan dengan mengatasnamakan cinta yang begitu dalam di hati mereka, yang tumbuh tak terduga sejak pada pandangan pertama. Karena sejatinya cinta yang sesungguhnya, tak pernah mengenal status, suku, adat, atau ras sekalipun. Ini adalah tentang hati yang tidak bisa kita kendalikan kepada siapa akan berlabuh, mencoba untuk tetap bertahan dan menjalani skenario Tuhan yang mereka percayai telah di takdirkan untuk mereka yang akan memulainya. Lantas bagaimana akhir dari kisah mereka? Siapa yang harus mereka pilih? Cinta yang begitu dalam, atau keyakinan yang begitu sakral tehadap sang pencipta (Tuhan).

  • The Lost Heir

    The Lost Heir

    In the village of Asra, where everyone had the same physical features, was plagued by a beast of the forest. Their only option was to sacrifice the girls of the village when they came of age. One village girl was different from the rest. Growing up with the hatred of the villagers, orphan girl Raven spent most of her time in the forest. She befriended the beast that plagued her village. But what will happen when it's her time to be sacrificed to him?

  • Lost in the World

    Lost in the World



    Sarah is an ordinary small-town girl who falls in love with her childhood friend but her plan for a happy life turns upside down when her lover leaves for the city and disappears. Now she is on the verge to find her lost love. She knows it might even cost her life, she has seen people getting hurt because of it. Is she brave enough to face danger for love? Will she be able to find her love or else find someone better along her way? But what she doesn't know is that the bitter realities of the world awaits her.Note: Want free coins? Just follow me on insta@ nizrah_moin and dm me!=========EXCERPT"Do we really love each other?" I asked."I believe," he responds, moving his face towards mine, he looks into my eyes."What if I'm gone missing someday?""I'll go finding you to the deepest core of the Earth.""Doesn't it sound childish?" "Love is childish.""What if you don't find me?""I'll not give up until I find you.""It could be dangerous out there.""Love is the name of sacrifice and I am glad I have the courage to love someone." He leans closer and my heart almost skips a beat. We are so close but still too far away.I gasp as I notice that we have stopped walking and slowly he's been reducing the distance between us. I close my eyes and he leans even closer, I could feel the heat radiating through his body."But Sarah, do you have the courage to love?" He whispers in my ear.For a while his question lingered in my head, it was a simple question but with a deep meaning behind. It wasn't just a question but many questions in one.Do I really love him to the extent of sacrifice?Do I have the courage to sacrifice?Am I able to face all the dangers of the world for him?

  • Lost Soul!

    Lost Soul!



    Trying to save someone from death, only to get doom in the end!Kayra Van, a very ordinary college student with a super good character died when she tried to save an old lady from getting hit by a bus-sama. But, Heaven had other plans! When she was going to save the old lady by dragging her behind, a rotten pulpy banana caused her to slip!In the end, both of them were found to be kissing mother earth with all their being and successfully died! The most traumatic thing was, she wasn't on the dead list of the grim reaper!!!But her good intention and past deeds didn't go down the drain because the next second, she got the chance to transmigrate! With a cute pearl-shaped system at that!But unexpectedly, she fell in the eyes of the dragon lord of that universe. Not willing to get entangled with anyone, what will Kayra Van do when she faced the pursuit of the obsessed dragon, Levin D'razure? #Please support the book with your valuable ps, reviews and comments. Thanks~

  • Lost Lost Lost!

    Lost Lost Lost!


    Book is gone!

  • Sex Drive [Lost]

    Sex Drive [Lost]

    Due to a fortunate accident Mason James got a power to attract girls.Join his lewd journey filled with sex and girls[Not Original Creator Just Didn't Want to See the Story Vanish]

  • The Lost Constellation

    The Lost Constellation



    20 years ago, the world was rocked by enormous changes. A hole in the sky suddenly opened. The sky split open and monsters appeared in large numbers. The phenomenon is now called the "Dimensional Gate". After the "Dimensional Gate" opens apart from the monsters that come out, people gain tremendous power from the Mana that comes out of the "Dimensional Gate". After the cracks occurred some time later people then had the power. Humans don't know where they got this power from. Those who possess this power are known as "Hunters". However, not all Hunters possessed extraordinary strength. Arjuna Wijaya, was an F rank Hunter who didn't even qualify to fight in a dungeon. Must always be the lowest, Arjuna Wijaya continues to live life as a Hunter. He repeatedly had to risk his life for the sake of his younger brother who was hospitalized. However, a fortune came to Jang Tae-Sang, he met Ophiucus. Ophiuchus gave him power in exchange for defeating the 12 sons of Zeus. Now the purpose of his life is no longer only for the survival of his sister but also to avenge Ophiucus and reveal the secret behind it all.





    Katie Kent is a 16year old with a troubled childhood, growing up not knowing her father, loosing her sister at a tender age due to suicide and then left with a mother who doesn't care for her only surviving child. She grows up to become a girl with a constant bullier in high school, camille. The daughter of the most wealthiest man in Texas. Little did she know that her life would forever change coming across camille and being shipped off to another high school in no where land called GREY high. There, she makes friends and finally has a crush on one of the hottest guys in Grey high, Liam. If they would end up together? No one knows... together with her friends, they encounter many activities, teachers and other students. The strenght of their friendship help them to have each others back, Katie also learns about many secrets hidden in the school walls, secrets that were never to excape the four corners of the school, she becomes lost in every secret she unviels not knowing who or what she is anymore. Keep on reading if you want to find out every secret she unviels, all the troubles she and her friends encounter in school and finally if she will ever have a chance with Liam. Big thank you to light_ray for this new great coverPlease Support my first work by buying privs(priveledge) to read ahead, also vote and leave a commentYou can reach me on discord : lizbeth1214#1303 Thank you for reading...



    Looking for something?Well that right in front of your eyes....But why don't see it?Look a little harder and there it is.RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES...Sequel to *His Human Mate**Her lost Wolf*Sometimes what you are looking for so hardly is right in front of your eyes. You just don't see it!That is exactly the case with Gigi! A hybrid of werewolf and unknownBeing the most powerful being in the magical world with powers beyond anyone's imagination seems like a dream come true but for Gigi its a nightmare inside of a nightmare as her extraordinary powers of manipulating weather, bringing natural disasters and controlling minds is getting out of her hands.As the supreme trying her best to not loose control and maintain the peace of entire magical world is surely too much food in one plate.Zayn helps Gigi as much as he can, not only because he is one of the two guardians but also because Gigi is his mate.They both along with the second guardian Four( yes Four is name like the number) who is Gigi's Cousin tries their best to maintain peace but everything falls when a huge threat comes. In order to fight the threat Gigi needs full control over her powers so she sets on a journey to find her wolf whom she thinks was stolen from her at a young age. But the question is can she find her wolf before the threat gets bigger? ..This books is totally my imagination!

  • The Lost Amnesty

    The Lost Amnesty


    Wang JoonChul, a part timer who bought a VR headset to finally play VR game, got home from his work.However, instead of playing a wonderful game, he ended up in another world with 999 other people. Trapped in a random world, and received a game like system, everyone who was sent there, were supposed to defend Earth from its destruction by an ‘Evil Being’.Will JoonChul be able to defend Earth? Or will he die before having the chance to protect Earth? Watch as JoonChul's adventure through this hardship with his comrades.

  • Her Lost Love

    Her Lost Love

    Jonathan Albertson, a single father who happens to own a multi-billion Dollar company in the United States of America, goes to a private school one late afternoon to pick his son up. He came late due to heavy traffic, and finally sees his son saying goodbye to his favorite teacher. He soon finds out that the teacher his son has been telling him about, months ago, was his ex girlfriend whom he loved and still loves so much. Will these ex lovers go back to each other's arms after all? Read the story and find out.

  • Sex Genius [Lost]

    Sex Genius [Lost]

    [Not Original Creator Just Didn't Want to See the Story Vanish]