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  • Lost



    Zaria Smith was in love with her childhood playmate, Elian Anderson who was six years her senior, since forever.Now adult Zaria finally got her wish fulfilled. She was married to her one and only knight! But fate had other plans. The boy she loved from beginning had changed. He hated her. She did everything to please him, but all she got was disappointment in return. When she at last, decided to let him go, he smirked cruelly and said: "Never think about leaving me again. I will never let you go."

  • Lost


    A girl who is so used to keeping everything to herself finally breaks. Who's going to save her when she gives up? Who's going to be there for her when she pushes everyone away? What will she do when someone actually stays?

  • LosT



    Leo is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys tell you in their own point of views how they met, but by a horrible chance.Can Andy teach Leo to love again? To move away from his messed up past and move on. With him. Well let's see...There is swear words in this story and intermite action and maybe smut later on. Also each chapter is quite long. Hope you enjoy!

  • LOST


    what do you know about spaceor humanityor maybe the worldwhat are the thing you know about it?.....if you don't have nothing, what do you do?fight?escape?or death?humanity leap toward the space, black technology governs all and A.I became the ideal secretary but nothing change as the human became more lazy and more unreasonableslaves, illegal or drugs all of it is the human doing so what about changing it all

  • Coming For The Lost Fourteenth

    Coming For The Lost Fourteenth



    "Damn bastards!! You dare do such things in my presence. Let's see you dare.""You damn jerk, you dare run off to play only to suddenly lose contact to us? Let me pummel you to death.""And for you people, I shall get you back for this once I return!!"She didn't want to be there, she wants to live her long life in leisure.But then one had just to disappear for so long and her other companions just came up with the BRIGHTEST idea of ganging up on her and pushing her to go and look for him.Listen to the sarcasm when she used the word 'brightest'.She didn't think it would be easy but she never thought it would be very difficult.'This place became so noisy,' she thought after knowing the current condition of the place they are supposed to watch over.Why?Because they are the angels known to the people in the land.A land filled with Players, and the indication of their strengths are the numbers in the corners of their eyes.And she and her companions were called angels because they have four numbers that not one in the land could ever have.Or that was how it was supposed to be."Someone dared create an artificial one, let's see what you got. Once I find you I will show you what the real deal is," she declared.****Do read my other stories:SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED)VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED)RESTARTING CHAPTER BOOK FINALE (COMPLETED)VERACITY OF THE PAST (ONGOING)REBIRTH: STUBBORNLY FULFILLING A PROMISE (ONGOING) Disclaimer: Cover Photo not mine... Do contact me if I am not allowed to use it... ^_^Follow me on instagram and know in advance about my plans: instagram.com/miss.llaellen/Buy me a coffee? ^_^ - https://ko-fi.com/llaellen





    You are already having enough nightmares and demons in your day to day life. What happens when you start getting haunted by nightmares from an ancient world or maybe, as the legends say, memories from your past life? WARNING: SENSITIVE CONTENT On her 18th birthday, Li Juan had a nightmare that changed her life forever. She saw a queen of an ancient kingdom being murdered in her dream. Even though it was just a dream, intrigued by its content, she starts searching for its meanings and interpretations. Today, Li Juan is a research scholar at the archaeology department and she is on a quest to find a lost city. While searching about the lost city, she realises that her past and present life is being intertwined with three men who claim to own her heart. "Li Juan, you belong to me," declared her Highschool crush who also happens to be her current boss. "Li Juan, we are destined to be together," proclaimed her celebrity crush. "Li Juan, both of our families, wants us to become a couple," proposed her family friend. "Wait a minute!!! Are you sure the "Li Juan" whom you all mentioning is really me?" Even Li Juan herself finds it difficult to believe their claims, " I am sorry to disappoint you all, but I have already fallen in love with my research career." "But Li Juan, I promised that I'll help you to find your Queen," A blurry image of a man from her memory reminded her. Who is that? Through her broken dreams and shattered memories, Li Juan is still searching for the one who made the promise, to find the Queen from her dreams !!! No Mature content on first 20+chapters, but later chapters are under PG-18 Disclaimer: 1. Slow-paced romance with lots of mysteries. 2. Lengthy chapters (Minimum 1.5k words/chapters) 3. There are several chapters that deal with abusive toxic relationships and bullying. 4. The cover is not mine, I will remove it if the creator demands. 5. Read my other story, "No where to run: Trapped with my Archenemy" on webnovel # FIRST 100+ chapters are currently under editing # Support me on ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/monsoonmangoes0502




    #WSA2022 Claire Verrelyne tidak pernah menginginkan kemampuannya yang saat ini menjadi salah satu masalah dalam hidupnya. Siapapun tidak ada yang berani mendekatinya, kecuali orang dalam yang membenci sikap Claire karena setiap kali sebuah lontaran yang keluar pasti menjadi kenyataan. Claire sudah pasti tahu sendiri oleh kemampuannya tersebut bahwa mereka semua tidak ada satu pun yang menyukainya. Pindahnya Claire ke sekolah baru membuatnya selalu di bumbui dengan sebuah cibiran. Entah itu kutukan atau memang takdir dari Tuhan yang di berikan untuknya. Claire hanya bisa berharap semuanya membaik tanpa ada yang membuat orang lain celaka. Nyatanya memang semua itu hanya setiap kali dia berdo’ a meminta. Maut hingga hal kecil sekalipun dapat Claire rasakan ketika dia terbangun dari tidurnya yang nyaris satu tahun setelah kecelakaan hebat bersama kedua orang tuanya yang di nyatakan sudah meninggal dunia. Akan tetapi atensi Claire teralih ketika mendapati satu lelaki yang mendekatinya. Sosok yang membuat Claire terkesima oleh sikap baiknya. Padahal Claire tahu alasan tertentu dengan maksud yang berbeda. Mampukah Claire mengatasi berbagai situasi di sekitarnya? ============ by. Carrellandeous

  • The Lost Asteroids

    The Lost Asteroids



    [Check out My new Novel, "Temporal Pearls"]Earth, the year 2063. Technology has stagnated after reaching a certain threshold. There were a lot of breakthroughs in innovation and inventions, but nothing groundbreaking enough that will send scientists crazy. In that situation, a strange phenomenon starts to appear from different parts of the world: Unique children born with Special Ability. And finally, Scientists went CRAZY like never before!!! *** Bala, our MC, was born bearing a Unique Ability. An ability that he did not completely understand. At the age of fifteen, he was first kidnapped by a group of Mysterious Witches. After he managed to escape, a few years later he was kidnapped again by one of the most Powerful Organisations in the world. In the Organisation's Research Facility, he met with others like him, with ability. From the Facility, Bala learned about an impending doom encroaching toward Earth. Unfortunately, for Bala, the World Authority (World Government) thinks he has one of the few Abilities require to stop the Calamity. And it might lead to their death to do so. To save his life, a game of chase began between him, and almost every Country and All-powerful Organisations in the world! If that is not enough a group of Ancient Sorcerers and Witches also wants a piece of him too! Will he be able to save himself from the terrible fate of being a sacrifice to save Earth? Maybe not!!!! ******************************* Discord https://discord.gg/CbfPyXgAuV





    Katie Kent is a 16year old with a troubled childhood, growing up not knowing her father, loosing her sister at a tender age due to suicide and then left with a mother who doesn't care for her only surviving child. She grows up to become a girl with a constant bullier in high school, camille. The daughter of the most wealthiest man in Texas. Little did she know that her life would forever change coming across camille and being shipped off to another high school in no where land called GREY high. There, she makes friends and finally has a crush on one of the hottest guys in Grey high, Liam. If they would end up together? No one knows... together with her friends, they encounter many activities, teachers and other students. The strenght of their friendship help them to have each others back, Katie also learns about many secrets hidden in the school walls, secrets that were never to excape the four corners of the school, she becomes lost in every secret she unviels not knowing who or what she is anymore. Keep on reading if you want to find out every secret she unviels, all the troubles she and her friends encounter in school and finally if she will ever have a chance with Liam. Big thank you to light_ray for this new great coverPlease Support my first work by buying privs(priveledge) to read ahead, also vote and leave a commentYou can reach me on discord : lizbeth1214#1303 Thank you for reading...

  • Unknowingly Lost

    Unknowingly Lost



    Lucas is a CEO vampire who works at a vampire-based corporation where only a handful of humans are aware of their existence. Sara's delectable scent, amongst the human employees, attracted his attention. As a member of vampire aristocrats, Lucas held a Blood Red Party and invited Sara to be the Guest of Honour, omitting the fact that she will be the main course for him. Lucas became obsessed with the taste of her blood and wanted to keep her near for a fresh supply of blood. His attempt to seduce her failed miserably. As he tries to continuously deceive her, Sara finally fell in love without knowing he's the predator and Lucas unknowingly fell into his own trap. From prey to love, he was not sure when it all started. Both never experience love. Both never understood love. Join these two as they slowly explore their feelings and embrace what comes their way. Take a back seat and read how they come to accept each other in their life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER : The cover does not belong to me. The rights go to the original artist. Please contact me if you wish for it to be taken down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Lost Happiness

    Lost Happiness


    It is a fateful encounter. He meets the weirdest woman who is absolutely clueless about the world she lives in at the age of the internet. “Don’t do that,” he said. “Do what?” she asked. He replied, “Kiss… I mean.” “But people who live together, they kiss, don’t they?” “It’s only if they are a couple.” “What’s a couple?” The CEO has found a girl standing in an alley stark naked. Before his eyes, she collapses and loses consciousness. Later, she wakes up with no memory. Her odd behavior makes him curious and so he decides to keep her within his reach to dig into her past. However, a series of incidents is trying to keep him away from the truth. And she, who knows nothing about herself, sees terrifying visions from time to time. She has no idea the reason behind those visions. She doesn’t know if she should share it with someone. All she knows is that she is scared of something… or someone. What is happening around her? Why are they happening? Who is looking for her? Who is stalking her? ____________________ Series of: 1. Handsome CEO's Darling Wife 2. My Wife is a goddess: 99 Secret Kisses Upcoming: 4. The Cobra ______________ ***Top 3 Voters and Generous Readers who send gifts will get the copy of the book. __________________ Find me: www.flow07.come bio.link/flow07 Keep an eye on my social media to be notified about my new books ^^

  • The Lost Moon of silver

    The Lost Moon of silver


    Warning: this story contains mature content. Abuse, violence, torture, explicit language and sexual themes. May not be suitable for a younger audience.“Do you love him?”“No.” She knows it's true. “But I don’t know you either.”Life couldn’t be this complicated.All Nefretiri Jordans wanted was a normal, peaceful existence.A husband who was loyal and compassionate. A healthy family and a life she wasn’t ashamed of.Instead, her world shattered into pieces and her hopes and dreams burned to ashes in front of her.Nothing was the way she’d imagined it to be, and the person to blame was the man she’d believed was the one who loved her.She’s lost and there was no escape. No family, friends, and nowhere to go. She’s forced to lie in the bed, she believes she made herself. Ashamed, beaten down and close to breaking, all she can do to keep a hold of her sanity is defying him.That was the choice she'd made one day. Instead of staying locked away in her prison, she did what she’d learned to always do; Disobey, the monster who took it all from her. Even her name.But what started off as a simple trip to a store turned into something Nefera could never expect.A one-way trip down the rabbit hole.Chocolate cake, diapers, something for dinner. Nowhere on that list did she have a mate marked down.Especially not a gorgeous blue-eyed werewolf alpha who seemed determined to take her away from all of it.No matter how much she hated her husband and the desire to run was eating away at her, Nefera knows she can’t do it.He’ll never let her go, and you can’t outrun a ghost.Now she’s stuck between the wall and a sword.Between her past, the man she’d vowed to honor and forsake all others, and the one who's fated to be hers forever.There’s more than just her heart at stake, secrets buried deep between all of them that could unravel and destroy them all.Make the wrong choice, and she could lose everything, but to win the game, sometimes you have to put all your cards on the table.“Do you love me?”

  • Lost in the World

    Lost in the World



    Sarah is an ordinary small-town girl who falls in love with her childhood friend but her plan for a happy life turns upside down when her lover leaves for the city and disappears. Now she is on the verge to find her lost love. She knows it might even cost her life, she has seen people getting hurt because of it. Is she brave enough to face danger for love? Will she be able to find her love or else find someone better along her way? But what she doesn't know is that the bitter realities of the world awaits her.Note: Want free coins? Just follow me on insta@ nizrah_moin and dm me!=========EXCERPT"Do we really love each other?" I asked."I believe," he responds, moving his face towards mine, he looks into my eyes."What if I'm gone missing someday?""I'll go finding you to the deepest core of the Earth.""Doesn't it sound childish?" "Love is childish.""What if you don't find me?""I'll not give up until I find you.""It could be dangerous out there.""Love is the name of sacrifice and I am glad I have the courage to love someone." He leans closer and my heart almost skips a beat. We are so close but still too far away.I gasp as I notice that we have stopped walking and slowly he's been reducing the distance between us. I close my eyes and he leans even closer, I could feel the heat radiating through his body."But Sarah, do you have the courage to love?" He whispers in my ear.For a while his question lingered in my head, it was a simple question but with a deep meaning behind. It wasn't just a question but many questions in one.Do I really love him to the extent of sacrifice?Do I have the courage to sacrifice?Am I able to face all the dangers of the world for him?

  • Lost My Music

    Lost My Music


    "How can you tell a person what you feel about that person if you can't muster any strength to swallow your pride just to say what you want to say?" That was the question Vin Santos kept asking himself. Still he wasn’t sure on how to do that. He never experienced that feeling before. Since that start of high school, he always got caught up in different criminal cases. But on the last year of high school, things would change. He never thought he'd be off track. He can't sing when he want to. He became deaf and is now having a hard time following the beat. The tunes and lyrics are now disconnected. He can't remember the songs he sung, and he realized “I’ve lost my music”.

  • Lost Lost Lost!

    Lost Lost Lost!


    Book is gone!

  • The Lost Love

    The Lost Love


    Banyak orang bilang, hubungan yang berada dalam status long distance (jarak jauh) yang konon selalu menjadi suatu ancaman hubungan akan mudah berakhir, namun nyatanya tidak semua benar demikian. Lalu bagaimana hubungan itu akan berjalan dengan akhir yang indah, setelah bertaburan dengan kata-kata manis, kepercayaan, kejujuran dalam waktu yang begitu sangat panjang? Jika nyatanya dua sejoli yang kini sedang menjalani hubungan itu tengah memiliki perbedaan keyakinan yang begitu kuat sebagai makhluk yang beragama. Mencoba untuk melawan dengan mengatasnamakan cinta yang begitu dalam di hati mereka, yang tumbuh tak terduga sejak pada pandangan pertama. Karena sejatinya cinta yang sesungguhnya, tak pernah mengenal status, suku, adat, atau ras sekalipun. Ini adalah tentang hati yang tidak bisa kita kendalikan kepada siapa akan berlabuh, mencoba untuk tetap bertahan dan menjalani skenario Tuhan yang mereka percayai telah di takdirkan untuk mereka yang akan memulainya. Lantas bagaimana akhir dari kisah mereka? Siapa yang harus mereka pilih? Cinta yang begitu dalam, atau keyakinan yang begitu sakral tehadap sang pencipta (Tuhan).

  • Lost Summoner

    Lost Summoner


    Axel, a bored 18year, who had a wish that world wasn't peaceful, on a normal day he made a wish asking for a change, however he never expected that he would receive that wish just it being his world.I do not own the image and if the OG creator wishes for it to be taken down. Just let me know

  • The Lost Constellation

    The Lost Constellation



    20 years ago, the world was rocked by enormous changes. A hole in the sky suddenly opened. The sky split open and monsters appeared in large numbers. The phenomenon is now called the "Dimensional Gate". After the "Dimensional Gate" opens apart from the monsters that come out, people gain tremendous power from the Mana that comes out of the "Dimensional Gate". After the cracks occurred some time later people then had the power. Humans don't know where they got this power from. Those who possess this power are known as "Hunters". However, not all Hunters possessed extraordinary strength. Arjuna Wijaya, was an F rank Hunter who didn't even qualify to fight in a dungeon. Must always be the lowest, Arjuna Wijaya continues to live life as a Hunter. He repeatedly had to risk his life for the sake of his younger brother who was hospitalized. However, a fortune came to Jang Tae-Sang, he met Ophiucus. Ophiuchus gave him power in exchange for defeating the 12 sons of Zeus. Now the purpose of his life is no longer only for the survival of his sister but also to avenge Ophiucus and reveal the secret behind it all.

  • Lost in the Sun

    Lost in the Sun


    Alex dies in our world while he has just started his sabbatical year but luckily an unknown god gives him a new chance. He wakes up in the body of a child on Krypton with a system (strangely similar to the one in [The Gamer]). (I have no idea where this story will take us but you can give me feedback, I'll take it into consideration)





    This is cut version of...Novel : THE MEMORY LOST IN SPACE Author: TONG HUATranslator: HONGGSHUAILorraine was a fake princess. She's the only pure-gene human in the mutant world. Without past memories, she had befriended with an experimental body who could turn into a dangerous beast.Nothing can escape the clutches of time. Death and deterioration is but an eventuality. Only memory is not bound by the shackles of time. In fact some memories become clearer steeped in time. The beautiful, the ugly, all the has-beens. Each event seemingly small and insignificant but their flashes of brilliance can even outdazzle the night’s sky.An existence that should be denied, he thought he would be alone forever for a soul born in darkness was destined to be swallowed up by darkness. Happiness can only be a mirage. Yet he cannot control his feelings that are overflowing because he has found someone willing to stand with him against all odds.One existence was built on another person’s genetic makeup. The other lived a fabricated lie. Just like a whisper in the wind, they had no past and no future. They only have the present. They only have each other.Will your pursuit only end with the withering of the final rose? Will you discover that you’ve missed all of its radiant beauty only when it is gone? Will you only stop grumbling about the cold when the last snowflake has fallen? Will you regret failing to appreciate the here and now?