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  • Black Eagle

    Black Eagle

    Video Game ADVENTURE

    Deri dan Sati mendaki gunung disana mereka sedang bermain dengan serius disana mereka melihat seekor elang hitam yang sangat perkasa,elang itu terbang dengan pancaran sinar matahari yang sangat terangdan dari sanalah perjalanan mereka dimulai

  • Louis.


    People aren't always accepting. 17 year old Louis McArthur is figuring this out for himself. Everyone has their secrets, but his is going to cause problems.What will he do to be happy? TAGS: #TRANSGENDER, #BULLYING

  • Regarding Louis

    Regarding Louis

    Louis is conflicted, between chasing his dreams of becoming a world renowned novelist, or his parents expectations of him graduating from the University and going off to law school. He tries to find the right path and embarks on a mission to finish a novel before his four years in college are over, but he finds hself in a dilemma as he realises he can't seem to find inspiration laptop in hand he heads for a coffee shop off campus where he bumps into someone unexpected the barista who happens to be a friend from

  • Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton

  • Deep Into St Louis

    Deep Into St Louis

    Contemporary Romance ACTION MYSTERY

    Deep in St. Louis where the FBI's little detective, Williams Emina, investigates about the disappearance occasions occurring around America for 20 years continously. With the help of her team, Emina discovers about the paranormal case targeting all people of no specific specious. So who would the criminal be? Why would they abduct a large number of people? And how did she discover?

  • Bruce & Louis

    Bruce & Louis

  • Kassidy Louis | 01

    Kassidy Louis | 01

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE SYSTEM CEO

    Kassidy Louis didn't exist in real life. She was part of a game, an overlooked villainess with a doomed fate. But when very real human, Riri finds herself trapped in the aforementioned game, surrounded by five hot guys and a girl who keeps calling herself the 'female lead', Riri might just find love in an unexpected place.

  • The Queen of the Emperor Louis

    The Queen of the Emperor Louis


    Aletha gadis desa yang memiliki paras cantik rupawan juga hati yang baik dan dermawan. Kecantikannya yang sangat memukau mampu membuat kakak tirinya iri dengannya.Dia tinggal dengan ibu dan kakak tirinya, ayahnya sudah meninggal 2 tahun yang lalu karena peperangan yang terjadi di kerajaan Le Tiong La.Meski Aletha selalu diperlakukan tidak adil dia selalu saja diam dan menuruti semua perintah yang ibu tirinya suruhkan.Aletha sudah sejak lama mengidolakan Kaisar Louis, bukan karena ketampanannya namun sifat kewibawaannya yang mampu membuat Aletha merasa terpukau.Hingga suatu ketika Aletha terjebak oleh situasi yang sangat darurat dan hal itu membawa dia bisa bertemu dengan Kaisar yang sejak dulu dia impi impikan.Lalu apakah Kaisar Louis tahu akan hal itu?? Lalu bagaimana dengan Aletha, apakah dia akan mengutarakan apa yang selama ini dia impikan atau malah dia akan menutupi semua fakta itu???Penasaran??Yuk Buruan baca.Update setiap hari yaa

  • Louis'Tame


  • I Can Create Perfect Accidents.

    I Can Create Perfect Accidents.

    Magical Realism DARK URBAN


    John, who had been framed and wrongly imprisoned, was finally released. His five-year jail time had fostered his hatred toward the son of the Waters Conglomerate, Niel. However, John, who had no connections, could not do anything about it. When he had almost lost all hope while accompanying his girlfriend who was in a vegetative state thanks to Niel, he suddenly realized that there was a search bar right before his eyes! This search bar was just like the search bar in Google Chrome! After a long silence, John tried to type a line into the search bar. "How to accomplish a perfect crime without leaving any mishaps that will cause the death of Neil Waters?" Immediately after that, a line of words appeared on the search bar: "On March 19, 2021, at 3:29:19 PM, on the trash can at the intersection of Louis Street, place a Lincoln brand pencil that is 3.5 cm in length, with a 1 cm³ base area, and weighs 2.8 g. There will be a series of accidents that will result in Neil's death in a car accident!"

  • Kisah Helena

    Kisah Helena

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18


    21++ Mature Audience Only (Kisah Helena- TAMAT) "Mengapa dia tidak ingin menyentuhku? Aku sudah menjadi istrinya?" Helena tidak tahu apakah dia harus senang atau bersedih? Pria yang ia nikahi, bahkan tidak meliriknya dimalam pertama. Sebegitu hinakah Helena dimatanya? Kalau bukan karena permintaan Ratu Revania, tidak mungkin Helena mau menikah dengan Raja Louis. Pria dengan segala kesempurnaan, bahkan pujaan bagi semua rakyat dari Negara Aarez.

  • Sir Louis Axe : A Journey of Murder

    Sir Louis Axe : A Journey of Murder

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE MYSTERY

    Grudges, envy, hate, anger, those are just a small part of the dark aspects of man that are full of mysteries and puzzles. Sometimes when in the desperate, all dark aspects of man appear and affect the human heart and mind. No one knows when a crime scenario will emerge. But one thing is for sure, there are no crimes that cannot be revealed because all evil must have left a trace!!This is the story of a young man and his detective friend in tracing various cases of unsusable crimes in the city of London.

  • The Villain Who Fell In Love

    The Villain Who Fell In Love

    Historical Romance ROMANCE HISTORICAL


    WARNING some chapters may trigger the reader.Emelia Beaumont first princess of the Redodel Empire and known as the Empire's flower. But soon her name was tarnished as the Empire fell onto the hands of the Vivian Empire. The two empires have been fighting for six years however victory reigned on the Vivan Empire, giving them access and power against the Redodel Empire."I am not someone who would be a use to you," The platinum blonde girl coldly said to the black-haired guy who didn't seem to be fizzled by her words. Instead, it pinned his interest in her."Are you sure? Because sooner or later you'll fall in love with me," The black-haired man answered with a sarcastic smile."Fall in love? My frozen heart won't melt for you," She sneered as the two guards that pushed her down to the floor forced her to lower her head."Then let's play a game, shall we? If you lose you are mine."Emelia laughed pathetically then answered, "No matter what challenge you bring to me I will overcome it."The black-haired man is named, Elliot Lucius Renaud. The current and youngest emperor of the Vivan Empire. Who fell in love with the princess of the Redodel Empire.The platinum blonde girl is named, Emelia Louis Beaumont the princess of the fallen empire. Who eventually fell in love with the Vivan Empire's emperor, Elliot.Is it fate or coincidence that brought them together?========================================Cover Art commissioned from: @laylee_hiuJoin my server: https://discord.gg/SSvspaDbB2NOTE: EDITING WILL COME ONCE THE BOOK IS COMPLETEDNO STEALING OF THE ART. IT BELONGS TO ME

  • Ma(HAR)ry dan kisah permaisuri Jaena dan Louis

    Ma(HAR)ry dan kisah permaisuri Jaena dan Louis

  • “The Wanted Lover”
(Louis X Reader) (18+ Lemon)

    “The Wanted Lover” (Louis X Reader) (18+ Lemon)

  • Mr. Louis's Mysterious Wife

    Mr. Louis's Mysterious Wife

    Contemporary Romance REVENGE

    In an accident, Helene Joseph saved a seriously injured handsome man and spent an intimate night with him.After that, he said he would be responsible for her and took away her most precious necklace!Angry and helpless, Helene Joseph wanted to forget that night. But she did not expect that the man appeared frequently and said some inexplicable words to her.Helene Joseph was enraged. "Sir, I really don't need you to be responsible for me. Please don't say that again!""Really?"Looking at the things in the man's hands, Helene Joseph was shocked. Why was there a woman who looked so similar to her with Wright Louis?The person in the photo was not her!

  • Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

    Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

  • junior,win Chang, smith,louis,violet,barbara,Felicia,alexandra,victor,

    junior,win Chang, smith,louis,violet,barbara,Felicia,alexandra,victor,

  • Kings And Queens

    Kings And Queens



    21++ Mature Audience OnlyWhy? Why he doesn't want to touch me? I've already become his wife?" Helena doesn't know how to act, feel sad or happy?The man is married to her, didn't even glance at her on the first night. How lowly is she in the eyes of King Aarez?If not for Queen Revania's request, Helena would not want to marry King Louis. A man of all perfection, Even King Louis Aarez already has a beautiful Queen and two empresses. eHe is an idol for the people of Aarez."