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  • The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO

    The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO



    What happens when a Powerful CEO in the Fashion World who already promised to marry his girlfriend, is forced to marry a woman from a lowly family, compared to his high-esteemed family background, against his wish? Fu Hua, a well-known name in the fashion industry is forced to get married to a woman by the name, Jia Li, who was far below his level by his Grandfather, who nobody in his family dared to go against, including him. Along the line, something happened and Fu Hua had to accept the marriage, but with conditions. But what happens when Jia consummates her marriage with Fu Hua and gives him a little bun in return? What happens When her Husband discovers her hidden talent, will he slowly start to fall for her? But what if Jia Li discovers that Fu Hua had always had his eyes on her since the first time they met, what would be her reaction? ***************** Fu Hua calls Jia Li over the phone to help him fold his clothes, and Jia Li went into his bedroom to assist him while thinking he wasn't there. Jia Li entered his bedroom and closed the door without looking behind her. She had only walked a few steps only to hear the door lock behind her. She was a little frightened when she looked behind and saw Fu Hua staring at her with a smile. "How did you... Have you been here?" She asked in shock. "Are you scared?." Fu Hua asked as he made his way towards her with a dangerous smile. The end game was that the innocent Jia Li was eaten clean by the hungry wolf. Book cover commissioned by, Artist Laylee Follow me on Instagram: @authorpaschalinelily Join my discord server to get firsthand information...

  • Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

    Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband



    "Lu Lijun! what're you doing?" "Shhh! Let me see where that bastard touched you," he tucked the loose hair strand behind her earlobe, "Nobody is allowed to touch my wife." "I..AM...NOT...YOUR...WIFE.." "Dare to say it again and in no time you will see yourself on that bed under me...and I'll make sure, you won't be able to rest for even a single moment, till the morning.” __ __ At the age of twenty, Jiang Yuyan married her love Lu Qiang, an heir to one of the most powerful business families in the capital. Tragically, a few months later, an unfortunate incident cost her husband's life. A series of unfathomable incidents compelled Jiang Yuyan to marry her brother-in-law Lu Lijun, who's younger than her. Her new marriage meant nothing to her more than just an act to protect the people she cared about. She planned to leave the Lu family after Lu Lijun became independent and spend the rest of her life with the memories of Lu Qiang which she treasured for all those years, but that turned out to be her wishful thinking. Her brother-in-law, Lu Lijun, realizes that he is in love with her and wants her to be his wife. What will unfold when he confessed his feelings to her, knowing that she will never accept him? Will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Will her heart come alive again? __ __ This is an original work and not the translation. The novel belongs to only W E B N O V E L . C O M. Discord- Instagram- Here, you will read two different love stories of the same Female lead as the story has two male leads. Note - 1) People who love excellent grammar please ignore the mistakes. It's about the story.. The novel is under the editing process. it will take time to finish the editing. Till now 1-100 chapters are edited.. 7 Chapters/week with the bonus chapter only on weekends.

  • Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

    Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved



    “Ms. Li Xue, you are pregnant!” said the doctor as she handed the pregnancy report that has clearly come positive. Li Xue didn’t know how to react to the news. She has come all prepared to take virginity test and prove the world that all their accusations were false. She was all sure that of her virginity being intact, then how her pregnancy was even possible? This is the story of a woman, Li Xue, who has worked hard to build her modelling career. She wasn’t from a rich family where everything came served in a golden plate, but from a middle-class working family, where one has to work really hard to attain their dreams. Her dream was to become the top leading fashion model but it got shattered when she found herself trapped in a scandal. No one believed her. Neither her friends nor her boyfriend. She was left all alone with the child that was growing inside her. So, she left the city, with the growing life in her womb. With a growing devilic-angel that was giving her strength to survive in this meaningless world, to become something she was still not sure of.____ P.S. This is an original work, not a translation. And the cover belongs to me. (Commissioned from: GiselArts).Join the author on the discord server: connect on Instagram:author_scarlet_shine

  • Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

    Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet



    “How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second. Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape from Si Ye Han and hated him to his core after being locked up by him. After her rebirth, she looked differently at him, thinking that maybe he changed for the better? In the past, her mind was muddled. She let go of a stunning husband, was hurt by a scumbag and backstabber and most of all, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend. In the end, she was utterly alone. In her current lifetime, there are evil people scheming and eagerly waiting for her downfall. Sorry, but this girl won’t fall for the same tricks twice!

  • My Youth Began With Him

    My Youth Began With Him

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    Seven years ago, after their breakup, he disappeared without a trace. Now, he reappeared on the eve of her wedding, sparing no means in forcing her to marry him… With a certificate of marriage, he bound her mercilessly to his side. From there, this “Cinderella” began her journey as a wife of the business empire’s heir... Mrs Huo - composed, sharp-tongued, and freakishly smart. Mr Qin - wife-spoiler to no end and a complete “slave” to their daughter. Quality love story, one on one. You are welcome to get hooked on this story with us. ——————————— TL's Note: Probably one of the best stories I've read, and I was very tempted to translate the title to Big D Brings Spring. Girls, I hope you enjoyed it as much as my girlfriend and my female translators who binge read 4000 chapters in about a month. For all the guys hesitating to give it a try, you won't regret it. It's a manly book, I swear.

  • Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard



    The night before their wedding, her fiancé ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away...May I suggest we get married?" Before marriage, she said, "Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!" After marriage, he said, "If we don't try, how would we know?"

  • Rebirth of the Villainess: Young Master Lu’s Wicked Wife

    Rebirth of the Villainess: Young Master Lu’s Wicked Wife



    In her past life, Su Xiaofei lost everything when her father’s other daughter came, essentially ruining her life. Only at the end of her life did her half-sister Ye Mingyu, reveal the truth. Su Xiaofei wasn’t her parents’ real child, but an orphan that they chose to adopt when they found out that her adoptive mother couldn’t conceive a child. After losing her adoptive mother and her own life, Su Xiaofei was given a chance to make it right! Returning to the days before the mother and daughter pair ruined her life, Su Xiaofei decided she would no longer be a filial child to her scum of a father, and promised not to love her trash of a husband. Just as she thought her heart had turned cold and immune to love, a certain Young Master Lu decided to profess his undying love for her. In the last moments of her past life, Lu Qingfeng was the only one who held her limp body close and shed tears as she departed from the world of the living. "My mind is already set. Aside from you, I will not marry someone else. Moreover, in this lifetime and the next ones, I will only have you as my wife." In everyone’s eyes, she was the wicked villainess, but for Lu Qingfeng, Su Xiaofei was his personal goddess. As she navigates through her second chance at life, would Su Xiaofei be able to teach her heart not to be swayed by his love? Editor/proofreader: ninaviews Warning for future r18 scenes and themes not appropriate for young audience. Book cover illustration by Snow Le Art Copyright2022 anjeeriku

  • The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

    The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy


    The entire Yunzhou knew that the Ye Family had a new step-child in the house: Ning Li, a low-born and barely literate. However, when she looked at her 17 years old self in the mirror after coming back to life, she grinned. At 17, her step-siblings had yet destroyed her looks and stolen her glory—she still had everything with her. Since she was given an opportunity to start over, she ought to take revenge on everyone who had wronged her before. It would be interesting. After Ning Li was chased out of the Ye Family, she was cherished by the most popular solo singer in the entertainment industry, protected by the top international racer, courted by the heir to a multimillion corporation, and loved by her billionaire grandfather who wanted her to inherit the family business. Even Second Master Lu said to her, “Hold up you little brat, I think you should come home with me.” Rumor had it that Second Master Lu was handsome and beyond any girl’s reach until that one fateful day, when someone saw a drawing of a cool and proud young boy with bangs covering his eyes fall out from Second Master Lu’s book. The news spread like wildfire overnight, and on the next day, Second Master Lu was questioned. Ning Li coincidentally passed by, and upon considering her relationship with him in her past life, she stepped in and shut down the busybodies. Lu Huaiyu stared at the girl before him as he subtly put away the love letter in his hands and said with a smile, “I shall repay you with my body for saving my life.” A long while later, Ning Li saw herself in that particular drawing and she was silenced. She knew it was all a huge mistake.

  • Love


    Love is not money love is fate care

  • Love



    Love story

  • Love






    He stood beside her bed and stared at her face in wonder if it’s real. A smile appeared on his lips seeing her fluttering eyelashes as she was waking up. However, her reaction was different than what he had expected.“ Pak”He stared at her in shock as he covering his face with his palm. Did she just slap him?Zhao Ming's mouth was open in pure terror when she realized what she just did. She slapped the Emperor. The cruel-infamous Emperor of Ji Dynasty?‘ Am I going to die again? I just came to this world, do I have to die again?’ ….She was the Empress of the Ji Dynasty, but in name only. Never been treated or respected as the Empress, and witnessing the worst of the palace, the life gave her another chance to shine as who she is. One day when she opened her eyes, she found her in unfamiliar surroundings. The world was full of people using strange items and in a world that was a world apart from hers. Will the Empress of Ji Dynasty be able to survive in this competitive world?**She was the wife of the richest businessman in the country with the reputation of nothing but trash. She was labeled as a rebellious brat, shameless lazy woman. When she opened her eyes one day, she found herself in some strange world.Holy Sh *t! She became the Empress of the Ji Dynasty. Can the rebellious, shameless lazy woman adjust to the cruel, strict palace world? Will she change or change the world instead? Can the Emperor get used to her being proactive in every single thing? Even in bed? The Emperor dotes on his wife to the point that she feels tired, how can a man be this cute? It’s illegal for men to be this cute.…She pushed him on the bed and sat on his body while looking at him with her tempting eyes.“ Zhao Ming, what..what are you doing?” “ Shh...Your Majesty, you just need to relax. I will do all the work.” She leaned in and sealed his lips with his moist lips making him crazy for her even more......Update Schedule: 1 chapter daily except Tuesday. Instagram: @kamlyn_loveDiscord: the server to connect with me and fellow readers. * The story is an original and not a translation. *Note: The cover has been taken from Pinterest. Credits to the owner.Thank you

  • Main Love

    Main Love



    Dua insan manusia dengan latar belakang yang berbeda. Maya Salim adalah seorang yatim piyatu berumur 20 tahun yang tinggal bersama dengan adik laki-lakinya yang masih seorang pelajar dan bibi angkatnya. Menjalani kehidupan yang sulit karena kisah kelam di masa lalunya. Marven Cakra Rahardi, seorang pewaris utama dari grup Cakra perusahaan pertambangan terbesar di Indonesia, yang membuatnya menjadi salah satu pria muda terkaya di Indonesia, ia merasa kesal dengan kakeknya yang mendesaknya untuk menikah dengan wanita kaya pilihannya dan selalu menghina ibu kandungnya yang hanya seorang wanita miskin. Sebuah desakan dan penghinaan, menjadi sebuah amarah berujung sebuah pernikahan kontrak. Marven melamar Maya, seorang pelayan dihadapan semua tamu kakeknya hanya untuk membuat kakeknya merasa terhina. Sandiwara cinta terpaksa dijalankan, tapi perlahan menjadi terbiasa dan berubah menjadi sebuah harapan namun dendam Maya di masa lalu selalu menghantui. Cinta yang perlahan muncul bersama keraguan. Rasa tidak percaya dengan cinta yang datang begitu cepat. Sebuah rahasia besar dibalik kisah asmara berselimut dendam masa lalu. Akankah cinta dapat menang melawan keraguan dan rasa sakit hati? (mengandung konten dewasa, mohon bijak sana dalam membaca 18++)***hi, terimakasih karena sudah membaca novel buatan ku 。◕‿◕。Aku akan sangat menghargai setiap review serta komen yang kalian berikan. (*˘︶˘*).。*♡Kalian bisa menghubungi ku di

  • Hurtful Love

    Hurtful Love

    She abandoned everything for a man. However, the man she loved cursed that her baby was a bastard and didn't deserve to live in this world. In order to save his lover, he regardless of her life and tortured her day and night. In the end, she fell firmly into the hell...Would he regret it?

  • Love me!!

    Love me!!


    Sometimes, being in the right place at the wrong time is not so bad, after all. Camilla Bakers is finally working at a marketing company, as she always dreamed about. Her first job after graduation. No parents alive, she had to work hard to finish her studies. Alex Strauss is a hard working man, but also, a womanizer. He had a terrible loving delusion and decided never to love again. He accepted an arranged marriage but it didn't work out. Will he be able to get real involved with any woman, ever again? When fate brings those two together, will they find love in each others arms? Follow me on Instagram @m_zanakheironofficial Follow me on Discord MunhozM#5017 Follow me on Facebook M_Zana Oficial

  • Practical Love

    Practical Love


    Ray and Rome are best friends, they have always been together, always have done everything together. Rome's feelings for Ray are of more than a friend. Ray has cared a lot for Rome thinking it's because of pure friendship.Will Ray realise his feelings? Will Rome confess his love?

  • Secret Love

    Secret Love


    McKenna Maven Wright is a loving and kind young woman. She is the only female child of her family, her family being one of the wealthiest in the country.She has everything she could ever ask for. One day, her life changed. Her boyfriend left her just after an accident which took her parents lives, and caused her brother to fall into a coma. She's now left with responsibilities that her parents left her. How can one go from a princess who always had everything to a girl who has to work and fight for what she wants?What happens when she realizes everything she ever believed was a lie? Who will she trust again?Follow McKenna as she finds her way out of the tangles that later became her life.

  • Endangered Love: Will Love Conquer All

    Endangered Love: Will Love Conquer All


    Dr. Mikayla Stone a Cardiovascular Surgeon that knows everything about hearts but the question still stand if her heart will stay hers and if she can protect it from her patient Luke Walters? Join me in the ups and downs of their relationship and see if love will win at the end?

  • Love Story: Finding A True Love

    Love Story: Finding A True Love


  • Love love love

    Love love love

  • Love

    Love Love Love





    Sinopsis "LOVE MASK" Leyna Putri seorang guru muda, berasal dari kota Yogyakarta yang datang merantau ke Ibukota Jakarta. Baru satu tahun menjadi seorang guru di sebuah sekolah swasta, dengan gaji yang tidak seberapa. Sehingga membuat Leyna harus mencari pekerjaan tambahan, sebagai seorang pramusaji di sebuah tempat karoke. Hanya sekedar untuk menambah penghasilannya, agar dapat membuatnya bertahan hidup di Ibukota Jakarta. Sehingga dapat mengirimkan uang ke kampung, untuk biaya hidup Ibu dan adiknya yang sakit gagal ginjal Yang membutuhkan biaya banyak untuk pengobatannya. Tadinya semua berjalan lancar, tetapi seketika berubah. Sampai Leyna bertemu dengan seorang lelaki tampan Raiden Sebastian. Yang memaksa untuk menikah dengan dirinya. Akankah Leyna menerima tawaran dari Raiden tersebut? Apa mungkin Raiden benar-benar seorang lelaki penyuka sesama jenis? Bagaimana keseruan kisah ini, terus dibaca reader. Karena kamu, akan menemukan sebuah kisah yang bukan hanya menghibur, tapi juga penuh intrik yang tidak terduga enjoy it!





    Percayakah kamu dengan ungkapan jika cinta pertama selalu gagal? Atau cinta pertama tidak pernah berhasil?Lova Putri Alexander Archelaus : Cinta pertama. Pertama kalinya aku belajar untuk mencintai sekaligus melepaskan Axe. Jadi haruskah aku percaya dengan ungkapan itu?Axelle Adelio Cetta : Apa itu cinta? Bahkan aku sendiri saja tidak tahu apa nama yang benar untuk rasaku pada Lova. Jadi bagaimana aku bisa tahu cinta pertamaku gagal atau tidak?Mohon dukungannya dengan meninggalkan jejak berupa vote, comment dan review.Cover : Pinterest





    Tidak ada yang bisa menghentikan cinta sejati. Bukan waktu, Bahkan iblis pun tidak akan bisa, Larry, seorang pelayan kontrak. Putus asa untuk melarikan diri dari kehidupan yang berantakan. Wakil presiden Klub motor Thunder, tinjunya yang akan berbicara. Boby telah rusak dalam api, tapi dia menutupi kulitnya dengan tato untuk memastikan tidak ada yang salah mengira bekas lukanya sebagai kelemahan. Kecelakaan itu tidak hanya melukai tubuhnya, tetapi juga merusak jiwa dan harga dirinya, jadi dia membungkus dirinya dalam kepompong kekerasan dan kekacauan di mana tidak ada yang bisa menemuinya. Sampai disuatu malam, ketika dia menemukan seorang pemuda berlumuran darah di clubhouse mereka. Pria yang sangat manis, polos, dan setampan malaikat yang jatuh dari surga, Larry menarik semua hati sanubari Boby. Larry begitu tersesat di dunia yang berada di sekitarnya, dan merupakan misteri yang begitu kusut, sehingga Boby mau tidak mau membiarkan pria itu mencakar jalannya ke dalam batu yang merupakan hati Boby. Larry tidak memiliki keluarga, tidak memiliki sarana, dan penglihatannya mulai menurun. Untuk melarikan diri dari kehidupan dalam kemiskinan, dia menggunakan ketampanannya, tetapi itu hanya menjadi bumerang dan membawanya ke bencana yang mengubah hidup selamanya. Dia mengambil satu langkah ke dalam jurang dan diangkut ke masa depan, siap berjuang untuk kehidupan yang layak untuk dijalani. Apa yang tidak dia harapkan dari perjalanannya adalah dinding otot bertato yang sangar dan kasar dengan sisi lembut yang hanya boleh disentuh Larry. Namun, jika Larry ingin mendapatkan kebebasannya, dia mungkin harus merobek hati orang yang merawatnya pada saat yang paling penting. Bagaimana kisahnya? Apakah mereka berdua dapat bersatu?

  • Love,Love?Love!-{ Dropped }

    Love,Love?Love!-{ Dropped }

    Magical Realism ROMANCE

    Gabriel once gave Luo a direction in life after returning to earth. 6 years later, Luo accidentally ends up working for Gabriel. How will their relationship pick up from where they left it.

  • REVENGE AND LOVE : Shackled in Love Desire

    REVENGE AND LOVE : Shackled in Love Desire



    Adults only !! When grudges are already in the heart and mind, sometimes someone's kindness is closed off. But what if love has touched a heart full of revenge? Will the grudge go away? Follow the story of revenge and love between Nadia and Jonathan who plays in it ... Nadia (21 years) wants the destruction of a famous millionaire Mr. Daren who had the heart to separate his mother and father until his mother died in loneliness, while his father had no news whether he was dead or still alive. With hatred already deep in her heart, Nadia is determined to enter the scope of the Daren family as the personal servant of Mr. Daren's only son named Jonathan. Jonathan (25th), a young, cool and arrogant CEO, wants to find a life partner who can truly love himself for who he is. Since he had an accident and was paralyzed, all the women he knew had stayed away and left him. And even if there are those who survive, they only want their property. Meeting with Nadia Jonathan's life becomes more colorful but ends in great pain. As love grows in her heart, Nadia leaves with her love and baby, who is still in Nadia's womb. Will the grudge in Nadia's heart disappear with the great love Jonathan has for her? How did Nadia feel about Mr. Daren when she met her father and learned all that Mr. Daren had done for her safety? Will Nadia return in Jonathan's arms when it's too late ???



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY


    Sebelum membaca, tolong kasih review dulu ^,^ Selamat membaca semoga kalian bahagia!Dan satu lagi, TOLONG! harap bijak dalam membaca, karena cerita ini khusus (21+) Setelah ada penghianatan cinta dari sang kekasih, kini Qiran memutuskan hubungannya dengan Aron. Dan tidak lama kemudian, ia mulai membuka hatinya untuk Alby yang selama ini selalu membuat dirinya nya bahagia. Disisi lain, Pak Marco (ayah Qiran) dan Bu Melin ( ibunya Alby)  telah sepakat untuk menikah, mereka telah saling jatuh cinta. Namun hal ini belum diketahui oleh anak-anak mereka. Ketika Alby dan Qiran telah saling jatuh cinta, dan sedang sayang-sayangnya, tiba-tiba orang tua mereka mengajak makan malam bersama. Dengan tujuan untuk mengumumkan kepada anak-anaknya bahwa mereka akan segera menikah. Setelah apa terjadi, membuat Qiran dan Alby syok. Karena ternyata calon ayah atau calon ibunya adalah orang yang seharusnya menjadi mertua mereka.  "Qiran itu adalah belahan hati aku, Mom," lirih Alby. "Apa kamu bilang? Jadi selama ini, dia ... Ya Tuhan kenapa ini bisa terjadi. Kenapa kamu tidak memberi tahu Mommy kalau Qiran itu adalah kekasih kamu? Kamu harus sadar kalau dia itu yang bakal jadi adik tiri kamu, Alby!" pekik Bu Melin. "Aku tidak mau, Mom, aku sangat mencintai dia," ucap Alby sembari berlinang air matanya. "Kalau sudah begini, hiks-hiks siapa yang akan berkorban, sementara aku sangat mencintai Ayahnya, dan kamu mencintai anaknya. Ini benar-benar gila!" tambah Bu Melin sesenggukan. penasaran kan kelanjutannya bagaimana? ^,^ simak terus ceritanya ya, jangan lupa like dan komennya.

  • Love is Love

    Love is Love

    A gay who becomes a transgender who also made a mistake from the past learn his lesson to avoid the things that make him regret. After, studying hard to be able to finish his education. He finally, achieved to become a psychologist, worked in the US, and changed himself to become a woman. She then pursues another dream to become a beauty queen. Can she become a beauty queen, or will she find her true love?