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  • Falling in Love with the King of Beasts

    Falling in Love with the King of Beasts



    [COMPLETE] Reth stalked towards her, chin low so the shadow cast by his hard jaw cut across the thick fur collar of his vest. His hair had fallen over his eyes in the scuffle, so he peered at her through it like a lion in the grass. With each step, his graceful, rolling gait reminded her of a predator stalking its prey. Despite the forest floor littered in twigs and leaves, he didn’t make a sound. “Wh-who are you?” Elia stammered, backing away, her hands up. He met her step for step until she came up hard against the tree behind her—and didn’t stop until he loomed over her, so broad his shoulders and chest made a wall in front of her. She could feel the heat rising off his skin in the cool, night air. “I am the Leonine King.” His voice was a dark, husky gravel. Behind him a chorus of wheezes, howls, and chirps of agreement rose from the people watching. “And you are?” “Elia,” she breathed. “Elia,” he growled, leaning in closer, bringing with him the scent of pine and rain and the musk of something distinctly male. “I am Reth.” He said the name with a strange, guttural roll in his throat. “I am the King of Beasts. I am Clan Leader, and I am Alpha of WildWood.” Several snarls rose from the crowds behind him then, but he ignored them. Elia swallowed as he leaned in until the scruff on his jaw rasped her cheek. “I am the King,” he said, “And you will be my mate.” The forest behind him erupted. ****** Elia is a poor university student until the night she's taken to the world of the Anima—ruled by humans whose ancient hearts pulse with the blood of animals. There she's forced into a battle to the death. But when Elia survives, and refuses to kill her final opponent, the King must either kill Elia himself, or take her as his mate. Reth, the brutal King of the Beasts with the blood of lions, shocks everyone when he chooses the weak, human Elia to become his Queen. He promises her every comfort of his wealth and position—but he is clear: She will not warm his bed. He chose her to defeat those that were trying to corner him into blending his Leonine line with the Wolves. Elia needs the help of the Anima to become stronger and rule them well. But the vengeful Wolves see only a weak human that brought them shame. As Elia and Reth grow closer, the wolves are determined to destroy her. Will Reth and Elia admit their feelings for each in time to fight for the Kingdom—and their lives—against the villainous wolf-tribe? Or will the wolves kill Elia and steal the throne? [Mature content - no sexual violence] Cover Art used by paid copyright permission. Illustrated by Aenaluck--see more gorgeous art and support them on

  • Love at First Night

    Love at First Night



    Just when you think you loved the wrong person, you meet the right one who reminds you what love truly is. And just like that, the fairytale begins. ———————- Lily's life was apparently perfect, she had a good work that kept her occupied for the majority of her time and a husband she deeply and devotedly loved. The women in the city enviously hated her for having the perfect life they all dreamed about. Until the workaholic girl's perfect life image falls apart when her husband leaves her at the altar and confesses he cheated on her, in front of everyone. After that day, her life doesn't appear so perfect to the women in the city that now laughed behind her back. The poor Lily never felt more pathetic in her life and she wished the ground would swallow her down for the embarrassment she felt in the second he declared he had seconds thoughts. The same day, three hours and about four drinks later, Lily was enough dizzy to finally rebel against her (almost) husband's despicable gesture. She wanted to prove to all the people who called her perfect and who said she would never do something aberrant and crazy by having one night of passion with a mysterious man at the club. Little did she knew that the man was none other than the richest man in the city. Cover was commissioned! Do not use! Join the server for free coins -> Discord server:





    "Your virginity has always been mine to take," he said while his fingers gripped the neckline of her gown ready to rip it off. Her teary eyes widened in shock at his declaration, and she forgot to breathe. All the colours drained from her face as she froze frightened.She was meant to be his forever, but his one mistake turned her love into hatred. He was her Prince Charming, but her hatred turned him into a heartless Villain. Mistakes and misunderstandings led to heartbreaks.She doesn't want to be with him anymore, but he doesn't want to let her go, ever. A Love-Hate relationship between childhood Sweethearts who turned into archenemies by the time they reached adulthood. Read on to know more about their journey into the roller-coaster ride of LOVE. PS. The male protagonist comes with a bit of negative shade. My characters are immature reckless teenagers, and they act impulsively. They make mistakes and wrongs, but eventually, they'll learn from their wrongdoings. Don't be too quick to judge them unless and until you read till the end.

  • When A Snail Falls in Love

    When A Snail Falls in Love


    Xu Xu thought she knew it all. As a no-nonsense top-of-class police academy graduate, she was certain that she was ready for whatever the world threw at her. However, when she was paired with the world-famous detective, Ji Bai, she quickly learned that theory and reality were not always the same. Together they would catch murderers, crack decade old cases, take down international human trafficking rings and even stop a maniacal warlord - all while simultaneously dealing with their budding romance. It was a battle of attrition as their relationship was forced to go to hell and back, but would it prove too much, or would love ultimately prevail?

  • The Mafia King's First Love

    The Mafia King's First Love



    Meet the Mafia King, whose fearsome reputation in the Underworld spread far and wide! But he hides behind the identity of a billionaire CEO. Money? Power? Handsome? All check! Except that he had a teensy tiny problem - his ZERO EQ that failed him to understand emotions. Until the day Song Lihua walks in his life. Song Lihua's simple aim in life was to get a job and earn money. But a chance encounter with the Mafia King makes her fall in love with him at first sight. She declares to win his heart one day. But to her shock, the Mafia King himself becomes her next door neighbor! Together with her, the emotions in deep slumber within him began to awaken. Hiding a dark secret from her, the Mafia King slowly grows closer to her. But as he faces a threat that could bring the truth to light, he does something unimaginable to stop Lihua from leaving. Amidst the hidden conspiracies of the Underworld, what will the Mafia King do to keep her by his side? How far will he go to hide his secret? "You are my first love that brought this empty shell of my heart back to life. You have a place in my heart no one else could ever have." - The Mafia King. ------ **Scene excerpt** "Boss, please tell me the source of your skills!" Lihua sobbed. "Cookbooks. Videos." "That's it? You mastered such awesome skills just by that?" "They are too easy." "If it's that easy then why am I suffering like this?" The clueless Mafia King absolutely didn't mean any harm or mockery to her self-esteem by saying the next words. "Lack of talent." "..." -------- You are all welcomed to join my discord ^^ - Follow author on Insta - enthu_reader7 **Cover is designed by artist Vatarison. Insta -**

  • The Genius' First Love

    The Genius' First Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY MYSTERY


    Warning: Amazingly, absurdly and deliriously funny chaps ahead. Read and laugh at your own risk.--------------------------------------"You are one of my many dreams, and the only dream I wish I should have chased desperately" Darryl Lemmuel was an aspiring engineer. There was only one word to describe him—exceptional.He was the only male heir of the Lagdameo clan and the future of L Empire. Apart from that, he was rumored to be financially independent at the age of eight, tricked the present president of L empire—his father— into agreeing with his terms and left home at the age of sixteen to live on his own. He broke all the socialite’s rule to have a good taste of adventure! Xhemin Lae Dugmoch was a struggling botanist.Enrolled in an A-list school, she knew nothing but books, experiments and strawberries. As the granddaughter of a retired famous doctor, Xhemin was very keen in keeping her profile low as per her granddad's wishes. Nobody in the elite community knew that she existed and that her grandfather’s corporation— Feather HealthCare had an heir.One witty heir and one crazy strawberry girl; their predicament started when their life got tangled up against each other in a conference.HE suddenly became her target prey.And SHE was a little trouble not worthy of his attention.The trouble he soon learned to want— so desperately and dearly wanted.-----------------------After a long hiatus, daily updates resumes today (Feb 24, 2019 EST)Chapter release: 14 Chapters a week Regular Updates will be release at 4AM and 4PM EST. Bonus Chapters will be marked as bonusNote: The author publishes raw chapters daily. Editors are still backtracking the unedited parts.Cover picture is from

  • Falling In Love

    Falling In Love



    Lance Wellbon is a stick in the mud. He hates everyone and everything. When his mother tells him that she is getting married to her Boss, he freaks out. He has no choice but to accept his fate and he has no choice but to move in with his new family. Lance didn't know about the brother. He didn't know that Brad Hilly would be the subject of his dreams. Coming out of the closet because of your stepbrother was never part of his plans but somehow he ends up falling and the pit is deeper than he ever expected. Brad Hilly is the most popular boy in Chesterfield highschool. His father's money makes him the subject of everyone's jealousy. Brad is surrounded by friends and the head cheerleader Lisa. He likes pets and volunteers and the homeless shelter on weekends. His life is mapped out and he is following the trail---that is until LANCE. This is a journey. A journey between two people that are so different but end up wanting the same things in life....each other.

  • When a Ghoul Falls in Love

    When a Ghoul Falls in Love

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY DARK


    Eli Sanguine is your not-so-average ghoul who is currently working as a doctor. He had a lot of plans, but falling in love with a human wasn't on his list. For the two years, Eli had been thinking about how to get close to the woman he likes. But getting close to her is no easy feat. Everything changed the day she tried to kill herself. Saving her is his priority. His second priority? Obviously, winning her heart. To the world, he might be the retired dark ghoul sorcerer who is still infamous for his dark deeds. For her, he's only an annoying doctor who dresses like a woman to please/annoy her more. What kind of chaos ensues when a ghoul falls in love with a human who is a target of a Fae? Find out in the story~ *** "You should mind your own business." "I am minding my own business. You are the woman I like. Naturally, you are my business." "Are you crazy?" "Yes, I am crazy for you." "Doctor Sanguine, keep your hands to yourself." "My apologies, but I have lost control over them since the moment you took my virginity." She slams the book on his face. "When did I do that?" "You did it in my dream." The poor doctor looks at her with sad eyes. "When will you make it a reality?" "..." *** Instagram: Koch_Norah Goodreads: Discord Server: Twitter: k0chnorah Proofreader/Editor: Freakzilla ****Full list of my novels******* Novels with Interconnected Worlds: 1. The Love That Remains (Completed) 2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed) 3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed) 4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana (Completed) 5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love 6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse (Completed) Standalone Novels:  Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Miss Chicken & Her Mister The Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com) Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com) *** Cover Credits: Marcin Skalij from Unsplash, DarkWorkX from Pixabay, GDJ from Pixabay

  • Milly's First Love

    Milly's First Love

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18 FIRSTLOVE


    Tidak semua kisah cinta pertama berjalan dengan indah. Millicent Jones atau yang biasa dipanggil Milly, selalu menerima perundungan semasa ia sekolah. Teman-temannya mengejek nama Jones menjadi singkatan Jomlo Ngenes. Milly benci sekali dengan sebutan itu karena seolah menjadi kutukan baginya. Hingga usianya yang menginjak tiga puluh dua tahun, ia masih saja menjomlo. Hingga suatu hari, Milly tidak menyangka bahwa ia akan bertemu lagi dengan cinta pertamanya saat masih SMP. Pria itu adalah Nicholas Adinegara. Nick adalah seorang chef seksi, tampan, dan sanggup membuat lutut Milly bergetar karena menatapnya. Seingat Milly, dulu Nick tidak setampan dan semenawan sekarang. Nick tampak begitu tampan mempesona hingga membuatnya melanggar sumpahnya dulu yang mengatakan bahwa ia tidak akan pernah jatuh cinta lagi pada pria mana pun. Semenjak pertemuan itu, mereka pun jadi semakin dekat. Cinta di antara mereka tumbuh semakin kuat. Namun, berbagai permasalahan pun terjadi. Milly harus merelakan Nick dengan wanita lain. Atau mungkin sebenarnya Nick juga harus merelakan Milly dengan pria lain? Akankah cinta pertama itu berubah menjadi cinta yang terakhir dan untuk selamanya? *** Halo My Readers! Buku ini adalah lanjutan dari buku Terima Aku Apa Adanya (21+); sudah completed. Hanya di Webnovel. Nicholas adalah adik tirinya Rissa. Di buku Milly ini yang menjadi pemeran utamanya adalah Nicholas dan Milly. Buat yang belum tahu siapa itu Rissa, bisa langsung diintip bukunya ya. Buat yg sudah baca buku TAAA terima kasih. Selamat melanjutkan kisah-kisah mereka. Silakan follow IG saya: santi_sunz9 Supaya kita bisa saling mengenal dan siapa tahu nanti saya akan membagikan gift. Salam hangat, Santi_Sunz Happy reading. 21+ KHUSUS DEWASA!! HANYA DI WEBNOVEL!!

  • Love interest: No Rival

    Love interest: No Rival

  • Secret love Interest

    Secret love Interest

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    A young girl who’s dream is to be an amazing hair stylist gets the opportunity of working at a hair salon for the first time as a assistant. While working there she gets caught up with a man she didn’t know had mutual feelings for her and a one sided love contract with a mystery someone. How will she handle herself and what will her clumsy ness get her into next. Read Secret Love Interest to find out.

  • Sweet CEO's First Love

    Sweet CEO's First Love



    Quintin has been in love with Kaylen for sixteen years, but it takes Kaylen breaking his heart and humiliating him to realize that sometimes it's best to let go. All his life he loved someone he could never have, and it takes healing to realize love can be given in places he never thought he could find it. But just when he finally feels like he can be happy again he never thought that Kaylen would show up. Especially not on their second anniversary of that horrible day, and certainly not asking the same thing. He never knew how much the happiest words in the world could make someone really hurt. And Quintin wasn't sure he could ever say yes to Will you marry me, ever again.

  • Falling In Love With Miracle

    Falling In Love With Miracle



    Miracle”Mira” White, is the daughter of Thomas White, one of the wealthiest men in the whole country. She can get everything she wants, because of their overflowing wealth, she is known as the wild, and spoiled brat Heiress. Jace Dylan King only wants one thing in his life, to get revenge to Miracle, the Heiress, of the White Empire, he wants to be chosen as one of the Elite Bodyguards of the White family, since it is guaranteed he will become a millionaire, but for Jace money is just a bonus, what is important is to carry on his revenge. Jace became confused when Miracle asked him to be her boyfriend tutor, Miracle wants him to teach her about dating, then Jace realized that everything he knows about her was a lie. But how can he withstand the beautiful and gorgeous Miracle White? Can he stop his heart from loving Miracle the moment it registered to him, that he wants to become Miracle’s real boyfriend? Can they resist the strong attraction between them? Is Jace really willing to follow his heart’s desires and break his own rule? Does love win over vengeance? Does Mira’s love for Jace strong enough to forgive him the moment she will learn Jace hidden agenda? Is she strong enough to face another test of betrayal? ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia’s Secret My Friend’s Arrogant Brother The Heartbreaer CEO Is My Ex Loving MadelineThe Powerful Dragon Witch (WSA Entry 2021)The CEO’s Perfect Mistake ( WSA Entry 2021)The Alpha And His Beautiful Monster

  • Love at First Kiss

    Love at First Kiss

    Contemporary Romance CEO


    Greg moved to America after his heart had been broken by his only girlfriend. He had the option to work from home (as an anonymous streamer) but all he did was reminisce about his first and only love that had been with him for only a short while.The day before an interview to TBC Company, he saw an accident and not thinking Greg rushed to the scene to save any survivors. That’s when he saw an Sophia walk out of the car and faint. Since his phone was dead he couldn’t call an ambulance but he could at least offer mouth to mouth resuscitation. He didn't know that he took her first kiss and she inadvertently fell in love with him.Will Sophia repair his broken heart and restore his faith in love? Join the roller-coaster.-------------------------------------------cover is not mine 2 chapter a day 8:30 and 18:30 GTM+1mass realese(5 chapters) depend from views:100k - done250k - done500k - done 750k - done1kk - not done ....there will be shown mature content- before it I will be warning on first words of chapter



    Romansa Historis CINTA PENGORBANAN


    Khusus Dewasa!!"Mungkin Dia hadir di hatiku di awal perjalananku, tapi kamu hadir di akhir dari perjalananku hingga akhir hidupku nanti." (Aska Aliando)Berawal hanya karena sekedar candaan Karin, di sebuah kamar pasiennya di rumah sakit. Karin yang selalu jahil dengan tiap laki-laki yang baru di kenalnya. Karena di mata Karin, laki-laki semua adalah hidung belang. Yang patut untuk di permainkan. "Apakah kamu mau menjadi kekasihku?" Kata Karin dengan santainya. "Oke...aku mau menjadi kekasihmu." jawab Aska Aliando "Tapi ada syaratnya, kamu harus menyerahkan semua hartamu..apa kamu mau?" lanjut Karin dengan suara merayu. "Baik,..aku setuju! tapi harus ada surat perjanjian kontraknya..jika kita bisa menjalani 6 bulan hubungan ini, maka semua hartaku untukmu." sahut Aska dengan serius. Perjanjian sudah tertulis dan sudah di tandangani masing-masing..bersamaan hasil lab Aska yang sudah keluar. Aska di vonis Leukimia stadium 4. Dunia Karin berubah seketika, ingin dia membatalkan perjanjiannya namun takdir mengharuskan Karin di samping Aska. Mampukah Karin bertahan dengan hubungannya tanpa berdasarkan cinta?? Dan apakah Aska bisa bertahan dari penyakitnya..dan harus meninggalkan Karin beserta harta yang di berikannya pada Karin?? 'Jangan tinggalkan aku, aku mohon..kamu harus bertahan hidup untukku..jika aku harus bertahan untuk hubungan ini..kamu pun harus bertahan untukku..karena aku sudah jatuh hati padamu!! ( Karin Aadvantika )

  • Assassin's love interest

    Assassin's love interest

    Teen R18

    Georgina's world is clearly a different one, at a young age she became a trained assassin to her uncle's business she and her best friend, the only normal in their world is they go to normal school.But then nothing is permanent how would she feel when she needs to transfer school?is she able to find another sets of friend?what if she met a guy who became her love interest?can love change her?or she became worst because of love?this is a work of fiction produced by my imagination

  • The Crown Flower: My First Love

    The Crown Flower: My First Love



    [R-18] Volume 1: The Crown Flower (Completed) Under the hardcover of her childishness, she disguises her painful past. The brutal side of life renders her strong. The person she used to believe like her own shadow betrayed her too. She left bruised, broken. They say love happens just once. But it isn't true. Definitely not. One day, someone appears in her life again, he heals her bruised heart gives her a new life, a new hope. But fate is not mild-mannered. When her broken heart was healed and it had fallen too deep for him, someone unexpected shows up in his life. Maybe she is late, maybe she is not the one he wants. But is it the truth? Even he knows he loves her and wants her, but who is the other one then? Is that person the Ms right? Or Ms wrong? Love isn't easy to accomplish, it is always on top in the toughest list. Will they even be able to accomplish it? ~It's an unedited book and also, my very first book here. Mistakes are common. Read at your own risk~ ~I don't own the cover.~ Follow me on Instagram: ilm.arh Facebook/Twitter: Author I.R. Discord Server Link: Buy me a coffee: Join me on Patreon:

  • First Love and Revenge

    First Love and Revenge

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY


    first Love and Revenge Follow Instagram Author Yustian_Yuliana Dendam atas kematian dan rasa sakit hati ibunya terhadap keluarga Dawson menjadikan Martien pria yang kejam dan serakah, menghancurkan seluruh garis keturunan Dawson adalah tujuan hidupnya. Namun dibalik itu, Ia sangat menyayangi Adam yang adalah adik angkatnya, ia berjanji akan selalu melindungi adik kesayangannya yang mengidap penyakit mematikan itu. Kematian cucu pertama keluarga Dawson di tangan Martien, membuat sang istri yang bernama Alexandra menuntut balas terhadap Martien. Ia sadar, tidak akan sanggup melawan kekuasaan pria berdarah dingin itu. Ia mendekati Adam yang adalah kelemahan Martien. Adam yang terkenal dapat meluluhkan hati sekeras batu itu, sangat mencintai Alexandra karena dia adalah cinta pertamanya. Menjadi pria yang penyabar dan baik hati hampir menggetarkan hati Alexandra. Apakah Alexandra akan tetap memanfaatkan Adam untuk rencana balas dendamnya? Ataukah Alexandra akan luluh dan jatuh cinta terhadap Adam?

  • CEO'S Love Interest

    CEO'S Love Interest

    Contemporary Romance BEAUTY DEVIL CEO POSSESSIVE

    Cruelty is in his blood. He has a heart of stone. His words are nothing less than poison. People say that the D in his name stands for Devil. He is...Denver D'Angelo. The name itself is enough to give sleepless nights to any woman. The world sees him as the perfect man, but no one knows that he has a dark, dirty secret from his past.Zariah, a sweet simple girl, becomes the love interest of the handsome beast. He wants to love her, care for her and sometimes... torture her. What will happen when she finds out his secret? Will he forgive her or punish her? -------------Sometimes life takes us down a path we never want to walk. Indulge in this story and witness the struggle of Zariyah while living with the beast she loves. Be a part of her journey and see if leaving a man who is mentally ill is a good idea or living with him with a hope that one day everything will be alright is a better one.





    Percayakah kamu dengan ungkapan jika cinta pertama selalu gagal? Atau cinta pertama tidak pernah berhasil?Lova Putri Alexander Archelaus : Cinta pertama. Pertama kalinya aku belajar untuk mencintai sekaligus melepaskan Axe. Jadi haruskah aku percaya dengan ungkapan itu?Axelle Adelio Cetta : Apa itu cinta? Bahkan aku sendiri saja tidak tahu apa nama yang benar untuk rasaku pada Lova. Jadi bagaimana aku bisa tahu cinta pertamaku gagal atau tidak?Mohon dukungannya dengan meninggalkan jejak berupa vote, comment dan review.Cover : Pinterest