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  • You Are Mine

    You Are Mine


    Joseph was her ultimate love and she is willing to do everything for him to love her back. However, he sent her away and broke her heart. Her reputation was ruined and Joseph did not give her a chance.Now that he's back and offering a bright future for her, will she give in?

  • The Marriage Contract (By Nanda Strand)

    The Marriage Contract (By Nanda Strand)



    Dunia akan segera berperang antara dua manusia yang saling membenci tapi bekerja di perusahaan yang sama sebagai bos dan bawahan. Diluar perusahaan, mereka terikat pernikahan kontrak selama dua tahun atas permintaan kakek Claire yaitu Gerald Winthrop. Claire harus menikah dengan Arjoona agar ia mendapatkan posisi tertingginya sebagai pemilik Winthrop Corp. dan Arjoona harus mau menjadi suami Claire yang sombong dan angkuh agar bisa membayar hutang budinya pada Gerald Winthrop yang sudah menyelamatkannya dari panti asuhan. Apakah mereka akan menjadi musuh abadi hingga perceraian memisahkan? Atau dewa cupid punya rencana berbeda. Sebuah kontrak yang akan mengubah masa depan dan hidup seseorang selamanya.

  • Bring it On

    Bring it On


    A new girl come to his school. They both love sports, but even though they are on the same team they are competing against each other... but a competition is coming up! Will their team win? Find out now! This book has the following:•LGBTQ •Bad grammar •Bad punctuation •And more...IF YOU DISLIKE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS PLEASE DON'T READ THIS BOOK!!•Amazing to the core •Original •Unique

  • I like The Way You Are

    I like The Way You Are

    It is Journey of Love But not a perfect love story It's awkward It's frustrating It's compassionate It's a Journey to Destination called LOVEWelcome to the Saga where characters Grow With You

  • Cannot forget You (Hating you first then blossom into Love)

    Cannot forget You (Hating you first then blossom into Love)

    Arabella and her brother were orphaned from an young age. She remembered her parent's killer had a special watch and tattoo. She grew up to be a successful police woman just to have him arrested.Due to her bright personality, she's tends to be clumsy at times.Vincent is the son of a famous Financial Corp's president. He avoids talking to women in general because of a past trauma of how his father treated his mother. Through Vincent, she finds out about her parent's killer. Will they become enemies or lover?

  • 1 meter away from the stars

    1 meter away from the stars

    She was a wild cat, but he was a tamer .She was a diamond, but he was a jeweler. "The moment she decided to put on red lipstick was the decisive one. She wasn't just an innocent girl. Not anymore. ""Yura looked down at the men that was now her fiance -I hate you, I will always hate you, you are the worst ,you rich spoiled brat ,she yelled. She had to be strong, or else, his black eyes were going to make her melt""What should we do baby? It seems... we'll have each other for a long long time. He, the devil said ,smiling. "*********************Dear readers, please be aware by the fact that English is not my first language, it is a language I learned by myself. Any correction is welcomed, thank you ❤

  • Deep inside the woods

    Deep inside the woods

    A long time ago there was a vampire who falls in love with the omega wolf, they did a lot of struggles survive in the modern world. And when finally they ended there battle they bless by a by the child which is not a normal one. He was a combination of vampires and would, in other words, we can say he was a hybrid named Sarawat.This is the story all about that hybrid child raised by his male parents.

  • Hard Hearted

    Hard Hearted

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    What will you do if your husband doesn't like you from the start till now?And what will you do if you only have a small amount of time?.............Can you make your husband change his mind about you when you only have a little amount of time?Why can't you see all the efforts that I make?You always praise the girls that you meet but you didn't even praise me once.I'm not a bad girl but I want to so you'll notice me, I think I'm invisible to you despite the efforts that I do............Can't you see me?*My 2nd novel is: His Accordance*

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