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  • I want your love Mr CEO (updated everyday)

    I want your love Mr CEO (updated everyday)

    Michael is a millionaire who has come to Mr. Montenegro for a loan to help his father's dying company. When he arrives, he discovers that the powerful billionaire wants something from him. Something he doesn't know if he can give.When Felix promises him a merger and all the money in the world, Michael makes a hard decision to do what he promised his father he would never do. But to perfect his decision, lies have to be told and people used.Sarah is a competent and dedicated Banker. Her love life is spinning out of control because she refuses to give her virginity up to any man but then she finds herself drawn to a mysterious man who she finds in her father's graveyard. Humberto is in Sahara city to expand his family's real estate empire only to find that he might be falling for one of his workers,Sarah.Maja has long harbored a crush on her highschool teacher who had helped her overcome a Bully and now that she is married to the one she doesn't love. She feels lost.Audrey is about to make a deal with her shadowy boss, the star millionaire of the city. She finds herself drawn to him as her husband can no longer satisfy her sexually. She is horny and in need of sex and her boss comes in hand.Adaeze is the blind daughter of the African millionaire. She moves to Sahara city to forget the pains of her past life but then a person in the form of an angel visits her everyday to tell her lessons. The question is, does she believe in the supernatural?Sarah's husband with his secrets and his schemes has a hand in the lives of each of the characters. All bring their dreams and hopes to Sahara city, the shining symbol of New Zealand which, like the novel's characters, is constantly in flux and which plays its own fateful role in the lives of its inhabitants.

  • You are My Love

    You are My Love

    I can tolerate pain... How could I tolerate your pain....Hi guys this is my first time to write something in English..... It is only 5 chapter so try it and comment how I'm writing.....

  • Mafia's love

    Mafia's love

    Zhiqiang is a boy from the wealthiest family in china and Bolin is an orphanage who got abandon by his mother at a very young age so he went to live with his grandma. he was a very good student so he got a scholarship at the most expensive school in Beijing where kids from wealthy go to. at Bolin's new school he meets Yumai village. Zhiqiang starts to treat Bolin nicely because of his pretty face. while being around Zhiqiang Bolin starts to have feelings for him and as he began to know that Zhiqiang doesn't like him back Bolin decided to go back to Yumai village so he can prevent his feelings for Zhiqiang to grow. after 5 years later the two meet again a relationship starts to develop but they face some challenges in the relationship. will the two stars stay bright or will they fade?

  • The rebirth of a princess

    The rebirth of a princess


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