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  • The Villain Saves the Male Lead

    The Villain Saves the Male Lead



    Ren, a modern doctor and a secret master magician, suddenly finds himself inside a random book he picked up at the the villainous older brother of the protagonist. As the bad guy, he's supposed to make life difficult for the Male Lead until the latter grows up and kills him in revenge. However, looking at the broken teenager in front of him, Ren can't help but feel his heart soften. Fang was an orphan who had never known what a family is. Abandoned at birth, all he knew was pain and fear. He loved nothing, and wanted nothing...until he saw the angelic Wade. To save Wade, Fang didn't hesitate to sacrifice himself. ..after all, there was no one to cry over him. But then, Ren appeared and turned his world upside down.

  • The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me

    The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me

    Contemporary Romance MARYSUE


    It was only after Su Yayan's death that she realized that she was a malicious cannon fodder female character who became a scapegoat in a Mary Sue story. After an unexpected rebirth, Su Yayan kicked her scumbag boyfriend and his mistress aside and locked her arms around the guardian-like man that she missed out on in her previous life. Everyone in the capital's upper-class circle knew that the youngest Young Master Huo was a cold-blooded tyrant who did not care about his family. Until one day, he forgot to hide his identity and logged in as himself before joining his wife's livestream. Then, he showered his wife with confessions of love during the livestream. "My wifey's cooking is the best in the world. All objections denied!" "My wifey is beautiful, valiant, and talented. She's the most beautiful budding star in the live streaming industry!" "My wifey…" (Omitted thousands of words praising his wife.) Su Yayan was speechless. "Hubby, did you grow up eating cuteness for meals?" The audience, "…" What happened to be cold and heartless? Boss, you're ruining your character setting here! P.S. The male protagonist is an "old" man who is merely four years older than the female protagonist.

  • Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

    Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle


    The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news. "Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci's sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!" "Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same condominium. They are confirmed to be staying together." "Screw off, these blind bastards. He's my biological father!" Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. "Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law." Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

  • QT: I Bent The Male Lead

    QT: I Bent The Male Lead



    Bronze winner wpc #211 When his favorite novel ended, Jason who was in love with the female lead found that he had transmigrated into the novel as the second male lead who neither gets the girl nor a happy ending. He gets very angry. Having the girl of his dreams right at an arms reach he decides to use the knowledge of the book to sabotage the male lead and take his place. He tries to get Sashina to notice him but why does the crown prince get drawn to him instead. Why does the crown prince always appear foiling his plans and what is his agenda? When the prince starts showing attention to him instead of Sashina he starts to panic. 'Did I bend the male lead?' ****** *The cover from Pinterest and credit goes to the owner. Would remove it if asked to*

  • I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

    I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating



    Xiang Xiaoyuan transmigrated to a book with a male lead, becoming the male lead’s stepmother. However, being seventeen and in the middle of his adolescent phase, the male lead virtually ignored his stepmother, and while his father was thirty-nine and a gorgeous man carrying maturity and elegance, he was enigmatic, with no one capable of knowing what he’s thinking. Xiang Xiaoyuan: The first rule of transmigration, value your life and stay away from the male lead! Being self-conscious, Xiang Xiaoyuan decided to focus on making money, and her business was booming… but before her hopes to get rich were fulfilled, she somehow dealt with her husband and stepson? The male lead said gingerly, “I won’t think of you as my real mother, but don’t worry—I’ll be a good son and you won’t live out your final years tragically. Xiang Xiaoyuan: “…Thanks.” Some other day, her husband stood at the doorway, stopping her and growling, “I heard about something you mentioned outside, that men only care more when they’re older? So? Are you complaining that I’m old now?” Xiang Xiaoyuan said, “…Wait, listen to me!” Lu Wanggui was a cold person, which led to her ex-wife divorcing him, and he was not particularly close to his son. Later, to give his son a ‘home’ and to avoid his parent’s ramblings, he married another wife—a docile, dutiful wife. But unbeknownst to him, that docile, dutiful wife had changed, and she even had the guts to scold him now. Pursing his lips in displeasure, Lu Wanggui was about to remind her of their prenuptial agreement when his son suddenly popped up to defend her! Lu Wanggui: “???” What’s going on? Weren’t things cold between these two? The son: “Ahem. Father, Stepmother… isn’t that bad.”

  • love is love male to male

    love is love male to male

  • If I'm Male, I Can Avoid a Yandere, Right?

    If I'm Male, I Can Avoid a Yandere, Right?



    Cold horror gripped my heart when I finally admitted out loud: I'm in a dating sim filled with yanderes. I quickly sat up. As much as I love the game and enjoyed the characters, there's no way in hell will I follow any of the routes. All of them lead to pain and some even death! I don't want to die or get raped! But, I don't know if I'll be forced to. There's no neutral ending, after all, and even if there was, I don't think it would be any better than the other endings. What do I do? A light bulb lit up. If I'm male, I can avoid a yandere, right? Getting transported into a dating sim is a girl's wish! But, as they say, be careful what you wish for. Our female lead, who goes by Haruka in her otome games, gets that wish. So, what's the catch? It's the game full of yandere characters and bad “good endings.” Thinking she'll go back to her world at the end of the game timeline, she decides she'll be a guy to bypass any affection. Smart, right? Silly girl forgets there is no neutral ending. She is the Main Character, and there is no escape. Updates: Uhhhh, I try, lol. But! I will finish this story! There will be an end, I promise! Just, be patient with me ^^; Right now, I’m going for a monthly update at the very least!Warnings: Many curse words and some violence. Uh, gets a bit sexual later, but nothing extreme.Oh, and since I get people constantly trashing or complaining about my MC, I’ll warn you now that she is a “pushover.” A great target for yanderes, if you will. So leave if that isn’t your cup of tea, thank you.Discord Server: Twitter: @SkyHiLimits And if you can’t get enough of this novel, check out my extras book! (that I should trying updating more…)

  • The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me

    The Male Lead is Obsessed with Me


    A reverse harem love story where the author, Maru Akari, finds herself trapped inside the WebNovel story she has written. ******Who wouldn't want to be a storybook character if it means being his? ******"Oh, don't you know how delectable you are my love? Have you never been had before?"~ Paris Leblanc, a seductive artist who may be so much more than he seems. ******"How sweet, if not for the fact that she is struggling from your grasp." ~ Daisuke Kane, a cruel mafia boss on the outside but a perfect gentleman to the love of his life. ****** “If you want the world to exist, you must continue living. You have that burden now.”~ Rin Saito, a deadly assassin who doesn’t understand human emotions such as love.

  • Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead

    Loved by the Villain and the Male Lead



    Su Ning is a 29 year old lonely overworked accountant who have spent the better part her life supporting her unemployed alcoholic father. After several consecutive 16 hour work days, she suddenly dies of a heart attack on her way home from work. However instead of the afterlife, she inexplicably finds herself reborn in the body of 12 year old Su Ning, the beautiful and beloved daughter of Su Kun and Qin Lan. Faced with a second chance in life, Su Ning aims to live happily and comfortably with her loved ones. However along the way of searching for her dreams, she meets and befriends Gu YuChen and Lin JinYan. Though Su Ning was initially reluctant to get close to them, they soon become the two most important men in her life. The heir to the Gu Corporation Ltd., Gu YuChen has lived with constant threats to his life at a young age. Cold and aloof to everyone, he feels tenderness for the first time upon befriending Su Ning. Admired as a musical prodigy, the gentle prince Lin JinYan actually grew up detested by his siblings and blamed for the death of their mother. Suffering from trauma, he was comforted by Su Ning and discovers he is able to freely touch her despite having mysophobia. The villain and the male lead who was saved by Su Ning's warmth and kindness quickly realize their feelings have turned to love. Faced with adversity, will they be able to protect Su Ning? Who will she choose? Get ready for a slice of life story of a transmigrated soul who lets go of the past regrets and unexpectedly finds true love and happiness. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover illustration. Credits go to the original artist. Consider supporting me by buying me coffee~~ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

  • Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess

    Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess



    WARNING: MATURE CONTENT CHAPTER EXCERPT -- “Wait, someone might see.” Charlton said, recalling the glass window. “I’m prepared for that.” Serena replied as she bent to open her bag on the floor and then took out a film like looking sticker. “I found this at the market yesterday.” “I must say that I’m ill-prepared for this.” He noted as he furrowed his brows. Serena stood up and gave him the sticker. Then she placed her right hand on the bulge of his pants, directly gripping his erection. “Well, I must say that you’re not. Now, do place the sticker on the window.” — Serena Chen lived a life filled with love and success, while devoid of any hardship. So, when it was time to go, she went peacefully. However, as if fate was playing its game on her, she opened her eyes again only to discover that she has transmigrated as Serena Maxwell, the villainess in the novel "A Cinderella story in Victorian fantasy era" written by her very own granddaughter. Set in a Victorian-esque era, Serena Lilianne Maxwell was the only daughter of the Ducal house of Maxwell. She was rich, beautiful, a little haughty, and the fiancé of the crown prince. Every lady wants to be her, but sadly, the crown prince, Geoffrey, fell in love with Emily Evans, the daughter of an impoverished Baron. Seeing how young and beautiful she was again, her only thought was, since she already lived her past life as a normal decent lady, why not live as a semi-wanton lady of the era to fulfill her fantasies? Thus, she set her sights on her first target, Charlton Daniel, the only son of the duke of Suffox, cousin of the crown prince, and the original novel's second male lead. After some twists and turns, like any other sappy romantic story, the two inevitably fell in love. However, contrary to the novel's original plot, Geoffrey, the crown prince, who Serena was still politically engaged to, fell for her. It would have been less complicated if the engagement was not one ordained by the king, but it was. With this situation, what would Charlton and Serena have to do and what sacrifices must they make, to get to their happily ever after? Join them to find out. -- This novel will have romance, adventure, comedy, friendship, betrayal, politics, drama, smut, and so much more. (This will be a feast for historical drama and music lovers) Just for clarification, the world Serena transmigrated to is a Victorian-esque era so it's not exactly historically accurate. Timelines may be jumbled specially when it comes to some technological advances, but I try to keep them as realistic as possible. BTW, if anyone is curious about the age, this is more historically accurate. People in Victorian era marries on average, 26 for male, and never dropped lower than 22 for female. PS Cover art not mine, just edited by me PSS This is an original story I wrote — I also wish to thank Stephanie who made this MV for our Serena Charlton ship. If anyone’s interested, please just search in youtube: Serena charlton against all odds Or if you are geoffrey serena shipper she also made these MVs: Geoffrey & Serena part(1) Geoffrey & Serena part(2) Geoffrey & Serena part(3) and Geoffrey & Serena part (4) Thank you!!! —Volume 3 will be dark so if you dont like then just stop reading in volume 2.

  • Games(-Male Leading), Eastern(-Male Leading), Realistic(-Male Leading)

    Games(-Male Leading), Eastern(-Male Leading), Realistic(-Male Leading)

  • Male Luna?

    Male Luna?


    Since Jackaline Moon was born, she was special, she has the most brightest blue and green eyes with a speck of purple in each to show her superiority above her kind. She was trained since birth to learn the ways of self-defence and healing within the healer moon pack. She was originally born as an alpha's daughter until her dad was demoted to beta and his brother took over his pack. At the age of 5, she got her wolf but at the same time, her whole pack was cruelly slaughtered, and her parents including her baby sister was killed by a black red eyed wolf right in front of her eyes until she fainted. When she awoken from her nightmare which was actually reality, she became cold and distant. She was then taken in by the neighbouring pack and was trained hard everyday until she fainted in order to get revenge. But when she began to open up to the pack 2 years later, both the alpha and Luna along with the whole pack was killed except for her and Emily (the best warrior in the pack also her trainer). By the age of 14 another tragedy began, by this point Jack (Jackaline's nickname) has become the blood knight warrior. By the age of 16, she goes to college disguised as a male. And meets new people that may or may not change her life. Alice is the alpha of the Blood Moon pack, the most powerful pack in England at the turning of age (20) he comes back to his pack to take over and meets his mate. But unexpectedly, it was a male. Would he reject Jack or accept him? What would happen to these two and what journey would they experience. Please read on to find out. This is the first book I’ve written and I know there would be some grammar and spelling mistakes present but I hope you would enjoy it. Thank you.

  • Beauty and the Beasts

    Beauty and the Beasts


    After finding herself in a beastmen world, a leopard rescues her and later abducts her. Bai Qingqing suffers quite a mental breakdown because the males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as strutting peacocks. On the other hand, the females are ridiculously ugly, but still highly cherished by the males. As a beautiful high-school student, she has somehow become the most mesmerizing beauty in this world. Worst of all, this world is a matriarchal society. She doesn’t want three four husbands waiting on her! Her life becomes about teasing a leopard, tickling a tiger, seducing a poisonous snake, and capturing an eagle. Bai Qingqing, with a full harem, is too deep for tears. She really didn't want any of this. "Hey, hey, Brother Leopard, Brother Tiger, Brother Snake, Brother Eagle, what are you doing? Stay back!" There are four male leads: The young and strong leopard, the emo and silent snake, the powerful tiger, and the aloof and loner eagle.

  • Male Princess

    Male Princess


    Being forced to act like a girl when you really are a guy, isn't always the best thing in life. Especially when you're going to become the ruler of the kingdom soon. Xia is a Princess, well, a 'Male Princess'. Ever since she could remember, she was always forced to act ladylike and participate in tea parties. It was definitely not her thing. All too soon, Xia was getting engaged but she managed to escape when a group of mysterious men had kidnapped her. ━━━━━━━━━━━ An idiotic tale of a guy who's a princess and a person who is stupidly in love with them.

  • Leading), History(-Male Leading), Horror(-Male

    Leading), History(-Male Leading), Horror(-Male

  • male lead

    male lead

  • The Male Siren

    The Male Siren

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE R18 DARK MYTH

    Kepindahanku ke sebuah rumah mungil di pinggir pantai menjadi awal pertemuanku dengannya. Bentuk fisik tak lazim bagaikan gabungan manusia dan ikan itu membuatku penasaran. Ditambah warna sisik berkilauan itu menarik seluruh perhatianku. Tak pernah terpikir sebelumnya jikaaku akan memiliki seekor teman yang tidak biasa.Ocean, namanya. Dia seekor Siren jantan.Siren, makhluk dengan wujud seperti Mermaid, tetapi memiliki kekuatan yang jauh melebihi Mermaid. Siren penuh dengan niat jahat dan sihir. Wujud mereka mengerikan, ukuran mereka besar dan mengarah pada percampuran manusia dengan ikan dasar laut. Begitulah yang ku baca di buku.Namun yang ku dapati di depan mataku sendiri ini sedikit berbeda. Aura suram dan mistis itu memang menyeruak kuat dari Ocean. Ukuran tubuhnya memang setara Hiu, tetapi fisik itu sangat indah dan memikat. Sisik-sisik itu berkilauan di bawah sinar bulan dan matahari. Belum lagi dengan suara nyanyian yang dapat membuat siapapun seperti tersihir dan menenggelamkan diri ke laut.Berteman dengan Ocean tentu saja membuatku senang sekaligus penasaran. Terutama karena aku adalah seorang gadis pecinta laut yang kini tengah mengambil kuliah kelautan. Awalnya aku mengira hal ajaib ini adalah sebuah sebuah jalan yang membuatku bisa mendalami laut lebih lagi.Namun, semakin aku membaca tentang Siren, perasaanku semakin tidak enak. Bulu kudukku merinding tiap kali aku menyadari sesuatu memperhatikanku dari laut di luar. Ocean tidak meninggalkanku. Mata emas bagai hewan itu bercahaya di tengah gelapnya laut. Memandangku dari balik karang seperti serigala memantau mangsanya.

  • [BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead

    [BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead



    [BL - Quick Transmigration] Xi Zirui is an intern with a boring office job. He wouldn't mind more excitement in his life. He gets his wish when he walks by a storefront announcing just that: an end to his boredom. It comes in the form of the worldhopping machine: Transmigrator 4000 Xi Zirui then finds himself living the life of a famous actor, and staring in the most anticipated BL drama of all times. There's only a problem, as his System likes to remind him: He needs to keep his reputation as an actor up. He can't fall in love with the Male Lead, the infuriating and attractive Han Yu. --- [Han Yu groans and bumps his head against the sofa. "Didi is so hard to please." Xi Zirui snorts. "You should stop trying, then." Han Yu turns on his side to face Xi Zirui and smirks. "What would be the fun in that?"] --- 1v1 in every world, but with a twist. Cunning and seductive MC Shameless and doting ML

  • Male service

    Male service


    Its the year 2035, Santana. Is home alone eating a tub of ice cream when a commercial comes on the tv.Are you sick of men Cheating on you? Are you sick of being Single? Are you done with being Alone? or do you need someone to help cook and clean?while I got the thing for you. what if you could buy the most loyal male android of your dreams for only 1,000,000 dollars plus tax. who needs flesh and bones anyway.

  • Sigma Male

    Sigma Male


    Sera, a girl who loves animals more than any humans, became an orphan at a young age. With her best friend along with her pets and aunt kenna's support, Sera slowly begun to accept the worlds cruelty towards her.But it only took one night, to totally change her normal life. No she wasn't normal at the beginning, nor her pets.Should she call them her fiancés? What should she call herself? Human? Arnian? or should she call herself the same as what they do?A mythical bird that crosses the sky with it's burning wings like a shooting star. A phoenix, daughter of Ezekiel creator and ruler of Ardos.

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