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  • Young Marines

    Young Marines

    The young marines is a national youth program for kids ages 8-18. While trying to learn to be a leader and a team player gibson also trys to make new friends and rake up. will Gibson make new friends and one day have to leave all of them.

  • The Lost Marines

    The Lost Marines

    I am a new author, just trying to write something, there is no set release schedule. Honestly, I really liked reading novels on the website but I dropped so many of them because I thought that there were too many loose ends, or things just got too silly/stupid to make sense to me personally so I am writing something to suit my tastes. This story is going to start off a little fast because there is a lot of hope I have for this novel. The story starts with Jason Kruger and Evan Gibbs. They start out as guests in a Marine recruiting station in Pueblo, Colorado, USA 2010. They will have fast initial development to start the story, I may return to add to the beginning later on. But they develop into Marines until they consider their morals and during that period of self-discovery they fight in a life-changing assignment that leads them to the beginning of the story, lost. And if you think of any potential names of the characters please comment, I am terrible at picking names, also include some character traits, it will make writing the characters more interesting.

  • Sold? Oh please.

    Sold? Oh please.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO


    COMPLETED Jessie Marin is a popular and successful actress at the peak of her career. Until she is in a staged accident and the rest of the world thinks she's dead when in fact she's kidnapped and sold in a trafficking ring to the highest bidder. Jason Kang a wealthy business tycoon, invited by his friends to the auction house, does not intend to buy anyone. In fact, he thinks it's a disgusting thing, changes his mind when he sets his eyes on Jessie. The only problem is he fell in love with her body. Nobody, not the kidnappers or the bidders knew her identity, what happens when Jason finds out? How does he intend to keep a woman who will not be kept? And what happens when a common enemy arises? ~~~ "So what are you going to do? Yes, I escaped or rather tried too, what are you going to do?" Jessie sassed at him. Jason grinned "you're not in the least scared of me are you?" he asked. "Should I be?" Jessie laughed. "You definitely should," He said flipping over and trapping her beneath his own body. "You forget" he continued "You are a captive in this house, not a guest, not a visitor. And you won't take a step out unless I say so. So I advise you to rather stop defying me and behave." "Or what? You'll hit me?" she scoffed. "Oh, honey there are worse punishments than physical abuse," Jason said. Jessie wanted to believe he was bluffing but they were a danger, a deep rage that she saw in his eyes that terrified her. Did she want to find out what was worse than a beating? She bit her lips and tried to push him off her, but he grabbed her arms and held them above her head. Pinning them above her head with one hand and gripped her neck with his other hand. "Don't push me, Jessie, I'm trying, really trying to be good. Be careful with that pretty mouth of yours." Jason warned. "You're trying? I haven't had a proper meal in the last three days, I have no clothes and I'm sorry but I'm I supposed to look at the ceiling all day? There is nothing to do in this house." she snarled. "You say there are worse things than physical abuse what else could you possibly take from me?" Jason smiled and tilted his head as she uttered her last words. Dipping his head he sniffed her hair. Coming down lower and biting her ear lobe. He loved the way she shivered at the contact. "Oh dear Jess, there a lot of things I can take from you" He whispered in her ear. Dragging his nose the expanse of the smooth clear skin of her long neck. When he placed a feather-light kiss on her collar bone she struggled beneath him. But she was not strong enough to break out of his grip. ~~~ Feel free to message anytime on discord @ Obliviousstudent#2356. I do not own the book cover, credits to the artist.

  • The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine

    The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine



    What makes a hero? They say a hero is someone that has given his life to something bigger than himself. I say a hero is no braver than an ordinary man, he is just braver for five minutes longer. All soldiers are brave, it's what they do with their bravery that makes them heroes. Am I a hero? I am a soldier that put my life on the line to save my squad. It is my job, doing my job should not make me a hero. Clayton Jackson is a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He joined the Marines at the tender age of eighteen and has never dreamt of doing anything else. After a fateful accident during deployment, Clayton becomes disabled and gets his ticket back home. Isabella Jones, previously married to a Marine, runs away to the town where Clayton lives to get away from her past. Clayton and Isabella meet one day as they both seek the comfort of the outdoors to clear their heads. The connection is immediate, and their relationship is off to a quick start. When Clayton gets the opportunity to return to the Marine Corps, Isabella is left to decide if she will go with him or stay behind. Will Clayton become the ultimate soldier, and will he have Isabella by his side?

  • Marooned with a Marine

    Marooned with a Marine

    Psychologist Neil is a civilian embedded with a division of Marines sent out as part of a peacekeeping mission overseas in the Pacific. When the local political situation erupts into open civil war, the American troops are ordered to evacuate. Neil escapes in a small plane, along with several military personnel.<br><br>The plane crashes into the sea, with only Neil and a Marine surviving. They're swept over a reef and deposited in the lagoon of a deserted island.<br><br>As they work together to survive in the hopes of being rescued, mutual respect warms into friendship. But Neil's feelings grow deeper, and he keeps them hidden from his companion.<br><br>How would the Marine react if he knew the feelings Neil harbors for him? Can what they share in isolation carry over if -- or when -- they're rescued?

  • Dragon Marine

    Dragon Marine


    A world is torn apart by a seemingly endless Civil War and the gods cannot sit back and watch their children suffer any longer. Having failed to bring the conflict to an end through other Champions selected by individual deities, the Pantheon of Ten have come together to summon a single individual to serve as their Champion to unite the warring factions and bring about a new age of peace. That Champion? Vance Wolfram, a University Professor of History who had his memories and past sealed upon coming to Tavaria, by nefarious forces. Now he is cast into a world with no memories of his past life and lived the life of a common-born farmboy until one fateful day he is conscripted and forced to experience the horrors of war...

  • Dropped One Piece: Marine

    Dropped One Piece: Marine



    First time writing a fanfic. I will try to update everyday, but it might change since right now am on winter break.What if Luffy had an older brother. What if that older brother was then taken by Garp to the marines and trained to join then. Follow Sage on his journey to rise through the ranks of the marines and become strong to protect his brothersWarning I do not own any character of one piece they all belong to Eiichiro Oda

  • The New Marine

    The New Marine


    A young rich entrepreneur died in an accident and is now given a second chance at life, he will enjoy it to the fullest and will only live following what his heart desires.---------------------------------------------------------------------------The road of a guy who wants to live life by his own rules.He will do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.He will kill everyone who is on his way and will laugh while doing it.---------------------------------------------------------------------------His new life in the One Piece world.A new marine joining the ranks.His debauchery while climbing the social ladder.---‐-----------------------------------------------------------------------OP-MC, System, Action, Adventure, Training, Money, Sex, R-18, Fanfiction This is my first book so please be nice. Advice will always be welcomed and please read at least 10 chapters before making comments and decisions. Thank You.---------------------------------------------------------------------------*The picture is not mine and all rights go to its respective author, if you are the author and want me to take down the picture then with all pleasure I will do so*

  • The Retired Marine

    The Retired Marine

    Follow along as a newly retired marine sergeant major as he goes from retired to divorce to king in the span of a few years.*Yes. I know. I suck at this part*

  • A marine's life

    A marine's life

    Life story of David Aarons, a young man who at the age of 16 decided to become a marine and who, full of great challenges and friendships, managed to become more than just a marine captain

  • Because I Want To

    Because I Want To

    Vie is a whiz at computers and numbers. But, she has a naughty side that she rarely lets show. Worse yet, she's beginning to fantasize about a certain tough Marine that needs her help. Vie tries hard to ignore the growing ache that his presence brings on. Trev, a hard core Marine, is trying to get his life back in order after finding his baby sister after 10 years of searching. Now, he finds himself blindsided by the BDSM lifestyle. Blindsided yet intrigued. Trev can't stop imagining what it would be like to have Vie give herself completely to him. To show him all the forbidden pleasure. Haunted and hesitant, he can't decide which to choose. One path leads him towards a boring but safe vanilla life. The other twist down a bumpy road filled with erotic sinful pleasures and naughty little games for Trev and Vie to play. *Adults ONLY* *Explicit Scenes* *Violence* *BDSM Themes* Because I Want To is created by Leann Lane, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.”

  • the adventures of a modern marine

    the adventures of a modern marine

  • The Marine Though Space

    The Marine Though Space

    Hey ya folks Vash here to tell ya, this novel stuff ain’t my forte. If I screw up then tell me.

  • The Broken Soldier: Dreams Of A Broken Marine

    The Broken Soldier: Dreams Of A Broken Marine


    This is the second book for The Broken Soldier. Please read The Broken Soldier: Secrets Of A Broken Marine first. Clayton Jackson, First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps is back from what was his final deployment. He left his final deployment on a high, leaving him with yet another injury. This time he is set to stay with Isabella, and bring their child into the world and raise it together. But Clayton gets restless and he desires to go back. But apart from that, Isabella and Clayton are concerned that the two people that they fear to most will come back and hurt them and their child. Can they let go of this fear? Will Isabella let Clayton follow his dreams again and let him go back and become the ultimate Marine, a Rayder?

  • The Marine Next Door

    The Marine Next Door

    Schoolteacher Julian Reynolds is disillusioned with the seedier side of gay life in New York City with its self-absorption, vanity, and preoccupation with sex. When his long-time relationship with his high school sweetheart ends, he returns to his hometown and vows to live a simple life free of the extremes of the gay lifestyle and romantic entanglements. With that end in mind, he rents the carriage house next door to a large Tudor-style home.<br><br>Tate Butler, a former student of Julian’s, lives in the big house with his mother. Tate is bitter and withdrawn after losing a leg while serving in the Marine Corps during the war in Afghanistan. Fearing rejection from his mother and blaming himself for his father’s death, Tate stays firmly in the closet and punishes himself by refusing to learn how to walk again.<br><br>Can Tate and Julian help heal each other’s pasts and forge a real and lasting future together? Or will the driveway that separates their houses prove too wide a gulf to cross?

  • A New Start For A Marine

    A New Start For A Marine

  • Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Fantasy ROMANCE


    After crash landing in what turns out to be a fantasy world, the orbital marine Dax will have to fight the powers thatoccupy the world to reclaim the technology that got stranded along with him and eventually repair his crashed shipto return to his own world.On the way he discovers the rule breaking power of mana, a special particle that seems naive to the world he nowis a part of. Feeling seriously outgunned Dax places a priority on regaining his lost weaponry that is scatteredthroughout the world, ranging in size and effectiveness from electromagnetically powered assault rifles,powered exoskeletons and autonomous drones from the size of a spying UAV to heavy assault ships.But the marine is not alone in his search those weapons, the powers of the world he now finds himself a part of isquickly realizing that something outside their realm of understanding has graced the planet and that those artefactstrapped inside large floating black sphere’s hold vast strategic value. Dax is then faced with a complex problem,he must secure the technology that he needs to leave while at the same time make sure the tools of war from his world is not misused at the cost of being made a target by powers he fails to fully understand.On his way Dax will have run ins with various powers, some of them hostile, some of them a bit more amenable to persuasion and mutual cooperation. After all, what is a knight, king, angel, demon or grand wizard to a railgun or even a tactical class high energy laser in orbit?They’re soft targets.For the record, English is not my first language, so there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there. I’ve been getting better at writing over the last year or so, and have plans to go back and edit my old chapters, but it’s really hard to find the time.Also, check out my discord server if anyone of you wants to trash talk me with a faster response time~

  • Late Nights at Marine Drive

    Late Nights at Marine Drive

    Late at 1 a.m. there is an unexpected silence on the rather busy road of Marine drive, Mumbai. And in that silence there is a girl that comes by to have the company of the mild waves just waiting for the wind to carry away all her pain. Confiding into someone is not her thing. If she really wants to pour her heart out it will be to a complete stranger. At least she won't be worried of being judged by them. What if a completely unexpected stranger gives her a comforting hand? Will they want to meet again? Will she finally understand where her world is? Will he be able to show her that she is worth it? Will they fall in love with each other by the end of the night? Or will they just remain Late Night Marine Drive buddies?




    righteous guy in one piece

  • Lost Marine in a Magical World

    Lost Marine in a Magical World


    I'll put something here eventually.