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  • Transdimensional Marketing

    Transdimensional Marketing


    I am merely a reviewer, albeit the products I review are slightly different. For example, I review quantum computers, artificial intelligence, anti-gravity mech armor, planetary engines, sublight colonial ships, stellar detonators, etc... Chen Yu: "The technological product I bring to everyone for today's episode is—a dual-vector foil! W-Wait! Everyone, please calm down! Let me explain..."

  • Marketing sport

    Marketing sport

    Creating wealth through creativity and sports in order to fight poverty

  • ai marketing

    ai marketing

  • Best  Marketing

    Best Marketing

    Rahul MarthakThree Marketing UltimatumsMarketing Articles | July 7, 2021Many “influencers” and self-proclaimed guru’s on the web would have you ever believe that marketing is that the solution to all or any of your issues in business. Unfortunately, the marketing industry is filled with under-educated media buyers who are after your money because their “guru” told them they might make $10k a month by selling you ads on an open-source platform.These platforms are created with the power to hyper-target who sees your ads and when. It allows you to put ads ahead of a demographic of individuals that would be your ideal customer supported their(the advertising platform’s) psychographic data, and therefore the hope is that you’ll get leads.While, in theory, this seems like a magic pill… a panacea for all of your business problems, it’s almost how the planet of selling works. A majority of the prospects who will buy your product won’t roll in the hay the primary time they see it.Use these three marketing fundamentals to guide your marketing decisions and make marketing campaigns that convert customers into lifetime fans. 1. Marketing is about finding and understanding a market in needMany marketing agencies would have you ever believe that your ideal customers are always on the platform that they happened to be best at ad buying on. That “Facebook has billions of users, so your ideal client is certainly on there.” While it'd be, many of us ignore ads on Facebook and are scared of our data and privacy. For many people that could also be your ideal customer, clicking on Facebook advertisements isn’t even a risk they’re willing to require

  • Network marketing

    Network marketing

  • For Marketing Purpose

    For Marketing Purpose

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    As we sing a song charrrrr

  • Way to Affiliate marketing

    Way to Affiliate marketing

  • The Black Market

    The Black Market



    WARNING! BOOK CONTAINS SEX/BRUTALITY/RAPE/KILLINGS/GORE/SUBTLE HAREM/ROMANTIC SUBPLOT IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED TAGS, THEN PROCEED WITH CAUTION!Other Ongoing Book: The Immortal's Wine * * * Friction between several big countries escalated in the year 2040 when the world almost ran out of natural resources. In the same year, a terrifying group of unknown individuals surfaced in the world. They numbered more than several hundred thousand, appearing literally out of thin air. To think that such a monstrous group had managed to hide away without anyone's knowledge was inconceivable. The group wreaked havoc in the world with their futuristic weapons. Laser guns, fighter robots, and other advanced weaponry were included in their arsenal. Billions of humans died in the war causing liters of blood to flow in the once flourishing world. The year 2050, Major General Cale Sylvann, a 49-year-old elite and one of the leading figures of Earth Alliance died in battle. "Where am I?" "Calee! Get up or you will be late for school again!" *** Message me on discord: Condemned#0294 Join my discord server to chat with me and other readers on this link:

  • Black Market Merchant

    Black Market Merchant


    Several years after major nuclear wars, followed by the rise of robotic armies, have caused the world to become post-apocalyptic. The year is 2276 and Earth is now full of anarchy, corruption, and death. The rich are richer, the poor are poorer and government’s ever crueler. A lone woman carrying a large backpack, in the shape of a coffin, comes to a small post-apocalyptic town in the middle of southern Utah, whose only existence rides on the Colorado River. There is a dam which provides water, food, and transportation to the several thousand people who have been congregating in the slowly re-growing town. Many had once hoped to fix the hydroelectric station to rebuild their lives, but corruption brews. This lone woman stops at one of the bars in town and gets into a fight with some local gangsters who were mistreating a young girl outside. Causing her to become at odds with the gangs of the town. This is the instance that first roots our heroine, Lisa Cunningham, to save this town and prompted her to start growing her Black Market Empire here! However, gangs are the least of her worries! Robotic army’s, rebellion militia, mutated monsters, mad cults, competing companies, government entities and lustful men keep ogling over her all the time!! Not to mention the strange events that slowly begin to unfold around the little girl, Hanna, that Lisa had saved. Yet there is more to Lisa than gorgeous looks alone. She has come back from over 200 years ago and is learning more about what has happened while she was in cryogenic sleep. A sleep that she volunteered to do for the US military due to her cyborg body! There is so much that has changed on Earth, much of which is far from what she once remembered and now she has even more to learn. How will she be able to survive in a hostile apocalyptic world and reach her own frivolous goals to obtain great riches?Follow along now!Please Vote and leave Comments!

  • Blog marketing is pretty easy if you have a marketing mind. You are g

    Blog marketing is pretty easy if you have a marketing mind. You are g

  • Ritesh gupta viral marketing

    Ritesh gupta viral marketing

    Playing game give more energy to our body so have 1 hour game every day

  • Online digital marketing and blogging

    Online digital marketing and blogging


  • Amber, the Bubbly Blonde from Marketing

    Amber, the Bubbly Blonde from Marketing

    Amber from marketing. Everybody knows someone like her. She's the gal who's always smiling and upbeat. The one organizing the company canned food drive or spending her time volunteering with the kitties at the local animal shelter. She's a bundle of boundless energy from sources unknown.<br><br>That's how coworker Dani sees her, anyway. But when Dani is roped into one of Amber's volunteer outings, she gets to know the kindhearted person behind the constant smile. And as their affection begins to blossom, she gets a peek at the true source of Amber's boundless energy.<br><br>Follow Dani and Amber on a wild rollercoaster ride that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Dive into this collection of five tales and find out the unique circumstances that make Amber so energetic and the way love prevails.

  • The Mech Touch

    The Mech Touch



    After obtaining the Mech Designer System, Ves aims to create the greatest mechs in the galaxy! In the far future, the galactic human civilization has entered the Age of Mechs. The countless lesser powers of humanity have come to adopt mechs as their main weapons of war! Only a small number of humans have the right genetic aptitude to pilot these destructive war machines the size of buildings. Born to a military family in the edge of the galaxy, Ves Larkinson is one of the many people who lacks the talent to earn glory in battle. Instead, he became a mech designer. Helped by his missing father, Ves has obtained the mysterious Mech Designer System that can help him rise in the galaxy and beyond! His mechs based on the principles of life quickly allows him to rise to prominence. Powerful and highly compatible with mech pilots, his products have the potential to take the market by storm! However, success does not come easily, and countless challenges bar his ability to sell his mechs to a market eager for innovation! With the sins of the human race in the galactic arena slowly catching up, Ves must navigate the perils of the ultra-competitive mech market and maintain control over his growing organization of misfits. This is the golden age of mechs. This is the golden age of humanity. The question is, will it last? "Any challenge can be overcome as long as I design the right mech!" --Join The Mech Touch's unofficial Discord server! --To support The Mech Touch, just read it! If you want to help me more, feel free to donate to my PayPal! --Follow my Instagram and Twitter! --Cover Art by Derek-Paul Carll (carlldpn) --The Mech Touch is an original webnovel written by ML "Exlor" Duong. The Mech Touch is exlusively published on and a select few platforms affiliated with the parent company of this website. The Mech Touch is not published on Amazon, RoyalRoad, WattPad and etc.

  • Slave Market

    Slave Market

    Slave Market, is a timely fiction novel, dealing with White Female Slaves. Peter Benner and Franz Heidel are relentlessly working undercover and they are chasing traffickers of human flesh. Their travels take them from the smoky dance halls of Austria to historic Genoa, Italy, and to the hot and humid Tunisian desert, where both, young females and camel boys are grossly mistreated.Adil ABu Bakr, the Tunisian slave runner in charge, is feeling the pressure imposed on him by the newly elected president of Tunisia, who hired professionals to deal with White Slavery.Inspector Bruno Schultz calls it Human Trafficking and circumstances force him to operate while taking the middle road between right and wrong, a circumstance that the inspector has difficulty dealing with. What should he do? Chase Benner and Heidel or hunt Arab slavers of human flesh.It is a must-read fiction story, for most people, because it describes the inner workings of human trafficking.

  • Ilmu marketing Dalam Live Streaming

    Ilmu marketing Dalam Live Streaming

  • Stock market

    Stock market

  • The Magic Market

    The Magic Market

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC SLICEOFLIFE

    Isobel is just starting her trainning as a witch, a human descendant of changelings, in her case her great-grandmother. So, under the tutelage of her grandmother she dives into the supernatural underworld of her town. Other witches, changelings and fairies await her, as well as new friends and all the challenges of adolescence.



    Cinta sebuah rasa yang sulit sekali dikendalikan apalagi cinta pertama yang belum selesai enam tahun lalu, kembali di pertemukan dalam kondisi yang paling tak terbayangkan, antara hidup dan mati Lalin Melliana yang saat ini menjadi agen pemerintah berhadapan dengan organisasi penyelundup senjata, obat-obatan, pencucian uang yang ternyata dipimpin oleh Gilang cinta pertamanya dimasa SMA saat semuanya masih baik-baik saja

  • Ghost Market

    Ghost Market