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  • I.. Am God?

    I.. Am God?



    Theme: World Creation, Gods, Mixed Matthias died and became something that he least expected. "I.. Am God?" Join Matthias as he travel through galaxies and create all things. ––––––––––––––––– What would you do if you suddenly gained a power that no mortal man could hope to achieve? What would you do if all creation suddenly bowed to your power and glory that only lofty Emperors could have? Heaven and Hell submits to your power, The Immortal Realm fears your existence, The Mortal realm bows before your presence. Would you like for all the realms to bow and praise even your shadow? All gods to bow before you? The Earthly Kings and Heavenly Rulers to sonorously chant your glorious name? Or would you like to live the life of mortal men that are doomed to die? Understand poverty and loftiness? Powerfulness and powerlessness? Comprehend knowledge that arrogant gods wouldn't be able to? Or would you like both? Join him as he tries to live a life of a True God, Ruler of Creation. "Are gods the greatest existence in all of the cosmos? No. Why? Gods are only worshipped by mortals who couldn't reach their power. Gods will be powerless in front of true power. They would be powerless in front of me." (Author's note: MC is not arrogant, portrays himself as a  little bit naive, only becomes arrogant if needed, lives countless types of lives, from urban to fantasy. Not Harem, although he would have wives in some worlds, but he does not entertain the idea of harem. Sorry harem lovers who expected that a god would become a man of a 20,000 women harem. Characters aren't that important except for those who have been to more than one world with him, and expect heartlessness in some occasions.) Disclaimer: The author does not assume/own the rights to the photo cover and would comply with the owner if ever he/she wants the author to take down the cover. You could contact me in my socmed account Twitter: @WashingDishes07 Discord: MattWashingDishes#4663 Facebook: WashingDishes07Chapter update: Daily every 0:00 - 2:00 UTC +8

  • World War 4 AI takeover

    World War 4 AI takeover


  • Summoners System What the Fuck

    Summoners System What the Fuck


    Keiren Kendrall is living a normal life. Like everyone else, he has a job, friends, and a wonderful fiance but the Day of his wedding is not really what he had hoped for, first he gets stuck in the traffic OK bad Luck, then he accidentally summons a giant eagle. A talking giant eagle to be more precise. Then the giant talking eagle taxi left for the wedding, but the worst is right after the wedding an angry-looking Woman blasted herself into his life and he and his friends get sucked into a black hole on a wave of curses...And this is where my story will begin I hope you will enjoy it, it will be the first book that will be published by me so please cut me some slack and give me some useful feedback so that this story can grow better.Important to say is that I do not try to put an end to this story so as long as there is an inspiration I will gladly write this story.I hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it.// the picture isn't mine. if it is yours and you do not want it to be used in this way please contact me. //

  • The Eternal Emperors Ascension

    The Eternal Emperors Ascension


    Keiren Kendrall is living a normal life. Like everyone else, he has a job, friends, and a wonderful fiance. Unfortunately, the day of his wedding is not really what he had hoped for. First, he gets stuck in the traffic. OK, bad Luck. Then he accidentally summons a giant eagle. A talking giant eagle to be more precise. Then the talking giant eagle taxi left for the wedding. The worst part is that right after the wedding, an angry-looking Woman blasted herself into his life and he and his friends get sucked into a black hole on a wave of curses... // AN: And this is where my story will begin, give me some useful feedback so that this story can grow better. I hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it. // // The picture isn't mine. if it is yours and you do not want it to be used in this way please contact me. //

  • The live of Hidan

    The live of Hidan

  • The Predator and The Prey

    The Predator and The Prey

    Rating: TVMAJoin Matthias and his friends through this story of betrayal, shock, horror, secrets, and romance as they journey through their last years of high school and Matthias' connection with the infamous land of the dead.In Season One: Matthias Jackson is a high-school student who has been a loner for most of his time being there. (That is until he meets a certain girl who doesn't take no for an answer.) But when strange and mysterious events start to take place, including an angelic appearance, Matthias starts to wonder if there's more to his family's past than he realized.

  • The Bastard's World

    The Bastard's World

    There is nothing Matthias Deverell, illegitimate son of a marquis, wants more than to remove the murmurs of treason that haunt his father’s name. He is determined to do just that, even if it means completing the nearly impossible task of reassembling the globe his father used as a safe. With pieces spread all over London, it will take all of Matthias’ considerable skill at intimidation to retrieve them.<br><br>Nicholas Rexford, young Viscount Leighton, wants only to be able to provide a comfortable life for himself and his three sisters. After being left in near-poverty thanks to their father’s spending and gambling, Nick is desperate to find a business venture he can invest in to turn their fortunes around. Sadly, he has no head for business, preferring to spend his time engrossed in horrid novels.<br><br>When Matthias finds Nick in possession of a piece of the globe, he believes the handsome young man to be in on the scheme, and decides to keep a closer eye on him. But when Nick meets Matthias, he is enthralled by the “dark and dangerous bastard” who could have stepped out of one of his novels.<br><br>Despite his suspicions, Matthias is drawn to Nick, but will his suspicions destroy what is developing between them and cost Matthias a chance at happiness?

  • Vampyre Paladin

    Vampyre Paladin


    Matthias Kade is a vampire paladin, a traveling doctor who uses his expertise to heal victims of vampire bites. He and his assistant find an underground blood ring that ensnares young children. Matthias vows to stop the vampires – but to do so, he must face his own past, fears, and demons, which force him down the same path as the fiends he so despises.

  • CEBIYB (Cry, Even Better If You Beg)

    CEBIYB (Cry, Even Better If You Beg)


    Arvis, the fantasy land like heaven and the masterwork of the Herhardt family. Matthias von Herhardt, who was regarded as a bird murderer, and his lovely existence had been utterly engulfed, crushed, and shook because of his gorgeous bird Leyla. Her wings were chopped, imprisoned, and tamed. Matthias hadn’t skipped any tricks to keep Leyla in captivity. He had no regrets about what he did without hesitation. He didn’t feel pity, so he didn’t think twice and never felt a need to apologize. Matthias made a decision after his lovely bird, Leyla, unlocked her cage and escaped away. Thus, he swore that if she had any intention of disappearing from his sight forever and never coming back, he would be the one to end up her life first.

  • To The Life Unknown

    To The Life Unknown


    Stuck in the mental abyss of anticipation and fear, Matthias feels trapped and alone. He's foolishly isolated himself, now he's just running through the motions. His shadow is emerging, something he tried to repress by isolating himself. Now the consequences are inescapable, Matthias can only push it back so much. Is the unknown going to be forgiving or will it be merciless and ruthless on him.

  • Her Broken Euphoria

    Her Broken Euphoria


    Aliana Sophia Miller wants to pursue her passion, but her parents won't let her because they want her to be a famous architect like her father. As her parents agree to her latest travel before she gives up her passion for painting, she will meet a man named Matthias who wants to recognize his talent as a violinist. They fell in love, but their feelings connect at the wrong time when Aliana's parents separate them by threatening her that they will make the life of her beloved Matthias living like hell. Little she did not know. Her parents do some unnecessary stuff to Matthias's family that his heart turns cold as ice and when they finally met again, he's trying to get revenge on her family. Will their love have a chance to meet again, or it's an end for the both of them?

  • Goat of achievements

    Goat of achievements


    Join our main character Matthias as he works his way from the bottom to the top in another  world with pure hard work and the assistance of his system. Girl: Maldrick sama be gentle uwu

  • Wounds of Magic

    Wounds of Magic


    Time marches on for all. It's been fifteen years since the ephemeral entity known as "The Wall" came into existence, protecting the mortal kingdoms from the threats that lie beyond. Matthias, a smith of prodigious skill residing in the capital of Kulthast, is entrusted with a startling task. Completely unprepared for the upheaval in his life, he clings to the secrets of a past he has meticulously shrouded in mystery.

  • Bound By Fate Of Alpha

    Bound By Fate Of Alpha


    Alexa has mixed blood from a wolf father and a fairy mother, she has to see her mother die in front of her eyes and the news of her father has not been found. Makes Alexa determined to take revenge on all those who hurt her, as she meets her death during the dragon warrior massacre in the fairy forest area that killed her mother. Alexa promises to fight and fight them to the end. Moreover, the rope of fate tied her with the alpha Matthias. The man Alexa loves so much, that she must protect her mate from enemies in a dangerous blanket. That's why she wanted to venture out to find more power from the outside because Alexa thought staying silent wouldn't save her from an old enemy who was now hiding because of his serious injuries.

  • Terikat Takdir Dengan Sang Alpha

    Terikat Takdir Dengan Sang Alpha

    Ramalan mengatakan jika pasangan sang alpha ditemukan, maka kekuatannya yang tersegel akan terbuka. Oleh sebab itu, raja naga merah dari kerajaan langit membayar seorang penyihir menara tinggi untuk mencari lokasi pasangan sang alpha, raja daratan. Raja naga merah melakukan agresi pada kaum peri, lokasi tempat pasangan sang alpha tinggal. Dari sanalah setelah penyerbuan itu dibatalkan oleh sang alpa. Desas desus tentang luna yang sudah ditemukan tersebar, bahkan jati dirinya dilindungi dengan baik oleh sang alpa. Alexa, dia adalah ras berdarah campuran serigala dan peri. Luna dari black pack tempat tinggalnya saat ini, memiliki dendam pada raja naga merah. kehilangan ibu yang mati tepat didepan matanya, ayah yang melarikan dirinya sendiri. Dia harus menjadi kuat untuk membalas dendam, bersama alpha Matthias, matenya. Alexa menjadi sosok luna ditakuti yang bahkan sosoknya tak diketahui banyak orang.

  • The Nerd and I [Book One]

    The Nerd and I [Book One]

    Martial Arts ROMANCE BL MAFIA

    Disclaimer: Contains men to men relationship. Explicit and violent scenes warning. Nevertheless, if you understand this statement, feel free to continue reading.His name is Earl Harrison. A typical high school student, living a normal life. Everything is going well in his life, except for the fact that he's being bullied in school, not being loved by his family and well basically - he's all alone. He thought that "Hey, I can endure this. I'll just past high school without being noticed, work a job that fits me and maybe someday, I'll find a family of my own." But what will happen, when the school's most BAD-ASS, JERK and not to mention - PLAYBOY, Matthias Blaise, decides he'll make Earl's life a living hell? What will happen to poor little Earl?A rocky love story with lots of twists, action-filled comedy and drama.

  • Caught In Your Feelings (Tagalog)

    Caught In Your Feelings (Tagalog)


    Kung tutuusin, maituturing na mapayapa ang buhay ni Hermione Beatriz Matthias o mas kilala sa tawag na Bea, apo ng may-ari ng pinakamayamang kumpanya sa buong Pilipinas at kasalukuyang nag-aaral sa Crisostomo University. Nagbago ang lahat ng ito mula nang makilala niya ang leader ng pinakamalakas na gang sa kanilang unibersidad na si Gabrielle Ibañez Olivar o mas kilala bilang Gio. Walang sinasanto at lahat ng sinumang humamon sa kaniya ay lalabanan niya. Ngunit sa likod ng matapang na ugali ay nagkukubli ang isang malungkot na nakaraan. Simula nang makilala niya si Bea, unti-unting nagbago ang kaniyang ugali. Mas lumalim pa ang kanilang nararamdaman para sa isa't isa na nagsimula sa mala-aso't pusang eksena. Ngunit sa pagkakasangkot ni Bea kay Gio, nalagay ang kaniyang buhay sa kapahamakan. Magawa kaya nilang ipaglaban ang kanilang pagmamahalan sa kabila ng lahat ng pagsubok na kanilang pinagdadaanan?

  • Petrichor Search

    Petrichor Search


    A girl names Laciel (Lacy for short) awakens alone in the middle of a deserted forest with only a sword and a belt with money and a note. As she seems to find out her identity, she learns about the land: guilds protect the innocent from thieves and criminals. Powers range from the people of the Tierra (plant manipulators & conjurors), Anoids (humans with the ability to transform into animals, and Ink Users (26 known Ink Powers, divulged to the highest bidder). Lacy seeks to join the guild 'No Limit', led by the virtuous yet mysterious Martil Earthman. Martil wants nothing more than to explore beyond the heavily guarded nation and to find the mythical, Petrichor Valley & Firefly Grove.Major CharactersLacy- a young girl who wants to lead a life worth looking back onMatthias- a young man who yearns to keep his family reputation out of his lifeIsla- a falcon Anoid, who is the doctor of No LimitCharacters yet to be seen:MartilJadaScorpionJaseAnikuAlixBlazeMarlMikoZylonAsher

  • When a Game got Real

    When a Game got Real


    New World Order, A VR MMORPG with a Gacha aspect. Matthias 'Exu' is a Gacha fanatic. When he heard about the game, he was interested in playing it. So he did play it. After completing a certain quest in the late game stage... He figures out the reason on why the Game was created. After that day, the life of he and his family and friends. Changes. It's, When a Game got Real...

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