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  • Max


    Max is a young Hunter. He trusts no one, except himself. He loves no one. He does not dare to allow himself to feel safe. Not when his enemies are still out there. Not when he knows that friends and family are illusions one uses to make oneself feel less alone. When he knows that family is so easily broken. He doesn't need any of it. Doesn't deserve it......He was cut free from the binds of slavery in Jones' pack, but now...he has to find a way to survive on his own. Even, if he deserves to die, he'll go down fighting."I'd rather be a son-of-a-bitch than a victim, any day." -MaxThis is a story about a werewolf named Max. Follow his story as he tries to navigate life through the city, where peril can lurk anywhere for someone without a pack.....Max isn't the person who others are envious of his life. His life is hard and he loses just as much as he wins. He's strong, stronger than many others, but he's alone. He can't always compete against those that have the upper hand in numbers, unless those numbers are low. So, if you're looking for a book that had an over-powered character that is going to rack up the beauties and kick ass and take names, this is probably not the story for you.I don't usually write novels for people to feel good reading, there is give and take. Happiness is met with lots of trials and lots of sadness and hardship.Max made his first appearance in Tyler's series. This is a continuation of Max's story, though it's a few years after Tyler's took place. There are some things that are not explained in it, those things will be explained in Tyler's series' next volume.

  • The Max

    The Max

  • After I Maxed All My Weapon Proficiencies

    After I Maxed All My Weapon Proficiencies

    Eastern Fantasy EGOIST INVINCIBLE


    It was the year 2050. The world had released an online game, "Second World", that shocked the public beta. Gold from the game could be exchanged for real-life currency, attracting countless players. Every country in the world fought for game resources. The main character immediately entered the game after this wave. After entering the game as an adventurer (job before job change), he stepped into the first stage of his life. It was a stage that even a child could pass. He thought that it was a normal stage. However, he did not expect to be locked into the game and continuously repeat the stage! As time passed, the stage finally let him pass as per normal a thousand years later. He finally left the dungeon after clearing the stage. It was only now that he realized that this was only the second day of the game! He realized that this was not a dream after he saw his attribute panel. What followed was a variety of system notifications! "Reached MAX proficiency with the ax—Ax God!" "Reached MAX proficiency with the sword—Sword God!" "Reached MAX proficiency with the heavy shield—Shield God!" "Reached MAX proficiency with all weapons—Almighty Master!" "As your proficiency as an adventurer has overloaded and you have not changed your job in a long time, you can now undergo a unique job change as we have detected your proficiency with weapons—Battle God!" A deep crack appeared on the ground when he struck the level 1 wild monster with the small wooden sword in his hand!

  • Redesigning Max

    Redesigning Max

    Renowned interior designer Fredi Zimmer is surprised when outdoorsman Max Greene, owner of Greene’s Outdoors, hires him to revamp Max’s rustic cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Fredi is an out-and-proud Metro male whose contact with the outdoors is from his car to the doorway of the million-dollar homes he remodels, and to Fredi, Max is a typical straight man’s man.<br><br>When Max blatantly and clumsily flirts with Fredi, Fredi’s stereotypical view of Max is shattered. Is this a build-up to a gay bashing? Cautiously believing Max is closeted and is trying to come out, Fredi decides he’s game to put a little spice into Max’s life, whether it’s in the colors and fixtures he’ll use to turn Max's dilapidated cabin into a showplace or over one of the many lunches and dinners they share talking about the remodel. Who can blame a guy for adding a little sensual pleasure as he retools Max’s life visually? Besides, Fredi has a backup plan if he’s wrong about Max’s intentions.<br><br>Life would be all wine and roses if it weren’t for Max’s former friends and their conservative families. Alarmed with Max’s obvious infatuation, they make it their business to save him from sliding into hell.<br><br>With the battle on, will Fredi and Max win the fight for a life of happiness together?

  • Max and Eira

    Max and Eira


    An old prophecy, foes at at every turn, and in the middle, Max and Eira. When a mentor of Max’s, Professor Donovan Claron, summons him to be privy to his latest experiment, Max doesn’t quite know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t her. They have her in a cage and treating her like a lab rat. From the moment Max sees her, he knows what he has to do: betray one of the people he’s closest to to save the woman that his heart tells him he needs. Neither of them quite understand what they're getting into once she's freed, however. A whole underworld of boogeymen and myth and legend opens up before them, and they have no choice but to charge right in.

  • Max Diablo

    Max Diablo

  • madar max

    madar max

  • Max no Apocalipse

    Max no Apocalipse


    Luke era um garoto que teve uma vida ruim devido as pessoas em sua vida passada apesar de sempre ajudar os outros, por causa disso ele acaba se tornando uma pessoas fria que só pensa em si mesmo. Luke um dia atravessa a rua e é quase atropelado pelo Truck-Sama, felizmente ele não se machuca, mas... ao chegar no outro lado ele é acertado por um raio. Que má sorte! Luke morre por um erro de Deus e acaba reencarnando em um mundo que irá acontecer o Apocalipse com um sistema. Acompanhe a história de Luke que agora se chama Max Ross fazendo de tudo para se divertir é se tornar forte nesse mundo louco! (N/A: Deixe comentários se você gosta da história e recomendações de como melhorar ela. Realmente motiva a continuar saber que você gosta!)

  • Max, The Forgotten

    Max, The Forgotten

  • The Life of Max

    The Life of Max

  • Max Entropy

    Max Entropy


    In a world of magic and monsters, where demons of various horrific forms exist, a half-breed set out on a path. A path to end all suffering. With the strings of fate threaded around his fingers, follow Quimor as he becomes The Devil.

  • Protecting Max

    Protecting Max

    Twelve years ago, Max Harman survived a vicious attack by his ex-lover Tony. It severed their relationship and landed Tony in prison.<br><br>When Tony’s released from jail, Max’s nephew Jack fears the man may seek revenge on his uncle. Wanting to buy a gun for protection, he visits Deacon Young's shop. Deacon convinces him to bring Max by to do the same. Despite his misgivings, Max gets a gun for security, too.<br><br>When Jack’s fears prove to be correct and Tony starts to stalk Max, Deacon steps in to try to protect him. Can Max's growing interest in Deacon -- and vice versa -- survive Tony's escalating reign of terror?

  • Max Stats in the Apocalypse

    Max Stats in the Apocalypse


    Roger Wyles, in his third life in a post-apocalyptic world, faced different situations in which he was uninterested. Now that his stats were at their peak, how should he wield his power in a world where beasts known as "monsters" rampage and endangering humans?Roger awoke in a district of the country where gangsters "coexist" while extorting ordinary citizens. But as he swore to use his power for his family's safety, he created his own gang and took over the whole city. But then, he had his stats max. How would he face the world as he was also a fan of a peaceful and luxurious life?He swore to change, but circumstances didn't come to his side. The entire world had turned against him, and his original ferocious side was about to emerge.He had to handle each of the situations the world threw at him, as someone wanted to covet his method of awakening a person.[May contain spoiler][a/n: Volume One was all about him reforming the city using his power, but to only a small extent, as for him, the Earth was "peaceful" for him. If you don't want gangs, organizations, and stuff, just skip it, but I strongly recommend you read those chapters to understand Roger. Paid chapters start at Chapter 41, where the main action starts.]---Unstable updates but will try to update twice a week. Expect exciting action. Also, don't ever think of majestic word choice. img:

  • max pero

    max pero

  • Max Level Blacksmith

    Max Level Blacksmith

  • To the Max!

    To the Max!

  • Max of the Rebellion

    Max of the Rebellion


    Test version

  • Summoned into a Magical World at Max Level

    Summoned into a Magical World at Max Level

    Fantasy MAGIC


    As a hardcore fan of the online game Light of Glory, Rennes has devoted ten years of his life to become the most powerful Mage character. Crowned with titles such as "The God of War", "The Strongest Mage in History", "The Arcane Master" and so on, he has maximum levels in the five main branches of magic - elemental conjuration magic, light magic, dark magic, time magic, and space magic - as well as in every other type of magic in the game, and has achieved maximum level in all skills. Upon reaching the Pinnacle of the Pantheon, the game world collapses and a black hole appears in his room, sucking him inside. When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in a strange world surrounded by devoted worshippers. "O Honorable God of the Game, heed the call of your most faithful. Come to us and protect us."

  • uwu to the max

    uwu to the max

  • The Adventures of max

    The Adventures of max