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  • My Medical System

    My Medical System


    Life got boring for Zander. It was the same routine day in and day out. Get a call, transport their a$s to the ER, and then go home and play RPGs. No wife, no life. That was, until one fateful call. The call wasn’t so normal after all. It had all the appearances of a normal call. “Medic 13, it’s your regular. Sarah Mantis, age 55. She’s complaining of heart palpitations with shortness of breath. The address is 2334 SW Glendale CT.” “This is Medic 13, we copy. Put us in route please”. What he found would change his life forever. My Medic System is like nothing Zander has ever seen before and he’s played all sorts of RPGs. ************My Medical System is an exclusive only on Web novel. If you find it on other platforms then it's a fake and I'm not responsible as it's only contracted on this platform.

  • Medical Princess

    Medical Princess


    As the second daughter of Ningyuan Army General, Qin Wanru, who had been set up by her so-called mother and elder sister, lost her reputation and suffered a lot on her wedding in her previous life.Now she was reborn and returned to the time before she married to Qi Tianyu, the first son of the magistrate of Jiangzhou.The rebirth gave her a chance to revenge on her own wedding and uncover the plot of her mother and elder sister. Would she be able to change her fate?

  • The Medical Hacker Paztrooper

    The Medical Hacker Paztrooper



    Zee was mesmerized by the sight in front of her. A man is being molested by some thugs without mercy. Her soul struggled to see how weak and helpless the man who was now covered in blood was, and just lay there without being able to fight back. Zee finally helps victims of abuse by distracting them from the thugs by positioning herself as a hero. The thugs who saw the blue hooded girl standing in front of them with their hands on their hips finally let go of the young man who was lying helpless. They are more interested in dealing with the girl who is now smiling kindly at them. With her high self-defense skills, Zee defeats the thugs and manages to bring a young man who is lying helpless to the therapy clinic where she works. After making sure that the young man she was helping was getting good treatment, Zee finally left the still unconscious youth to her private room at the top of the therapy clinic Every day, Zee and a young man named Afzal meet. Arrogant Afzal never knew that Zee was his helper and was always angry with Zee who took care of him. In a special treatment room. Several fights made Zee fall in love with her patient, but Afzal, who felt indebted to the girl who helped him, always tried to find the girl by always coming to the location where he was being abused. How is the next story?

  • The Medical Guru

    The Medical Guru


    He was the youngest guru of martial arts as well as the perfect man, who won the heart of most girls. He was a mysterious man with outstanding cultivation and became a 'miracle doctor'. However currently he was only an ordinary freshman in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, learning Chinese Medicine, seeing patients and trying to date a girl without getting too much attention. This was unfortunately impossible due to his outstanding capabilities and so a hero's journey to success began...DISCLAIMER: I am not the original author of this book. I only translate and edit it to make it readable to a wider audience as I love the book myself. The original author is a Chinese author that goes by: Walk The World

  • Medical disease

    Medical disease

  • Medical Cultivator?

    Medical Cultivator?


    A genius poison expert had worked hard to raise her level to gather supplies for her studies. However, since she prefered poison, many magic schools gained up on her to force her to her end. After her death she found herself in a strange world of 'cultivators'. Yinyue: ..... Not bothering to raise her cultivation base, Yinyue continued her poison studies with the help of her soul bound space. With old and new medical ingredients, she simply wants to gain knowledge but somehow she was now a respected senior in the cultivation world?? Yinyue: ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ update goal: twice a week not a chinese novel just a chinese inspired one wee I'll try to make this pretty fast paced and keep every chapter 1,000-2,000 words for you all.status: currently stockpiling chapters

  • Medication


    Daniel's schizophrenia is getting out of hand, and his medication just isn't doing its job anymore. In hopes of fixing his mental issues, he's sent off to a mental hospital. There, he meets CJ, an incredible guy who may or may not be everything he's ever imagined.

  • The Medication

    The Medication


  • My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered

    My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered



    [Check out my other book it's way much better]Book Name: Project Relife: 2x Isekai System~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Grand Elder pondered for a while before posing out his answer, "Aryan, have you read any history books on the old ways of cultivation.""What?!!" “Ah, how to say…. The answer you gave is invalid in this era. That cultivation system you are talking about is a two-millennium old history. I don't know how you came to know about those, but it's better to erase them from your memory.”________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________This is what Aryan got to hear from his gramps, on his fifth birthday.Wang Huang, a genius venerable cultivator from the ancient era, died in an unforeseen accident while searching for his path to immortality.After being stuck in a dark space for an unknown period, he took rebirth as the first son of Aditya and Anisa. Till the age of five, he was fantasizing of becoming an overpowered MC with a harem filled with seductive, voluptuous and alluring ladies.But little did he know at that time, that the world of cultivation has taken many twists and turns over the past two millennia, and his past knowledge of cultivation is outdated!!!Even though Aryan past life knowledge became trash in that new era, he didn’t give up on his dream of becoming an overpowered MC and continued his journey. But again, little did he know, that the upcoming future events, starting from Cultivation, followed by Cross-dressing, Sci-Fi, Cultivation Technique………Will keep on crushing him and his world view!!

  • Medical Martial God

    Medical Martial God

    The peerless Demon Lord had been reborn. He used a dragon blade to sweep away powerful enemies from every direction and traversed the entire city, attracting countless beauties.=================Disclaimer: I do not own the novel or anything about it. They all belong to Xiao Ming so please do support the original work.=================

  • Heaven Defying Medical Consort

    Heaven Defying Medical Consort


    As she watches the man approach her, Xiao Muling holds her breath, yet she is unable to turn her eyes away from his mesmerizing beauty. "Your Royal Highness, this isn't good..." "This wasn't what you said yesterday, honey." After a long time, her voice filled with anger was heard inside the building, "Vixen!" She's the overbearing and arrogant Xiao Muling, a Shura that everybody flees from the moment they hear of her arrival! One day when she opens her eyes, she wakes up in the body of a piece of trash. Despite being the daughter of the family with a prestigious status, she is constantly framed by her "kind and innocent" cousin, and dies after being stabbed in the heart by a scumbag! Damn it! If she doesn't take revenge, she would not live up to her identity as a Shura; she cannot let this pair of scumbags live peacefully! She will take back everything that her "kind and innocent" cousin had stolen! She will then play around with her until she dies! As for that bastard, she will destroy everything he has! He shall live a life worse than death! As for those who had deceived and insulted her, she will not let any of them go.

  • For knowledge

    For knowledge

    Knowledge is a main part of our life and study

  • Goddess Medical Doctor

    Goddess Medical Doctor

    She was dressed in white, with a mysterious orchid imprint on her forehead, her skin like jade is always covered with a veil. Since childhood, she had left her parents due to her special status and lived her life with her master in the clouds. She was not yet ten when her medicinal skills were renowned in the world. In order to save the people, she descended the mountains, however, she encountered a storm on the way to the epidemic area. The man who saved her would tease her for enjoyment, little did they know…

  • Medical sex

    Medical sex

  • The Knowledger

    The Knowledger


    When a young man dies he finds out that death isn't the end. He wakes up in another world in a new body with an entirely different set of rules. Magic is real and this world is very different from what he is used to. He's totally bamboozled. He's not given a rest as the world collapses around him. He pursues a path of knowledge and power, but will he be able to conquer the challenges ahead of him? Join him on this new adventure as he attempts the obstacles before him with a merciless ferocity.At least 7 chapters a weekSNEAK PEAK OF NOVEL ——————————————————A stream of fire caused the large Black Bear to rear backwards onto its hindlegs. A roar echoed throughout the forest as its motion turned from standing 3 meters tall to less than a third of that as it forced itself into a roll on the ground. The massive bear was counter attacking a leopard that hung on its back with its claws dug into its thick fur. The leopard lept from the back of the bear before its monolithic magnitude could crush it in its deadly revolution of weight. The bear noticed that its attacker had evaded its assault and discontinued its roll but it was too late. The jet of fire was back on the bear and its roar had no effect against the constant stream of sweltering inferno. In fact opening its mouth to thunder against the flame only worked against the bear as it only allowed for the blaze to push its way down its throat. With the sizzling of flesh and the purr of a walking leopard carcass a man stood over the now deceased mammal. That man was of course our main character Kroft! With a glance at the remains of the burnt black bear Kroft extended his hand and uttered a single word. “Ayo.” A purple mist unwrapped itself from Krofts extended fingertips and traversed its way throughout the air onto the bear. A much needed UMP made its way into the body of the Black Bear and without a spark of life he arose from his eternal slumber. The bear raised itself from the ground and bowed its head to its new master and emitted a low growl in order to proclaim its respect for Kroft. “Alrighty then, nice to have ya aboard..” Kroft responded.

  • Medical Romance

    Medical Romance


    ALEXANDER SANCHEZ is a Neurosurgeon that works at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. He is ranked among the best Neurosurgeon in the country. He is handsome, skilled ambitious and aims at being the World best Neurosurgeon. He has a mysterious past he is yet to understand and unknown to the world, Alex has a medical condition, essential tremor, a nervous system disorder that causes rhythmic shaking of the hand, head, voice, arms or legs. RYAN WILSON is also a Neurosurgeon whose skills is also rated among the best in the country. He works at the best Private Hospital in London owned by his family, he is as greedy as anyone can be. He comes from a family who has a long line of amazing doctors and his father expects him to make him proud by being the world best Neurosurgeon. JASMINE WRIGHT is a simple but brilliant girl, she graduated as the best student from National University, London as a Surgical Technologist. She got hired as an assistant surgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. What happens when Jasmine gets entangled in Alex and Ryan power tussle to become the world best Neurosurgeon?

  • genius medical 

    genius medical princess

  • The crazy medical student

    The crazy medical student

  • Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is Power



    Futanari with a system watch as she becomes more and more powerful as the story goes on and watch as she gets more and more knowledge

  • Princess Medical Doctor Rules

    Princess Medical Doctor Rules

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    he was the daughter of the current emperor's tutor. Her father didn't like her and her mother had died long ago, so she had a marriage contract with His Majesty. He was the king of a different surname who wielded great power and was known throughout the world. His charm was unparalleled and he had attracted countless noble women to bow before him … In a marriage contract, her reputation was ruined; in a war, his name was ruined; in a word, she married him. On the night of marriage, the legendary man, whose life was at stake, who was paralyzed on the bed, pressed her beneath him and pressed the tip of his blade against her neck. "This King's wife, This King would rather kill her than let her be taken away." "It just so happens that this madame would rather castrate my man than allow him to touch other women." Ji Yunkai, who had the title of Hand of God, calmly pushed away the saber and the man on her body. She was startled by the man's reaction! "What about the deal? What happened to not having any reaction to a woman? Man, where are your principles?!"