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  • Her Blithe Spirit [COMPLETED]

    Her Blithe Spirit [COMPLETED]

    [Shoto Todoroki x Female Reader]Y/n is in her last year at UA, along with her best friend, Tsuyu Asui. Y/n doesn't know much about her parents, she does know, that her mother's name is Rosalyn, but her father is unidentifed. Sooner or later, she finds herself hearing All For One, call her "daughter of mine", what will happen afterwards?

  • Promise Of A Wizard[Discontinued]

    Promise Of A Wizard[Discontinued]

    This follows the story of a guild named Silverfall, whom contains powerful wizards with a variety of magic powers. These wizards, however, fight for their guild. They love their guild, to the point of dying for it.The guild's wizard's are strong and powerful, but very emotional, considerate, and generous.One of the wizards capable of protecting the guild and making strong bonds within it, is named Zeara.Follow her as she journey's through death, betrayal, heartbreak, reconcilation and a lot more!

  • How Long I'll Last

    How Long I'll Last [COMPLETED]

    Post-apocalyptic or completely apocalyptic world?It might as well already be a completely apocalyptic world, despite that the mysterious creatures known as fregones JUST appeared.Kuroki, the heroine of this story, was just starting at art school, when disaster struck.She manages to find 2 companions though, who help her survive in this world.The trio manages to discover that the fregones are very intelligent.Will this be a problem or not?

  • Memes 101

    Memes 101

  • Memes 2.0

    Memes 2.0

  • Funny memes

    Funny memes

    Funny memes that make you laugh

  • dank memes

    dank memes

  • the great memes

    the great memes

  • The book of memes

    The book of memes

    Realistic Fiction COMEDY

    The Book of heckin memes

  • Memes Of Glory

    Memes Of Glory

  • Memes of the Universe

    Memes of the Universe


  • Lol Memes lol

    Lol Memes lol



  • Becoming God of a Dystopian World

    Becoming God of a Dystopian World



    'Welcome to the New Era'Waking up in an unfamiliar world, Zhao Luo realized the changes in his body.In this distorted world, the lands that Zhao Luo once knew of, have changed into mountain ranges and every range has a Sect while the sect leader has all the power and control over the surrounding mountains.Zhao Luo's simple life as a traveler had already ended the moment he was trapped in a sleeping capsule. Now his goal is to become the strongest and reign supreme in this new world to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a God.• Zhao Luo's potential attracts the attention of a mysterious old man. "Master, you are an Emperor, Emperor of Gods?"Becoming the Disciple of this old man turned out to be a blessing for him.• Receiving his master's most treasured books lets him meet even more incredible personalities."What? The egos of the Ancient Emperas are overseeing my growth?"• Continuing on the path to rise to the top in the Xin Sect, Zhao Luo finds a Fist Technique."Oh, he trained for 78 years to master this? But It only took me 4 days ^.^" Zhao Luo's journey will bring him to the top as he crushes down his enemies, and make friends with unusual characters, each with a background of his own."She is mine."Going against one of the three Royal families, just for the sake of his beloved, this journey is filled with everything you need. ------- -------- -------- ---------- -------Hazardous Gold Tier Winner of WFP#28Every type of comment/s or meme/s on the chapter will be welcomed with open arms anPepepepe gif, so I can interact with everyone while laughing at them later on!Even though the novel is dying down but I want to end it one day and take the mc to his rightful place.The art is not mine. In case you want to contact me regarding anything related to my novels, feel free to do so.A work of Fiction by a Fictional character.Discord: is The BEST discord Channel Ever ( bait ) For PM, Discord @The_Fake_God#9636Instagram: @webnovel_t_f_g

  • Tales of Memes and Deities

    Tales of Memes and Deities


    In the vast internet, there are pictures that are called Memes. Memes are basically a picture with texts on them, but in the ancient era, Memes are life itself. When there is life, there is also death, that is Meme Review. Meme Review is the taker of memes, once a Meme goes on Meme Review, its death is inevitable. The host of Meme Review, the God of Death, the taker of memes, the Supreme Being, PewDiePie. A once mortal man who has achieved godhood by killing memes. In the Cyber Era where memes are banned, a young boy will risk everything just to get ahold of the memes from the Ancient Era, the memes that were once profound is now lost, the memes that are present is mediocre.He will trek the depths of the deepweb just to get even a piece of the meme, he will go as far as to go to Realms like [Facebook & Instagram] to take back the memes that were once theirs. Come join the adventure of a young man who will gather all the memes and meet the Supreme Being, PewDiePie, to bring back the meaning of memes to the Cyber Era, to bring happiness to the people.-----------Because nobody comented on my thread, I decided to make a novel centered around memes. Note: This is only a troll novel, I'm not gonna pursue this in the future, well, maybe.

  • In Another World With Memes

    In Another World With Memes


    Vincent Alejandro, a senior high school student got summoned in another world after helping an old man struggling on the park. Now he's stuck in another world, desperate wants to go home and wants to be a successful in You Tube by making memes [Vincent: well since i'm here, might as well do his bidding since i can keep my power as a reward]

  • I'm bored it's anime memes and normal memes yeah

    I'm bored it's anime memes and normal memes yeah

  • Give me your memes

    Give me your memes

    Fantasy COMEDY

    I want more gif’s / memes / funny things sooooooooo if you didn’t mind please hand them over.

  • Make this book famous for the memes

    Make this book famous for the memes

  • Cathulhu Online, MUNYA!

    Cathulhu Online, MUNYA!



    [WPC#270 - Silver Place Winner] In the age of superheroes, Miao Xiaomao was one of the mediocre commoners, who had no superpower. Xiaomao and his senior cat died in an accident. But when he came back to his sense again, Miao Xiaomao found himself regressing to the past. Using his knowledge from the future, Xiaomao invested in the VRMMO game early to prepare for the new age - The Age of Superhuman and Cultivators. He would soon find himself integrating with his in-game character to awaken his superpower and become one of the superhumans. What about his character's choice? A cat dad like him couldn't possibly play a normal game character!"I'M A SUPERHERO, MUNYA!"......Q&A because synopsis is too mainstream. Question: What should you know before you read?Answer: This novel shares the same universe as my previous work [Villain Cultivator]. You may find people, names, places, and backstory of things from the other story, and some readers may comment on the things you don't know.Question: Should I be concerned about this?Answer: No. Even if you don't know the background, you can still enjoy the novel as the story will eventually reveal everything to the readers.Question: What should I expect from this novel?Answer: I'll list it for you.- Human MC's story in the real world.- Fluffy, naughty, and obnoxious non-humanoid MC's story in the VRMMO game world.- Weak OP Protagonist to OMGWTFLMAO-OP Protagonist- Munya munya munya munya munya!- Cryptocurrency, NFT technologies, and crypto investment.- Game Character Integration- Superpower and Super Heroes in the real world.- Cultivators, spirit stones.- Memes, parodies, stereotypes, comedy- Plot Twists... MANY Plot Twists.