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  • World Reset 01: Alexander Nicholas

    World Reset 01: Alexander Nicholas


    Alexander Nicholas, is a struggling and 16 year old boy who has lived through many hardships, he has always had to worry about many different things, how to keep his grades up and work a part time job to help support his parents, one of the many hardships he has had to face are bullies and everyone treating him like shit. Although he has nothing, no friends, no money and no one he can rely on, he will prove to everyone that he can become someone... or so he thought until the fateful day that the world ended as monsters pushed through to our world through mysterious portals that appeared out of no where. Confused and helpless, Alexander decides that he will fight to survive and grow stronger with the mysterious game like window that appears in front of him at the same time that the earth started shaking as monsters invaded his world.Follow him as he puts the skills that he learned through many hardships to the test to help him survive.__________________________________discord link:

  • The Timeless King

    The Timeless King


    Seen as weak and frail on Earth, Ethan Turner, was bullied all throughout his life. Ethan, finally fed up with his bullies and his abusive parents, decides to take his own life. However, as fate would have it, as he tried leaving the classroom on the day that he had decided to give himself the mercy that no one else would Grant him, a massive azure colored light flashed and a large circle with different colored runes appeared below him and his classmates.Opening his eyes, Ethan found himself in a new world where he was seen as just as weak as his previous one.Follow Ethan as he journeys through this new world and gains the strength to protect those that he will come to care about in the new planet filled with magic races and creatures. Follow him as he becomes a Timeless King.______________________________A/N:Please support the novel in any way possible.Due to school, work and writing my other novel, this one might not get very much attention. However I will work on it as much as I can.Also, go check out the other novel.Chapters will be released soon for this story.

  • marvel:infinite frost

    marvel:infinite frost

    seorang dewa kosmik yang sedang minum kopi tidak sengaja menjatuhkan gelas membunuh laki laki malang yang sedang menonton film di bioskoplaki laki malang:dewa sialan aku minta pertanggungjawaban dewa kosmik:oke aku akan kasih 3 permintaanikuti kelanjutan cerita tersebut tag:harem playboy egois licik lemah ke kuatlatar belakang:nama jean tribunusia 23 dunia:marvel universekekuatan yang diberikan dewa kosmik:[keabadian: tubuh yang tak bisa dihancurkan hingga ke tingkat atom][ruang dimensi:mempunyai ruang dimensi sendiri semakin banyak jiwa yang terkumpul di dimensi tersebut semakin kuat tuan rumah tersebut dan semakin luas dimensi tersebut](informasi:ruang dimensi mc sama dengan ruang dimensi seperti karakter mephisto dormamu cyttorak)

  • Redemption


    It took Paul almost 5 years to move on from his lost love Emilia. During his first date with a old friend he managed to reconnect with, he randomly received a call from Emilia for the first time, since she requested him to leave her alone. Not wanting to be rude and remembering that face of disgust when they last met, decided to ignore the call. The next morning Paul awoke to a inbox full of messages and a voicemail from his best mate informing him that Emilia committed suicide. Torn with guilt over that fateful night, he tossed a coin into a wishing well, wishing that he could prevent her suicide, at that moment his life came to an abrupt end. Paul awoke face to face with a Demon God who goes by the name Mephisto offering him the chance to fulfill his wish but at a cost! -------------------------------------------------- So I didn't really intend to carry this on, because it was for a writing prompt contest, but if there are anyone who wish for me to carry on, lemme know through a message or comment or something =) I do this in my spare time so I'll try and get as much done as I can =)

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