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  • Infinite Blood Core

    Infinite Blood Core


    People are different. The more superior the bloodline, the easier it is to control power. Ordinary people without supernatural bloodlines can only occupy the bottom rungs of society, unable to achieve anything even if they try their best. Humans are different from other races. Humans aren't as good at magic and archery as elves. They aren't as good at casting metal and brewing alcohol as dwarves. They don't have the physique of orcs, and they don't have the freedom of merpeople underwater. However, if humans had a blood core, everything was possible. Human: "Oh my god, what a noble bloodline. You are the glory of mankind!" Elf: "I've never seen a magic genius like you." Dwarf: "No matter what kind of casting, it is easy for you." Orc: "You are the pride of us orcs. You are the most talented warrior in a millennium. You should be the Emperor of the Orcs!" Merpeople: "Son of God! Boohoo, the Son of God has arrived!"

  • Fiona Turns into a Mermaid

    Fiona Turns into a Mermaid

    Its what the title inscribe. How would you feel to find an interesting necklace that will turn you into a mermaid? but with being a mythical creature there is one rule that all merpeople try so hard to follow so they dont die,dont be reconised by there past-family friends etc. even if they are disguised dont be reconised. The sequel is Fiona's Surprises.

  • Flower in the Waves

    Flower in the Waves

    Under the crashing waves of the ocean, there lives an ancient and evolving species. Merpeople. They are the people who have drowned in shipwrecks, boating accidents, or anything that has to do with water deaths.However, evil has awoken once again and it's causing an uproar in the waves. Can Primrose stop it before it's too late?

  • Shadow Recruit: Mutant Madness

    Shadow Recruit: Mutant Madness

    I snickered and the lights went off, the expanse radiated a soft red underneath us and we looked around.  Gasps erupted as we floated in the room, all of us were out of control while it developed into an ocean, bubbles escaped my mouth as we saw unusual merpeople.With the head of snappers and bluish-grey humanoid bodies with gills on their sides.Unlike us, they were very much harmonized to the water."How are we supposed to fight these things if we can't even throw a punch?"

  • The Magical Amulet

    The Magical Amulet


    Amy grew up learning how to be a thief. Little did she know what fate had in store for her for the future. She didn't know that as a half human (solely due to her earth attribute despite having an angel as her father), she would never get to leave the land of humans. The land of demons is just inhospitable for anyone else due to the constant fire, magmar and various poisonous gases. The land of merpeople was submerged in water, as the name implies. The land of angels was high in the clouds due to their skill in manipulating air and weather, they managed to make their homes in the clouds.

  • The mystic 3

    The mystic 3

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    This story is resolved around the triplet Ruby,Topaz and Jade.These girls were born in the world called Utopia was a beautiful world witch,merpeople and the dragons but not everything in the world is perfect and that’s when the evil goddess vanshar appeared out of the shadow but at the same time the queen feel pregnant and then 8 months later the triplets where born (part witch part mermaid part dragon)and 3 weeks later vanshar attacked and scared that they might not life they decided to send them to the impure world which is known as earth.

  • Atalanvitis: The Oceanic World

    Atalanvitis: The Oceanic World

    I don't really own this Cover Page, found it on Google, "Fantasy Ocean Landscape 600x800"---------------------------Tired of playing VRMMO(RPG) always being on land, and nearly never out to other places except just on land.Well, this maybe a game for you, Atalanvitis, a game world filled with water and there is near 25% land on the surface and the rest are water.There are other realms, but we won’t name them, as we want you players to find out.There are 2 Factions and 6 professions.The world is free to explore, but you gotta watch out as there many dangers, like pirates of either players or NPCs, The Undead, Sea Monsters, Merpeople and you better watch out for the natural phenomenon s that could happen, like storms, or events like the appearance of an powerful creature, like The KrakenThough a reminder, you can’t level up, or just there is no levels, there is Stats, but through a different means to increasing them.Have fun!——————My Discord if you want to talk about the Novel:

  • Take Me Home, Little One.

    Take Me Home, Little One.


    Disclaimer; The photo used in the cover is not mine If you are the owner, I can gladly take it down.Taya was the only remaining alive child of the 36th King of Lianas. The most powerful King to rule over the ocean underneath the Yezi Desert. The Yezi Merpeople. He was betrayed by his eldest son who destroyed everything in Lianas Empire. Maybe it had her luck, but Taya survived it. But as a soul deep in the sea. After 30,000 years of floating around as a soul she manages to incorporate her soul into the body of a baby who had been thrown into the sea.Will she go and seek out revenge?Will she learn the truth of why she survived?She lost all her powers, will she able to rise again?The sea is treacherous, a place Taya Chizuva called home.***Plagiarism is a crime. I would greatly appreciate it if you do not steal it.The book cover is made using canva and I do not own the photo used. (If the owner decides, I will gladly take it down)Anyway, Enjoy the book!Target 150-200 chapters.Updating Schedule : 2-3 Chapters a week.Start date: 11th December 2021. (This will be like a short novel in Web Novel standards but to me it will be the most I have ever written!, Anyway support me in this long... very long journey to achieve my goal by voting and commenting and sharing!)

  • As We Fall: Please Don't Leave Me or Let Go of My Shaking Hand

    As We Fall: Please Don't Leave Me or Let Go of My Shaking Hand


    When Bai Huali's older sister decided to jump off a cliff in order to join her dead husband due to the pressure of being a new sect leader, Bai Huali finds herself full and busy with the child her sister left behind for her to take care of. With no time to mourn or grieve for her family's tragedy and her sister's death, Bai Huali finds herself becoming the new sect leader and drowning herself in immense office reports and meetings. However, becoming a sect leader comes with a price as Bai Huali had to conceal her gender and take on the role of a male. With family members gone, a clan exterminated, and a sect with only a maximum of five people, can Bai Huali bring prosperity back to the merpeople? Follow Bai Huali as she has to adapt to living on two legs daily, sleeping in the waters with a tail, and take care of a non-stop wailing baby. "Sect Leader Bai, I see that you have your hands currently preoccupied, may I assist you?" the beaming smile of the other leader had Bai Huali itching to smack it off. Knowing that what she did would not deter the man, Bai Huali simply waved him off and told him to help with the reports. Caught off-guard, Bai Huali blinked before feeling something brush past her lips. "Did you just...?" The other sect leader leaned back and said nothing as he smiled brightly and headed to her office to work on the paperwork leaving Bai Huali standing there. "Jiujiu!" A quiet voice called out making her look down to the owner's voice. "Why is your face so red?" Bai Huali only looked away as to not show her nephew her current appearance. *I do not own the cover picture and do not know the owner of the picture to give credit to. If you know the owner and know that they wouldn't want me to use their picture, please tell me and I will remove it immediately and give them their rightful credit.

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