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  • Lt mike

    Lt mike

  • Mike the cat

    Mike the cat

  • Jack and Mike

    Jack and Mike




    After a good beating, Mike wakes up from a coma and discovers that he is now different. As Mike finds more changes in himself, he discovers that the world is not as simple as he thought before.*This is my first publication, and for me, it is more like a learning experience. *So-called / Plant a Tree, Have a Son, Write a Book / Type a thing.*Gramma will have mistakes, still learning the English language.

  • Mike Gen

    Mike Gen

    Martial Arts REINCARNATION

    This novel have different kinds of stories.Volume 1: Gender DiseaseMaiki Gen [F] & Mike Gen [M] ______(MC)Jonut Arxilas[M]Dominic Arve[M]Athena Haven[F] ______( Friend of MC )

  • Jordan & mike

    Jordan & mike

    War&Military ROMANCE ACTION

    Michael and Mike are best friends due to an event that takes place they broke all ties and start different clans as they grew older and richer so does their hatred for each other . Due to the death of Michael and mike both their sons are forced to be the new leader of their clans , both boys are full hatred for each other and have a lot pressure on their hands.

  • My Mike

    My Mike

    According to the title, this should have something to do with "Mike." I really do wonder who mike is. Hopefully, one day I'll meet a mike that I find attractive. For now, I am yet to meet a person of the name, but when I do, and only then will this collection of words on pages be no more.Sincerely, a person who is searching desperately for Mike.



    Kisah seorang remaja yang bereinkarnasi dengan kucing jalanan di dunia pedang dan sihir. the push, itulah nama yang ia berikan kepada kucing nya itu.Kota logetouwn adalah kota pertama yang ia temukan, ia mendaftar kan diri di guild sebagai petualang.Apa tujuan seorang remaja itu setelah bereinkarnasi di dunia pedang dan sihir? Apakah ia ingin menjadi pahlawan dan mengalahkan raja iblis atau hidup damai seperti orang biasa pada umumnya?Ikuti kisahnya Mike and the push.

  • Mike The Alien

    Mike The Alien


    Mike, The Alien from Xiana visits earth, falls in love and is trapped by humans, when he receives help.

  • Mute-Mike


    domestic violence is something children go through and some are not strong enough to fight so to live they die.

  • A Demon named Mike

    A Demon named Mike

    Someone has messed up the proportions when Mike was created. He really wants to be a good demon, but... His flowery personality and heart-stealing smile get in the way.Will he be able to gather Virgin's Blood to save his skin? Will he learn to be a real Demon? Will he find some waffles?Let's find out, if you will!

  • The Anatomy of Mike Jacobs

    The Anatomy of Mike Jacobs

    The Jacobs family has never been known for anything too good besides their money. Everyone who carried the name always had a huge burden to carry and worse off they were not the brightest…… academically speaking. They had been blessed with the looks of models and wealth only many could dream of but a very questionable thinking capacity.Mike on the other hand was different; he was born third out of four children and got envied by all his siblings including his younger sister. He was the only Jacob who was born different, the only one born special, the only one born with 'it'. He never understood why he was so different, why he wasn’t regular like the rest of his family even if regular meant being different, and not the good kind of different. He always envied himself thinking that him being different was not a good thing, at least that’s what his parents constantly reminded him of, which resulted in him hiding what he had and shying away from the real world.What happens when Mike has finally had enough of his family putting him to shame because he was……different. What happens when he decides that he’s had enough of his family and takes matters into his own hands? Will he ever make up with his family or will his gift be the cause of the unfixable relationship he had with his family…… not that he even had a relationship with them to begin with.



    Romance de adolescentes ROMANCE

    Las amistades verdaderas son inquebrantables. No importa cuánto tiempo pase, o cuanta distancia los separe, la amistad seguirá existiendo.Ese tipo de amistad tenían Hannah Donovan y Chester Bennington.Tras muchos años sin verse, deciden reencontrarse, y rápidamente Hannah se verá envuelta de regreso en la vida de Chester, y todos quienes lo rodean.Entre esas personas está Mike Shinoda, compañero de banda y prácticamente hermano de Chester.Hannah tiene metas definidas para su vida, pero estas se verán cada vez más inalcanzables a medida que el tiempo avanza, y ella se ve involucrada en la vida de Mike, quien no lleva una vida fácil.

  • Fuck u Mike

    Fuck u Mike

    Magical Realism R18


  • Mike  &  Sarah

    Mike & Sarah

    Sebuah kejutan besar datang menerpa kehidupan 2 sahabat lama, mereka bertemu kembali setelah sekian lama terpisah oleh jarak serta waktu yang berbeda. Pertemuan yang awalnya di dasari oleh keadaan maka lambat laun berubah menjadi desiran aneh diantara mereka masing masing. Hampir setiap hari mereka lalui untuk mengenal satu sama lain, sungguh mereka tidak menyadari kalau mereka merupakan sahabat lama yang terpisah. Sehingga suatu hari mereka memutuskan untuk maju ke jenjang yang serius yaitu "Pernikahan" Awal nya semua tampak normal di kehidupan 2 pasutri muda ini, namun ketika kebenaran terungkap maka bisa kah mereka bertahan sebagai bukti kekuatan cinta mereka?~Sarah Natusha Hanum~ Dokter muda, cerdas dan berbakat hampir di segala bidang membuatnya banyak di incar sebagai menantu oleh keluarga kaya. Namun lamaran yang ada selalu ia tolak dengan sopan dengan alasan dia "Masih ingin belajar lebih banyak dan belum siap menjadi seorang Istri, karena di usianya yang baru menginjak 22 tahun dia sudah menjadi dokter bedah wanita terbaik di kota nya. ~Mike Auzorranof Wijaya~ Seorang pengusaha muda berjaya serta sukses membuat cabang perusahaan nya berkembang pesat dan hampir di belahan benua Asia. Bisa di bilang Mike sebagai generasi ke 3 penerus perusahaan setelah Papa nya. Mike selalu konsistes sejak kecil serta membuatnya sukses sampai sekarang.

  • Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs

    Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Billions of Humans transmigrated to another dimension, each became a Land Ruler at the start and owned a castle. Each Land Ruler would draw a random starting Soldier-type Building, used to arm their castles. Recruit more soldier-types, plunder resources, and dominate the world! Some drew the Sacred Palace of Knights from the start and commanded troops of knights to crush all obstacles in its way, ruling over vast lands. Some drew the Goblin Cave, developed castle trade, and became renowned dirty profiteers. Of course, more people only drew the most unremarkable soldier-types: Goblins, Lizard Man, Skeleton Soldiers…… These people could only kneel before the powerful Land Rulers and serve them as slaves. But Mike was an exception. His starter soldier-type building was, Dragon Nest! Glacial Dragon, Hellfire Dragon, Undead Dragon, Black Dragon…... When one after another dragon egg appeared before Mike, he suddenly felt that…...conquering the World seemed quite manageable?

  • Lucas, Maru, Bunny, Mike

    Lucas, Maru, Bunny, Mike

  • Angel of Mike (Since 1999)

    Angel of Mike (Since 1999)


    They all said he was her husband. She didn't remember that happening. She didn't remember him being her boyfriend, getting engaged to her, and marrying her. She didn't remember all of that. But she was pleased. Simply because she had always harbored feelings for him for many years. Since she was 11 years old. Since 1999.

  • Misguided Mike (Coming Soon)

    Misguided Mike (Coming Soon)


    Join Mike in his misadventures as he tries his best to save himself from his own paranoia. "Lord Mikael, your benevolence knows no bounds. You are a hero deserving of the world's gratitude!" "Eh?! What are you talking about?" "Ummm... Aren't you trying to save the world?" "World?! No-uh! Never! I am trying to save myself. Saving the world? Pffft. That's like the best joke of the century." Misguided Mike is a story about a young man whose exaggeration is like the softest rock!—Full of paradox and shit. "Sir Mike, why are you dipping your sword in... Ummm~ in... This is embarrassing, sheesh..." "Spit it out." "..." "What?" "In shit... Why do you dip them in shit?" "Ah~ It's for the extra poison damage. Wait, who here is diabetic? Can you please pee on my sword? Or maybe donate some of your blood? If you have STD, that would be better. What STD?~ as a myriad of confusion spreads from Mike's shenanigans, the world is further plunged into turmoil by Mike's hate for comedy, elitism, and authority whilst he promotes his ideologies. "I am not forcing my ideology on you. I am only preaching my wisdom." "What the fuck!? What wisdom?" "Just listen, when you are born into this world~ you are given life. So, you should cherish it." "Uhu... So?" "No one escapes from life alive." "..." "No one escapes from life alive." "..." "No one escapes from life alive." "Excuse me?" "No one escapes from life alive." "Huh? Haaah!? Are you sure this is not a cult?" Misguided. Misunderstood. Mischievous. Manic. Magnanimous. Measly. Mediocre— dangerously mediocre— just like the unassuming clouds that hide the wrath of storms. "I don't like comedy. Me being here is not a joke. So, behave." As Mike drove his steel to his heart, Mike smiled with delusional fervor. Just who is this Mike???

  • Mike Begins his journey

    Mike Begins his journey