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  • Mina



    Mina Mina stood up at starred at domonicShe’d had it with this bitch DomonicAs if the everyday normal bullying wasn’t enough, Domonic had the audacity to take it to a whole other level and that was not acceptable.She was gonna get her ass beaten today that was for sure.So what if she was in a relationship with her step brother? That wasnt anyone’s concernThis is the fucking twenty first century and she’ll be damned if anyone dared judge her.As loud as she could, she said “Me, You, After school. I dont wanna have to find you”The cafeteria grew quietAnd with that she climbed up on the table, tray of food in hand and walked straight through the kids that looked at her like she was God herself come to earth.They liked stuffs like this ans she loved that everyone was gonna be there and watch her beat the living shit out of thier queen.Well bitches, prepare yourselves to be entertained.

  • Killer Bunny

    Killer Bunny

    "You belong to me, nobody else."Li Wei. Blood. Death. Gore. That was the only thing that ever occupied his mind.Lang Fai. Fragile. Broken. Torn. All because of one person. Li Wei.A sickeningly twisted love story.

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  • Chaeyoung

    Chaeyoung Mina

  • Myoui Mina

    Myoui Mina

  • Mina Azzurri

    Mina Azzurri

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Sosok gadis menggaris depankan atas cinta dan percaya bahwa cinta itu memang benar ada. Meski bukan hanya dengan lawan jenis tapi juga dengan sesama jenis yang dinamakan persahabatan. Dan juga kasih sayang orang yang terpenting yaitu orang tau pelaku utama dalam setiap kelahiran anaknya.Gadis yang bertemu dengan sosok laki-laki yang mungkin dia baru mengenalnya dan belum pernah tau tentang dirinya. Laki-laki yang mengajarkan dia tentang arti kehidupan yang sesungguhnya.

  • Mina Hany

    Mina Hany

  • Mina and Aki

    Mina and Aki

  • Cinta Gila Mina

    Cinta Gila Mina

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

    "Dengarlah ... aku memang menyayangimu, sangat menyayangimu. Tapi aku benar-benar tidak bisa mencintaimu," ucapnya mengganggu aktivitas memandangmu."Aku akan selalu bersabar, Sayang ....""Hey ... tidakkah kamu mengerti? Kamu telah membuatku menderita!""Tapi aku tak bisa kehilanganmu! Aku akan selalu bersabar sekuat hatiku!""Tidak! Aku takut penantianmu akan berlangsung selamamya. Carilah pria lain!" ucapnya seraya bangkit untuk pergi.Kamu pun menangis. Hatimu hancur berkeping-keping mendengarnya. Ucapan yang sama setiap kali kamu berhasil membuatnya jatuh dalam pelukanmu."Aku mohon, janganlah katakan itu lagi ...."Tubuhmu ambruk, seakan hilang kesadaran. Pagi itu lagi-lagi menjadi pagi yang sudah-sudah. Dia kembali merasa frustasi. Betapa hidupnya terasa hampa. Kamu sangat gila dan tak mau kehilangannya."Bangun, Sayang ... sampai kapan mau seperti ini terus ...." Dia menangis memelukmu, "mengapa Tuhan hanya membunuh cintaku tanpa membunuh cintamu?"

  • Mina x Tsuyu

    Mina x Tsuyu

  • Mina with with potential partners

    Mina with with potential partners

    Mina is only daughter of thier parents and decided to live her with her own rules . Her parents are worried about her marriage and wanted a son-in-law who can live with them. Mina have three amazing partner in her life . One is her university friend Asher , Second is thier new paying guest Duran and Third is IT company boss who loves to flirt Burhan. With which one Mina end with falling in love ??

  • La hermosa esposa del matrimonio torbellino

    La hermosa esposa del matrimonio torbellino


    Rico, poderoso y apuesto. Gu Jingze es la crema y nata del país. Todos los hombres quieren ser como él, y todas las chicas quieren estar con él. Su vida es perfecta, excepto por un pequeño secreto que le impide acercarse a cualquier mujer, una aparente afección. Es así hasta que un día se despierta en la cama con una completa desconocida. Lo siguiente es que se ve obligado a casarse con esta extraña, una mujer pendenciera y escandalosa llamada Lin Che. Lin Che es una chica promedio cuyo único objetivo es convertirse en una actriz exitosa. Excluida por su familia y obligada a ser independiente, trama una intriga para lograr su objetivo. Pero su plan fracasa y termina casándose con el frío y, según parece, insensible Gu Jingze. No solo eso; ahora debe encontrar su lugar en la alta sociedad, en la que abundan las mujeres celosas y las conspiraciones intrincadas, todo mientras hace malabares para manejar su nueva carrera. Dos extraños bajo un mismo techo: desde el principio, acuerdan mantenerse al margen de la vida del otro, pero de alguna manera, él siempre logra aparecer en los momentos de crisis de ella. Poco a poco y sin darse cuenta, Lin Che comienza a tener dificultades para imaginarse un futuro sin él. ¿Crecerá su relación? ¿O su matrimonio está destinado a seguir siendo solo un contrato?

  • Mina with three potential partners

    Mina with three potential partners

    Mina is the only daughter of her parents and decided to live her life with her own rule and single. Her parents are worried about her marriage as try to find a suitable partner for her. Then three potential come into Mina's life.One is her University friend Asher. Secondly, her paying guest Duran and the Third one is IT, company boss Burhan. Let see with whom Mina end up falling in love .

  • A Day in the life of Mina ashido

    A Day in the life of Mina ashido

  • deku x mina lost without you

    deku x mina lost without you

  • Ghost Walker: Mina x Reader

    Ghost Walker: Mina x Reader

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    All I want is to protect my baby sister, but is getting dragged into an assassin training programs and a secret agent service a wise way of doing it? I just want to live a peaceful and easy life but I guess that opinion was thrown out of the window a long time ago.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'm new to writing stories, so please give me some constructive criticism that will benefit me and my writing abilities. Feel free to comment some of your thoughts and ideas about what should or should've happened. Thank you for reading this story.

  • wowo, mina,bella,emma,love,

    wowo, mina,bella,emma,love,

  • Mina's Giant

    Mina's Giant

  • Mina's Dilema

    Mina's Dilema


    Mina a 24 year old and first daughter to Bernard a multi billionaire was rob off of everything she's got by her stepmother and sister under the pretense that they care for her, her career, her position at her Mother's company and now her love, once she discover the truth she decides not give up and fight for everything that belongs to her along side her is the nation most eligible bachelor. Will she win the fight or get lost in the batlle of love and war where everything is fair. She vowed to make them pay for everything they did and bring them to justice starting from her Mother's murder and decides to sheld off her once gentle and kind self.

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