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  • Wild Young Miss: Mister, Let's Kiss!

    Wild Young Miss: Mister, Let's Kiss!



    Money, power, and influence, Zoey Zhou had it all… or does she?Zoey Zhou, a 28-year-old self-established businesswoman whose only talent was to earn money and to earn even more. As a woman whose years were spent chasing those money signs, Zoey had nearly forgotten that her exciting prime years were nearing its end.The reason she had gone in search of her companion for life. However, how could a 28-year-old desperate woman find her soulmate if the greatest hurdle was Zoey, herself?Was it because of her standards? Heck, no! She has no standard at all! Then why, you ask? Well, it was because of one simple reason: Zoey was particularly attracted to men who were not interested in her! And to make things worse? She loses interest once they had reciprocated the feelings!What would happen if the desperate and narcissist drama queen Zoey becomes the heroine of the mysterious and the weirdest man on earth?Will spring come forth? Or, just another disaster will ensue?***EXCERPT:"Are you sure you're not crazy?" Zoey Zhou narrowed her eyes as she leaned closer to his imperious mien."Hmm?" “I mean, how can you not like the pretty me? Say, should we kiss and see if it will ignite some spark?” The corner of her lips curled into a grin while her brows moved up and down suggestively.Slowly, the man raised his eyes to meet her playful countenance across the table. Blinking once, his eyes traveled from her eyes down to her lips. He stared for a moment at her red, provocative lips before he opened his mouth.“Kissing you,” he said, raising his finger to point at her lips, “means your lipstick will smear on mine. I'm afraid I must refuse.”“Lame.” Zoey Zhou scoffed as she drew away from the table. “I knew it. He’s gay, tsk.” Zoey Zhou murmured. Alas, right after she blurted out her last remarks, her wrist was grabbed by his huge hands and without missing a beat, the man pulled her back to his embrace.“I heard that. Do you want to confirm the validity of your claim?” His voice was deep and yet so alluring. He leaned his head closer to hers, his musky smell emanating sexiness as a glint flashed across his pair of playful eyes.-----For spoilers, questions, novel discussion, join my discord server: https://discord.gg/tdSWbQKCatch me on discord: BAJJ#2931Buy this pleb a Kofi — ko-fi.com/authorbajj*cover not mine. credits to the rightful owner

  • Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

    Good Morning, Mister Dragon!


    Framed by her so-called best friend and half-sister, Su Qianxun stumbled upon a strange man when she was making her escape. A strange man so handsome it looked as if his face was carved by the Gods, but with a heart as cold as stone. A wild and fiery night ensued, and ever since then, they embarked on a journey filled with passion, lust, conspiracy and treachery.

  • Thank you for Waiting, Mister Tang!

    Thank you for Waiting, Mister Tang!


    Forced out by her step-mother, she was driven to desperation and had no way of surviving other than to sign herself away and marry herself into a rich and influential family. Three years into the marriage, her wealthy husband had spoiled her to heavens. The only problem was that they had no inheritors in their family. Inside the luxurious mansion, Pei Qiqi angrily threw a stack of newspaper onto the man, “The article is claiming that I am a hen who cannot lay eggs! But Tang Yu, it’s you who has issues!” The man put down the newspaper and agreed to what his young wife was saying, “Why would they write false information? Your zodiac is the pig!” “Tang! Yu!” She stomped her feet out of anger. The man grinned, “So what we have no kids? You are my little baby.” Pei Qiqi thought, how did this scene change so fast!

  • Mister Night

    Mister Night



    [Warning Mature Content] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Atalia Carter a foreigner in the country of South Korea studying law at the University of Korea carries the burden of her family's hopes and dreams. For the past 4 years she has been indebted to her studies. Her best friend Harin a cute but sassy girl Korean girl always tries to get her to go out. Her attempts usually fail until one night Atalia said yes. Harin warned her about Shiwoo but her warning fell on deaf ears as Atalia laid eyes on him. She fell for him despite her efforts not to and she ending up sleeping with him after a drunk night out. To her disappointment Shiwoo was upset that he was her first and didn't want the responsibility for he had only set out with the intention just to play with her sweet chocolate body. Or so she thought....... She got pregnant with twins after that one night but never told him due to her petty ways and fair of being rejected. She graduated and lost contact with Harin for the relationship had become strain due to her history with the said play boy Shiwoo. 3 years later Atalia had found her self to be the CEO and self made millionaire of the infamoust Law firm that was popularly known for its ruthless lawyer. She had found herself with the biggest case of her life to represent the son of a billionaire CEOs son court but what she and the world doesn't know is that Kim's incorporated is just a show to distract the world as to what really happens behind the closed doors of the Kim house. Things are never as easy as they seem. The client turns out to be her Shiwoo of the past but also not her Shiwoo of the past. He was the same yet different. He was dangerous and deep in the Illegal trade, gun violence and the Mafia? Was Shiwoo's sudden appearance all a plan or was it just fate? Can they both handle things as adults without opening new wounds? Will she tell him of his kids and will old flames reignite? Will being together put not only Atalia's but her kids' lives in danger? Will all of this be too much for poor Atalia to handle? Will the kids accept their father with open arms and will Atalia finally get the happy ending which she had always dreamed of and deserves? ==================================== Find out in the chapters of Mister Night. The truth and mystery will be unraveled with every turn of the page *NB* Part 1- College senior Part 2- Single mother Part 3- All together All work of fiction. Any real life events and people resemblance are all of pure coincidence. Leave comments and give feedback if you like. You can also follow me on ig. Ig and discord are both on my profile. Thank you for giving my story a chance and happy reading.•||☆1st book of this series☆||•

  • Mister Li, the Heart Bandit

    Mister Li, the Heart Bandit


    "Abused and disowned by her family after she was found heavily pregnant, Ji Weixi was forced to leave her hometown with nothing to her name. She returns four years later, only to be caught in a job with Li Shaoling, her stepsister's fiancé-to-be as her boss. *** Ji Weixi was holding up a certain body part of the child and aiming it at the toilet. The tot's brow eased amidst the gushing. "Comfy…" Li Shaoling's gaze was overwhelmingly icy. "You are not allowed to touch him there!" Ji Weixi stared at him as if she was staring at an idiot. "By what right?" Li Shaoling glared at her. "You are only allowed to look at mine." "Never!!!"

  • Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot

    Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot



    In her last life, Fu Xi was blinded by love, feeling no regret even as she cut ties with her family to marry a scumbag. Eventually bedridden by illness, she could only watch as her husband hooked up with other women, even bringing them to her bedside just to humiliate her. He killed her family members to gain their riches. Fu Xi swore that if she could have another life, she would exact her revenge! After her rebirth, she headed straight to the Gong Family and demanded that their young master—Gong Hao, who was paraplegic and bound to a wheelchair—marry her. Everyone laughed at her stupidity, but Fu Xi knew that Gong Hao was the only one who had earnestly loved her. On top of that, he was a very capable man! Six months after Fu Xi married him, Gong Hao miraculously rose to his feet, reclaiming his family's property and revealing multiple bombshells: he was the owner of the largest property company, a minister of national intelligence and an anonymous god of war! Linking arms with her husband in front of the cameras, Fu Xi smiled. "Why did you keep such a low profile before this, Mister Gong?" A journalist asked. Gong Hao leaned in and gave Fu Xi a gentle peck on the cheek. "I was waiting for her to find me and save me..."

  • Wild Young Princess: Mister, let's sleep?

    Wild Young Princess: Mister, let's sleep?



    A princess in a fantasy world, shackled by restrictive rules of the castle, had sought nothing but freedom. She found it in the end. It was death. However, the princess had found herself waking up in a body of Devon Lin. A twenty-five-year-old aspiring author living a double-life struggling to write stories at day and a contracted sleeping buddy at night? Meet Lewis Qin. Fame, looks, wealth, and power. He has it all. However, not known to many, Lewis had a severe sleeping problem. Until he met her… Can the princess finally find the freedom she sought? Or was the contract that binds her with him was just another shackle she must break free? Would he fall asleep? Or fall in love? Watch as these two try to make ends meet, find their place and purpose in this vast world.

  • Penguasa Misteri

    Penguasa Misteri


    Seiring dengan berkembangnya kekuatan mesin uap dan permesinan, siapa yang dapat mendekati untuk menjadi seorang Pelampau? Terselubung di dalam kabut sejarah dan kegelapan, siapa atau apakah kejahatan yang sedang mengintai dan berbisik ke telinga kita? Terbangun untuk dihadapkan pada serangkaian misteri, Zhou Mingrui mendapati dirinya berada di dalam tubuh Klein Moretti di dunia alternatif pada era Victoria, di mana dia melihat sebuah dunia yang dipenuhi dengan permesinan, meriam, kapal perang, kapal udara, berbagai mesin, serta Ramuan, Ramalan, Kutukan, Kartu Tarot, Artefak Bersegel .... Cahaya terus bersinar namun misteri tidak akan pernah hilang. Mengikuti Klein ketika dia menemukan dirinya terlibat dengan Gereja-gereja dunia — baik ortodoks maupun yang menyimpang — sementara dia perlahan-lahan mengembangkan kekuatan barunya yang didapatkan dari ramuan Pelampau. Seperti kartu tarot yang sesuai dengannya, Si Pandir, kartu yang diberi nomor 0 — sejumlah potensi yang tidak terbatas — ini adalah cerita tentang legenda "Si Pandir."

  • Mendadak Menikah

    Mendadak Menikah



    Follow Instagram @sere_nity_lee untuk info novel terbaru Serenity LeeJuara 4 WPC 32 #59 Female Lead Menikahi Pria Asing || Vol 1-3 TAMAT ========================"Jadi, Mas, dosen aku?" tanya Audia saat mereka berdua dalam perjalanan di dalam mobil pribadi Alvin.Alvin berdehem sekali. "Ya, begitulah.""Pantes aku, kok, kaya ngerasa kenal sama muka Mas Alvin," tutur Audia menyocokan memorinya. "Mas ngajar apa, ya?" "Arsitektur." Audia menganggukan kepala sambil mulutnya membentuk huruf 'o'.'Eh?  ....  Wait  ...  what?' Tiba-tiba syaraf-syaraf otaknya menekan memori di hipokampus."Pak Mandala?" tanya Audia memastikan. Yang langsung mendapat anggukan dari Alvin. "No way!" jerit Audia tidak percaya. Matanya membulat menatap lekat Alvin."Kenapa?" tanya Alvin heran."Pak Mandala yang kutau, mengajar memakai kacamata. Kok, bisa beda banget, ya, tanpa kacamata?" ujar Audia masih tidak percaya, bahwa yang di hadapannya ini adalah 'pak Mandala yang itu'. Dosen angkuh, sok cool, pelit senyum, muka datar,  killer. Sangat berbeda dengan Alvin yang kini menjadi suaminya. Tak disangka 'pak Mandala yang itu' dan Alvin—suaminya, ternyata adalah orang yang sama. 'Orang menyebalkan itu ternyata suamiku?' batinnya. 'Oh tidaaaaaak!'***** Calon mempelai wanita mendadak mengundurkan diri dari pernikahan karena perjodohan. Kemudian kabur dan tidak diketahui kabar beritanya. Tinggallah sang calon mempelai pria terdiam terpaku di hadapan tamu undangan. Bimbang sesaat. Membatalkan akad nikahnya atau mencari calon mempelai wanita pengganti dadakan. Hingga netranya menangkap seorang wanita bergaun putih yang duduk di antara tamu undangan. Yang tak lain adalah mahasiswa di kampusnya tempat ia baru saja mengajar. Sebagai dosen pengganti. Bagaimanakah kelanjutan kisah pernikahan mereka ini? Akankah benih-benih cinta tumbuh di antara dua orang asing ini? Dengan segudang tanda tanya pada hati sang mempelai wanita, mengapa dirinya yang dipilih di antara sekian banyak wanita lajang lainnya yang turut hadir di pernikahan akbar anak salah satu pengusaha real estate terkenal di Indonesia itu. Cover www.freepik.com === SIMAK KOMENTAR DI SETIAP BAB, SUDAH TAYANG KUIS DADAKAN DAN BERHADIAH SOUVENIER MENARIK UNTUK PEMBACA SETIA MENDADAK MENIKAH ^^ MASUKKAN COLLECTION/TAP LOVE/ADD SEBELUM BACA. AGAR CERITA INI ADA DI DALAM DAFTAR BACAAN KAKAK DAN MENDAPAT NOTIFIKASI SAAT UPDATE BAB BARU ^^ DUKUNG TERUS CERITA INI YA KAK DENGAN MELEMPAR POWER STONE SI BATU BIRU UNTUK CERITA INI! — 1 POWER STONE NANTINYA KAKAK DAPAT 1 VOUCHER GRATIS LHO BUAT BUKA BUKU YANG TERKUNCI. JANGAN LUPA, REVIEW BINTANG 5 YA! MAMPIR JUGA KE CERITAKU YANG LAIN YA KAK: 1. Elegi Cinta Asha2. ALISHA (PRETENDING)3. Zarina the Abandoned CEO4. Terpotek Cinta CEO Botak tapi Ganteng5. Annethaxia Luo Putri Negeri Salju6. Saat Kita Muda7. Angela the Alpha's Mate TERIMA KASIH

  • Misteri Gedung Kantor

    Misteri Gedung Kantor



    Mengakhiri masa menganggur dan mendapat pekerjaan pasti menjadi impian banyak manusia. Begitu pula dengan Udin, seorang pengangguran yang ingin mendapat pekerjaan layak. Namun, apa jadinya jika ia mendapat pekerjaan di gedung mewah, tapi menyimpan sebuah kisah misterius dan menyeramkan? BEBERAPA KEJADIAN DIAMBIL DARI KISAH NYATA

  • Hide Me, Mister Billionaire!

    Hide Me, Mister Billionaire!

    Contemporary Romance R18 CEO MAFIA


    “No one should lay a hand on my wife. If anyone of you touches a single strand of her hair, I’ll be able to commit a massacre in no time.” – LL When Zella Albert wakes up in the middle of a King’s bed with no memory of what her identity was, she tried to insist answers from one of the Cassano members with a knife, threatening to slit his throat if they don’t reveal who she was. Until Leo Luciano showed up in the middle of the ruckus and claimed her to be his wife. But is Leo truly her husband or is just an impostor who tried to win his heart and kill her instead? ------------ [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT ON THE LATER CHAPTERS] ------------- “Kiss me if you need to prove our love. I can’t seem… to remember everything.” Leo’s lips turned pale. Zella was an observant. That slight change in his lips grew a suspicion in her. Why would he hesitate to kiss his wife? Is she really his wife? Leo didn’t even know what to have as an excuse. This time, he should be reckless. He approached her, closing the gap, placing his hands in his waist, pulling her closer to him. Zella got surprised, and looked up. His charm exuded through those smoldering eyes. Even though he’s not glaring, it looked at her with attention. Zella caught her breath. She tiptoed one of her foot. Leo brought his hand to her cheek, tucking her hair behind her ear. A feather light touch and it turned her on. Why do Zella feel he was skeptical with his every move? Like he doesn’t want to touch her? Leo didn’t desire to have a romantic relationship for now. But Zella came, and he had to act as a husband taking care of his wife. Besides, if he let Zella out of the mansion, they’re going to take the blame of hiding a death convict fugitive inside their house. The Cassanos will guarantee a guillotine death. This is all for their safety. “Like this…” Leo leaned in. ------ Updates will be regular since this will be part of Webnovel Spirity Awards 2022. ------ The cover is not owned by the author. Copyright goes to the artist who drew and posted it in Pinterest. Text made by the author through Canva.

  • (un)Cuff me, Mister!

    (un)Cuff me, Mister!



    Teen romance? Office Romance? Enemy to lovers? nahhh... I present to you, PRISON ROMANCE!This story is an entry for Romance Carnival contest. Please send me PS, GT and gifts. Life was going perfectly for Jasmine Paxton. One day, she flew out to where her mother originally came from, expecting to be welcomed by a shower of rose petals and confetti. But instead, she was welcomed by the greatest surprise in her life. Jasmine, who was on a vacation -- nay, who faced the death penalty, was now imprisoned in a foreign prison, awaiting her verdict.In prison, she found out about her boyfriend's betrayal, making her hope for freedom seem like a dream. Jasmine accepted her fate and got used to life in prison, which soon changed her. Unexpectedly, her candle of hope for freedom lit up, not from the help from the outside, but from the inside of the prison wall. And one of that came from Felix He, whom she mistook as her handsome ex-boss's secret boyfriend and the first person that put the cuffs on her!*****This story is fictional. Instagram: aleeqac_booksTiktok: aleeqac_authorFacebook: Aleeqa CBuy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/aleeqac





    21+ Leon Valentino adalah seorang pria yang selalu memegang kendali. Dia membangun sebuah kerajaan di kota Cincinnati yang berkilauan dan menciptakan keluarganya sendiri dari tiga teman dekatnya. Dia adalah seorang jutawan yang mandiri dan memiliki semua yang dia inginkan dalam genggamannya yang sangat erat. Tapi dunianya mulai runtuh setelah dia dihadang oleh trio preman pada suatu malam setelah meninggalkan klub. Peringatannya sangat jelas, menyerahkan usaha properti barunya atau berakhir dengan kematian. Leon pun mengalah pada tuntutan teman-temannya, Leon menerima bantuan pengawal Andy Hernandes ketika dia mencari sumber ancaman baru-baru ini. Tetapi ketika Leon semakin dekat untuk mengungkap bahaya, dia menyadari pengawal seksi itu menimbulkan risiko yang lebih besar bagi dunianya yang dibangun dengan hati-hati. Terperangkap oleh kebutuhan yang tidak pernah dia duga, Leon harus menemukan cara untuk menyangkal getaran kerinduan yang tidak bisa dia kendalikan. Bagaimana saudara laki-lakinya, Prajuritnya, Hatinya, dan empat temannya. Ini bagaikan misteri sebuah Ikatan yang tidak bisa dipecahkan.

  • MY...sterious HUSBAND

    MY...sterious HUSBAND



    Menjalani pernikahan paksa, yang berawal dari sebuah rencana licik dalam memainkan sebuah taruhan kecil yang di peran dan di rencanakan oleh kakeknya.. orlando terpaksa menikahi gadis yatim piatu yang bernama destiny.. Gadis itu memiliki cita-cita tinggi yaitu ingin mengelilingi dunia.. walau ia adalah gadis miskin yatim piatu, bukan berarti ia tidak bisa mewujud kan ke inginan nya tersebut. ia adalah gadis tangguh, multi talented, cerdas dengan segudang prestasi. telah lama ia merencanakan untuk dapat mewujud kan mimpinya itu.. hanya tinggal satu langkah lagi maka ke inginan nya dapat terkabulkan.. tapi sayang.. sebelum mimpinya tercapai.. gadis itu malah memiliki hutang budi pada seseorang, yang membuat ia terpaksa mengikuti sebuah pertaruhan kecil, yang pada akhirnya ia harus menjalani pernikahan paksa dengan seorang pria misterius yang bahkan tak pernah ia lihat.. yang lebih parah nya lagi.. pria itu menjalani akad nikah sendiri tanpa kehadirannya.begitu pula sebaliknya, Desty menjalani resepsi pernikahannya tanpa pendamping.meski begitu, desty tetap tak melupakan mimpinya, masih terbersit dalam hatinya ke inginan untuk berkeliling dunia. Bagaimana kelanjutan kisah mereka?? apakah desty dapat meraih mimpi nya? Kapan orlando menunjukan wajah tampan nya pada desty? Akan kah mereka akhirnya benar benar bisa bersatu?? Buruan baca novel nya ikuti juga ilustrasi desty dan orland di ig @author_call_me_mi Baca juga novel ke 2 author ya.. - how do U say, you’re SORRY?

  • Misteri Gunung Maruyung

    Misteri Gunung Maruyung



    Gunung Maruyung terletak di perbatasan cilacap dan Brebes. Ada banyak sekali misteri yang belum terpecahkan sampai saat ini namun ada seorang wanita yang mempunyai keberanian entah dari mana dia mencoba masuk ke dalam gunung tersebut. di tengah perjalanan dia tersesat dan bertemu dengan seorang kakek, akan kah bisa keluar dari gunung tersebut atau sama seperti para pendaki gunung yang lain nya.

  • Miss Chicken & Her Mister

    Miss Chicken & Her Mister



    Chang Seol runs away from home and ends up in a sharehouse. Though she has one or two secrets, she only wants to live a low-key life. Falling in love isn't in her plans but it happens anyway. So, she likes kissing a certain someone and touching him here and there. When she tells him that she likes him, she gets chicken-zoned? God-daughter zoned? Pillow-zoned? Voice-zoned? There is no lack of zones but he never puts her in the love-zone. But then... how did she become a chicken for real? So, she's a shapeshifter? But who is Mister? Why is he turning more mysterious day by day? When she doesn't win his love after trying so hard, Chang Seol returns to her true world. It's a world of magic, lies, and war. She must shed her old self and lead her people. However, why is a certain Mister chasing her now? *** Mister: Keep distance. We are friends. Miss Chicken hugs him tightly. Mister: You are my goddaughter. Miss Chicken pecks him on his lips. Mister: I don't have any feelings for you. Miss Chicken listens to his heartbeat and smiles. How long can Mister hide his feelings from her? ***** Are you into fluffy shapeshifters, petty drama, dark conspiracies, mysterious worlds, thrilling adventure, comedic romance, and a shameless female lead who likes to steal kisses? This novel might be for you (^_^) **** Instagram: Koch_Norah Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/norah_koch ***Cover is Mine ****Full list of my novels******* Novels with Interconnected Worlds: 1. The Love That Remains (Completed) 2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed) 3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed) 4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana  5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love 6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Standalone Novels:  Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Miss Chicken & Her Mister The Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com) Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)

  • The Dark Side of Namara

    The Dark Side of Namara


    “Dia rela menjadi budak seks demi membalaskan dendam kematian orang tuanya.” Orang tua Namara dibunuh oleh klan Sayap Hitam. Dia ingin membalaskan dendam kematian mereka. Sayangnya dia sangat lemah, tidak ada kekuatan apa pun yang bisa dipelajari, bahkan jika itu hanya sihir rendahan. Namara ingin masuk ke istana klan Sayap Hitam dan menghancurkan mereka secara perlahan. Hanya ada satu cara agar dia bisa masuk ke sana, yaitu menjadi budak seks putra ke dua kepala klan yang bernama Eros. Apakah setelah mengorbankan harga diri dan martabatnya, Namara akan berhasil? Bagaimana jika tiba-tiba Eros menemukan rahasia di balik tubuh Namara yang menyangkut identitas aslinya? Namara sama sekali bukan wanita sederhana. * MAMPIR JUGA YA KE CERITAKU YANG LAIN - RAYUAN SANG LAIRD

  • Mister Insistent

    Mister Insistent

    A knock on my office door startled me and I looked up just in time to see the last person I expected at my workspace."Hello, dolcezza. How's your day going?" He invited himself in without asking me anything as I knew he rendered me speechless from the unexpected appearance he made of himself at my office. He settled down comfortably on the couch and smiled softly at me like we were in a healthy, happy relationship and he just came here to give his lover a surprise visit! Damn him…"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked coldly and he shook his head in amusement."Last time after you asked the same question, I made love to you on your couch!" He winked at me.x------------x"Isabella, a hard-working businesswoman who wants nothing more but to get rid of her past....Alexander, an arrogant billionaire who wants nothing more but to make Isabella never forget her past!"

  • Rebirth Of The Queen

    Rebirth Of The Queen



    "Aku adalah kamu, dan kamu adalah aku. Kita adalah jiwa yang sama" -Fu Xie Lan- . . . Dikhianati oleh organisasinya, jiwa Clara terlempar ke tubuh putri dari wanita yang dituduh berkhianat. Berada pada dunia yang sama sekali tak pernah ia duga. Semua hal yang pernah dianggapnya hanya mitos benar-benar menjadi nyata. Sihir? Demon? Peri? dan segala jenis makhluk immortal berkeliaran di sana. Dipertemukan dengan pemuda yang selalu mengikuti dan memanggilnya ibu. Dan sebuah jiwa lain yang ikut tersegel di dalam tubuhnya, serta misteri tentang kejadian 700 tahun lalu yang selalu membayanginya. Bagaimana Clara menghadapi semuanya? Bagaimana cara ia terbebas dari segel yang ada di tubuhnya dan membalaskan dendamnya? Siapa pemuda yang selalu memanggilnya ibu? Mampukah ia membalaskan dendamnya? Jawabannya ada di dalam cerita ini.

  • Alta dan Allamanda

    Alta dan Allamanda



    Philosophy Color Series 1 ## Bagi Lamanda, Alta adalah pembawa masalah dalam hidupnya. Tapi, bagi Alta, Lamanda adalah sebuah petaka, pembawa sial yang harus segera ia lenyapkan. Perjalanan cerita mereka penuh misteri, penuh dendam, dan.. luka. Hingga, pada akhirnya, salah satu dari mereka kalah telak dan merasakan beratnya penyesalan.Selamat membaca