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  • The  Murders

    The Murders

    Martial Arts ACTION

    A police detective's life is suddenly turned into a game of chess, where his major opponents are Bohlex, Pain and Grief. Would he be able to overcome his major opponents? Would he be able to turn his life back to the way it was and would he survive the game.

  • Socialite murders

    Socialite murders

    Gun shots where heard in the house. ''Derzhis' podal'she ot etogo, inache ty pozhaleyesh' ''(Stay out of this or you will be sorry) said the man as he shot at Detective Phillips.Anna Phillips ,a by the book detective goes to investigate the murder of a teenage socialite with her new partner Christian Stone, a former thief who stole more than just jewels.

  • Insane murders

    Insane murders

    Martial Arts ACTION

    The cops are about to go mad when a great judge goes missing without a trace.After a lot of futile searching for months, the case is closed and left pending.It's not until a year later after he goes missing when they find his body.They don't actually find the body but it is the killer who informs them of where he hid the body.Even after discovering the body it seems like the killer left no evidence behind.They hunt for him day and night but the killer seems to know each and every single move they make.He commits more murders but leaves behind only a single hint which is absolutely useless in finding him.The most surprising fact is that his victims are not connected as he claims they are.He offers to give them peace of mind if they can learn the connection and his identity.Most of them back out but a young detective is set to find the connection and bring all the chaos to a halt In the process he exposes himself to the killer.The killer has a big dream that he has to fulfill no matter the cost; commiting crimes that can never be solved.He wishes to be a role model to young aspiring criminals.How will his schemes be uncovered if he has made sure to leave not even a single hint behind.will all his cases remain pending?

  • The Middlenight Murders

    The Middlenight Murders

  • The Murders

    The Murders

    It`s basically about the murders M.C commits when he gets framed for something he didn't do P.s~~~~~~~ i don`t know how to edit

  • 100 Ways to Solve a Murder

    100 Ways to Solve a Murder



    Levi Jackson is a brilliant criminal psychologist with a knack for reading people. He uses his twisted genius in making a name for his private detective agency ‘Jackson Detectives’ with the business motto of "No case is too insignificant, as long as you're willing to pay."Presented with the case of a missing accountant, he is forced to seek the help of Guy’s Hospital resident genius, and Director of Forensics, Dr. Sam Gray.Join them in their adventure in solving different crimes and pissing people off along the way. ........Disclaimer:(Please note that I do not own the cover art; it was created using canva app. Should this be yours, I'll gladly remove it upon request.) IG:

  • The Hitchhiker Murders

    The Hitchhiker Murders

    When married private investigators Brent and Quinn Collins are hired to find Andrew, a young man who has disappeared after heading to Idaho Springs, little do they know they will become embroiled in murder. Two other young men have gone missing under similar circumstances and their bodies found buried in the mountains outside of Denver.<br><br>The Collins’ investigations soon bring to light another similarity between the murdered men: they were all slender, effeminate, and gay. After Andrew's body is discovered, Brent and Quinn think they may know who is responsible for the hitchhiker killings.<br><br>But when Quinn goes undercover, he finds himself in much deeper waters than he expected. All they have to do is prove it ... without ending up dead themselves.

  • Beautiful Murders

    Beautiful Murders

    Horror&Thriller ROMANCE R18

    This song will be a little creepy. But have you not wanted to kill someone before?

  • Cryptic Murders

    Cryptic Murders


    Brielle decided to leave her family after her brother's death. She originally wanted to take revenge for what happened for she believed that something was not right or that everything is not right. Now that her mind is fix on finding the truth about her brother's death all she has to do is to be in the place where the murder happened.

  • Calchester Murders

    Calchester Murders


  • Southern Murders

    Southern Murders


    A small Mostly forgotten Town in Alabama Suddenly becomes the Hot spot for Murder when Dead bodies start popping up Now A Agent named Juniper Jones from this Local town must investigate but what Darkness will She uncover? And can she Solve the Case? Will she Catch the Killer? What secrets does Juniper have herself? Is the Killer someone she knows? A co worker maybe? A fellow Agent? A Commander? How can Juniper handle everything when it is her own Home town in danger? Does she have what it takes to handle all of it? Juniper has never failed but this is her biggest challenge yet!

  • Murders of Spring

    Murders of Spring

    Horror&Thriller ACTION

    A story full of mysteries....

  • The Lake Murders

    The Lake Murders

  • La Paz Murders

    La Paz Murders

    Horror&Thriller R18 MYSTERY SCARY

    0 Crime Case, No Crimes been Reported. A Beautiful, Peaceful, and the Safest City in the country, that's "LA PAZ CITY". Where there is no crimes, even thief cases, NONE. But why I feel like this City is hiding something, something that is not good? Something deep. Something that they are afraid of exposing it? What would happen to me now? Could I still live the way I plan before going here?--------------------+-------------------------+----------------------- Stephen De Chavez, a Medical Technology student and the only heir of the " DE CHAVEZ INDUSTRY,. Inc." Nagpunta si Stephen dito sa La Paz para makapagsimula nang bagong buhay. Malayo sa masakit na nangyari sa kanyang buhay. Dalawang taon syang nagluksa at naghanap nang hustisya para sa pagkamatay nang mga magulang niya ngunit kahit nakuha na niya ang hustisya ay hindi parin maalis sa kanyang isipan ang kagimbal-gimbal na nangyari sa kanyang mga magulang. And La Paz is the perfect place for him, bukod sa Picture-perfect na lugar ay sinasabi ding ito ang pinaka-safe na lugar sa boung bansa. Ngunit sa ilang buwang pananatili nya rito ay may natuklasan syang isang sikreto, na pilit ibinabaon at tinatago nang mga namamahala sa lugar na ito. Sekretong magpapabago sa kanyang pananatili sa La Paz. What will happen to Stephen when he uncover the secrets of the place? Mananatili pa kayang safe ang lugar na ito, o mapupuno nang pangamba at takot?

  • Just dealing with murders

    Just dealing with murders

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    " Liam i know you like working alone but you have to let me in i'm your partner" I barely hear her say and i tear up " even though you're my partner you can't replace Lincoln i'm sorry but i'm scared to let you in" She comes over to me and kisses my cheek " i understand" Then everything goes south

  • Murders At An Abandoned Orphanage

    Murders At An Abandoned Orphanage

    The head of the orphanage, Three cooks, Two Nannies, One gardener and Fifty children at an orphanage has to survive when the government that funds it decides to erase it for their personal pleasure, by having one of the members at the orphanage become a serial killer. And now they have to find out who the serial killer is to survive at the risk of them losing their lives. Now watch out what happens when they find out that they are fighting a ghost or Nanny or the hired serial killer and the government is the cause of their troubles.

  • Insignificant Murders

    Insignificant Murders

    Interactive murder stories for you to solve!

  • Loose Murders

    Loose Murders

    Horror&Thriller MYSTERY SCARY

  • The Elevator Murders

    The Elevator Murders

    When Tony Watkins discovers a dead man in the elevator of his apartment building, he has no idea there will be more murders. When the second body is found, he and his friends at the club he goes to put their heads together to try to figure out what's happening and who the killer might be.<br><br>Kirk Logan is a man with problems. At twenty-nine, he still isn't out to his parents. On top of that, Tony thinks he's easy -- which is true -- and will have nothing to do with him, even though he wants to help Tony solve the murders. That is until he finally opens up to Tony about why he's the way he is.<br><br>What Tony learns about Kirk, in addition to a third murder, changes everything. Can Tony deal with his feelings for Kirk while trying, if possible, not to become the next murder victim?

  • Queen of Murders

    Queen of Murders

    I'm not really good at explaining, but I hope you guys will at least read it :)