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    My journey with music has been amazingly wonderful, but I never wanted anything to drag me apart from it. - Author

  • Music Is Love!?

    Music Is Love!?


    Ana’s hands quivered when the chair she sat on was pulled over and the man leaned closer, almost towering over her while she sat on the chair.‘‘Ana, do you remember what I told you before leaving?’’ Yu Lin Shen smirked. He leaned even closer to her ear and asked sensually. How could she not remember what he told her? Those words were kept and treasured in her heart for so long.‘‘Yu Lin Shen, behave yourself. We are in the office, anyone can walk in at any time.’’ Ana said, trying to act cool.‘‘Don’t worry. I made sure everyone left and…’’ Yu Lin Shen bit her ear adding, '‘I locked the door so there won’t be anyone disturbing us.’’Ana’s heart started beating faster when she heard those words. She didn’t dare to look Lin Shen in the eyes because she was afraid her own body would betray her.‘‘I read your moments a day ago and you said you wanted a baby after visiting the children’s center. So… I came back immediately without a second thought. Tonight… let’s make that baby together, Ana.’’Lin Shen touched Ana’s chin and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

  • The Music of Dread to The Music of Love

    The Music of Dread to The Music of Love

    A boy without purpose finds himself Enchanted by music, then he begins his journey to learn music of all sorts to feel the spirit behind it.then one day he was struck by Lightning and he died near instantly.RIP Jay Ren 2020 - 2030 "you will be missed""YOU WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! SEEK GREATNESS!"What greatness could he acquire? None!What could he change? Nothing!He had only started on his path toward music! Despite being only ten he was already a world-renowned Musical Genius! but now that ended.J could only scream, a cry, a shout of anger, depression, a Love Lost, an empty feeling that could no longer be filled and came out in a form of a great world-shaking scream even in the afterlife the world shook under the density of emotions in this roar of emotional pain and tore at everyone's heart causing them to feel the full amount of endless pain and longing.Then he fell, Screaming an endless pain endlessly for centuries his Voice tore at all, At everyone in ALL worlds unable to escape the horrible ache that this boy caused inside their heart of hearts,That is until the GODS could take it no more! and Sent the boy to the one place where his Dreams and hopes lay he had sent the boy to both the most beautiful and yet the cruelest place he had ever made he had sent the boy to the first Earth and the Origin of Everything. And the Screaming Stopped, But he wasn't alone because now every GOD and Divine being that had heard his cry, His plea had wanted to see him achieve happiness, And they WOULD, see him Smile once more as he did in the beginning when he first met music.But ONE more than any other the one being who loved him with his Entirety, with his everything the one who had Felt the boys pain the most Apollo, The god of music, truth, and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and He would never EVER leave this boy's side.[ALRIGHT, GUYS, THIS IS A PASSION WRITTEN NOVEL OF BL AN YAOI ROMANCE STYLE I AM WRITING IT WITH MANY EMOTIONS SO TRY TO OPEN YOURSELVES UP WHEN READING THIS FOR THE COMPLETE EFFECT OF THIS WRITING.]

  • Music and Magic

    Music and Magic

    Markle Vanrick is cursed by the gods. Nothing in his life has ever worked out. So, when he works up the courage to leave home with only his lute, it’s only natural his money is stolen and he’s stuck without a way to get to his cousin’s farm.<br><br>Enter Frye Indori, a mischievous man who lives life to the fullest -- only because he’s a few steps away from being caught and killed. Blessed with magic from the goddess Magana, Frye fled his hometown to escape the clutches of the corrupt priestess performing evils in the goddess’s name. When he runs into helpless Markle, he feels obligated to show Markle there is some good in the world.<br><br>Like it or not, Markle gets caught up in Frye’s game of fox and hare. When the priestess finally catches them, Markle may have a few surprises of his own.

  • God of music

    God of music


    this is a story about a frank west who transmigrated into a new body in the far future where technology had advanced very far and the humans had formed a large empire covering the whole galaxy. but the entertainment industry is lacking and some bands and singers that suppose to be in history for their songs are not there and as a result, frank is given a system that will make him and his band the greatest singer in music history.

  • Music System

    Music System

  • music industry

    music industry

    No am not gonna leave Ethan here in Los Angeles.............why won't they let me be

  • Music Fame

    Music Fame

  • Music Private

    Music Private


    Berkisahkan tentang pemuda yang bernama Bernard Law. Dia sangat menyukai musik saking sukanya dia bisa bermain hampir semua alat musik. Tapi dia hanya memainkan alat musik untuk kesenangannya saja tanpa memikirkan ada yg melihat atau tidak. Namun semuanya berubah ketika kedua orang tuanya meninggal, dia mulai mengurung diri dan hanya keluar ketika sedang makan. Tapi syukurlah adiknya Karen Law bisa membujuk Bernard untuk tidak mengurung diri lagi, dan akhirnya Bernard bisa memulai dengan hidup yg biasanya dia lakukan dan mulai membuat lagu. Sayangnya mereka tidak tau kehidupan tenang dan damai mereka tidak akan lama, mereka akan mengalami kekerasan, penindasan, dan pengkhianatan. Bagaimana?Penasaran dengan jalan ceritanya, kalo penasaran silahkan baca sendiri novel Music Private.

  • Academy Music

    Academy Music

  • Master of Music

    Master of Music

    Hello my name is Lin Xinhua. Everyone here use soul.the soul is within us it has different color the strongest is mystical soul.everyone has a soul or you might say there are no soul But they will never understand what it like Let watch our Main characters climb through to the top again but he his the most powerful person ever lived his music being peace to people he care and death to people he hate 1,000 years later he reincarnated as a baby His clan is gone but for he will rise up again with his new family and friend but will remember his past Join us in his journey to greatness.

  • The Music Freaks

    The Music Freaks

  • Music by Cavelight

    Music by Cavelight

    Magical Realism ACTION REVENGE

    I will also be posting this on Royal Road.A young man who encounters an impenetrable force of a human being - brought to the back of a college campus and beaten to all hell before another man walking beside him is dragged into it as well, but this man can do something no one else can, making him the strongest. After beating the weak, the strong man spat at the one beaten within an inch of their life, quickly vacating the area, fully believing the one beaten was the same as all the others.The one who was beaten, this young man became obsessed with becoming strong after this point and time.

  • Castle of Music

    Castle of Music

  • Love and Music

    Love and Music

  • Face the Music

    Face the Music

  • the music lover

    the music lover



    History HISTORICAL

  • the music fairy

    the music fairy

    Fantasy MAGIC


  • Lost My Music

    Lost My Music


    "How can you tell a person what you feel about that person if you can't muster any strength to swallow your pride just to say what you want to say?" That was the question Vin Santos kept asking himself. Still he wasn’t sure on how to do that. He never experienced that feeling before. Since that start of high school, he always got caught up in different criminal cases. But on the last year of high school, things would change. He never thought he'd be off track. He can't sing when he want to. He became deaf and is now having a hard time following the beat. The tunes and lyrics are now disconnected. He can't remember the songs he sung, and he realized “I’ve lost my music”.