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  • Musical Mystery

    Musical Mystery


  • Musical Sand

    Musical Sand

    Her eyes are soulless but still burning. The music taunts her as the sand hurtles her back in pain. With all her deep scars, she won't be a puppet again.....Please share your views and suggestionsDon't judge too hard it's my first storyStay safe and take care----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or its characters they are JK Rowling's but I do own my OCs and plot.

  • The Musical Sword

    The Musical Sword

    Sweta Tiwari is the lifeline of International Public School, New Delhi, India.She is beautiful, dynamic , funny, talented and can break million hearts with just a smile.In a nutshell, she is a perfect teenager with a perfect life..... atleast people think so....But life is not always as simple as it seems.As the daughter of Shivapati, the King of the Gandhaarvas ( Peaceful and powerful immortals, believed to be the Masters of Creative Arts) from the hidden kingdom at the foothills of the Himalayas, Sweta, aka Swetambhari has much more of a responsibility than the eyes meet.As the future Gandharva Queen, will she be able to complete her task of establishing herself as a leader worthy of human trust or she too will end up like most of the Gandhaavas for whom the violent outside world is a place not worthy enough to ponder upon?Her chance to represent the Gandhaarvas in the newly established EARTH IMMORTAL MANAGEMENT DIVISION is not only a Political directive, but also a life changing chance for this young Princess.Now disguised as a human teenager, will Swetambhari be able to work in unison with others to defend the potential dangers lurking at nooks and corners of the planet, or will she resort to seclusion like rest of her people?This is the story of a girl who needs to replace her poetry by politics and music by Speeches.Can the hand trained to hold a guitar yield the sword to save Mother Earth and answer to greater calls that may even challenge the beliefs given by her own class and clan? Being a superhero is no fun.And this story is about our conflicted supergirl, Swetambhari, aka Sweta.

  • Musical Silence

    Musical Silence


    The immature Princess Lucinda Marie Ruth Lattius of the kingdom Quella is forced to live on the street when her family and servants are slaughtered by her uncle, with the motive being the crown. Will her musical talent save her from hunger? Will she get her revenge and take back her throne? Note from the author:Hi! I have released the first chapter of this novel and really want to know if anyone likes it! Please make sure to comment so I can get an idea of what you like and what I may be doing wrong. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  • Musical Cat

    Musical Cat


    After a girl who can play almost any musical instrument imaginable finally kills herself after so much self inflicted pain, she becomes a magical cat, needing to survive in such a ruined world. How will she get by? Do you wish to find out?

  • My Musical Days

    My Musical Days


    Sometimes, we get more than we bargained for when we make a careless wish. And sometimes, that wish can lead us to greatness without our knowing it. This is one such tale. Of a young man, and his guitar...P/S: I found the picture on google by looking up anime guy with guitar. I don't own the cover photo, and if you are the creator and wish for me to take it down, please let me know in my comments section on my chapters or in a review. Thanks!

  • End Musical Love

    End Musical Love


    Judul: End musical love Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance, music Blurb: Malam yang larut; di tengah kemelut kegelapan mendinginkan suasana. Dawai gitar terlihat buram melalui penglihatan mata masih sakit itu, dan pendengaran tuli ini mendengarkan alunan musik merdu seorang lelaki misterius ditujukan hanya untuknya. Sebaris nada yang teringat membekas di dalam hati, membuat ia bersemangat agar bangkit dari masa keterpurukan masih tertidur dalam kondisi sakit akibat kejatuhan sebuah benda berat di panggung. Dalam kegelapan hati ia bertanya Siapa dia?

  • OHSHC~ The Musical Type

    OHSHC~ The Musical Type


    A normal boy is selected as an honour student to be able to go to a rich school.Music if his life and the only thing that could make him happy, that was until "they" came into his life.He is a cross dresser and everyone thought he was a girl. What will happen?WARNING ⚠️: Book may contain fluff and smut. Read at your own risk.I don't own OHSHC or the artwork used for the cover. I have only edited it to make it more suitable for the book. Credit still goes to them.

  • Musical fairytale

    Musical fairytale


    Musical Fairy-taleSynopsisEmily Brown is a simple girl from the countryside. She's naive but stands up for herself and others. She plays the guitar and sings too. Her dream is to be able to learn more about about what she's talented in, musicEmily's dream came true when her parents surprised her on her 20th birthday with an admission notice from Rochester musical academy in New York, one of the best music school in the country************The music fairies is a very popular band known Worldwide. The lead vocalist Aiden, the guitarist Michael and the percussionist Jason who plays the drum kit are all students of the Rochester musical academy, so you could say the trio became celebrities while they were still studentsAs celebrity students, their status were higher than all other students. They are rude yet they are adored by allWill a simple countryside girl be able to adapt to the lifestyle of the school? Or will she get into trouble the moment she enters the schoolWill she be able to continue being a simple girl from the countryside? Or will the school change her into an entirely new personWhat happens when Emily gets involved with the music fairies?.....

  • The Musical Cultivator

    The Musical Cultivator


    *WARNING* I do not own the cover page I just happened to find it. If the owner wants me to take it down I will. *WARNING*-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first novel and I'm not that confident in my writing skills yet so sorry for anything wrong feel free to correct me thanks!(just for fun don't expect daily posts)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jang Hao a young boy has always had troubles getting ends to meet. Always losing something everyday no matter how hard he tries. He one day uses up all his savings into a set of books that could either make or break his life. With no more family and nothing else to lose, just what will his future hold for him.

  • The Musical Romance

    The Musical Romance

    Music unites hearts, brings out the best in a person, is the force of life.Almost everyone is a fan of some kind of music or the other. Aren't some friendships purely magical because the two friends have a too similar playlist and musical taste?This story is a romantic take at the life of singer Raj and his friends.It shows how he and his friends are connected with the art of music.Raj, not your muscular MC you see in most novels, not very handsome, is more relatable for a normal reader to my novel.I shall try my best to portray this novel in a very realistic and relatable environment.Please do give a read to find out if Raj excels in his music career, finds his true love, overcomes his difficulties, or will his competitor Shaurya (muscular and very handsome, features like a typical MC but is the villain in this story) take away everything from him?PS: This is my first novel, hope readers will like it

  • a musical adventure

    a musical adventure

  • My musical life

    My musical life

  • weyt musical adventure

    weyt musical adventure



    Martial Arts BL YAOI

    Yang Yu loves singing and dancing, he does it whenever he's alone. What he doesn't expect is when Ran May, the manager of the popular high school boy band Musical Sky overhears him singing she drags him to the band's club room and he becomes they're lead singer. In the band, he meets Chang Yoku a strong and silent drummer, Sao Komaki a very talkative and funny Rhythm guitarist and Tai Karu the lead guitarist. Yu feels like Karu is different from others to him. He soon realizes his true feeling for Karu. But what will he do about it?

  • Musical Theory of Love

    Musical Theory of Love

  • Reincarnation of a Musical Prodigy

    Reincarnation of a Musical Prodigy


    [Original Story]Eli is a world-class violinist who is, without a doubt, a musical prodigy. At the ripe age of 4, he could play Mozart with ease, and even some Paganini.However, after his first world tour, he gets into an accident that ultimately kills him.However, as he opens his eyes and is met with a bombardment of lights and a brand new world."I could hear the colourful sounds again."[*CONTAINS TRIGGERING THEMES*](~Getting rewritten~)

  • The musical meet (Kenma × reader)

    The musical meet (Kenma × reader)

    Y/N is a student who moved to Japan just 1 month before attending Nekoma. Will she be able to find the love of her life in this hectic school year?

  • The Making Of A Musical Genius

    The Making Of A Musical Genius

  • Strings:A musical novel

    Strings:A musical novel