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  • Lord of Mysteries

    Lord of Mysteries



    With the rising tide of steam power and machinery, who can come close to being a Beyonder? Shrouded in the fog of history and darkness, who or what is the lurking evil that murmurs into our ears? Waking up to be faced with a string of mysteries, Zhou Mingrui finds himself reincarnated as Klein Moretti in an alternate Victorian era world where he sees a world filled with machinery, cannons, dreadnoughts, airships, difference machines, as well as Potions, Divination, Hexes, Tarot Cards, Sealed Artifacts… The Light continues to shine but mystery has never gone far. Follow Klein as he finds himself entangled with the Churches of the world—both orthodox and unorthodox—while he slowly develops newfound powers thanks to the Beyonder potions. Like the corresponding tarot card, The Fool, which is numbered 0—a number of unlimited potential—this is the legend of "The Fool."

  • Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability

    Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability



    Sequel to Lord of Mysteries

  • The Infinite Mystery

    The Infinite Mystery



    A generation's mighty and most powerful expert died mysteriously and reincarnated without any memories on a small planet far away from the Cultivation World. This small planet was earth. Five thousand years ago, a great calamity descended on earth. Countless Spatial Cracks appeared in the sky and beasts invaded. After hundreds of years of fighting, humans discovered they could awaken a battle spirit that can help them raise their strength and grant them the abilities that were simply unimaginable for humans before. Qin Feng also awakens his battle spirit but unfortunately, it was swallowed by his own birthmark, The Infinity Symbol. This was just the beginning of the mysteries that surrounded him like invisible specks of dust. He soon discovered that the 'Infinity Symbol' was actually not his birthmark but something mysterious from another world. The Infinity Symbol helped him awaken a Divine Battle Spirit and granted him a Nameless Cultivation Technique that was beyond the world's limit. He also discovered that he could not die! Every time, he was killed, he returned back in time with the memories of what is going to happen in the future. Soon after awakening the Divine Battle Spirit, a mysterious beautiful lady stepped into his life and told him that he does not belong to the earth. He was actually the reincarnation of someone called 'KING'. The mysteries that surrounded him like the invisible specks of dust started to come on the surface from the day of his awakening, revealing many secrets to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are some grammatical errors so please ignore them and enjoy the story. The cover doesn't belong to me. All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.

  • The Mysterious CEO

    The Mysterious CEO



    “I want to rethink your discussion.” “It seems that Miss Lu is questioning my authority.” “I don’t mean that…” “I don’t want to repeat myself, do it or leave.” “What do you want in return?” “Marry Me.” --- Business tycoon Si Li lived two lives. The one was the business world and another one was the leader of the underworld. For the sake of his family, he proposed a contract marriage to a girl whom he loved. Lu Lan for the sake of her dreams agreed for the contract marriage. After marriage, she found that Business tycoon, Si Li had a son around the age of 5 years, Little Champ and there were many mysteries related to him... With the passage of time, Lu Lan found a love for her life, Si Li, and their contract marriage converted into a real marriage and she was having become a joyful and blissful life. However, her happy life seemed to be coming to its end when mysteries related to Little Champ reveal one by one and he was taken away from his biological patients Then, what would happen to Si Li and Lu Lan??? How did Little Champ's mysterious life effect Si Li and Lu Lan? ************* Hello guys, this is my first novel on web novels. There is a mystery, suspense, action, and romance in this novel... I hope you will enjoy this book. ### If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: You can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- You can find us online as well:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Mail:- Telegram Channel:- Discord Channel:-

  • Mysteries of the 4th Dimension

    Mysteries of the 4th Dimension



    People usually take their life for granted. Not caring about where it all began. Is there some secret behind the world?Some hidden facts burried away in the endless sea of time.And then there are those who search for clues. They dig deep into the already known facts, just to extract even deeper truths.But no matter what they do, though, there is always the mystery of the fourth dimension. A dimension where the only way to prove its existence or the truth behind it is by diving into the dimension itself.A/N: My first work, if there are any problems please notify me.For the people who are confused, the protagonist's name is read as (Fa ~ re ~ s)

  • Mysteries Around Him

    Mysteries Around Him


    Hallie Davis just started at college and is ready to see what life has to offer. Everything is going smoothly until she meets the mysterious and insanely attractive River Knight. River makes Hallie's heart flutter, but she knows a popular guy like him could never like an ordinary girl like her. From that first meeting, River turns Hallie's life upside down and she is introduced to a world she has only read about in books. Vampires, crime, and mystery become her new life. Their relationship is put to the test as they try to catch a vampire serial killer and be with each other. Will they make it out on top? *** As I look closer, I can see a pair of eyes watching me through the crowd. Ignoring my pounding heart, realization washes over me. How the hell am I always running into River Knight when I least expect it? And is he always looking at me like he's trying to dig deep into my soul? Mysteries Around Him is created by Chloe Higgins, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Mysterious Husband.

    Mysterious Husband.

    She had to marry an unknown man because her father wanted nothing more than to lift his burdens. Her father's first wife's daughters were married off to very prestigious men but in her case, it was different though she never cared for that. she never wanted privilege or wealth. All she wanted was a man who will love her for who she was.This man was rather mysterious for her. On her way of living with her mysterious husband, she came to know many unknown facts about him. Can she handle this mysterious man and fall in love with him?

  • My Mysterious life

    My Mysterious life



    After his wife divorced him because he was poor and not at her level... our hero gets hate because of that. Many people thought that he is having an affair with other women behind his wife so that is why he gets divorced but that's not true. After all of that, he is all alone. In the name of assets only have a diamond pendant that is his last gift from his mother. despite all of that he is a mysterious figure who is a medical genius, a martial artist, and has a mysterious background. During his medical career, he meets many interesting women who are more gentle than his ex-wife. After some sometimes his ex-wife knew that all the success of her business was because of mc and she is now alone...

  • The Mysteries of Shooting Star

    The Mysteries of Shooting Star


    A happy and Normal life is what everyone always wanted but Tragedy and Mystery are the only two things that the universe had in store for Ryan Cunningham. After being the only one in his family to survive a large wolf attack, he knew that his life would never be the same again. Soon Destiny lead him to an unknown place where he will meet friends along the way and where he will discover supernatural mysteries that are linked to his past, the creatures after him, and who he truly is. A small town where Mysteries are given birth, a town called Shooting Star.

  • Mysterious Bride

    Mysterious Bride

    After being abandoned by her fiancé, a young woman makes a secret pact with a wealthy man to get revenge. But when she finds out that she is not the first woman in her new husband's life, she is caught in the middle of a secret that could cost her her life.

  • Lord of the Mysteries

    Lord of the Mysteries


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  • Mysteries: Legend of the bluebloods

    Mysteries: Legend of the bluebloods

    She lost her parents at a very tender age. Left to be trained by her grandfather. After they are mysteriously murdered by an unknown culprit. Trauma haunts her for eight years, life becomes more and more unbearable to the point she becomes emotionless. Things become more weirder and weirder. A photo of a missing dad, a blue hair, water turning to ice in school, and a school boy with an unknown history. What more could she ask for? Well, there was more coming for her. What happens when she is attacked by a demon from nowhere? And what is this I hear? A blue blood?

  • The mysteries

    The mysteries

  • Unbridged mysteries

    Unbridged mysteries


    Loyd Reno, a 14 year old boy who lives alone with his older brother faces strange and unknown events in his life which completely changes the entire world of vision.

  • The Covenant Of Timeless Mysteries

    The Covenant Of Timeless Mysteries

    Fantasy ANGEL

    “Your omnipresent power is what intrigues the magicians. You are an artisan of constraint, they are keen to know how you, a human, who wields this opportunistic ability, chooses not to abuse it. They see you as mortal but perceive that you are not human by nature.”

  • Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries

    Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries

    I’m an international, multiple award-winning author with a passion for the voices in my head. As a singer, songwriter, independent filmmaker and improv teacher and performer, my life has always been about creating and sharing what I create with others. Now that my dream to write for a living is a reality, with over a hundred titles in happy publication and no end in sight, I live in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, with my giant cats, pug overlord and overlady and my Gypsy Vanner gelding, Fynn. A Poo Poo Kind of Morning I tried not to look down the mouth of hell staring back at me from inside the glaringly pristine outer ceramic shell of the white throne, my throat catching, stomach doing half flips and a rather impressive rollover routine that would have gotten at least a 9.5 even from the Russian judges. Instead, I forced myself to smile and swallow and remind myself the elbow length yellow rubber gloves grasping the handle of the standard issue plunger were all that stood between me and Pooageddon. Suck it up, Fee. Big girl panties and adulting and all that. “At what point,” I waved the dripping plunger, wincing as droplets of yuck flew, “did I think owning a bed and breakfast was going to be glamorous and romantic?” Fiona Fleming is in so much trouble. Her recently inherited bed and breakfast might not actually be hers thanks to the underhanded misdealings of the local real estate bully. Despite her grandmother's last will and testament, Fee might me out of luck and on the street before she even gets settled. But when her new enemy floats belly up in her koi pond, she's the prime suspect in his murder! Can she uncover who the real killer is before the smoking hot new sheriff puts her behind bars instead of asking her out on a date? Dive into book one of the Fiona Fleming Cozy Mysteries, and don't miss the exciting sequels!

  • Harem Of Mysteries

    Harem Of Mysteries


    In only a couple of days after the online detective Amelia Holmes enrolled, she made a video titled 'Shenanigan', revealing secrets of White Book and exposing the student council's corruption. So after two years as the president and the centre of White Book's crime--smuggling, sabotaging, blackmailing, forging and framing--his era had ended. He fell into the abyss of despising and isolation. But his influence was still alive--mystery after mystery keeps popping out. Three months later, Amelia convinced the former president--known infamously as the shenanigan and a stalker--to become her assistant. He only agreed as saw an opportunity to make his harem's dream possible. The two with completely different energy--golden right and suicidal dim almost--sat in their little book club. They knew mysteries in any figure could appear anywhere and anytime. As if a harem of mysteries they got into.Did you know?: The cover is not mine, but a great artist on Pixiv @有本 亘. nice symbols.



    Vicky has no idea what awaits her on the day she and her friends get to the studio. She finds love in first sight but her friends have other plans for her. Yet, even them don't know the events this simple plan of theirs would set in motion. Mysteries and intrigues follow Vicky in the strange city she wakes to find herself in. She's all alone, faraway from home, away from her family and friends and all that matters. Away from her love. And her beauty becomes her greatest enemy.

  • Mysteries of the unknown

    Mysteries of the unknown


    Mysteries of the Unknown is set in modern-day Chicago and follows the life of a witty, smart mouthed 27–year old detective navigating the underground hidden world of the Supernatural. Follow her journey as she comes face to face with Evil. With the help of her best friend, the Witch, she goes on the hunt to save people from that which they do not know exists while fighting her own inner demons. What is this darkness that beckons her?

  • Lord Of Mysteries:Fire of Destruction

    Lord Of Mysteries:Fire of Destruction


    A world thats rushing towards a dark ending. An slave traveler that yearns for his freedom. A fire that will consume anyone who stays behind. Will he be able to break the chains that bound him and reach the peak or will he just die like a sheep waiting to be slaughter. Wach him rise from the bottom and tries to discover why he came here. To save the world or rush it to that dark ending. This is a story of a traveler