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  • Gods of Neptune

    Gods of Neptune

  • World of Neptune

    World of Neptune

  • Alexander Jackson and The Sea of Neptune

    Alexander Jackson and The Sea of Neptune


    Alex and his Friends find out someone is willing to help Michael to rise Kronos! They went on a journey to the Sea of Monsters to get some help for someone! Read and find out more! Worlds connect into one world. Causing a lot of problems... The World "Genshin Impact" and our world are connected causing Kronos's Army to get stronger... The Fatui and the Abyss Order can cause a lot and I mean it, a lot of problem in our adventures...Visit this Link to see my Books: Visit my Web: sure to Subscribe to me at: help us out, Like and Share this Series! It can help us a lot!We publish chapters almost every day! I am sure you love them!

  • The Alpha's Destiny

    The Alpha's Destiny



    WPC #254 Silver Prize Winner [Mature Content 18+] "No way! It's not my destiny, to be the Alpha for all of you!" Nicholas Reiss is a teenager who has a normal life like any other teenager. Living only with a mother and without being accompanied by a father, made him more independent. Richard Rogan was a good friend and like a brother to him, despite his odd demeanor. But the normal life he leads is turned 180° when he gets a bite from a Creature that went extinct centuries before. Werewolf, The life he is living now is how he must endure when the Full Moon arrives, the thirst for blood always haunts him. And how long will he continue to run and hide from the Werewolf hunters, where the older brother of his lover is a Werewolf Hunter. Only those closest to him who always support him. The dilemma he experienced was repeated. And could Roran help him with what he got? Roran is a werewolf who lost his lover when the Werewolf Hunters devoured his home. "I can't lose you," But by getting to know Richard, he became more in control than before A Story has just begun. ---------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World --------------------- Artwork By : Neptunus_96 Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • Neptune Prince Break My Heart!

    Neptune Prince Break My Heart!

    Nailara S. Putri atau yang lebih dikenal sebagai Putri Alien memiliki bakat unik membuat orang kesal sampai naik darah, sudah banyak korban yang Ara (nama panggilan Nailara) buat terdiam seribu bahasa karena sifat eksentrik nan unik milik Ara. Kali ini Ara punya ambisi, gadis yang biasanya cuek dan asal ceplos ini punya satu ambisi yaitu untuk patah hati. Ara pengen tau rasanya patah hati setelah menghibur sahabatnya Laila Natugoro yang patah hati karena cowo nyebelin bernama Ilham Aditya D. alias Pangeran Neptunus karena terkenal dingin dan punya reputasi matahin banyak hati cewe dan juga cowo disekolah. Jadi setelah Ara minta izin sama Laila, Ara langsung datang ketempat Ilham dan dengan seenaknya bilang, "Aku mau tau rasanya patah hati, buat aku patah hati!""Haahhh??! Cewe gila!!"

  • The Highest Bounty

    The Highest Bounty


    It is an era of artificial superintelligences, interstellar travel, gene medicine, and virtual reality worlds. Far into Earth's future, 15-year-old Gu Ding is a student of Cerulean Military Academy by day, and tavern waiter by night. His ambition: Become the space pirate with the highest bounty offered by the Universal Federation Government. With the help of Neptune, a neonate super-intelligence, Gu Ding finds himself thrust into a galaxy of shadowy organizations, political underdealings, and otherworldly forces that lie beyond human comprehension…

  • Neptune's Pride

    Neptune's Pride

    Series of stories from different galaxies about overlords.

  • Neptune’s Queen

    Neptune’s Queen

  • Wading in Neptune's Pool

    Wading in Neptune's Pool

    Summer is the start of the busy season for Neptune's Pool Service, owned by Pete Crawford. A new client, Corey Brennerman, captures Pete’s interest, if only because he seems attached to his cell phone 24/7. Corey is a serious workaholic. Pete remembers when he used to be like that, and he wishes he could do something about it.<br><br>Pete comes to Corey’s aid in a grocery store parking lot one evening and helps him catch the punk who tries to steal his cell phone. As a result, their relationship moves from that of client/hired help to cautious friends. When a Fourth of July party leads to a tryst, Pete is running scared because he thinks Corey is too stressed and vulnerable to handle anything serious right now. But Corey confronts him, and they work things out -- in the pool, naturally.<br><br>A death in the family brings them even closer together. Can Corey make some positive changes in his life? Could the relationship they’ve begun to build become something that might last forever?

  • Drowning in Neptune's Pool

    Drowning in Neptune's Pool

    Jimmy Fassett’s band just broke up, but then he meets Landry Flannery, a truly gifted fiddle player. It doesn't hurt that Landry's a looker and has a bold pink stripe in his hair that drives Jimmy crazy. The two men jam together in the evenings -- banjo and fiddle -- and they hit it off.<br><br>Soon, Jimmy wants to turn their budding friendship into something more, but Landry keeps putting obstacles in the way and inviting more and more people over to play. That’s not what Jimmy wants, so he walks away.<br><br>Fate, however, isn't done with the two men. At the end of a festival where Landry's band was the headliner, Jimmy is forced to take Landry home because he's sloppy drunk. The two men argue the next morning, and Jimmy refuses anymore contact, until Landry forces the issue.<br><br>Could things work out between the two men, after all?

  • Takdir Sang Manusia Serigala

    Takdir Sang Manusia Serigala


    [Konten Dewasa 18+] #WSA2022 "Tidak mungkin! Bukan takdirku, menjadi Alpha bagi kalian semua!" Nicholas Reiss adalah seorang remaja yang memiliki kehidupan normal seperti remaja lainnya. Hidup hanya dengan seorang ibu dan tanpa ditemani oleh seorang ayah, membuatnya lebih mandiri. Richard Rogan adalah teman baik dan seperti saudara baginya, terlepas dari sikapnya yang aneh. Tapi kehidupan normal yang dia jalani berubah 180° ketika dia mendapat gigitan dari Makhluk yang punah berabad-abad sebelumnya. Ya, Werewolf. Kehidupan yang dia jalani sekarang adalah bagaimana dia harus bertahan ketika Bulan Purnama tiba, rasa haus akan darah selalu menghantuinya. Dan sampai kapan dia akan terus berlari dan bersembunyi dari para pemburu Werewolf, dimana kakak dari kekasihnya adalah seorang Werewolf Hunter. Hanya orang-orang terdekatnya yang selalu mendukungnya. Dilema yang dialaminya kembali terulang. Dan bisakah Roran membantunya dengan apa yang didapatnya? Roran adalah Werewolf yang kehilangan kekasihnya saat Pemburu Werewolf menyerbu rumahnya. "Aku tidak bisa kehilanganmu," Tetapi dengan mengenal Richard, dia menjadi lebih memegang kendali dirinya sendiri daripada sebelumnya Sebuah Cerita baru saja dimulai. #werewolf #vampire #love #school ----------------------- Bergabunglah dengan Discord Channel Saya - Neptune World ------------------- Artwork By : Neptunus_96 Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • I Love My Boyfriend - Boyslove

    I Love My Boyfriend - Boyslove



    [Mature Content 18+] "I love you!" He said with a hopeful expression. "Bullshit! That is a classic line spoken by many lowly people begging for love, like you!" But that sentence made Bryant not give up on being able to get Vino. Known as cute and sweet boy, Vino has a personality that many people don't know about. Many are after him for his love, including his God of the seducer, a transferee from Australia, Bryant. His life will change completely after the two of them get to know each other, especially a big secret that is revealed that's Vino is the Elf Prince of the Elvania Kingdom who is in the Third Heaven. Follow the adventure... ------------------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World ============= Artwork By : Neptunus_96 Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • The Burning Love In The Apocalypse [BL]

    The Burning Love In The Apocalypse [BL]



    [BL-Mature Content 18+] "Rainbow City 2045" This city has been destroyed and is ruled by the Lords of The Light, who descended on the Rainbow City along with the Black Crystal, which fell in the middle of the Rainbow Lake. The crystal was enormous, almost the size of a sand-carrying truck. The Black Crystal was very influential. For anyone who touches it then they will get a great power that is hidden from within them. And of course, it makes the person eternal and does not age at all. But the Crystal was misused by the Rulers who appeared with the Crystal. The Ruler has tremendous power and no one can match them. But can Adam and his friends make the Rainbow City back to normal? Because they are also infected after accidentally touching the Crystal.... ------------------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World --------------------- Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • I Can See The Devil

    I Can See The Devil



    "Real Story From Author" "H" (Ejh) is a normal child in general, but an event that he doesn't want to happen to his life. After he found out that he was descended from INDIGO, The Sixth Sense ability, he became restless and couldn't accept it, various ways he did so that he could become normal again. And seeing those who are invisible has become daily food for him. He has encountered various kinds of obstacles, ranging from disturbances from invisible creatures to NDE he has experienced. There is only one key, being grateful and accepting a gift that he has received is the key to controlling everything. --------------------------------- In this story, everything that happens is real (Depending on the reader's belief, believe it or not, that's the reader's Choices) and there are indeed some events that are minimized because the events are too unreasonable. All characters and names are original, except for some names which have been disguised due to requests from their side. And the names of the places that are there are original except for a few places that can't be named. All Events are based on the Author's Experience. The story starts from middle school until now. --------------------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World --------------------- Artwork By : Neptunus_96 Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • Within


    It was just a simple walk, how did it get this far?

  • Heavenly god battles

    Heavenly god battles


    Longhuo is a 13 year old boy who is terrible at everything he does except of music and gaming and is magnet for bad luck so he's an easy target for everyone in his school to pick on one day on his first day to eighth grade he received a letter from his deceased grandfather which contained a letter and mysterious necklace with a ring attached on it and this is how everything he knows will soon change

  • Beta test ...

    Beta test ...

  • Moreau University

    Moreau University

    Martial Arts ACTION DARK DEVIL

    Rohesia Nakahara is from the family of assassins and her parents just enroll her in a University she don't even know.Then just find out that she just enter in the school where gangs exist,child of assassin and mafia eneters.Could she even graduate alive?

  • Bakit ako pa?

    Bakit ako pa?

  • Legendary lady of gold

    Legendary lady of gold

    Fantasy Romance ROYALFAMILY

    Mavis who have the different skill and talent.She grow and live in a small island but she decided to leave when her mother died.That how her venture start going to empires.