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  • Netorare System

    Netorare System

    Max is a miserable man, he lives life with monotony nothing stirs his life. Not having a colorful life, only anime is an escape for him.But his life takes a turn when he gets a mysterious system that makes him have to take someone else's woman, whether it's someone else's girlfriend or wife.Apart from that he was also taken to another world, Alternative Earth where his actions had never been done and the term Ntr is not known at all.

  • The Housewife’s Netorare App

    The Housewife’s Netorare App

    Contemporary Romance R18


    Book is available for purchase through Amazon in Kindle and paperback! married woman's descent into depravity, sexual deviancy, and lust.Yuina Ninomae is a 29-year old housewife whose cozy and quiet life is devoid of any excitement. On the anniversary since they moved to Shinjuku so her husband Souji could be closer to work, she works up the courage to ask him to have a child with her, and to her surprise, he accepts.However, when a friend introduces her to an app designed for bored housewives, Yuina finds herself embroiled in a game she cannot withdraw from. Now, whenever her phone vibrates with a notification, a chill runs up her spine. Yuina must find a way to clear this 'make your choice' game that subjects her to perform raunchy actions to herself or to people around her.A game in which, if she ignores, may lead to tragic consequences for Souji.See more of my site here: joining my patreon to support me and for advanced chapters: my discord for constant updates or hang out:

  • Aplikasi Netorare Ibu Rumah Tangga

    Aplikasi Netorare Ibu Rumah Tangga

    Fantasi R18 BEAUTY

    Seorang wanita yang sudah menikah turun ke dalam kebobrokan, penyimpangan seksual, dan nafsu. Yuina Ninomae adalah seorang ibu rumah tangga berusia 29 tahun yang kehidupannya nyaman dan tenang tanpa keseruan apapun. Pada hari jadi sejak mereka pindah ke Shinjuku agar suaminya Souji bisa lebih dekat dengan bekerja, dia memberanikan diri untuk memintanya memiliki anak bersamanya, dan yang mengejutkan, dia menerima. Namun, ketika seorang teman memperkenalkannya ke aplikasi yang dirancang untuk ibu rumah tangga yang bosan, Yuina mendapati dirinya terlibat dalam permainan yang tidak dapat dia hindari. Sekarang, setiap kali ponselnya bergetar dengan pemberitahuan, hawa dingin menjalar di punggungnya. Yuina harus menemukan cara untuk menyelesaikan permainan 'buat pilihanmu' ini yang membuatnya melakukan tindakan cabul untuk dirinya sendiri atau orang di sekitarnya. Sebuah permainan di mana, jika dia mengabaikannya, dapat menyebabkan konsekuensi tragis bagi Souji.

  • My Pick Up Artist System

    My Pick Up Artist System



    "With this system, I'll become the world's greatest seducer! If it doesn't kill me first..." I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then, a girl's voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.]"What the I'm an 18-year-old virgin..."[7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.]"You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I saw no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists, and from that day forward, my boring student life became filled with craziness and womanizing. I just had one problem: "Why are all these guys insane?!?"Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women.Additional Tags: weak to strong, supernatural, action, fantasy, funny, dungeon, face smacking, bloodlines, modern, harem, r-18, litrpg,magic, cultivation, martial arts, shameless protagonist, parody, satire, succubus, netori, adult, ecchi, sex, hidden gem, drama, wuxia, adventure, mature, school life, seinen, princess, billionaire, werewolves, xuanhuan, erotic, erotica, romance, revenge, polygamy, psychological, r18, 18, 18+, smut, hentai, comedy, light novel, alchemy, system.*No Netorare or Yuri.*If you dislike harem, I guarantee this one will be different and become the best harem you've read on WN. There are colorful characters, no bad romance, and no annoying female conflicts driving the plot.*Every volume so far has been even better than the prior one.*If you're wary of reading originals, I assure you that I'm a native English speaker and you'll find the writing here to be at a print professional standard. If I said this story had the 2nd best grammar on Webnovel, no author or translator would dare say theirs had the 1st.*If you doubt any of the above, please read the hundreds of 5-star reviews. Some originals may have more reviews because they're older or get more marketing from Webnovel, but I doubt they have more glowing 5-star reviews.RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don't have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total.Join the largest Webnovel Discord of 2500+ readers for character art and more: (case-sensitive)If you'd like to make a Paypal donation to support the cultural cause of the novel and author:

  • Harem Overlord

    Harem Overlord



    Kai was the Harem Overlord, the owner of the universe's best harem. But the most powerful people in the universe killed his harem and sealed his cultivation.But they didn't know that the supposedly destroyed Harem wish still existed. Kai had used the wish to reincarnate himself and his lovers.But a curse also came with the wish in a pack. So as a bonus, Kai also cursed those men so that they will be killed by him and his lovers.But things went sideways as Kai somehow crash-landed on the mortal cultivation world, alone. His harem was spread out in the universe and Kai would have to find them.Follow him as he searches for his harem while trying to obtain their revenge.***Read this if you like harem!Note- Please binge read the first 40 chapters since there are badly written (I was a newbie back then). Also, once you make it to the end of the 1st volume, I promise you won't regret reading this. Join the server for character images.- No r*pe, no netorare, only a little netori and wife stealing.PS: I don't own the cover. If you want me to take the cover down, you can contact me on my discord.

  • Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)

    Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)



    What if in the era where awakener hunt in the dungeon, the weakest awakener suddenly gain an ability as a Dungeon-Master?A story about Ray, an orphan who strived in the era of awakening to help his orphanage.In this era of awakening, humanity had gained the power to fight against numerous monsters and dungeons that suddenly appeared in the world. Ray, our protagonist, suddenly gains the power of a dungeon master. However, without him knowing, the system has a special plan for him. Follow his journey to make the strongest farm inside the dungeon and gaining beautiful women along the way!The Netori and harem part will be on the later chapter, about 20 or later, and the Netori will come slowly not like my other story. So please stay tuned ^_^Additional tag: action, rudeyoungmaster, no netorare, mature woman, No R-18, evolution, chickens, money-grubbing protagonist, dense protagonist, love interest fall in love first, beautiful female lead, rich office ladies, netori specialist.Discord:

  • Berserk Stick System

    Berserk Stick System



    [WARNING MATURE CONTENT] NOTE: YANDERE IS HERE Some Heroine might love MC too soon. But does love need a reason or time? If you already love someone, this reason is useless. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- What happens if the game you've been playing for a long time turns out to have a world of its own? --- A boy who experienced death in a strange way. Reincarnated into the eroge game he had played before. Reincarnated as the protagonist's best friend character in the story, who will be killed by the protagonist himself to make the protagonist strong, doesn't make him give up, with help of the system he has now. Watch his journey in conquering the hearts of heroines and saving the world. Character image sees on my discord server. ----- Warning: This Novel is only FICTION, don't compare it with the real world. Strict warning!!!!!! if you don't like where the 10-year-old MC has puppy love. Don't read this novel. You know, a lot of novels start very young, and mine is one of them. The MC in this novel has very slow character development. You probably won't like this. You Have Been Warned. Notice: There are no genres like Yuri or LGBT here. I also don't write genres like Netorare and others. I'm not a person who likes things like that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grammar might be a bad thing in this novel but bear with it. The beginning of the novel is a disaster, this is my first novel, plus English is not my first language. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English is not my first language, so if there are any wrong words, please forgive me.] [I'm only using the image above for a while, if the owner doesn't want me to use it, let me know and I'll change it]

  • Koibito wo Netorare, Yuusha Party kara Tsuihou saretakedo, EX Skill

    Koibito wo Netorare, Yuusha Party kara Tsuihou saretakedo, EX Skill

    Artes marciales ACTION

    Me robaron a mi amante y me echaron de la fiesta del héroe, pero me di cuenta de la habilidad EX "Daño fijo" y me volví invencible. Ahora, comencemos una venganza

  • Realizing I was an Netorare protagnist I chose to get my act together.

    Realizing I was an Netorare protagnist I chose to get my act together.


    Get a Harem and die or Don't get a harem and live. Those are the options currently laid out in front of me,of course I will choose the second option,I'm horny not stupid. This is the story of my life in a Eroge as a secondary character.

  • Fourth Prince's Debauchery

    Fourth Prince's Debauchery



    As a wandering soul trapped in endless cycles of reincarnations, Claus must decide what to do in his current life.Tired of being a hero, demon king, savior, or emperor, he decides this time to live a life of debauchery.This is an R-18 novel, and will contain every kind of fantasy (But not netorare, maybe netori)... You have been warned.

  • 6 Times a Day

    6 Times a Day

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 HAREM


    6 Times a Day (6TaD) is a story centers around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who starts off as an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's best friend and neighbor lusts after him and concocts a phony medical diagnosis that requires him to have six orgasms a day, in order to seduce him. Things don't go quite as she plans and a chain of events and circumstances results in an increasing number of gorgeous women finding themselves 'helping' him with his "medical treatments." **Not my Own Novel, but found on SPACER X Website which is down nowadays.. thus i am re-editing and re-posting this novel which i have greatly enjoyed..If the Original Author wants to take down this publication, pls pm me at** Otherwise Have Fun Reading this Novel you Bit$$es. Since i am editing this you expect a good update speed.. Image is from Deviant Art. ------------ TAGS: HAREM, INCEST, TEACHER, NURSE, SEDUCTION, NTR (somecases but consensual by female),SlowBurn Note: Here the NTR tag is Alan SEDUCING Female Lead & other rare cases, which you can definitely skip. ------------ Edit: Small amount of netorare has been mentioned by the readers, which the team is looking into, we haven't crossed that threshold,IF THERE IS NETORARE, THEN Read at your own risk, as it mostly woman seducing her son[ Acording to the readers, and i am not pushing myself to read ahead as it time consuming and not worth it] . If you are not into this categories, THIS IS A FREE NOVEL I AM PUBLISHING DURING MY FREE TIME, NOBODY IS FUCKIN FORCING YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL, SO STOP FUCKING GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS WHEN I HAVE CLEARLY MENTIONED THE TAGS AND STORYLINE YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS.. P.S Thanks for all the Loyal Readers who have followed this novel from the beginning........Much Love...!! **/////////////////////////////** Please consider Donating however much you can to support me to keep this novel going. Every Little Donation counts. ----------------------------- [for those who ko-fi is not working pls try the above two.] Please also Support my other Novel which is a Fan-Fic. Harry Potter and the Gift of Kali **/////////////////////////////**

  • Different Sex Story  2

    Different Sex Story 2

    Realistic Fiction R18

    story from literotica(To the reader if mc c*clord by someone just put warning in the title of the story.)I still don't read some of the story.. so I don't know if that story going to ntr(netorare)... well you can leave some comment to the title to alert someone... thats that....I upload this for my own to read....

  • Villain: The Play of Destiny

    Villain: The Play of Destiny



    Update Schedule: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday on WN, SH, MSB, and RR. As for the Patrons, almost Daily updates with guaranteed 25 new Chapters each month. Synopsis: Keith, a vieux riche, spoiled and cherished, heir to the Demiliore Consortium, lives his life at large. Power, Wealth, Fame; He has it all. But is it all just a dream? With a set of memories, the knowledge of the future, in a play orchestrated by the destiny, knowing well that he is born to be a Villain, will he prevail? Or is he going to fall at the hands of the Child of Destiny just like he did in the nightmare that haunts him? Author's Note: Yes, the story is heavily influenced by Urban-Fantasy Chinese Novels. Don't read if you have a problem with those types of plots. 'Cliche' plot elements are bound to appear, so if you easily get triggered by such things, keep away. And I would advise you to not even start the story if you are the ardent believer of 'Good shall prevail over the Evil'. Keep away! MC here is a Villain! But yes, he is not someone deprived of emotions, even though he is a Scum. So, do not expect an outright Evil MC either. I don't write Netorare. Don't worry about it! Warnings: > Incest > Dark Elements > Sexual Content > Traumatising Content > Gore > Manipulative MC > Sexual Abuse > Parallel World (Almost a new World) > Fantasy Elements (Full-fledged Fantasy later) > System > Slavery

  • Milf Princess

    Milf Princess


    warning : NTR !! genre: Netorare, cheating, r@pe, tragedy, gore, action, dual cultivation, cultivation, gangbang, incest, mindbreak, milf. This is a story set in the past of 'Revenge of the Ntr prince' story. This one is focused on female MC Xiao and her adventures during her youth. Preface: Xiao, a princess gets tangled with Deodomus, a perverted mercenary and they fall in love. But this is a world of cultivation where they go through many battles and not always do they make it out alright. Xiao goes through tragedies, defeat, r*ape and whatnot. Enraged agianst the world she vows to get stronger and take her revenge against those who have harmed her. This story explores different facets of a human personality. It is entirely a work of fiction centered around er*tic content, tragedy and ntr. Please do not read if you don't like either. It will have a fairly fine ending though.

  • The MILF NTR App

    The MILF NTR App

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18


    Yuria, a married wife, in the age of 30 years, lives a normal life with her family in a apartment, consisting of a 13 years old son and a 36 years old husband, who works as a salary man and comes late at night. Her life was simple, feeding the family, working as teacher, helping her family and do groceries. It was without much thrill and excitement. She has rarely sex with her husband, but thinks it‘s normal, until she went to a meeting with her friends, who also were married wives and heard of a new app. The most didn‘t think much of it and ignored it, but Yuria was bored with the recent activities and decided to download it later on the same day. This was her biggest mistake... Disclaimer: Art in the cover isn’t mine. If the art creator wants it changed, please contact me. Notice: I‘m writing this in my free time, don’t hold much expectations. **If you dislike female lead, then don’t read it** **Yes, this is inspired by The Housewife Netorare App**




    Nathan wanted to take the next step in his revenge against everyone who made fun of him by developing an application for smartphones. This application allows you to receive messages on his mobile phone, messages that will give him the opportunity to have relationships with any woman, including her family, her friends or complete strangers. When trying to develop it Nathan suffers an accident that leaves him injured in his hands, having to receive help from his family until he recovers Note: English is not my main language, please be patient. this story is 100% fiction and fantasy if you are looking for a story about morality, this novel is not for you, simple and charismatic person, because this will contain a lot (͡ ~ ͜ʖ ͡ °) IMPORTANT NOTICE: for my mental health this will not have NETORARE sorry Read at your own risk Thank you for your visit ↓ look at this ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ ↧

  • The Path Of Debauchery(hiatus)

    The Path Of Debauchery(hiatus)


    Austin a boy who had lost everything is given another family.what will he do??.come lets find out.....this ia a R-18 novel with every type of fantasy(no netorare, never) the smut scenes will not be there in the beginning you have to wait till the mc is OP as for why??




    the world began to change slowly, the governments of different nations began to make subtle laws in their population preparing for their imminent end winter is coming and death comes with it This novel will tell you about the life of John Spartan, his family and the arrival of an apocalyptic world After a night of drinking, John does something he shouldn't do with his wife's sister and tries to hide it ... (͡ ~ ͜ʖ ͡ °) But instead of solving the problem, everything keeps getting worse, because there are more important things to solve than casual sex and that is that everyone must learn to survive an increasingly aggressive society and the arrival of an apocalyptic world ... (⌐ ■ _ ■) caused by a virus that only attacks 80% of the people in the world making them increasingly angry until they become cannibals but when they detected it it was too late The first great war had begun, the war for survival. There are mistakes that you have to learn to live with because they will never be forgotten. Note: English is not my main language, please be very patient. This will not be a love story or an MC fighting for justice. This story is 100% fiction and fantasy, read at your own risk. AVISO IMPORTANTE: para mi salud mental esto no tendrá NETORARE lo siento thank you for your visit and come back soon ........ (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) ..... bye

  • Harvesting The Witch Queen

    Harvesting The Witch Queen


    Growing up as a slave in the Halloween Kingdom, Junk had been a prisoner for as long as he could remember. Born without a healthy nor stable body, he might have been the weakest of all the Minotaurs.Managing to finally escape the confines of his prison cell, the beast wanders the Kingdom’s dangerous roads. His body and soul slowly and painfully withering into nothingness until he miraculously runs into one final chance—the fallen Witch Queen—Lady September Autumn who had just recently been dethroned of her royal title.She provides him the opportunity to remain alive. Keeping his body and soul intact by feeding him with her royal, sacred Queen milk. Of course, this is no act of charity. She asks for his services in return. In exchange for harvesting her milk, Junk must become her loyal servant and bodyguard fulfilling whatever she commands: including hunting down and defeating all of those responsible for her dethronement. Refuse, and no more milk. No more milk, and the Minotaur will be doomed to perish once more. So a symbiotic relationship is formed. However, the ex-prisoner has something in mind for his powerful new Queen. Harvesting the bitch herself! Ultimately corrupting her into his breeding-slut when the time is right and birthing an army of monsters to re-take the kingdom for himself instead. Together, they are marching through this ghoulish and spooky fantasy world plagued with undead, spirits, demons, werewolves, vampires, demonic Gods and far worse!...[ Tags ]R-18 | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Ecchi | Hentai | NSFW | Netori | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | Thick | Thicc | Milf | Gilf | Young & Mature | Choking | Out doors | Humiliation | Bdsm | Fetish | Dual Cultivation | Action | Demon | Weak to Strong MC | Antihero | Comedy | Wise...Warning: Contains Netorare elements. Discord link:

  • The Tale of the Devil Sword Master

    The Tale of the Devil Sword Master



    Please read tags at the end of the synopsis.## power stones for bonus chapters (read latest chapter to know more)PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END BEFORE STARTING TO READ***He, the proud DEVIL EMPEROR died after being heavily injured in the war. But with the help of his subordinates he was by mistakenly transmigrated as a spirit of the sword.But was that really a mistake?Was he betrayed?Who is acting behind the scenes?What are their motives?Follow Kylo as he unravels all the secrets and rules over all the beings of the Universe.***Author Note 1: Please read "From Author" in Vol 0Author Note 2: The book cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. It will be taken down if requestedAuthor Note 3: Please read my work till chapter 20 in order to decide whether it is worth reading in the future.***ALL TAGS:- R-18| Action| Adventure| Anti-Hero| Badass MC| Dark| Dark Past| Demons| Famous MC| Gods| Harem| Intelligent MC| Loyal Subordinates| MC strong from the start| Multi races| NETORI| NO NETORARE| NO NETORASE| Polygamy| Romance| Ruthless MC| Strong to Stronger| Subordinate gathering| Tragic Past| Tsundere|

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