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  • New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!

    New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!



    "W-what are you doing?" Eli was shocked as she saw the handsome man, his upper body glistened in the morning light, drenched in sweat as he firmly held a massive axe. "Wife! Good morning! The wood is ready to keep you warm for the winter ahead!" The man proudly pointed towards the massive mountain of firewood he just finished chopping. “Heavens! Did you chop every tree in the whole forest?!” Eli felt her head ache. "We are still in the middle of spring!" -- She was a salary woman. For her, career was just the only way to survive in this cruel world. Being a housewife was far from reality as bills kept haunting her bank account. When she suffered a plane crash in one of her business trips, she dejectedly lamented not experiencing the simple joys women used to experience in her age. However, a young woman's soul came begging to her, to use her body in another world so that her unborn child could live. In exchange for continuing to live, the task was to give birth to the young woman's child and be the coolest mom evarrrrrr! --- A transmigration story. However, our protagonist Eli, has to transmigrate into a pregnant woman's body. Facing the woes of a pregnant single mother, while surviving in a world where magic and evil exist, will she even successfully go through motherhood as a single parent? ...or will she need to have a hubby by her side after all? -- This is my first work and only signed in webnovel. Please do not post it to other sites T_T thanks! -- Cover Art by talented Iris Enj Come give her some love in IG and FB @iris_enj (Iris Enj) Follow this auntie potato on instagram @randompotato21

  • New Game+

    New Game+



    An alien race invaded the Earth on June 6, 2128. At the midst of this war, many nations allied with the alien threat and the war nearly wiped out the rebelling humans of the planet. At the edge of mankind's survival, the United Nations Army launched its forces to eliminate the immediate stellar threats that loomed over Earth.General Seeker Carlean, commander and leader of the mission, risked and gave his life to destroy the immediate stellar threat. The battle was won though Earth lay in ruins. Perhaps mankind will live to see a few years of peace before the alien threat returns to wipe out their existence.At the immediate aftermath of the stellar battle, the fallen Seeker Carlean awakens and finds himself at aged 17, living the peaceful life he lived 16 years before he died.So begins a new game in the battle for humanity's survival.----Cover art by Jayps.

  • New World - A New Beginning

    New World - A New Beginning



    After finally dying in the arena amidst a dystopian world, I was reborn into a new one.With unfamiliar faces all around me and a new identity as Jay Cadmium, I will become a powerful binder to support my family and protect what I hold dear.———Notice: This story is based on the popular webnovel and webcomic The Beginning after the End. Both stories start the SAME and only diverge later on. I'd highly recommend reading The Beginning after the End if you haven't already:———Discord:

  • New World New Life

    New World New Life



    What would you do if you woke up in a forest with no memories?Would you cower in fear, or explore the strange new world?Join Vyrena on her journey through Gaeia as she tries to figure out her mysterious past! With the voice in her head named Dotty, she will make friends, enemies, gain new powers and become the greatest warrior she could ever be!Will she find out who she was before? What will the new world bring? Join her journey and find out! Will she find a dash of romance along the way? She just might!_____________________________________________________________"Where am I?" Vyrena asked herself.The girl tried to move her body, but all of her muscles and bones ached. Her throat was as dry as the desert, she needed water. In the near distance, Vyrena could hear the sound of moving water. Gathering all of her strength, she crawled inch by inch towards the water source.Upon reaching the riverbank, she quenched her thirst greedily. It tasted clear and refreshing, a good sign. She could feel the dirt and grime that covered her entire body. Unable to bear it anymore, Vyrena dunked herself into the water.The cool refreshing feel of the river water jolted her senses. As she emerged from the water, she could finally open her eyes and take in her surroundings.-How did I end up here?- she thought to herself.She tried to remember what she could. Memories flashed through her mind.- I died -The realisation shocked her to the core. Her eyes were wide open. Recalling the details made her head spin.She recalled drinking a substance and laying down in her bed. A familiar hand held onto hers, his words echoed in her mind.-I'm here for you. I'm here for you.-But as soon as that memory faded, new memories from the host body bombarded her. When the recollection of memories was complete, a voice popped up in her mind._____________________________________________________________I hope you enjoy the story! If you love it or maybe not, give me some feedback in the comments or in a review! All feedback will be greatly appreciated~As of 20th June 2021, is completed, thank you for everyones' support. I will likely write a sequel in the future. PS: The current cover was commissioned from the amazing @balqizu on Instagram! Thank you so much for bringing them to life! T^T Join my discord server: chat with me on Discord at ValestriaMoon#9724!A huge thank you to everyone who supported me in posting my novel XD you know who you are~

  • The Adult Novels

    The Adult Novels

    A collection of short adult novels. Power Ranking Positions - Chapters Rank 20-16, 2 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 15-13, 3 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 12-10, 4 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 9-7, 5 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 6-4, 6 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 3, 7 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 2, 8 Extra Chapters for next week Rank 1, 9 Extra Chapters next week

  • adulting


  • Adult ego

    Adult ego

  • A Pervert at an Adult Game

    A Pervert at an Adult Game


    He woke up in the middle of the night in a strange room that didn't belong to him, his head ached and he was completely confused about his situation, but soon with a picture and his memories coming back. He can clearly see where he was stuckHe was no longer a player, he was the protagonist of one of the favorite pornographic games…._________English is not my original languageThe cover image is merely illustrative, if the owner did not like its use, please contact me and I will remove it immediately….

  • Short story'Adult

    Short story'Adult

    WARNING 21+Kumpulan cerita dewasa singkathave fun warga ewew

  • Adult Swim

    Adult Swim


    Adult swim.(photo from tumblur)

  • Inside An Adult Game

    Inside An Adult Game


    got pulled into the Adult game I was going to gift to my pure harem lover friend. The game has already progressed to the middle, and the early heroines have already been AdultRed. Now I have the deep carvings to have a cigarette, but I can’t even smoke. Ha ha ha.

  • Stuck in Adult Romance

    Stuck in Adult Romance

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    A Eum terjebak dia antar dua pria dewasa yang mencintainya. A Eum binggung dan sulit untuk memilih di antara keduanya.

  • The embodiment of a new world

    The embodiment of a new world



    One day, when everything seemed peaceful, the last life force of planet Earth was absorbed, thus bringing the end of humanity. However, a powerful authority, even more powerful than the Gods allowed some people to survive, sending them to another planet called Hydrel, while granting them powers. Here, the chosen ones were put to test. [Kill survivors to survive.] [Kill monsters to survive.] Everything seemed like a game, but it was real. In this chaos, a young teenager named Kila stood out from his peers, and with his best friend, he manages to survive. Kila fought skillfully and intelligently, as if he already knew everything about his enemies. However, the only thing he didn't know was that his friends were going to become his worst enemies. Follow Kila's adventures and discover how he managed to survive. *** Check out my new novel too, I will be glad if you do: My Angelic System Check my insta, I will post regularly there (^v^): karme_novels

  • New Reality

    New Reality


    As soon as I woke up, I was transferred to this weird place. It was so sudden that it made my mind couldn’t come up with any form of idea as this strange phenomenon was nothing I never heard or experienced, but I quickly gather my composure. Then, I realized, I was not the only one. To be honest, these are the things that I only read through novels and fantasy books but experiencing it myself wasn’t what I really wanted. Not even once. Reading was something I loved as it was fun. To others, it may be a time where they get out from harsh reality but that’s life, you face a lot of hardships. But strange. Why? Why am I here? No, why are we here? What’s our purpose for coming here? At least put a warning that I will get to go to another world! Just me is good! Questions formed which made me quite nervous but I calm myself down, as being nervous will be only a hinder to my thinking. I breathe. “First, let’s assume this is real.” After thinking so, I began to form a little plan inside my head. Preparing like a normal person would do when this kind of thing happens. I executed my plan in my head before waiting. As the timer was tickling down and thought that after its number’s hits zero, all of us are going back to our daily lives. [0:00] But it didn’t happen. After I saw what happened to that man with his head being sliced, the simple plan I had was crushed in an instant. Yet, that one act was enough for me to realize one simple thing. The thing is… it was a bitter pill to swallow. “This is real…” I was only assuming that it is but…it's just unfair. “There’s no going back…” … It doesn’t matter if you go back in time… It doesn’t matter if you’re a genius or an outstanding fighter… It doesn’t matter what challenges I will encounter… I will succeed, find answers to everything, and survive… Until everything ends. *** : Cover not mine. Just edited small things on it. If you're the owner, just tell me if you wanted it removed. : Keeping the story's setting simple as this is my first book. : So yeah, everyone who had read the novel regressor instruction manual would notice the large similarity in the first few chapters of mine and it is because I'm a fan of that novel, but I would tell it now as I think it should be known to you guys. Informing should be the right thing to do. : Although I have a cliche setting, I'll at least try something original. : Hey, if you're reading this, try to read now! Maybe some of you love a mind-blowing chapter one but I don't have that in my novel, instead, I'll make it good for the future chapters I will be making. Anyway, thank you for taking your time, and go read it!

  • A Child to Adult's Experience

    A Child to Adult's Experience


    We know nothing at all when it comes to love and romance, being a fine adult maybe a jumble for us, but I know someday things will reflect in the future.

  • The List : An Adult Wrestling Fan Fic

    The List : An Adult Wrestling Fan Fic

    Realistic Fiction R18 SMUT

    An OC(You) swaths his way through a horde of well known and unknown wrestling talent in a 100 chapter tale of decadence

  • Young adults

    Young adults

  • New Life

    New Life

    For the last two years, Kane has been dreaming of the day when his mate finally turns 18 and they can finally claim each other. However, his world suddenly comes crashing down and his dream is instantly destroyed when the alpha announces that his son (Kane's mate) has found his mate, who is the daughter of a neighboring pack's alpha. However, he can't bring himself to say anything. He has kept this a secret for two years and he was waiting for another few months until his mate's birthday, but that day is never coming now. He can't stand seeing his mate with another, and he can no longer handle being in his pack. He can't let his father know either, since he is the pack's Beta. What can he do? The only thing that he can think of.... He will keep his secret and run as far away as possible. He will no longer be Kane, but he will become a new person, with a new name. Blake. That sounds nice. It also reminds him of black, which is what his past is now.

  • red riding hood adult version

    red riding hood adult version

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    very adult themed

  • The Talent(An Adult Entertainment Story)

    The Talent(An Adult Entertainment Story)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 HAREM SMUT

    Set in the world of the Agent and the List, this story follows a rising star in the adult entertainment world and the highs and lows that come with burgeoning fame