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  • Night




    The blurb: “Not any eagle-owl flying into your window at night is the envoy of the enigmatic Prince. Not any girl, like Angelica, will dare to a long and dangerous travel to the mysterious Kingdom of Night. But the promises must be carried out! Even if for this purpose it is necessary to become the girlfriend of Goblin, to go down to the Underworld, to meet with blood-thirsty pirates and Sandy snakes. It is good to have two souls, but sometimes you need to give your one soul to seal a portal to the Other-world…” SYNOPSIS Angelica, 16-year-old girl, who by chance finds herself in a mysterious Kingdom of Night, where she falls in love with Prince Edward. However, the girl learns that in the body of the Prince is the soul of Goblin’s King Swein. She understands that she is in love with two of them. Angelica asks the witch Margo to return the soul of Edward into his body, and the soul of Swein - into his. It is difficult because Swein is dead. It is required the blood of a vampire for the ritual, and the girl goes to the vampire's ball, where she meets their ruler - Lord Arthur. She gets the blood and Margo carries out the ritual. Angelica begins to understand that at the same time she is in love with three men: Edward, Swein and Arthur. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of the Kingdom the pristine evil breaks out of the caves. To stop it Margo asks Angelica, Edward and Swein to find her brother witch-pagan Huron. Because of an accident Swein remains in the Kingdom, and Edward and Lica go for Huron. After many adventures, our heroes arrive to the country, where Huron lives. Angelica scarcely avoids harem of one rich nomad, and Edward nearly is lost after a meeting with the beasts of the desert – the sand’s snakes. However, having overcome all difficulties, the Prince and Lica find Huron and persuade him to go to the Kingdom of Night. For the final battle with the forces of evil Swein, Edward and Arthur gather their armies, and Huron prepares a pagan ritual. But the affairs don't go according to their plan, and Angelica has to enter into a deadly fight against evil and to save her friends.

  • One Wild Night

    One Wild Night



    Lucinda Perry, a social recluse and a workaholic, makes a pledge to herself to go all wild on her twenty-fifth birthday and even score a one night stand if she gets her long deserved promotion at work. Few days to her twenty-fifth birthday, she gets promoted to not just a higher position but to the head office in a different city. Having to spend her birthday night in a new city, she goes to the club where she meets a very handsome stranger, Thomas Hank, who offers to be her one night stand after catching a glimpse of her dare-to-do list, which included having a one night stand. Thomas Hank, after having been used by several ladies in the past, is bent on getting the lady of his dreams who would love him for himself and not his wealth. So when he meets the cute and naive Lucinda Perry at the club, he decides to keep his true identity from her and find out if she was worth keeping. ***Excerpt*** What is more entertaining than a crazy side character? Say hello to Sonia and Bryan. Sonia's heart stopped beating for a second, and then different thoughts started flying right through her head at that same time. Bryan Hank? Her celebrity crush was kneeling right in front of her and asking her to be his wife? Was he mistaking her for someone? Was it possible this was a skit, or maybe this was like one of those celebrity pranks, and there were cameras around, waiting to capture her make a fool of herself? Or perhaps she was dreaming? Sonia wondered as she looked around them, but all she saw were curious onlookers."Please! Be my wife and make me the happiest man on Earth," He said in a very loud voice that caught the attention of everyone.Her editor who she had been waiting on for over an hour because he was trying to sign a deal with a movie producer who was interested in one of her stories, showed up at that moment, "Sonia, you know Bryan Hank?" Her editor asked in genuine surprise as he watched the scene before him. It seemed like an hour had passed since Bryan went on his knees, but it had only been a minute.Bryan knew no lady would be crazy enough to accept such a crazy proposal, and even if any were, paying her off and calling off the whole thing would be easy since all he wanted was the scandal that could come from this. The headlines were either going to be about his rejected Marriage proposal or his supposed engagement, which would be enough to let Sophia off the hook."Yes!" Sonia said as she bobbed her head excitedly and extended her finger for him to wear her the ring."Yes?" Bryan asked in confusion when he heard her response."Yes! I will be your wife and make you the happiest man in the world!" Sonia said with a giggle and wiggled her fingers until Bryan slid the ring down her finger. Surprisingly the ring was her exact size, and it sat on her finger like it was made just for her. The sound of applause erupted all around them as Sonia stood up with a big smile on her face and embraced Bryan before kissing him right on the lips.Bryan was slightly taken aback by her boldness but quickly recovered since this was his game, and he had to play along. He was the one who had approached her first, after all. So when she tried to break the kiss, he held her chin and slowly nibbled on her lower lip before parting her lips with his tongue and sucked on it in a teasing manner, eliciting a moan from Sonia.Sonia felt light-headed. This was too good to be true. It just had to be a dream. How else could she explain that one moment she was seated at the lobby of a hotel waiting for her editor, and the next she was engaged to her celebrity crush and was kissing him right here in the open?(PS: Photo belongs to me. Art by @imagineTishaD)

  • Night Ranger

    Night Ranger



    Legendary player Marvin transmigrated to the eve of the Great Calamity. This was the end of the fourth era, all gods joined hands to destroy the Universe Magic Pool. The fourth Fate Tablet had begun maturing and all gods, demons, legends, devils, liches, dragons and other legendary creatures were appearing one after the other. In order to protect his loved ones, Marvin has no other choice but to delve into the shadows. This is the story of a young ranger growing into the Ruler of the Night during the Chaos Era. _________________________ TL: After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and... Damn! He only had six months before the Great Calamity! As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world... Yeah, no. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods. Follow Marvin's journey through this new world.

  • Love at First Night

    Love at First Night



    Just when you think you loved the wrong person, you meet the right one who reminds you what love truly is. And just like that, the fairytale begins. ———————- Lily's life was apparently perfect, she had a good work that kept her occupied for the majority of her time and a husband she deeply and devotedly loved. The women in the city enviously hated her for having the perfect life they all dreamed about. Until the workaholic girl's perfect life image falls apart when her husband leaves her at the altar and confesses he cheated on her, in front of everyone. After that day, her life doesn't appear so perfect to the women in the city that now laughed behind her back. The poor Lily never felt more pathetic in her life and she wished the ground would swallow her down for the embarrassment she felt in the second he declared he had seconds thoughts. The same day, three hours and about four drinks later, Lily was enough dizzy to finally rebel against her (almost) husband's despicable gesture. She wanted to prove to all the people who called her perfect and who said she would never do something aberrant and crazy by having one night of passion with a mysterious man at the club. Little did she knew that the man was none other than the richest man in the city. Cover was commissioned! Do not use! Join the server for free coins -> Discord server:

  • Mister Night

    Mister Night



    [Warning Mature Content] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Atalia Carter a foreigner in the country of South Korea studying law at the University of Korea carries the burden of her family's hopes and dreams. For the past 4 years she has been indebted to her studies. Her best friend Harin a cute but sassy girl Korean girl always tries to get her to go out. Her attempts usually fail until one night Atalia said yes. Harin warned her about Shiwoo but her warning fell on deaf ears as Atalia laid eyes on him. She fell for him despite her efforts not to and she ending up sleeping with him after a drunk night out. To her disappointment Shiwoo was upset that he was her first and didn't want the responsibility for he had only set out with the intention just to play with her sweet chocolate body. Or so she thought....... She got pregnant with twins after that one night but never told him due to her petty ways and fair of being rejected. She graduated and lost contact with Harin for the relationship had become strain due to her history with the said play boy Shiwoo. 3 years later Atalia had found her self to be the CEO and self made millionaire of the infamoust Law firm that was popularly known for its ruthless lawyer. She had found herself with the biggest case of her life to represent the son of a billionaire CEOs son court but what she and the world doesn't know is that Kim's incorporated is just a show to distract the world as to what really happens behind the closed doors of the Kim house. Things are never as easy as they seem. The client turns out to be her Shiwoo of the past but also not her Shiwoo of the past. He was the same yet different. He was dangerous and deep in the Illegal trade, gun violence and the Mafia? Was Shiwoo's sudden appearance all a plan or was it just fate? Can they both handle things as adults without opening new wounds? Will she tell him of his kids and will old flames reignite? Will being together put not only Atalia's but her kids' lives in danger? Will all of this be too much for poor Atalia to handle? Will the kids accept their father with open arms and will Atalia finally get the happy ending which she had always dreamed of and deserves? ==================================== Find out in the chapters of Mister Night. The truth and mystery will be unraveled with every turn of the page *NB* Part 1- College senior Part 2- Single mother Part 3- All together All work of fiction. Any real life events and people resemblance are all of pure coincidence. Leave comments and give feedback if you like. You can also follow me on ig. Ig and discord are both on my profile. Thank you for giving my story a chance and happy reading.•||☆1st book of this series☆||•

  • Unforgettable Night.

    Unforgettable Night.



    In order to save her father company from bankruptcy, Ina decided to help her father. Ina is a cute and mischievous girl who can easily make any man fall for her. But her way of help is not an ordinary one. To spend a night with the most famous/bachelor, Womanizer in the whole country. Damien Rey! Will he be able to forget about this wiled kitten that has crossed his path? That is a question that can only be answered through time. . . . Join Discord.

  • Memories of the Night

    Memories of the Night



    COMPLETEDHis business rivals drugged a cold-hearted and handsome CEO, and the medicine intoxicated his whole body. The only way to cure him is through sexual contact. He went to the hospital to have his antidote, and a young nursing student who substituted someone to save this mysterious man fell into his trap. The ordeal lasted for three nights in a row. The man disappeared like he never existed before. After how many years, while she gradually discovers the mystery of her father's death, they meet again. For four years, he barely slept through full nights, and he developed severe insomnia caused by the drug.Accidentally, he accused her of being a thief. He captured and imprisoned her; however, vague memories of the scent and woman's body that served him during his struggling moment keeps haunting him. The smell of her body is like magic, gradually calming his restless nerve and making him sleep. He possessed her immediately and promised not to let her go the time he laid his eyes on her. He discovered she is the same woman who had become his antidote that night, yet he concealed the truth because she strives to flee away from him. No wonder he got a sense of déjà vu when he first saw her and smelled her fragrance. No wonder he was so enamored by her and her body. It turns out that she's the woman he often dreams about, the first significant woman in his life. The woman he is longing for and his beautiful nightmare.He fell in love with her and does all means to make her his wife. She wanted her freedom, and she refused him several times. The painful memory of the past keeps haunting her, and she promised to take revenge on a man who assaulted her four years ago. Would she fall in love with the man who takes advantage of her that night? Does the mysterious man, love at first sight, will change their fate? How long could he stand against her hatred to win her trust and love?Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.

  • Under the Veil of Night

    Under the Veil of Night



    In the City of Crime, one law stands above them all: Only the strongest can live.Fighting is normal, extortion is common, and death is inevitable.Born into a wealthy family yet forced to live in poverty, Kanae Nali vowed to become strong enough to take back what rightfully belonged to her—even if it meant that she had to face the consequences and brave the dangers lurking in every corner.Yet on the outside, just like her mysterious peers, she was no different from the other high school students living their lives to the fullest.“Under the ray of light, my ability will only make me die faster. Under the veil of night, my ability allows me to survive longer.”____Story set in fictional city. Any similarities with real world's event is purely coincidence. Special thanks for Coraphyll, Jiyen, Aistich, Cailin, Lyna, and Chip for their help in making the synopsisWord count: 1000-1500 words/chapterLink to Discord: novels:-Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Villain Lady [complete]- Science and Fantasy [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going]- The Quiet Empress [on going]...If you wish to support me (^-^):Paypal: me on IG: @sora100518

  • One Night Accident

    One Night Accident

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY


    Satu malam mengubah segalanya. Ratih Ayu Brawijaya. Menikah merupakan hal yang sudah di atur oleh keluarganya. Namun, apa jadinya jika dia malah hamil saat melakukan kencan semalam? Daniel Cohza Cavendish. Manikah? tidak ada dalam kamus hidupnya. Bahkan dia lebih memilih berpura-pura menjadi seorang Gay dari pada harus menikah. Sayang, Semua harus dia pikirkan ulang ketika terlanjur menghamili seorang wanita.

  • Night Shifters

    Night Shifters



    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "And if I seem dangerous, my love, would you be scared?" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° In the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Lucas Harrison, the werewolf Alpha, finds himself in a dire situation. His people are dying. To add, the vampire clan has been attacking them with false accusations of selling vampires to humans. Imani Tallerico is the brightest scientist among her colleagues. She has a loving brother, a balanced life and a rising career. Everything was going well until a series of events occurred which led to her and her brother's life being in danger. By fate, Lucas and Imani's worlds collide. Knowing that Imani is capable of finding the cure to the virus that was killing his people, Lucas is willing to do anything to get Imani's help. But that's not the only thing the Alpha wants from her. He also wants her heart. DISCLAIMER: The picture in the book cover does not belong to me.

  • Night Wolves

    Night Wolves

    When veterinarian Kalyssa meets Elias and Xavier, she has no idea that her world is about to change; the two men ignite her passion…and the inner wolf she never knew she had. Being the chosen mate of two Alphas has its difficulties, including the deadly organization stalking Kalyssa that is intent on destroying all paranormal creatures. Will Kalyssa be able to protect her new pack and a love greater than life…or will dark forces destroy it all? Elias smiled, looking into my eyes. “We’d like to make you our woman... if you are willing.” I shrugged. “Well, I want to tell you now. I don’t share. Not to sound selfish, but if we’re going to do this, then I will want you both and no one else. And I will expect the same of you both.” Xander shrugged, biting off a piece of his biscuit, chewed, and swallowed. “I like the sound of selfish.” Elias smirked as he looked into my eyes. “So do I.” I scoffed, unable to believe the direction this conversation had taken. “Neither of you will want to take

  • Allure Of The Night

    Allure Of The Night



    [Mature Content] The body of a mermaid is a vault of treasures. Their tears formed the most splendid of pearls, their exquisite blood a euphoric drug for vampires, their luscious hair woven into the finest of silk, and their tender meat sought after by werewolves more than Heaven’s ambrosia. The creatures of night mingled within human society, fleeced in the wool of aristocracy, veiled in their portrayed innocence and nobility, their savagery continued to predate on the weak and powerless. Genevieve Barlow, Eve for short, was an exceptionally strange young lady. She had an alluring and beguiling nature, where for her twenty-four year old self had barely changed in appearance since her eighteenth birthday. She had fooled the administration and had gotten a degree so that she could have a better life. Most odd of all was that Eve had a secret she shared with no one. She enters the house of Moriarty, not just to earn but also to find answers on what happened to her mother nearly two decades ago. Unfortunately, things do not always proceed as one planned. Despite her cautious nature and desire to stay out of sight, a cold pair of eyes falls on her, that soon refuses to leave her out of sight.

  • 'Night Night'

    'Night Night'

  • One Night Surprise

    One Night Surprise



    ^Warning!^ Terdapat adegan 21++Bijak dalam memilih dan membaca ya, teman-teman.***"Saya akan tanggung jawab semuanya, Reva.""Saya tidak butuh pertanggung jawaban Bapak, karna ini bukan sebuah kesalahan."Terjebak keadaan mendesak, lalu kembali terjebak hati dengan seorang pria bernama Sean membuat Reva berada di ujung masalah besar. Satu malam yang mereka habiskan ternyata terus berlanjut.Awalnya semua berjalan mulus, sampai pada akhirnya rahasia yang selama ini Reva tutupi mencuat ke luar sampai ke telinga Jihan, istri dari Sean. Ketidak terimaan Jihan membuat wanita itu berubah drastis kepada Reva, termasuk menyuruhnya untuk menghilang dari kehidupan Sean.Pilihan Reva hanya satu, diam di tempat akan menderita, atau pergi sejauh-jauhnya dari Sean.More info follow : @MyStory_BySuciudri18Foto cover by : Kak Milen Novitasari.

  • Night Blessed

    Night Blessed

    Half-vampire agent Emily Johnson, is working for the government, trying to rid the world of all the dangerous vampires that hunt humans at night. After nearly a decade of hunting down the evil bloodsuckers, she finally lands a case that she can't seem to solve. Then a mysterious vampire enters her life, throwing everything into chaos. Everything she thought she knew about vampires is questioned as she fights her feelings for him. When attempts on her life throw her into a bizarre partnership with the vampire, Emily must decide: does she fight the feelings and try to go back to life the way it was? Or does she give in and risk not only her life but the world as she knows it? *** I froze again, my gaze on the glass door leading out to the balcony. It was like deja-vu all over again. A tingle went down my back at the sight of bright blue eyes staring back at me. Night Blessed is created by J.L. Archeron, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • One Night Stand

    One Night Stand

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas which would be great, if I wasn't carrying the one-night stand's baby! I thought that I was dying and decided to lose my virginity to a stranger. One that didn't know my name. One that wouldn't ask any questions. And I found him, and we spent one hot night in Vegas. I go home and find out that it was all a mistake. I'm going to live and can get on with my life. There's just one problem. I'm pregnant, and the only thing I know about my one-night stand is how he feels smells and tastes. I don't even know his first name. Help! One Night Stand is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • After an Unexpected Night

    After an Unexpected Night


    Warning 21+ (Mohon bijak memilih bacaan. Terima kasih)Natasha ikut tinggal dan bekerja sebagai pengasuh anak di rumah mewah sahabat orangtuanya, sejak hidupnya menjadi sebatang kara. Ia lantas dipertemukan dengan Diego yang merupakan seorang pengusaha, tak lain adalah majikannya yang telah beristri.Hari-hari Natasha dan Diego diliputi kecemasan, karena diam-diam ibu dari Diego menginginkan keduanya bersatu. Namun masalahnya, Natasha tidak ingin menjadi seorang pelakor, sedangkan Diego bingung dengan keputusan ibunya, padahal dia telah beristri.Malam tak terduga terjadi, membuat Natasha terenggut kesuciannya. Namun, istri dari Diego mengusir Natasha. Seiring waktu, Diego mencari keberadaan Natasha. Begitu bertemu kesalahpahaman justru terjadi antara keduanya. Bagaimana kisahnya? Ikuti cerita ini, ya!

  • Naming Technique of the Night

    Naming Technique of the Night

    Magical Realism SUPERPOWERS


    Under the blue and purple sunset on the thick steely sky, at the forefront of the data stream, is the world after a technological revolution. It is also the divide between reality and fantasy. Metal and body, past and present. Here, the Surface World and the Otherworld coexisted. Everything ahead looks like a wall of time before one's eyes. Darkness gradually envelops everything. But you have to understand, my friend, that we cannot deal with darkness using kindness. We have to use fire.

  • Heir Of The Night

    Heir Of The Night


    Rio grew up like a teenager his age. However, behind it all there is a big secret, about Rio's true identity. The vampire nation continues to hunt Rio, because in his body is the Ruby of Eternity, has the greatest power that is only born once a thousand years. Because of that, several of the Wolf nation's protectors kept trying to protect Rio, until he was old enough to receive the Ruby of Eternity's power. However, no matter how well one hid a secret, it would still be revealed. His friendship with Raeni, grows the seeds of love between the two. Until in the end, Raeni was kidnapped. However, it was all meant to trap Rio. Until the moment Rio saved Raeni, that's when her identity was revealed. Rio turned into a werewolf when he saw Raeni injured. Ludra used this to attack Rio and snatch the Ruby of immortality, which was embedded in Rio's body.

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