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  • David stiven garcia gonzalez

    David stiven garcia gonzalez

    this is a atory of some fanatic of pokemon reincanante in gary witch 4 wish ...........this is my firts fan fic and i am learning inglish so thi is for practice and learning so there will be alot of errors so have patience witch me

  • The world might end in someway

    The world might end in someway

    In a world of genetic mutations, highschool, and fantasy festivals, will Marie be able to make herself known? Can Cooper keep his reputation? Would Alisha ever learn?

  • This is how we dance

    This is how we dance

  • Rue's Not-So-Villainic Misadventures

    Rue's Not-So-Villainic Misadventures

  • Before the Night

    Before the Night

    A prequel to Nightwing, Delving into the creation of the creatures and the woman who would be their mother and damnation.

  • Dagger Queen

    Dagger Queen


    Are main character Luna Nightwing is going to adventure in the multiverse of anime. During her life she thought the world was boring and wanted to have fun in the world of anime. Sometimes the real world can be boring, so she wanted to be in an anime world. With her supreme skill called Queen of Daggers she will visit worlds in anime and see enjoyment in life. Instead of a boring life which is the real world. A goddess wanted to give her a chance to visit anime worlds due to her seeing that earth isn't special. That goddess was Gaia the goddess of earth who loves all beings in earth. For the record I am very bad at English. So don't mind grammar.

  • Riptide


    Persephone Jackson stood on the battlefield of the second Giant War. So much blood... So much lost... Even her mortal family did not survive... She wanted to run away and forget all of it, her father offered her a place in his domain and she took it. But Fate is destined to let the young heroine returned to the surface world. The Team is on a mission to capture this mysterious girl who had been running around all over New York killing innocent animals and...cheerleaders? But after finding her something went wrong...and she escaped... Wonder Woman and Aquaman refused to let them continued the search... Kaldur seems to know who is she but refused to tell... And Dick is more and more attracted to this mysterious girl... This is a fem Percy Jackson/Young Justice crossover story and in this story, where we shipped fem Percy and Nightwing. *I do not own the characters, they belong to DC and Rick Riordan, I only own the plot*

  • Dominant: Sorrow

    Dominant: Sorrow

    War&Military ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    The world has changed, and not for the better. Lycans roam the earth in maddened droves, culling humans like sheep. Vampires, or "Nightwings" as they're called, herd them like cattle. Both races war with each other, and Earth has been decimated. After nearly dying in one such culling, but instead being turned into one of the shifting wolf-beasts Dominic Soren plans to turn the tide if he has to fight every single creature in the world to do it. Can he changed the course of his apocalypse before madness takes him? Or will he succumb to the ravenous lust for bloodshed that afflicts all Lycan-kind?

  • In the birds mind

    In the birds mind

    "Yo siempre quise, esperé, crecer y convertirme en él. ¿Y la parte de héroe? Aún estoy comprometido. ¿Pero esa cosa dentro de él? ¿La cosa que lo impulsa a sacrificar todo por el bien de la misión? Yo no soy así. Yo ya no quiero ser como BATMAN"-Robin/Dick Grayson......................................................................La vida de Dick Grayson nunca ha sido sencilla. Primero en el circo, la muerte de sus padres, ser robin, Young Justice, dejar a Batman, Teen Titans, etc. Todos creían que su vida era perfecta, cuando no lo era. Pero todo cambia cuando nustro héroe, Nightwing, envió una señal de auxilio a Batman. Batman, al llegar, se queda con los ojos abiertos con el estado de Dick: agonizando. Batman tendrá que regresar a la Atalaya por ayuda. Dick queda en un coma y no se sabe cuando despertará, o si lo hará. Mis. Martian tiene una solución para sacarlo de su coma: entrar a su mente, viajar entre sus recuerdos.¿Podrán sacar a Dick de su coma? ¿qué es lo que verán en sus recuerdos? ¿lograran entender por que hizo algunas cosas?Lean para descubrirloAdvertencia: Contiene descripciones de violencia

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