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  • The Good Teacher

    The Good Teacher



    Guy Larks was famous in his original world for his widespread charity work in poverty-stricken and war-torn nations.He was especially known for his efforts in developing schools and educational facilities for children, as well as teaching and nurturing many students.So it was devastating news to learn that he wouldn't live past his 30th year.But he was given a second chance! A new life in another world, as a down-by-the-dumps teaching apprentice in a world of magic and wonder. He was given no cheat, just a Repository of Knowledge holding all the information he could bring with him from his previous life.In this new world, Guy rediscovered his life's true calling! Ride along on Guy's journey as he changes the world one budding mind at a time, as the greatest teacher this world has ever seen!State of Story: - Volume 1 - A Whole New World [COMPLETED][FREE] - Volume 2 - Starting Anew [COMPLETED][LOCKED] - Volume 3 - The Grand Experiment [ONGOING][LOCKED]Discord: Upload Freq.: 3 Chapters per Week w/ min. 1500 Words per Chapter_______AUTHOR'S NOTE:This is a slice-of-life-ish story at its core. This is NOT a hot-blooded, high-octane novel filled with conflicts and fights around every corner. If that is the kind of story you are looking for, unfortunately, you will not find it here (at least not in the early chapters).The MC is a modern man, with modern sensibilities. Conflicts are handled civilly, or avoided altogether. There will be fights, but the story does not revolve around it. The MC is mature, and handles relationships tactfully. There will be a slow-burn romance in this story, and ABSOLUTELY NO HAREM. I despise that genre from the bottom of my heart!I also have some LGBTQ+ elements planned for the future (with side characters).English not first language. Writing mistake? Please forgive. Proofread many times before upload, problems not much. If issue, then point out mistake, I correct immediate. I am thank you for you're understanding :)ALSO: I started writing this story with one intention in mind, and that was to act as a parody of existing novels with similar themes. However around CH25, I realised that my work was becoming too derivative and boring. So I pivoted and decided to make my novel its own thing. I believe that my work has become better because of it.Additional Tags:#NoHarem #LGBTQ+

  • Supreme Demon God

    Supreme Demon God



    The strongest demon king in the Realm of Heaven suffered betrayal in the War of Origin, and died after the battle with 100,000 immortals and demons, leaving only a strand of his soul to travel through the Profound Sky Continent, and reincarnated there. 18 years later, this demon king awakened, and the world was shaking.He would dominate the nine heavens and ten earths, horizontally across the heavens and ten thousand realms. The gods and demons were panicked and backed away, and all the tribes surrendered...“I am the Supreme Demon God...”-----------Special Tag: #NoHaremCome on, don’t forget to leave a review and constructive criticism after you read a decent amount of chapters. Thank you!#WPC 148Come on my dear book-friends, throw me your power stones with all your might...My other work: 90,000 Years of Longevity

  • Journey of the First Being

    Journey of the First Being


    Novel with a cold mc with overpowered powers from the start #noharem

  • No harem Sect reborn

    No harem Sect reborn

    no harem Sect returns.

  • lord of fire and lightning( droped)

    lord of fire and lightning( droped)


    its a story about a teenager transmigrated in the world of magic with a mysterious power which is destruction itself. It's a story of survival of teenager in cruel world of magic. .....The story is slow and you will see charactor devolopmentand and it's my first novel and my first language is not English so there may be Grammer mistakes special tag #noharem Their will be no harem and Mc doesn't chase women like Pokémon and difinitely not a Mc who think with dickTheir will be romance after some time 3chap/week

  • The Next Rune God

    The Next Rune God


    humanity has been brought to the bottom of the food chain in a instant Vampires werewolves Demons mutated monsters and the worst angels humanity wasn't ready they were already having a nuclear war and many new diseases god has seemed to abandoned the world but he left one chance to fix the world but can it be fixedthis is my first original novel I am currently working on a rune system for the novel tags I couldnt put in for some reason: #Noharem, #Rune systemany more I should out in just comment I am not a writer or I would post more chapters english is my worst subject but I thought this would be fun cover is not mine if you want to taken down comment and if I see it I'll take it downthis novel is for me to enjoy writing it will probably be slow

  • Solo Benefits

    Solo Benefits


    Uri Black witnessed his parents get murdered at the age of six and saw the face of the murderer. When he turned 13 is when he started his journey for vengeance looking for clues online and asking online users for information, but he quickly realized that the people wanted some type of compensation for the information they gave.At the age of 17 he started accepting 'favors' for people online…it was more like bounty jobs, but it was his way of making money and also stopping criminals and sometimes just beating up people that the customers asked them to beat. People started acknowledging him as the city's guardian and menace, considering some of the people he killed were civilians. Of course after all the recognition he got the named him 'Ghost' because nobody has ever seen him and there was no video of him but since criminals were disappearing, they were aware of him/her. Some claimed to be Ghost would immediately be called out online by hackers.But even as Uri helped out saved people and killed people, he wasn't getting any closer to his parent's murderer and was starting to lose hope and assumed the murderer died of an accident or old age.When Uri turned 18 he retired his position of 'Ghost' and posted a video online saying he would retire. He had a black mask that covered his entire face, even his eyes, and a black turtle-neck with black gloves. The only part of his body that was shown was his curly hair, they couldn't even see his skin color. Everyone thought the video was an impersonator, but after a month they realized it was real.But Uri's life changed when he came across a man inside a bar.Tags- SelfishMc, Stoic, StrongMc, NoHarem, Ruthless

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