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  • Ocean Master

    Ocean Master



    [Hello, Sebastian!] [You are dead!] "..." [Welcome to Oceania!] [You will be reanimated in 20 seconds.] [Your rebirth has given you the following starting point status:] “Holy Moly! Where the f*ck am I?” … Sebastian, an anatomist in his previous life has been reborn in the magical world of Oceania due to his crazy tendencies developed from his line of work as a dissector of sea creatures. Known as the crazy dissector by his colleagues back on earth, instead of feeling despair and the longing for home like other protagonists, Sebastian welcomes his new circumstances with open hands after understanding the world. “In a world where no one frown upon my tendencies, where I can dissect all the sea creatures that I want, where I’m even revered for how proficient I am at dissecting”. “Man, this is heaven!” ***** Check out my new book: Vampire System- The Last Mystic Swordsman

  • The Ocean Beneath Her Feet

    The Ocean Beneath Her Feet

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE


    [COMPLETED]Her:Throughout her life, she always felt like she was standing above the ocean. While nervously waiting for the ocean to swallow her whole, she still pushed herself to bravely dancing over the surface, enjoying her life.It was not until one day when she woke up, she realized she had lost a portion of her life.And then there was him. The one man who was patiently guiding her back to the shore even at the risk of drowning himself."You know, I am jealous of my past self because she experienced the love you gave her. I want to remember my feelings but... it's only void in my mind. What should I do?"Him:He has closed off his heart since he knew even his closest person could throw him away. He thought her appearance was just a trivial addition in his life. Little did he expect she could crack open the hard shell covering his heart.For the first time, he chose to allow himself another chance to love and be loved by someone. But, he never thought to have his hope shattered once his existence was erased from her mind. Facing the new beginning, he vowed to make her be happier and loved. "No matter who you are, the past you or the one with me right now, I love every part of you. So, don't be afraid. I won't ever make you question your trust in me."-------------------------------------------------My other books:As Wind Blows Your Scent to Me [Ongoing]Spring Blooms When I'm with You [Completed]One chapter a day, estimated to be uploaded at 19:00 GM+8.

  • The ocean ocean blood orra

    The ocean ocean blood orra

  • The Ocean

    The Ocean


    A man trying to survive in the mutated body of a crab.

  • Heart of the Ocean

    Heart of the Ocean

    Fabian is a young omega wanting nothing more than to go out with his grandfather and bring home the legendary Heart of the Ocean. A gem that’s said to give the user control of the tides. Many believe it doesn’t exist, and just as many hate the legend. For the legend is why a prince many years ago gave up his throne to search for. The prince and his crew were never seen again. Fabian and his grandfather believe it exists, and Fabian, along with the help of Clarence and his crew, will be the first omega to travel the seas and bring the legendary gem back to his kingdom of Seton. There’s just one problem with his plan. The three trials one must be completed to reach the gem. Heart of the Ocean is created by Amber Williams, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.



    Realitas Magis ROMANCE BL

    Ocean Cakrawala selalu merasa ada yang salah dengan dirinya, selalu merasa ada yang kurang dalam hidupnya. Padahal dalam hidup, Ocean tidak pernah kurang apapun. Hidup serba berkecukupan, karir yang cemerlang, anak tunggal dari orang tua yang memiliki usaha batu bara dan lagi ia memiliki kekasih teramat cantik yang bernama Qanshana Maheswari. Lantas apa yang kurang? Apalagi yang ia cari untuk melengkapi kegundahan hatinya? Sampai suatu saat ia bertemu dengan seorang pemahat kayu bernama Javas Deniswara. Pria bermata biru menyenangkan nan seksi itu mampu membuat apa yang dicarinya selama ini akan segera terwujud. "Surai indah yang selalu menutupi dahi mu membuatku gemas. Ingin sekali aku menyisirinya setiap hari. Tapi, kau selalu tampan jika seperti itu, Vas." _Ocean_ ... Kita bisa saling sapa lewat _ IG : busa_lin :) *** Salam Busa Lin

  • By The Ocean

    By The Ocean

    Jackson Schmidt is a young software developer who is struggling with the loss of his late wife. As he tries to move forward with his life and to come to terms with his loss; he faces new trials, new relationships, and new hobbies in the life of a farmer.

  • Emerald Ocean

    Emerald Ocean


    {Announcement} Yo. Gonna be updating again on may 13th. My birthday... Here's a new synopsis.--- Inside a garden full of towering trees untold years old that sadly have inferiority complexes caused by the never ending giant tower that supports the sky that the garden sits in front. Upon the branch of one of the smallest trees in the garden, the last of it's kind of the tallest it's breed of tree was ever been able to grow as well as the oldest, sits a beautiful fairy who seems but the size of a squirrel emotionless sipping tea watching the leaves fall off the leaves of the tree as if having already given up on life when suddenly a wind passes by the eternally still garden and everything gently quakes as the infinite number of lines along the towers base lights up gently with a blazing emerald flame that is bordering on black. As if struck by a earth quake the woman falls out of her chair unbearably shaking as her eyes lock upon a thing far away in the infinitely large garden not a plant, not a tree, but the ground itself. A crazy and hopeful fire begins to burn deep within the beautiful fairies eyes as reaches out her hand and with a determined look shatters the very core of her soul sending a piece of herself out into the earth and herself tumbling listlessly into a deep sleep alone on the branch. Hope still burning in her eyes even as they slowly close and a twisted smile upon her lips. Like a bolt of lightning the core of her soul that was a part of her soul but not at the same time takes flight towards the sky circling around the crown of the small tree twice before gently bumping into the already sleeping woman as if in sorrow before flashing away faster then the eye could see reaching a distance so far you wouldn't be able to walk it in a million years even if you could travel at the speed of light and diving into the soil of a solitary mound of dirty diving deeper and deeper it eventually stops and flashes so bright it can even be suttly seen from the garden above as the deep blue light like the ocean fuses into the very core of an single solitary atom inside the soil as if slipping through a crack. Across a vast and unending expanse of sky a brilliant flash of blue light up the very core of a universe before zooming away in the exact instant it appeared as if nothing their ever mattered not the massive throne, the unending number of people fighting for it, nor the ghastly little hut that's door has never opened in all of its existence and that space has warped the top of that no eyes made of flesh has ever seen and no man has ever hoped to enter. One, Ten, A Hundred, A thousand, A Million, A Billion, an untold number more stars pass by as they begin to trail together before the light finally find a crack. Not in space, not in time, not in anything but itself simply existing like it's always existed. The space between filled with nothing. Diving into the crack without even slowly down the blue light seems to fade from existence as if it was never there. Slowly but surely as the blue light fades so does the crack before with it's last peek a suttle flash of Emerald escapes being vanishing from sight. The gentle beam of light flew out never stopping till it struck a nearby planet. As the light was absorbed by that planets inhabitants something... Awoke.

  • Whispering Ocean

    Whispering Ocean


    Zaul went back to Geondore land. Chanel is waiting for him to come back, but there are some mysterious things that happened to Zaul in his land. On the other hand, Dimitri was on Chanel's side, but he was gone in the maze.

  • Ocean Quinn

    Ocean Quinn

  • Pacific Ocean

    Pacific Ocean

    "Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what you've had." She sighed and looked at him. "I'm tired from all the drama. Tired from running away. Tired of this messed up world. I don't even understand why I'm alive. I.....I wish I could share my burden with......You...." She looked at him with eyes full of tears. "I'm sorry Louis. I LOVE YOU.""Why....Why you think that I can't carry your burden. Why don't you trust the thing I promised you. You think I will stay with you in your happy time and leave you in your hardest time. You don't know how much I love you....How much I care for you. My love for you is as deep as the pacific ocean. So please trust me, trust my love for you." He screamed at the top of his lung with tear in his eyes........................................................................................................................Rosalie Carlton heiress of the biggest corporation in the country. She has what others could only dream of. Only she knows what she has experienced in her past life. How much she is struggling to move on from her past. Things started to change when she got so much love from her family and friends. She experienced her first love. Everything was like a fairytale. When she thought finally she had a happily ever after. Things which haunted her past life appeared in her life again. Will she move on from her past life?*The cover pic is not my mine*

  • Ocean Kelpie

    Ocean Kelpie

    I've always told my village I wanted to be a Hunter. What I didn't tell them? I don't think The Herd is as dangerous as everyone says. What I didn't know? Someone's been waiting for me to save them. They've been calling out for me and I only answered the call by tragic accident. A world, a Kelpie, or me; who could I really save?

  • Her Ocean

    Her Ocean

  • Ocean Tales

    Ocean Tales

    Sofia use her strategies to defend both Antrixia and Gardieo from shadows. on the other hand prince Nicole interns to win Sofia in both strategies, love and fame. it's basically series of adventure,fun and maybe quite mystery.

  • Ocean Fate

    Ocean Fate

  • Ocean Lights

    Ocean Lights

  • Dream Ocean

    Dream Ocean


    Life depends on what your situation at. Like me right now, kinda happy and panicking because I'm in the ocean, floating with a small backpacks.But... What am I doing in the middle of the ocean?Of course, watching some warships, in another universe.

  • Deep Ocean

    Deep Ocean


    All high school sophomore Peter Johnson wanted in life was to get out of the boring small town of Seaside, Washington. Alas, fate is something to be trifled with. Now, he's stuck in the middle of nowhere with his crush. Great. Did he mention the giant crabs? There were giant crabs.

  • }Ocean Eyes{

    }Ocean Eyes{

    I focused on his eyes. How bad it is to not be able to look again. I will never forget, my dear, that you presented me with an ocean of sky with your eyes. Care yourself! And LOVE yourself!