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  • How-not to be an Olympian God!

    How-not to be an Olympian God!



    ------------Check out my new LitRPG, VR novel, Paragon Online!------------Athena, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hermes...These were all figures Alex only ever saw in books and status, so HOW are they now his neighbors?!Alex was a very ordinary young adult, stressing out about his financial situation and desperately trying to make ends meet.While awaiting his gig money deposit, he stumbled upon an email about a certain 'God Recruitment for the Pantheon!!'.He responded to the email to kill off his boredom and satisfy his inner otaku!"We're going to the Underworld?!"Chosen by Hermes to become a god himself, Alex has to navigate his new immortal self and find his place in the pantheon!This is an alternate Olympus, and the plot sometimes takes precedence over sticking completely to original myths.This book is an adaptation of Greek mythology, and for those who don't know much about it, don't worry, everything is explained as the plot progresses!

  • The Son of Time and the Olympians

    The Son of Time and the Olympians



    Cronus, the Ruler of the Titans and the God of Time, had a vision of how he will come to an end - his own children will go up in arms against him and dethrone him from his seat as the Supreme Being of the Universe. Learning his destiny, he tried to avoid this fate by swallowing his children as soon as they were born. But his 6th child, Zeus, was taken by his wife, Rhea to the island of Crete without him knowing. During the time that Zeus was in hiding, Cronus used Time to his advantage, and caught glimpses of the far, far future – even beyond the Time he will cease to exist. He gained the Ultimate Knowledge of his Rebirth in the Modern Era, and the only one who can help him make it possible is the child of his reincarnated form – The Son of Time. He sent his thoughts to that far, far future, both from the fear that he cannot avoid the destiny he saw, and also in preparation in the unfortunate event that it will actually happen. * The day after his father was buried, Kairo Julius Andreas woke up in a strange place, with strange people, and a totally strange culture. Everywhere he looked, nothing seems familiar to him. He seemed like the only normal person around. Everyone was dressed differently, and there was nothing - nothing at all, that has the slightest bit of modernization in this bizarre place. “Where the hell am I?!” Little did he know, he's in Ancient Greece, and he’s about to change the myths as we know it. * The cover is from Pinterest. If you are the artist and you want me to take it down, I will do so upon notice. I do not claim ownership over the art and it is used in this platform for cover purposes only, in accordance with fair use legal policy. Read auxiliary chapter. Discord: mssuigeneris#6331

  • The twelve Olympians

    The twelve Olympians

  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians

    Percy Jackson and The Olympians


    Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of his life. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’ master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological enemies determined to stop him. Most of all, he must come to terms with a father he has never known, and an Oracle that has warned him of betrayal by a friend.

  • Olympians: The Hidden rule

    Olympians: The Hidden rule

  • Eidolon - The End of the Olympians

    Eidolon - The End of the Olympians

    "I have had many visions, but none frighten me quite as much as this one. To see us gods divided, to see these lines crossed that should never be so. All may be lost in the brink of war. " Hesiod spoke of six ages of mankind, but what happens at the end of the last? After being poisoned, Zeus has awakened from a thousand-year slumber with a mindset on vengeance and retribution. A house is divided and a war is coming that all will bear the weight of.

  • Twelve Olympians High:The Book Of Hades

    Twelve Olympians High:The Book Of Hades

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC BL NONHUMAN TEEN

    Mary is an ordinary kid to some, but crazy to others. I mean it’s not everyday someone says their dad and stepmother are gods. That’s exactly the case for Mary, and her twin brother Seth. The perfect school was made for her, and kids like her. Twelve Olympian High. Giver of quests and prophecies, and new training camp of heroes. Following the unfortunate accident of showing her powers to early, Mary was forced to go to the school She lives in Elysium with her stepmother Persephone and the heroes of legends shortly following the death of her mother. While Seth lived with Hades in main section of the Underworld. Not all demigods lived with their godly parents. It was uncommon, but not unheard of. Unknown to her that she has a special gift, and lives secluded in Elysium for her own protection. Now what will happen when the gods wage war against each other, and she’s caught in the middle? Part of the Twelve Olympians High series.

  • Percy jackson & The Olympians

" The Lightning Thief "

    Percy jackson & The Olympians " The Lightning Thief "


  • Olympian


    Martial Arts

  • percy Jackson and the Olympians
The lightning thief

    percy Jackson and the Olympians The lightning thief

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE


  • Eros: The Olympian God

    Eros: The Olympian God



    Eros the primordial entity of love. In Greek mythology, Eros was the most beautiful male God of Olympus, he was the God of sex and love, all the Goddesses loved him and all the Gods hated him, Eros was a playful God who didn't care much about Olympus, but what if this Eros was different from mythology? What if this Eros was a person who reincarnated as the God Eros? Follow Eros in his journey through all mythologies.

  • The Lewd Olympian

    The Lewd Olympian


    Higher Deities are the very embodiment of sins. They only feed their desires without sparing any notice to the feverish worshippers that they have in the lesser worlds. Amidst this sea of sh*tty deities there was one god who wanted to work for the believers in the lower plane!... By cucking the gods. By cucking all the gods and hooking all the goddess' on his man meat; he wreaked havoc in the heavens. Eventually getting caught and tortured by the fuming gods that got NTRed by this devilishly handsome twat; He died. Well, he died and got sent to some backwater ass world that isn't even remotely similar to any of the lower planes he remembers. Like, what the absolute fuck is going on?! What is this defective energy they call 'Qi'?!...What did you say? You can split mountains when you're a cultivator? That's bullshit! I could do that when I was 5 years old and I was just a talented gigolo! Ah, fuck. ***** [I'll be mixing some mythologies in here now and then so just keep that in mind] [There are lots of fetishes in here, but there is no netorare but there is netori]

  • The Jackson Twins & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief

    The Jackson Twins & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief


    Percy and Aqua, thought they were normal kids. Except, with extremely bad ADHD, dyslexia and weird comments with marine animals, how are they normal? Together, they discover that they are in fact Demigods and their father is a God. And being accused of stealing a certain stupid God's lightning bolt, while they never met or seen said God? Definitely not normal...

  • the Olympian gamer

    the Olympian gamer

  • Fatherless Olympian

    Fatherless Olympian


  • Olympian cultivator

    Olympian cultivator

    in the land where the soul spirit and elemental qi is the most important thing, a young boy with a trash spirit struggle to survive in this cruel world. he was the young master of Lighting Dragon clan, he was a genius in field martial arts, he has hight comprehension, but unfortunately, he got banished from the clan because when the awakening ceremony he awakens a trash spirit, a first-rank black metal ball with no elements. what will happen to him? will survive this world and get revenge for his banishment? will he rise go against his fate?

  • Olympian Protegenoi

    Olympian Protegenoi

  • The Olympian System

    The Olympian System


    Finn Reid is a young student at the age of 17, he is also the son of a noble with a low reputation. In Horizon Magus Academy he is also known as the weakest but canny magus at a young age. He had a knack for analyzing and making accurate strategies but his body was weaker from that of a average magus.But during the day of the entrance ceremony of the academy. He was at the brink of death after saving two girls from being defiled. But then he was revived by some unknown light. He suddenly received a strange power by this beings, then a floating window appeared that only he could see, with a message that says "Welcome to the Olympian System. You are now qualified to undergo, The Trials of The Olympian Gods".Follow Finn in his journey into becoming the powerful and canny magus.

  • Olympian Witches

    Olympian Witches

  • Olympian's Champions

    Olympian's Champions

    A class of high school students founds themselves in another world, But before that let me tell you about "God" whom they met just before the accident. A middle-aged man who introduced himself as "God" and the one and only "Zeus" expecting a warm welcome Zeus didn't expect the boys would actually laugh at him. Being treated as a joke, Zeus didn't make a big out of it just disabling their 5 senses(temporarily) at the snap of a finger. While the girls were okay and fine, Zeus has begun explaining the reason "why" were they here in the first place. ... There's a another copy of this at Wattpad......just with a diff. acc.