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  • Rebirth: Once Again With You

    Rebirth: Once Again With You



    There are times when you’ll still never be good enough no matter how hard you try. Born with a frail twin sister, Li Caiyi gives most of her time to take care of Li Chunhua. Her parents and older brother trust her to take care of her sister, yet Li Caiyi can’t help but feel the disparity in treatment and affection given to both of them. In her whole life, she has never become anyone’s first priority. Not in the heart of her family, and especially not in the heart of her childhood friend, the Young Master of Meng family, Meng Renshu. When Li Caiyi became Meng Renshu’s wife, Li Caiyi thought she could finally become someone’s first priority, but everything fell apart in just three years. She decides to let everything go. Then she meets Shen Qiang in the most unexpected place. No one wants to accompany her in her life, yet this stranger offers to accompany her in death. “Do you want to jump together?” When she opened her eyes, Li Caiyi had gone back to her high school times. This time, she won’t make the wrong choice again. But where can she find Shen Qiang?! ===================== WARNING! This novel is a slow-burn one, and more like a healing story than revenge. So if you are expecting badass FL or a lot of face-slapping moments, then this novel isn't for you. - Each chapter has 1000 - 1500 words and will be updated daily with 2 chapters a day - If you have time, please check out my other work, 'Until Fate Break Us Apart' as well. - Don't forget to give a rating and review! Please give this book a lot of support. Thank you and happy reading!

  • The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

    The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More



    Mo Zhu's mother remarried after her father went missing, and she had lived in the countryside with her elderly grandmother ever since. The girl who had no parents wanted to protect herself. Therefore, to avoid getting bullied, she had turned wild since she was a child—she played truant, fought, and drank. There was nothing she did not know how to do. She was a problematic student in the eyes of her teachers, a big sister in the eyes of her classmates, and a hooligan in the eyes of her acquaintances. When she was eighteen, her birth mother retrieved her to live at her stepfather's house. Everyone in the village claimed that she was going to live a happy life in the city, that her mother had not forgotten that she had a daughter here. "Mo Zhu, the Huo family is one of the most powerful families in the country. It's your good fortune to replace your younger sister in marrying into the Huo family. You have to cherish this opportunity," explained her mother patiently as she held Mo Zhu's hand. Mo Zhu's eyes were filled with sorrow. At that instant, she knew why her mother thought of her. Inviting her over to the city to enjoy life was simply a figment of her imagination—she was simply an exploitable piece of trash that her mother could sacrifice. The Eldest Young Master of the Huo family fell severely ill recently. He did not just develop a twisted personality, but also became violent and cruel. His face had been completely ruined and he had only two years left to live. Mo Zhu's younger sister was supposed to be Eldest Young Master Huo's fiancée, but the ruined young master was no longer a suitable match. Fearing the Huo family's influences, her mother did not dare to cancel the marriage, thus she sent Mo Zhu under the bus to protect her younger sister. However, was Mo Zhu truly just a useless simpleton who knew how to smoke, drink, and fight? No! That was simply a disguise she used for self-defense since she was a girl without parents. After marrying into the Huo family, she stopped smoking, drinking, and fighting. She became the best daughter-in-law a mother-in-law could ever have; the best wife a husband could ever have. What never occurred to anyone was she no longer flunked in her studies. In fact, she transformed into a straight-A student. Half a year later, she enrolled in the best university in the country and majored in specialized medicine. Determined to become an excellent doctor, she cured her husband's illness completely in merely two years. That handsome and suave Eldest Young Master Huo returned. After Huo Xuan's recovery, he allocated a huge budget and held the biggest wedding of the century for Mo Zhu. During the grand wedding ceremony, Huo Xuan announced during his speech, "In this lifetime, there are two people I'm most grateful for other than my parents. One of them is my mother-in-law. Thank you for despising me after I fell ill and forcing my wife to marry me in her younger sister's stead. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have met the most important person in my life! The second person must be my wife! She never despised me when I was at my lowest. Instead, she takes good care of me. She's an angel sent by God, and she has saved me with her forgiveness and kindness, granting me a second chance at life."

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy

    Once Bitten, Twice Shy


    Samantha Larsson became a laughing stock when Timothy Barker publicly denounced their marriage. Two years later, she was tricked into going home and married a mysterious man, who was known to be disfigured and physically disabled! Nonetheless, she would fight until the end and destroy the scums, slowly getting her justice! "Timothy, I'm letting you know that men are queuing to marry me! Even if you kneel and beg for me to marry you, I won't choose you!" Then, Samantha left proudly. In the middle of the night, a mysterious man came over. "You won't choose me? Hmm?" Soon, Samantha saw the mysterious man's face, and her eyes widened…

  • My Once Handsome Husband

    My Once Handsome Husband



    Marriages are not a thing for love. They are a binding contract your parents make when you are a child and you will have no say in them. You are left to hope they bargained well. When Delaney Simms was born she was a beautiful baby everyone was sure would grow up to be as beautiful as her mother. So when Lord and Lady Adair approached the new parents to arrange a marriage for their handsome eldest son they were quick to accept. They had money but no title. The Adairs had titles and estates but they were falling into disarray due to lack of funds. It was the perfect arrangement.The children grew up and the fortunes of their families reversed. While the Adairs grew more and more wealthy, Delaney's parents passed away and she lost everything and had to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Her marriage contract was still binding though so at least she had that for her future. That was until word came that her handsome future husband had been sent to defend the kingdom against a dragon and had returned scarred and angry. Unable to escape her contract, Delaney was forced to marry the man who was now more of a monster. But could she ever learn to love him? Once they are married she learns there is much more to her scarred husband than meets the eye and she is soon swept into a life of witches, fairies, unicorns, pirates, and more. Delaney has made it clear she will never love her husband and he knows that. He makes a deal with her so they won't have to stay married forever. But what happens if now Delaney is the one to change her mind?

  • Once Human, Now a Parasite

    Once Human, Now a Parasite



    Arthur, once a successful and rich businessman, was given a second chance in another world. He was tortured for months by men his wife hired and, now... he was offered a new beginning but it wasn't what he wished for. He was met with the unexpected when he found himself to be a minuscule entity known as a Parasite.PS: MC is a hypocrite. PS2: This story contains profanity and gore so read at your risk.

  • Once Upon A Crown

    Once Upon A Crown

    Once upon a time, there was a girl, a prince... and a crown. But you see, this is no ordinary fairytale... for this girl was dead to the world and this prince was next in line for a tainted throne. So what happens when a tragic shipwreck causes a chance meeting?The last thing you'd expect is for this girl to become the royal tutor for two spoilt younger princes.Follow her journey in uncovering secrets that had been berried 6 ft under, on taming two arrogant princes and falling in love with their older brother, the Crown Prince of this Kingdom...."You! What are you doing here?" I screamed, covering myself."I came for you," He said that as if it made complete sense."I don't want to see you. Go away," Instead of going away as I had wished he would, he walked into the river, slowly trudging towards my showering self."I said go away!" I shouted, turning away from him as if that would help but he didn't heed my words."I know you did," He replied, a small smirk on that handsome face that I had grown to both love and hate."Then why aren't you going away?" I asked, now beginning to take slow steps back as he got closer."Because I came to see you and I'm not going anywhere until I see you," Was that supposed to be flattery? Why don't I feel flattered then?"If I say so myself, I think you've seen too much of me," I mumbled and he seemed pleased by my words which only frustrated me further."Too much of you is never enough for me. The more you show, the more I want," Now I felt flattered.I turned around to look at him but it was too late, feeling a strong grip on my bare waist, I was heaved into the air as he carried me in his arms, pushing us both back against a rock as I gulped back a surprised scream."What do you want?" I finally asked the question he'd been patiently waiting to hear and he didn't waste another second to answer, grey eyes glinting with underlying mischief."I want you,"...Note: The picture used in the cover does not belong to the author and

  • Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

    Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain



    In the year 4223, the Spirit Sword Sect was established in the Nine Regions. For thousands of years, it has always been committed to producing first class talented immortal cultivators. Nowadays, it is among the five great sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The sect leader, Daoist Master Feng Yin, is one of the seven great elders of the Union Of Ten Thousand Immortals; his cultivation shocked the world. Spirit Sword Sect adhered to subjects of peace and development. The sect’s core values are seeking the truth, seeking the good, and seeking the loyalty. To further expand the power of the sect and to add fresh blood, all elites and geniuses are invited to attend the Immortal Gathering. ------ Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week; will be released on Mon, Wed, Fri and Weekend;

  • Once A CEO Wife

    Once A CEO Wife



    How bad was it like to be separated from the wife he really loved just because she had accomplished her job to free him from that horrible syndrome he had suffered? That was what Mahendra, the sole heir of Wenceslas, exactly felt. He had just recovered from his post traumatic syndrome disorder. All of sudden he had to face the reality that his wife was taken back by her family forcefully, a daughter of a former aide of his family. She was not only taken back home, but there were a lot of mysteries lie behind the leaving of the girl he had married with a tight prenuptial agreement. Didn’t they always say; Miss Aruna would be the bet. Had he lost the bet? But, love had pierced deep in his heart. How to get her back? When he knew the fact that Aruna might face very bad luck if she was going back to him, he was estimating his steps if he needed to make sure to destroy the enemies of Wenceslas before taking her back. Behind his doubts and tiresome, that man was about to give up. shockingly Aruna came to him on her own will and proposed him an offer, she would be back to his arms on certain time limit. “I don’t need others. You often lift me up and then put me down. I’m tired of being treated that way. If you really want to come back to me, please love me completely”. Hendra smoothened her dress. That cute and beautiful girl left without turning back, leaving him her seductive scent. “Wait! Two months, alright?”. “Yes….”. she turned back and looked at him “Will I get something I never have as a husband for you?” Mahendra looked at her intensely. She nodded. “Come here and prove it?!”. Would Hendra be able to be a perfect husband for her when he was given a second chance for two months? Instead of trying to prove that he was a good man, he had different plans He chose to make that girl pregnant sooner before the time was over. Would he be able to chain that girl once again by making her pregnant? Or would she go back home for good? Enjoy the track record of Mahendra Hadyan Wenceslas, the new CEO of Wenceslas Group ____________________________ *** Follow My Book Dear ^^ *** Tale Of The Half-Blood Wizard Stealing The Wife's First Kiss Mr CEO's Beloved Wife ____________________________ #Top 3 novels in Indonesian #Original title: Aruna's first kiss (Ciuman Pertama Aruna) ************************ Updates every day at (GMT-8) 07.00 AM ************************ #Meet me on instragram: bluehadyan #Discord : bluehadyan#7481 #Translator: Lia

  • Once upon a Time

    Once upon a Time

    That moment when you are being stood up by your lover on your special day. When you are standing at the altar feigning smile at the one you ought not to marry..the one that fills the space of your beloved.."Do you take .......to be your lawfully wedded wife" the priest asked. It was not meant to be her nevertheless for reputation, he obliged.."Yes...I do" ### Clarissa is left with no other option than to fill the space of her run away cousin. Little did she know she was playing a game of fate and reality. Story turning, secrets unraveling, she finds out a truth, a truth that gets her to fall deeply in love with her story but at another end, the mistake of another causes her trouble.

  • Once Upon a Time in New York City

    Once Upon a Time in New York City

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY FIRSTLOVE DRAMATIC


    Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Cherry Radcliffe! This little red spitfire can take care of herself. A brilliant conwoman, she's the scourge of New York City's nightlife stealing specifically from terrible men. Scumbags beware! She has it down to a system until she finds herself repeatedly bumping into Scott Harkin, charming owner of The Wolves' Den, one of her favorite hunting grounds. Why is he everywhere? And how is she supposed to keep her life of crime from him across multiple identities? Things just got a lot more complicated! Read on for fairy tales like you have never seen them before! Anything can happen once upon a time in New York City.

  • The once

    The once

  • once

    once ...

  • Love Me Once Again For A Year

    Love Me Once Again For A Year



    [Check my profile out to read the English version of this book. ^^] Park Chunghee telah menjalin hubungan dengan seorang pria bernama Lee Donghae selama sepuluh tahun. Dia sangat mencintainya, tapi untuk Donghae sendiri ... dia meragukannya. Belakangan ini, Donghae yang dulu sangat mencintainya sekarang menjadi seperti orang lain baginya. Namun, Chunghee tidak ingin menyerah pada kepribadiannya dan terus bertahan, dengan harapan bahwa Donghae akan kembali seperti yang iakenal. Terkadang, ia berpikir, bertanya kepada dirinya sendiri: Inikah murka Tuhan?ia mengetahui bahwa keinginannya adalah hal yang salah, tetapi ia sudah melangkah sejauh ini dan memilih untuk tetap dalam hubungan yang rusak dan selalu mengatakan sesuatu yang bodoh, dengan terus berkata 'baik-baik saja!' Namun, itu semua adalah kebohongan yang ia ungkapkan! Dalam hubungan rumit ini, Chunghee juga bertemu dengan cinta pertamanya yang bernama Kim Daehyun, dan menjadi seseorang yang selalu menjaganya. Ketika kesehatannya memburuk, hanya Daehyun yang bisa membuatnya tersenyum kembali seperti sebelumnya. Itu membuatnya harus memikirkan sesuatu yang sulit lagi. “Apa menurutmu aku marah?” "Aku tidak marah! Aku sakit hati!" "Semua ini tidak lagi membuatku marah, selain merasakan sakit saat ini. Tapi jika kamu mengira aku marah, maka sekarang aku justru marah padamu—" Bagaimana hubungan mereka di masa depan? Akankah Chunghee bertahan?-----------Belum Bisa Menerjemahkan. Jangan lupa mengkoleksi buku-buku saya yang lain. ^^Naskah: Mei, 2018Dipublikasikan: Agustus, 2019-----------




    After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude...until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most infamous vampire... Vlad Tepesh inspired the greatest vampire legend of all--but whatever you do, don't call him Dracula. Vlad's ability to control fire makes him one of the most feared vampires in existence, but his enemies have found a new weapon against him - a beautiful mortal with powers to match his own. When Vlad and Leila meet, however, passion ignites between them, threatening to consume them both. It will take everything that they are to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flames.

  • Once Upon a Time in Siam

    Once Upon a Time in Siam


    Anurak, shy and introverted, and Arisara, feisty and destined to be Luna, are opposite personalities, yet complementary best friends growing up in ancient Thailand's most powerful pack. Everything changes when Anurak's parents are executed by Arisara's father, the Alpha, forcing him to flee into a deadly jungle where he is assumed to have died. However, four years later, a note from Anurak himself arrives to the Alpha announcing he's alive and is returning with an ultimatum. The news sends shockwaves through the kingdom and causes the Alpha to die of heart failure. When Anurak arrives, he is faced with new leadership: his childhood friend and newly appointed Luna, Arisara, and her abusive husband whom she is contractually married to. Upon his arrival, Luna Arisara feels her mate bond pull to Anurak, now a part of an enemy pack, and has to decide between her fated mate or her kingdom. Once Upon a Time in Siam is created by Myles Arayachai, an eGlobal Creative Published signed author.

  • Once More

    Once More

    What happens when you wake up and you can rewrite your past, right your wrongs, when life gives you a second go. Will you repeat what has been done or change it for the better? Join me on the path to self-improvement and self-discovery along with a touch of magic and all the randomness magic can bring. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just trying some random shit



    June and Noah studied from the same university. Even though through a mysterious case they end up developing feelings for each other. But Noah's relationship with June's best friend and the influence of their families they lead them to part their ways..On the other hand June's step brother Ryan and Noah's childhood friend Eva spend their school life together but end up tragically.If they were to be together, they knew it is not what it seems it is. But alike Noah and June they also had to part their ways with unsolved mysteries by the influence of their family.. Life never stopped and they all moved on with the screech mark on their heart when the fate made its move by the resurgence of the death of June's biological father and mystery between Blue Boll company and NUK company ten years ago.Holding on to the thread of mystery, What else is waiting for them? Is this the end or beginning?

  • Once Rejected

    Once Rejected


    In an effort to survive, in the midst of being heart broken, and disowned by her family; the Omega Werewolf, Princess Remora, who is only 23, must pretend to be a human and work in a foreign land, to be able to go to College! Not knowing who she was, or her past, the mysterious Vampire Prince, falls in love with her (who knows how °-°), but will she take the leap, and have a second chance at love? Or is she determined to let it pass by her.please support me, and let me know how to improve! this is my first story, so enjoy!

  • Once  Overlooked

    Once Overlooked

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    She talks the talk but can she walk the walk. Our young protagonist has gotten far too accustomed to being overlooked. From personal life to professional life, she seems to settle for the bare minimum. What happens when she meets a man that never settles? One night out with her friends leads to a romantic journey she had never dared breathe a loud, much less expected to come true.

  • Once Cheated

    Once Cheated